Poetic Future Predictions, Mard-e-Qalander Saeen Allah Bakhs (by Mumtaz Mufti : Alakh Nagri)

Poem: Allah Ki Amaan Hai (Future Predictions)

 Aziz Malik
Author of Book: Mard-e-Qalander (Image from Alakh Nagri)

Poem written before partition(1947), Mumtaz Mufti met Aziz Malik in 1955. (Saeen Allah Bakhs died in 1953)
Saaeen Allah Bakhs (r.a.) died in May 31,1953 and buried near Mareer Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Sarkar Qibla Saeen Allah Bakhsh (Bhai Jaan’s Mentor – Alakh Nagri Saints)
Mareer Hassan Graveyard- Near Railway Line Rawalpindi

In Mareer Hassan Graveyard, Rawalpindi, the gravestone of “Saaeen Allah Bakhsh RA”. Mumtaz Mufti mentions the saint in his book “Alakh Nagri”. Mufti had a spiritual inspiration with the saint, which started somewhat supernaturally and subsequently developed into Mufti’s unassailable love for Pakistan. I reached the place by following Mufti’s first account of visiting the grave back in 1960s. It was heartening to note that nothing from Mufti’s description had changed (no formal shrine or other orthodox attachments).
Reference http://www.flickr.com/photos/meemainseen/5797241223/in/photostream/
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5 Responses to Poetic Future Predictions, Mard-e-Qalander Saeen Allah Bakhs (by Mumtaz Mufti : Alakh Nagri)

  1. How can you say that a particular line corresponds to jan 2011 ?

  2. Brother Hussain!By carefully reading this poem and keeping all other posts in mind, time was marked. but it could be wrong. You and other readers are more knowledgeable and can better judge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i would really like to visit the shrine…i read alkh nagri….

  4. Anonymous says:

    inshallah SAYEEN ALLAH BAKHSH ka khuaab sacha hoga …..we all are going to join his force and build a better Pakistan……..

  5. Anonymous says:

    INSHAALLAH,PAKISTAN ka acha waqt bhut qareeb hy.Alkh nagri parny k baad main do bar SAEEN ALLAH BAKHSH ki qabar py gya hoon

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