Prediction By Jeane Dixon (American Astrologer & Palmist) about Pakistan 1961 (Book: Gaye Dino Ke Suraj by Javed Chaudhry)

Late Shamim Qureshi (A Palmist, A Sufi) met President Ayub Khan in 1961

Prediction by Jeane Dixon about Future of Pakistan during President Ayub’s visit to America in 1961. Book: Gye Dino Ke Suraj -1994

Jeane Dixon (1918-1997)

English Translation is below

English Translation of Jeane Dixon meeting with President Ayub Khan(1961):
“During Ayub Khan visit to America (July 1961), Jeane Dixon predicted about the future of Ayub Khan by looking at his hand. She also predicted about Pakistan as after year 2000 Pakistan will enter into its best era, and a new government will be formed which will be the most strong, honest and sincere government of the Pakistan history. Kashmir will get freedom in this era also”

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13 Responses to Prediction By Jeane Dixon (American Astrologer & Palmist) about Pakistan 1961 (Book: Gaye Dino Ke Suraj by Javed Chaudhry)

  1. Anonymous says:

    ITS now 2011 and every one can see where Pakistan is standing now.So everything is on Allah's will and our aamal(which are worse like our country's present condition)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i true that its 2011 and the situation is even worse. but it can be a start of a new era… din honay wala ho tu raat gehri ho jati haa….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pakistan Noor hai, or Noor ko zawaal nahi…..!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Allah huma Ameen!

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes I believe it and we can see this prediction will be true when Imran Khan will be the president of PAKSITAN.AMEEEN SUMMA AMEEEEEN

  6. Anonymous says:

    Firs of all, such predictions are groundless according to the Quran. We reap what we sow. If the common man lacks compassion, crime is rampant and the judicial system does not really matter then I dont see how things will get better.I hope that if Imran Khan is given the chance, we are able to sort out these issues and become a model nation. A nation that is based on justice and peace and not conflict.And as for the comment comparing Pakistan to Noor (i.e. light), i guess WAPDA would beg to differ 😉

  7. After completing punishment of 40 years (like bani Israel) from 1971 – 2011, Insha'Allah Pakistan will rise again. In year 2012, 14 August is on 27 Ramadan.Allah Knows Best

  8. Ather says:

    Its looks like the beginning of the end of worse and rise of the new horizon on Pakistan with justice to prevail for common people and end of corrupt era, I don't know if it is Imran Khan but something is in the air and seems imminent(INSHALLAH)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Haalaat chahay kitnay hi kharab hain per Mujhe apnay Allah per poora bharosa hai k aik din aaye ga jab pakistan ka naam poori dunya per chha jaey ga.chahay hum aur ap hoon na hoon.Allah say ye bhi dua hai k humen pakistan k liay kuch karnay ki taofeeq aur maoqa day,Ammeeen.

  10. asghar says:

    dear all,after having gone through all the comments i have reached to a conclusion that you all by and large believe that its about time rather time has ripen for arrival for Christ and ante Christ and Pakistan is chosen country.i have full faith in this argument, things are getting clearer and clearer day by day,and if u just analyse last ten years things are moving at rapid speed…and Jew Zionist have the same agenda to bring end time scenario. so all faiths and ante faiths are pointing towards end time prepared we are at the helm of affairs..Imran khan or any other khan we sooner gonna see a leader of country taking us to new heights…have u people seen very strange thing in BON conf every one was talking of Pakistan and worried about what Pakistan is thinking…they are very wise people they exactly know what all is going to happen in near future…just keep linking things u will sooner get an answer

  11. Anonymous says:

    Salaam PakistanI would like encourage all Muslims and specifically my Pakistani people to have patience and trust in Allah & Prophet Muhammad in this time of test. Because Allah is about separate the truth from the lies which spread by so called democratic elite of this world and please don't be judgmental in order to declare who can do what.I'm sure you all will agree with me on this point that Allah is protecting his beloved Messenger's Ummah so have patience and don't be judgmental, Its best to monitor the situation and try to learn form it for our better and bright future.Insh Allah Allah will give us Khilafat soon as a bounty.Please remember all Muslim fellows in your duas. Allah Bless Islam and Pakistan

  12. Pakistan has witnessed worst governments since 2000 till now. here, that palmist failed.

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