Din Badalne Wale Hain…(Oriya Maqbool Jaan)

Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Predictions (Days are going to change)

English Translation of Predictions Part (Highlighted in below Article):

Perhaps that time is near when hypocrisy and two-facedness is going to be eradicated from this land (Pakistan). I have mentioned Naimat Ullah Shah Wali predictions many times. These are written in 548 Hijri and came true word by word till now. I am concluding this article on his few verses (asha’ar), translation is like this:
“An upheaval (disturbance) will occur in Hindustan and turbulence & disorder will start on earth. At the time of this disturbance, Kafir (non-believers) will tyrannize and oppress Muslims to high extent. Then God’s kindness (grace) will appear on western part (Pakistan), practical people will come into view. A lot of war ammunition will be available. People from Arab, Iran and Middle East will come quickly. Arabs from mountains and forests will also come. Flood of fire will flow everywhere. Regions Chitral, Nanga Parbat, China, Gilgit and Tibet will become War zones. Turkey, China and Iran will join and conquer India. Residents of Kabal (Afghanistan) will come out to kill non-believers. Kafir (Non-believers) will make lame excuses. Earth will be shaken like grave by the Ghazis of Sarhad. They will come passionately. This event will occur between two Eids( Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha). River of Sindh will fill three times  by the blood of non-believers. Then Punjab, Lahore, Ganga & Jamna, Bajnor and Kashmir will be dominantly occupied by Muslims.”

Oriya wrote further:
What is the reality and what is hidden in Unseen (ghaib), God knows all but the feeling says that the region which gave fragrance to Holy Prophet (PBUH), it’s days are going to change.

Article published on 25 May, 2011 in Express Newspaper.

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