Biography of Hazrat Shah Naimat Ullah Wali (R.A.) by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami

حضرت نعمت اللہ شاہ ولیؒ  کے حالات زندگی

Here is the Life History of Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Wali (R.A.) by Famous Authoress Zia Tasneem Bilgrami (ضیاء تسنیم بلگرامی) from Book: Roshni Ke Minar (روشنی کے مینار). This book was published in 1981. She is famous for her research & writings on Sufism and Biographies of Aulia Allah.

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4 Responses to Biography of Hazrat Shah Naimat Ullah Wali (R.A.) by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir/MadamAs-salam-o-alaikumIn reference to your post, 'Biography of Hazrat Shah Naimat Ullah Wali (R.A.) by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami' (, I wish to bring to your kind attention the fact that as per Mr. Bilgrami, the era of Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali was during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jehangir whose time was from 1605 CE to 1627 CE.However, as you would know, Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali predicted the coming of Taimur from whose bloodline came Baber the first mughal emperor. How could Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali predict something that had already happened if he was in the era of Jehangir a descendant of Baber.The 'Qaseeda' of Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali was written in 548 AH (latest before 20 March 1154 CE).Perhaps there is more than one Wali Allah by the name of 'Naimatullah' a Muslim name which is found and used even today. I think that has led to the confusion by Mr. Bilgrami. The Wali Allah that Mr. Bilgrami has identified, hence, cannot be the Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali who predicted future events especially those of the Sub-continent.I have sent my copy of the Qaseeda to this email for your reference,spiritualpakistanfutureATgmailDOTcom.Regards

  2. Dear,I really appreciate your interest and comment. The Qaseeda which you emailed is already uploaded at our site, in fact it is most popular. I am going do another post on this Qaseeda and Naimat Shah Wali (r.a.) next week. Your concern is right but Madam Zia Tasneem Bigrami Sahiba is very reliable source. I have read hundreds of Aulia Allah/Sufis' Biographies by her published in different print media long ago. Please wait for some time, I will try to address ur concern.ThanksFaqar-e-Ghayoor

  3. Umer Shah says:

    Salam Faqar-e-Ghayoor,This article can help you understand about Shah Naimatullah in better way, You should also include in your collection. to C.M Naim Naimatullah died in year 1431 at the age of around 100.I also thinks that above wali is different than Naimutullah Shah who predicted the future. There is nothing about his poetry in above book.Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Naimatullah shah wali's predictions about a war which will start from GIlgit,Skardu,Yaseen and nangaparbat.I am resident of Gilgit I witness the same conspiracies and CIA,RAW nexus here.Recently US ambassidar visited Gilgit-Skardu and met some suspected people including the karakurm Int'University VC Dr.Najma najam an Ahmadi,Qadiani who might be the master mind for the sectarian violence here.India is preparing to invade Gilgit-Baltistan in order to debar china from KKH( karakorm hihgway).The war has already erupted and heavy weapons are used in Gilgit city.India has established a big aircraft strip near siachin.It is rumored that RCC bridge damaged on gilgit river and Attabad lake was due to use of some certain chemical by CIA to block Chines entrance.this is a crystal clear fact here.

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