Abhi Tou Aghaz Hai…(Oriya Maqbool Jaan)

A Powerful Era of Pakistan about to Begin at the End of 2011
(Panic In Indian Astrologers)

‘Safai Ka Mousam and Bright Future of Pakistan is about to Begin’
Article published in Express News Paper on 13 July, 2011

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10 Responses to Abhi Tou Aghaz Hai…(Oriya Maqbool Jaan)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Janab Orya Maqbool jan sahab. Yeh mulk already toot chuka hai. Balke or tootne ke qareeb hai. Pakistan ke northern areas main state control nahi raha. Balochistan taqreeban alag ho chuka. Karachi wale alag hone ki bat kar rahe hain. Sindhi wese hi tang hain. Reh gaye pathan, to un ka qibla Afghanistan hai , pakistan nahi.App or aap ke charsi suffi pata nahi kis duniya main rehte hain. Chars or Bhang pi kar predictions karte rehte hian. Janab aap ahmed rafiq akhtar jese do number suffion ke chungal se niklain or haqeeqat pasandi ki dunya main tashreef lain.koi jang waghaira nahi horahi india ke sath.aap logon ko jang karne ka itna shoq hai to pehle afghanistan ja kar usa se larain jahan gori fuaj rozana afghanion ko mar rahi hai. russians or americans ne pora afghanistan khandar bana dia phir bhi aap ke suffi is par fakhar karte hain ke russians or americans ko hara dia hai. kahan se haraya hai, russia 25 lakh afghani qatal kar ke khud chala gaya, us par aap khush hian. american ne 10 lakh mar diye or ab wapis chala jaye ga , us par bhi aap log khush hain. dekha jaye to pori dunia main sab se zayda afghanion ko hi mara hai dosron ne , phir bhi aap jese log afganion ko azeem sabit karne main lage rehte hain. afghani qom pori dnia main refugee ban gayi lekin aap log afgahnion ko asmaan par charha kar rakhte hain.

  2. Brother,You can disagree with the views of any Sufi/Columnist, you can give counter arguments but please don't use such language for them. they are very respectful for us. As Blogger lacks editing of comments till now. so a comment is either allowed or deleted.Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great column. May Allah bless Pakistan and make us one of those who help Islam and revolution. Ameen sum Ameen. Farooq

  4. Anonymous says:

    well dear -Baluchistan taqreeban alag hu chuka haay so why our enemies dont have control of ghawader port ?? what happened in swat ?? is there no war going on in afghanistan and why US /Nato is loosing in Afghanistan and looking for face saving exit ?Russian killd 25 lakh afghani ,no one is happy but what about few crore muslims get independence in central asia from USSR ?ALLAH ka apna aik nizam hay ,Apna aik system hay ? woh kesee ko azmay baghir fatah nahee detta ,app naay kha 25 lakh afghani qatal hu gaay -jo baygunnah mara gia woh shaeed hua -app kyion bhool jatay hu hamarhee history mein karbala ka waqia bee haay ,baghadad kee tabhee bee haay tatariun kaay hathun,lekin iss kaay baad tatar ka muslman huna bee haay -app nay kha america wapis chala jayga lekin aj 10 saal baad udher economy khatam hu chukee haay -jobs nahee hein -log tang aa chukey hein -system mein koi paisa nahee haay -App agar yay samjthay hu kaay kesee bee qurbani kay baghir sub kuch hu jayga tuh yay ghalt haay -Russia jhang hara tha yay fact hay – nato jhang har raha haay yay bee fact haay -russia kee har kaay baad jiss tarah central asia kay muslman azad huy thay -kia pta USA kee shkisat kaay baad muslman duniya ghulamee kee zindagee say nikal aiy our muslman mulkun mein uthnay walee therekehin american puppets hukmranu kay kilaf app ko nazar anne chahein – our Pakistan ka kirdar iss mein likh deea gia haay -jo log yay ilzam lagathay hein kay sufi chars bhang kay nashay mein essa kethay hein tuh mein yay batata chaloon Dr israr Ahmed our Imran N hussain jessay barhay scholor koi chars bhang naee petay thay – yay alfaz Dr Israr Ahmed kay lecture say hein " jessay Quarn nazal hua hay Pakistan nazil hua hay -yay uttara gia haay " Imran N Hussain apnay lecture mein kethay hein kaay iss waqat Israel kee raha mein barhee rakawat Pakistan our Pakistan ka Nuclear program hay " yay bhoot barhay scholar hein our kuch parh kur soch kur bol rahay hein -Inshallah jub waqat aiyga tuh Iss Pakistan kee azmat our taqat sub kuch pta chal jayga

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr Anonymous from the 1st comment,If you are a despair, frustrated, and a close to suicide character, please keep your opinions with yourself as no one on this forum is interested in them. On the other hand if you have an agenda of your own, only you know how well it is bound to fail. Any way may Allah bless us and show us the right path and keep us in His panah from even the shadow of despair and gloom.

  6. I hope from the Allmighty GOD that it would be writing on the wall very near in future. and mulims of Pakistan will emarge as the great nation of the world

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous says:

    MR Annonymous from the ist comment u r a hopeless man which is a sin in our relagion

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