Hazrat Naimat (R.A.) Paishangoiyan (1993)

English translation is already included in the book with each verse

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17 Responses to Hazrat Naimat (R.A.) Paishangoiyan (1993)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Usman says:

    :(ksy ksy loog aye thy iss dunya maeallah 0 akberallah apki qaber ko jannet ka bagh banaye and ap ko jannat ata germaye.My fav personality after rasool and sahaba ikaram

  3. Anonymous says:

    That's Great , How true are all the predictions , we muslims should be united and make us true muslims and inshaallah future is ours. Pls spread these predictions to all muslims so that all should make them ready and true muslims.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How many versions of the book have been published?when i read the book in late seventies, it said a muslim called ALI will come to lead the muslims into success against the infidels but page 24(above) speaks of AKRAM as the leader ?????

  5. Plz see other posts related to Naimat Ullah Shah Wali R.A. predictions on this blog also.

  6. Umer Shah says:

    Brother Faqar-e-Ghayoor, do you have any idea about the year "Kana Zahooqa" according to the current calender? I have read some where that According to Afghan Calendar Imam Mehdi is 10 years old now?

  7. Brother Umer, Wait for my Next post. It will answer your question.

  8. hussain says:

    @ Faqr e Ghayyor :Your reference for answer is'nt quite auithentic because if you read the translation of shah naematullah's qasida it says "ayenda" i.e the next year of kaana zahuqa i.e by kaana zahuqa he means some adverb of time which recurrs in history so he is saying that when such an year comes again then Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam will appear.Also if we except the logic of barrister azmi,what analogy will he present to make 1-1 correspondence with ghazwa e ahzab,ghazwa e hunain,ghazwa e khaybar,ghazwa e tabook and many other events.

  9. hussain says:

    I have read it but as i read it today,i have come across some points.1-Bahai is'nt a sect it is a deviant religion similar to qadiyanism.2-Shah Ismaeel shaheed himself is a controversial personality.3-Can somebody give authentic proofs that Shah NaematUllah RehmatUllahi Alaye hi belonged to Dehli,not to Iran.

  10. @hussain1. Do you know the compiler of this book Col. Matloob Hussain? (mentioned above)2. Do you know who was Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar Nizami (Compiler of 800 years predictions book)?Both are great spiritual personalities and their mentors Maulana Allah Yar Khan (RA) and Pir Syed Amanat Ali Shah Chishti Nizami (RA) respectively were great Walli Allah of 20th century. This knowledge has comes to them through their spiritual lineage also and heart to heart transfer. For me, both books are very authentic specially H.M Sarwar Nizami's book is very very authentic, believe me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Asalam o alikum, hope you will be fine, my english is not good, please explain to me about the year of "Kana Zahooqa" . ic saal say koon sa saal muraad hai, koi janta ho tu bata daay plz

  12. Anonymous says:

    MAY ALLAH TAALA give naimat-ullah wali wahab place in jannah aamin.i think kaafi ashaar missing hain. jo hain unki tarteeb kuch sahi nai hai is book main. jo maine parhi hoe hai internet pe us main tarteeb different hai aur us main mazeed ashaar b hain. u guys will love it. search for it

  13. Nadeem says:

    Readers, I recommend we must see clips on above at youtube as well to be more enlightened and to have a better picture including few things coming true in very near past especially Nov & Dec 11, thanx

  14. سبحان اللہ وبحمدہ سبحان اللہ العظیماللہ اکبر

  15. sameer sam says:

    nice he was from kashmir valley of sufis big scholars even alama iqbal was from kashmir i am proud to be muslim first then kashmiri too

  16. sameer sam says:

    nimatulah wali rahmatulah was from kashmir most of the time he spend in kashmir srinagar even iqbal was also from kashmir …the land of spritual sufis……..proud to be muslim first and also proud to be kashmiri

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