The Words of Wisdom (Sufi Barkat Ali R.A.)

Hikmat Ki Baatain (From Books: Maqalat-e-Hikmat)

Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali r.a. was a Sahib-e-Basirat and Ahle Nazar Personality of Pakistan. His famous Maqalat-e-Hikmat 30 Books contain over 12,000 maqalat covering all aspects of Islam. Here some ‘Hopeful Maqalat’ related to current situation of the country are presented. Download his all books at Maqalat-e-Hikmat

*Sabr Se Allah Ki Rehmat Ka Intezar Kar…Dair Hikmat Pe Mabni Hoti Hai*

Above are from first 6000 aphorisms, In some later post, other important ‘Maqalat’ will be posted

English translation will be posted soon

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8 Responses to The Words of Wisdom (Sufi Barkat Ali R.A.)

  1. Subhan Allah,Great Sufi/saint of 20th Century….He predicted many year ago…"That day is not far when U.N.O will take decision with Yes or No of Pakistan and Allah will give the Pakistan the lead of the countries"

  2. zahra fatima says:

    A'Allah humary dilo mein Imaan ke hararat atta ferman'kay hum iss hararat ko apni kerdar mein mehhsoos ker sakein!Ameen Ya Rab Al'azeem!

  3. Babar says:

    Its an Excellent effort

  4. Great Peoples , working very Nicely !Jazak Allah !

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot to providing such golden words . jazak Allah M. Mushtaq ghulam Faqeer Dera baba G sarkar

  6. A message to all muslim brothers and sisters. Bawa jee Hazoor Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludianvi (QSA), has founded a camp Darul Ehsaan Sumandary Road Faislabad. A training camp where the Such people are prepared which will be the Future of Islam and Pakistan.Visit this camp and watch the future of Islam and Pakistan.Muhammad Ramzan ALi 46/GD Sahiwal

  7. sara says:

    SubhanALLAH, great job.

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