Dr. Safdar Mehmood Columns (Predictions about Pakistan Future)

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Dr. Safdar Mehmood



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Note: Please don’t confuse with the word ‘prediction’. English language doesn’t have exact translation for several urdu/farsi/arabic words like ‘Kashf’, ‘Ilhaam’, ‘Bashaarat’, ‘Baseerat’, ‘Khudi’, ‘Taqwah’, ‘Tawakkul‘, ‘Tasuwwuf’, ‘Faqar’ etc. Other words with same understanding, used in English are Prophecy, Precognition, Influx, foresee and Prognostication. Most of predictions in this blog are spiritual (i.e. not astrological/numerological) so use whatever word instead of prediction.

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10 Responses to Dr. Safdar Mehmood Columns (Predictions about Pakistan Future)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Duniya ki har qoum apnay mulk o millat ke naam per jazbaati hoti hay.PAKISTAN ke muamlay per hamain bhi jazbaati to hona hi chahiye,jaan ki qurbani hosh mandi main nahi balka jazbaat main hi di jaati hay,yeh woh jazbaat nahi jo aam tour per samjhay jatay hain,yeh woh jazbaat hain jo aik musalmaan apnay Rab Taala,Nabi Karim(S.A.W.W),apni Maa,apni dharti Maa say wabasta rakhta hay.Pakistan kay qiyaam main MASHIAT_E_IZDI shamil hay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mazaah aa gya. tootal chaskaa yar.ALLAH pakistan ko taraki de aur wahan tk pohanchae jahan tak US (KHUDA) ne Likha hai. aamin. lekin im thinking what many people are not thinking. why that good goverment will last for 2 or 2 n half years? y not more than that ? it is making me sad

  3. @AnonymousBcos after 2 n half years they will be selected again :)read herehttp://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2011/03/abdul-qadir-hassan-express-newspaper.html

  4. chip says:

    11-11-11 has passed,6 hours remain in 12-11-11 ,and nothing special has happened uptill now.Imran khan is accepting old faces from pml-q like jahangir tareen,awais laghari etc.Where are his slogans for change and new faces?Today he has stated that "Islam is a liberal religion" and note my words here today that if imran khan comes to power,a new era of vulgarity will begin in the name of liberalism and secularism.In the coming days probably musharraf will return and if he returns ,he will make an alliance with imran khan and mqm will also join the alliance.Once again agencies and western powers will help so-called liberal/secular parties to take the command.

  5. Shams says:

    @ChipCouldn't agree more of what you have said on Imran Khan bro..Those who think that he is the savior of the country will see with their own eyes what kind of anarchy is awaiting in the name of enlightened moderation, secular modern state and liberalism.. It will totally demolish religious and moral values from the societySaray wohi makrooh aur phitkary howay chahray..Baat bari talkh hay, magar haq hay!Siwai chand logon kay, Koi bhi islam nafiz karna nahi chahta jis ko dayho apni her musibat ka hal jamhoriat may dhondta hay aur jab Islam kay nifaz ki baat karo to ain byn shain … jab tak her shakhs ki samajh may yay baat nahi aai gi us waqt tak kuch nahi honay wala…Sari Pridictions may yay baat wazay hai kay jab tak log System kay khilaf nahi uthain gay us waqt tak khuch nahi ho ga…Aur jo log predictions ko mujuda siyasat-dano per mutabiq karnay ki koshish kar rahay hain sakht dhokay aur gumrahi may hain..I'm telling you ya Qoum agar abhi bhi na uthi to phir bohat bhari qurbani dayna paray gi jo kay khoni hogi.. MARK MY WORDS…Shams

  6. Anonymous says:

    you have your opinion – fair enough, but there are some tings to think about very carefully:1) at the moment we have no other option except Imran because all others have already been tested and we have to except him with all our reservations and doubts,2) when we talk about new faces we always forget that we all have a one, same face, u may call it traditon, culture or a way of doing things. we as a nation are corrupt, self centered and treacherous, we don,t do a thing which does not give us a personal benefit. just imagine who will vote for waleed Iqbal because he aint got money nor any powerful position. no tv anchor has ever called him onhis show to talk about his literary achievements and his plans about pakistan. this is just one example. i jaust wanna say that new faces will defenitiley arrive but there first has to bee a mix and match, just in order to get new faces registered3) as far as Imran Khan's personality is concerned, i am confident in saying that he, as a person in his individuality, is going through a transitional phase (should i foretell that he will soon keep a beard…i am 100 percent sure of that). just listen to his old interviews, he was not used to talk about Islam, Khilafat e rashida, Ahadees e Mubarika and also he has started using 'INSHALLAH' just a while ago. there has also been a consistant change in his policies and views, i mean expansion….. so i believe he is getting there.4) another important thing is the people of pakistan has recorded a failure, total and absolute failure (we are so selfish and self centered that when this bad government of zardari stops us from doing one thing legally we would change our direction and do it legally and it goes on and on). if u want them to rise in a general rebel, u will have to wait for another 5 year term of people like Zardari. and believe me it wont be easy even then. bloody revolution is only easy to imagine not to undergo. i believe we have been given one apportunity before its time to go for a bloody revolution or street agitation. I believe i have gone through all the predictions available on this site and else where. I am convinced that we as a nation have no other option except supporting Imran and hope that change comes from top…May Allah give us knowledge and wisdom to see and understand thing in their actuality. Amin

  7. Rizwan says:

    Mashallah Zabardast. Jazak ALLAH Khair.

  8. waheed says:

    InshAllah pakistan will rise… Dr. Sab May Allah bless you with long life, health and peace… i am a big fan of yours… persons like you, are big assets for us to get gudance..plz keep it up…

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Maani says:

    With all due respect to your blog and the writer of this column which you've shared here, its a night between 3rd and 4th of March 2013, 2 blasts occurred in the City of Karachi. By far these predictions have not taken any place yet which the writer has mentioned in his column through his resources.But I personally have a very strong believe that Insha'Allah time will come soon when the world will watch the rise of Islam, Muslims and Pakistan.

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