‘Shah’ Will Come, There Will Be Two Blocks & A War (By Darvesh ‘Bhai Jaan’)

انشااللہ، پاکستان کی عظمت کا دور آ کر رہے گا

Khawajah Jaan Muhammad Butt 
(Bhai Jaan)

Famous Writer Mumtaz Mufti Sahib mentioned a Saint (Darvesh) ‘Bhai Jaan’ in his books many times. ‘Bhai Jaan’ was a Mureed-e-Khas of ‘Saeen Allah Bakhs RA’ (Buried in Mareer Rawalpindi) and he was a very firm believer of Pakistan’s great future.

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In this post, Bhai Jaan’s some spiritual Foretelling about Future of Pakistan are presented. Remember, these spiritual talks are scattered all over the book ‘Alakh Nagri’ and they were stated in 1955 to 1970 time span (approx). In the end, an extract from Book: Pyaz Ke Chilke with English translation is also posted.

1. Alakh Nagri: Page 435

2. Alakh Nagri: Page 442

3. Alakh Nagri: Page 478

4. Alakh Nagri: Page 500-501

5. Alakh Nagri: Page 554

6. Alakh Nagri: Page 624-625

7. Payaz Ke Chilke: Page 54-55

People will be stunned by Pakistan’s blossoming, Insha’Allah!
(English Translation of Extract from Book:Pyaz Ke Chilke)

Pakistan had become an abode of peace for us. Pakistan had security for us, Muslims. Now I could really feel with high intensity that I am a Muslim. Though the light of faith was there in my heart or not, whether my lifestyle was in accordance with Islam or not. Whether there were pro-Islamic sentiments in my heart or not. In any case, I was a Muslim.

Eight years passed by. During this time, I got acquainted with a literary figure who was full of Islamic zeal and fervor. Someone in whose life the Islamic codes were practically visible. One day, I went to meet him and saw Khawaja Sahib seated there. We were introduced to each other. After this, I had the opportunity to come across Khawaja sahib quite many a times, now and then. Khawaja Sahib spoke less. He was used to hearing what others had to say instead of talking himself. He was intelligent and had a keen eye on various affairs. He always felt delight in helping others and the best thing in him was his correctness.

One day, I left for the graveyard. There, inside an ordinary square-walled building, I saw Khawaja Sahib reciting Fatiha over a grave. I stopped. After he got free, he greeted me with great joy as usual.

“So tell me, how are you?” he asked.

I replied “Not well really..”

“And why is that?” he asked.

“Just going through anxiety”, I replied.

He asked again “Why? Anxiety for what?”

I said “Khawaja sahib, what will become of Pakistan? This boat is shaking wildly”

I had said this in a bit of amusement. It is true that I could feel Pakistan’s boat shaking, but I had no real concern for it in my heart.

Khawaja sahib actually turned serious after listening to what I said:

“Mufti sahib” he said “Why do you worry for Pakistan when there are so many huge entities and personalities worrying for it? Why do you or I have to worry for it?”

He paused for a while, then continued “Do you see that old man over there?” I looked towards the place Khawaja sahib was pointing at, where he was offering Fatiha just a while ago. Khawaja sahib spoke up

“That old man had spent his whole life for the creation of Pakistan. This tree was planted by him”

“Mufti sahib”, he said smiling “Great personalities are working for Pakistan. Why do you worry?”

“Then what do I do?” I inquired jokingly.

“What you can do is, before you do something, ponder over whether you are working for Pakistan’s benefit? Is your step going against Pakistan? Your own interest lies in it. Pakistan will live free and prosper no matter what. People will be stunned by its blossoming. Insha’Allah!”

Sarkar Qibla Saeen Allah Bakhsh (Bhai Jaan’s Mentor – Alakh Nagri Saints)
Mareer Hassan Graveyard- Near Railway Line Rawalpindi

In Mareer Hassan Graveyard, Rawalpindi, the gravestone of “Saaeen Allah Bakhsh RA”. Mumtaz Mufti mentions the saint in his book “Alakh Nagri”. Mufti had a spiritual inspiration with the saint, which started somewhat supernaturally and subsequently developed into Mufti’s unassailable love for Pakistan. I reached the place by following Mufti’s first account of visiting the grave back in 1960s. It was heartening to note that nothing from Mufti’s description had changed (no formal shrine or other orthodox attachments).
Reference http://www.flickr.com/photos/meemainseen/5797241223/in/photostream/
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55 Responses to ‘Shah’ Will Come, There Will Be Two Blocks & A War (By Darvesh ‘Bhai Jaan’)

  1. hussain says:

    @faqr e ghayoor:thanx for adding this stuff.Where butt sahib says "there will be two blocks" it is quite possible that he was referring to Russia and America i.e Capitalism vs Communism.And maybe he was referring imam khumeini as the king of iran but it did'nt happen.But when i read the point regarding confederation with iran,i recall the video "Pakistan will unie as one,iran will unite as one……."So maybe its going to happen in coming days.

  2. Salaam, I thing in this prediction. Shah Iran will be Mansoor of khurasan (east army). Two blocks will be forces/union of Imam Mahdi and Sufayani of Syria (Allah Knows Best).

  3. hussain says:

    term blocks refer to alliance of countries i.e Western block and Muslim block,Communist block and capital block.Sufiyani will be the ruler of sham only,so it is'nt a block.Khalistan movement has failed long ago.tehreek e nafaz e fiqah jafriya (ideological confederation of Pakistan-iran ) has failed as well in pakistan long ago.most of the spiritual persons of our time rely on Qasida of Shah NaematUllah and tell things in its light.i have noticed it quite often.although they dont show it and act as if they are telling by their knowledge.WAllahu Aalam.

  4. Zaki Khalid says:

    Assalamu AlaikumBrother Faqr-e-Ghayyur, you are most welcome to use my earlier English translation of relevant excerpts from Mufti G's "Pyaz Ke Chhilke". Here is the link from where you can use the translation:http://pakistanthemystery.blogspot.com/2010/09/pakistan-spiritual-dimension.html

  5. Yes final fight between Islamic Block and Western Block. Initially Sufayani will attack on Iran with help of western block. Russia will attack on Turkey too (see sheikh nazim speech about attack on Turkey and civil war in Pakistan). Imam Mahdi will migrate to mecca. Sufayani will attack on mecca. Iran (Khurasaan) and Lebanon will help Imam Mahdi. Army of Sufayani will be swallowed into earth. Imam Mahdi will establish Khilafah in Jerusalem and invade Sindh and Hind (Indopak) during Ghawa-e-Hind. So initially there will be fight between alliance of Sufayani (Munafiqeen) force and western force with alliance of forces of Mahdi and Mansoor.After Khilafah and defeat of Sufyani there will be fight of two blocks. Block of Imam Mahdi (Islamic countries) and Block of 80 Nations (Nato). Insha'Allah Imam Mahdi will win and all blocks and religions will be eliminated. (Allah Knows Best)

  6. @Zaki KhalidWa Aliekum AssalamBrother, Relevant translation added. You have done an excellent work, InshaAllah, more translations from your site will be added in next posts of this blog.Thanks alot for your great translations. May Allah bless you for your efforts.

  7. hussain says:

    @faisalthis last comment of yours seem mostly right but partially exeggerated.WAllahu Aalam.And can you give me the link to the video of Maulana Shaikh Nazim in which he talked about civil war in Pakistan?i assume this is your own interpretation.if you are referring to the video "All regimes will collapse in 2011" he said that Pakistan will unite as one..i have wattched his video about turkey-russia war in future but i have'nt watched the one about pakistan.if there is one about pakistan ,kindly give its linkthanx

  8. Zaki Khalid says:

    @Faqar-e-Ghayoor:I am not the owner of that blog brother, they pasted my translation. My personal blog is:http://zaki-khalid.blogspot.com/Anyways, I am a humble slave to Pakistan, what can be more better than contributing with whatever little I can? Karam hay Allah ka.JazakAllah 🙂

  9. @hussainSorry Sheikh Nazim's Deputy Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi delivered a lecture about 'Attack on Turkey – Civil War in Pakistan' on 2008.07.25.You can find it on net. Sheikh Nazim said in his lecture 'Stop Killing' on 23.10.2009….Today they are living and tomorrow they are going to stand up in Divinely Presence, and Allah is taking revenge for the innocent people. Everything they are doing, I am sorry to say that–Pakistani people, Afghanistan people–they are killing, killing (and) with whose fatwa they are doing this? Are they fearing from fighting to Allah (swt)? They are not fighting to others. وَأُفَوِّضُ أَمْرِي إِلَى اللَّهِ – "Wa ufawidu amree ila-Allah – I am leaving my wish or will to my Lord, Almighty Allah." (Surah Ghaafir, 40:44)If they are continuing, Allah Almighty should send on them tajalli qahar, the appearance of His Revenge. He is going to take, must be! A new year is coming with new appearances and all of them will be changed. Whole world now is against heavenly orders and they will be taken away. Only innocent ones will remain. Pakistan people killing, Afghan people killing, everywhere killing, for what? Allah Almighty likes to make people to live, to be alive, to take their naseeb, what it is written for them through this dunya. That is not killing each other! Without any reason it is forbidden, and to kill only those people whom are against Shari`at-Allah—–Brother hussain in all your comments you are forcing your opinions to others and not listening others. Behaving like all are incorrect and only you are right. So it is my suggestion that bring humbleness in your writing. Writing 'hahaha' is not good.

  10. @ Brother Faqr e GayoorCan you please post the the location/address of the mazar of Saen Allah Bakhsh sahib (RA)? That is, if you actually know the location? It was only last night that i seriously thought about visiting him.

  11. Analyst says:

    plz check the above mentioned site:thanx

  12. Salaam Analyst sahib. Thanks for sharing link. It contains many valuable things. The incidence of meeting of Mumtaz Mufti with old man, when he lost his way as his motorbike was deflated, has some value-able information. I concluded (I can be wrong) we made Pakistan as idol using predictions and Hadiths about gazwa-e-hind. InshaAllah Pakistan has bright future but it would be because of Imam Mahdi. First Imam Mahdi will create Khilafah in middle east and then he and his representatives will bring peace in Pakistan and in other countries. Gazwa-e-Hind will be conducted by Imam Mahdi with help of Mansur of Khurasan (Iran). Pakistan is not Khurasan. We are Sindh mentioned in Hadiths. Khilafah will not be started from Pakistan but it become part of Khilafah later and we help Khilafah Insha'Allah. (Allah Knows Best)

  13. hussain says:

    @faisal:you seem to getting info from net,google to be precise.let me clear you that as far as turkey is concerned ,Maulana Shaikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahu'l Aziz mentioned it repeatedly this year that ottomans are about to return (i.e khilafat will be reinstalled in turkey) and Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam will take Holy relics from the khalifa/king i.e the king will present them to him.These relics are currently in Top Kapi museum.He also mentioned the upcoming war which will be between Russia and Muslims of Turkey.Shami Muslims and Western forces will probably assist Muslims.i have discussed this issue earlier in my comments therefore i wont discuss it in detail now.What i mean to say there is no such video as per my knowledge in which Maulana Shaikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz mentioned that Pakistan will suffer civil war.i wont discuss about sohbat of sheikh abdul kerim or about him for some reasons.

  14. @AnalystThanks for link, Atleast I got one more post from there. Although many predictions are already added on this blog but still found some thing new.@Faisal FarooqThe incident which you mentioned about Mufti Sahib, is already posted on this blog. See link for more detailshttp://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2011/02/importance-of-islam-for-pakistan-and.htmlAlthough I know, Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhar has reservations with that event but Mumtaz Mufti knew many secrets, some of which he revealed.@Baktar e NoorI have added the address and photos of Saeen Allah Bakhsh Grave which I found during surfing. I never visited that graveyard.You find these photos at the end of this post and in http://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2011/01/poetic-future-predictions-mard-e.htmlIf you go there, Plz do Fateha for this great Sufi and also pray to Allah for the safety and stability of Pakistan.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mufti sahib ki alkh nagri may aur bouht si batain hain jasay jhonpri wala baba chota mun bari baat kala shah kakoo per train say uter jana lahore ka station sumujh kar aur wahan baba ji ka milna phir turki topi walay ka ziker jin ka yeh mazaar hay Qudarat ullha sahab kay baray may batin sofi Barkat ka ziker yeh kitab many chund saal pahlay perhi thi lakin sumujh ab a rahi hay us waqt bouht kuch sumajh say bahir tha ab phir isko dohra rahi hon

  16. @ Faqr e Ghyoor:JazakAllah dear brother! I will visit him inshaAllah and will do Fateha. Want to experience it first hand. If the vessel has some space it will get something…if there is a vessel at all, that is. Rahay naam sirf Allah ka!Shunida kay bood manind e deeda!

  17. @AnonymousSister,Alakh Nagri is a historical book, I call it, the book of 'Spiritual Intelligence about Future of Pakistan'.'Alakh Nagri' means Hidden/Secret Town or if I clearly say, its Spiritual World, Alakh ka word Allah ke liye bhi use kiya jata yani Woh Zaat jo chupi aur poshida ho. Alakh Nagri is a secret of Pakistan….. :)Some more posts from this book will be done in next month. InshaAllah

  18. hussain says:

    @baktar e noor:say salam to him from all of us and from my Master Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahu'l Aziz.And try to do some meditation there,imagine as if he is telling you about the future and unveiling the secrets.if still nothing happens,say salam to him and state your intention for visiting aloud but politely.inshaAllah,i hope you'll get soemthing .and if you do get soemthing,do share with us .thanx.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Look like all you grave worshipers are waiting for a person to rule. Well thats not gonna happen. Pakistanis are the most beghairat and besharam nation of world. They have lost their half part to hindus but still consider themselves great and undefeated. Lanat on Pakistanis. I can tell you my prediction as any charsi mawali is now predicting. USA will conquer Pakistan and India will take over the governance and kick pakistanis butts all the time. Pakistanis will be slave of india and rest of the world.I remember some one posted here that something happen in the month of november but nothing happened and nothing will happened believe me.An EX Pakistani.

  20. Analyst says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous bhai ager aap yeh believe kertay ho tu aap yahan aatay hi kion ho.kion iss site pur aa ker hum so called GRAVE WORSHIPERS pur apna qeemti waqt zaya kertay ho.yaqeenan aap k pass aur bahut si kaam hon gay kernay ko.Waisay meri aik dua hai Allah aap k dil ko sakoon de aur mizaj ko thandak aur Allah aap ko khush rakhay aur lambi umaer ata farmaey takay aap yeh sub kuch apni ankhon se dekh sakain .God bless.Always a pakistani

  22. @ Anonymous:Ah well…..we worship graves and you worship your own self… the greates idol of em all!'Unto you your deen and unto me mine'….what about Nov, or Dec, Jan? all months belong to Allah…He is not bound by November….if something has to occur it will occur no matter if we desire it or dispise it! just watch and see…but i feign hope that you will ever be able to see anything.Dont blame anyone else for anything that comes knocking at your door one day…hate begets hate… and you asked for it!

  23. Asslaam Aleykum Sisters and BrothersMuslmaan ki Shan ye hey k wo khush akhlaq hota hey aur burey akhlaq waley ko to siwaaye shetan aur us k chailon k sab hi napasand kartey hainjab badd akhlaq shaks kisi sey paish ata hey to usko log kya kehtey hain ye sab jantey hain, yani ye kis naamuraad ki oulaad hey , terey maan baap ney teri ye tarbiyyat ki hey wagera wagera aur saath hi us k maan paab ko kesey kesey alqabat sey yad kiya jata hey ye bhi kisi sey dhaki chhupi baat nahi .ittefaaq sey yahan bhi kisi esey shaks ney apni ouqaat dekhai hey us ney apna pol hi khol diya hey , wo bta raha hey k us k waledain ney uski tarbiyyat nahi ki , arey to is mey hamara kya qasoor , tarbiyyat to us k waledain ney us ki karni thi , is khud saakhta mufti ko khush fehmi hey k ye apni jaahilana soch k tehat jis par marzi kufr shirk k fatwey laga sakta hey dar asl ye log Paaglaan-e-Millat hain, na hadees ki samajh na quraan ki bass apni jaahilana soch mey hi rehtey hain inka Eid ka chaand bhi anokha hi hota hey hazaron logon k rozey kha jatey hain , chaahey mehkama mosmiyaat naaye chaand k na honey k purey saboot bhi day dain tab bhi ye log aalam-e-khayalat mey aik farzi chaand daikh letey hain aur deen mey zabardasti kartey hain in ko log aksar oqaat shirk ki machine keh kar bhi yaad kartey hainaur dusri baat is ney kaha k november me kuch hga wagera wagera, yahaan ye wazeh karna zaruri hey k yahaan ksii ney ye nahi kaha k mey qasam khata hun k esa zarur hi hoga, na hi koi makhsoos waqt pe kisi waqaey k honey ka dawa kar raha hey , jis ki LOUH-E-MAHFOOZ pe nazar hoti hey wo qasam bhi khatey hain aur dawa bhi kartey hain , Kkyun k unko ye shaan un k RABB TAALA ney di hey hazrat naimatullah shah wali r.a ney bhi jab aney waley waqt k barey mey btaya hey to sab sey pehley unhon ney qasam khai hey phir us waqaey k barey mey dawa kiya hey k ye waqea hoga, kyun k wo WALIYULLAH THEY , ye kesey hosakta hey k adhi baat wo sach kahain aur adhi jhoot , wo ye jantey they k quraan majeed mey jhootey shaks pe lanat ki gai hey baatain to bohat ki jasakti hain magar in comments main taweel batain nahi ki jaskti ,samjhdaar k liye ishara hi kaafi hota hey magar jis ka maamla hi SUMMUN BUKMUN wala ho ham esey shaks ko kya kahain, YEHI K ALLAH ISKO HIDAYAT DEY AUR OULIYA KRAAM KI MUHABBAT ATAA FARMAAYE , WARNA JESEY AQAID IS K HAIN , IS SEY TO YEHI LAGTA HEY K YE NAARI GROH SEY HEY NAJI GROH SEY NAHIALLAH ESEY LOGO K SHAR SEY BACHAAYE AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN

  24. @hussainBrother please don't prejudice about me or anyone.I get information from both Muhammad Adnan Okter and Sheikh Nazim.I wrote "Khilafah will be established in the middle east". Mecca, Istanbul(Rom) and Jerusalem cities are in the middle east. I know Syedna Mahdi will come from Turkey (from West of Hijaz) and he will have Meccan, Jerusalem and Roman periods. Take a look…During Hazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle that will begin in Istanbul there will be a Meccan period, a Jerusalem period and a Roman period:http://us1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/14619/DURING_HAZRAT_MAHDI_S_(AS)_STRUGGLE_THAT_WILL_BEGIN_IN_ISTANBUL_THERE_WILL_BE_A_MECCAN_PERIOD,_A_JERUSALEM_PERIOD_AND_A_ROMAN_PERIODMahdi will emerge from Istanbul.http://us1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/14235/HAZRAT_MAHDI_(AS)_WILL_EMERGE_FROM_ISTANBULhttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/13515/ISTANBUL_AND_THE_ANTICIPATED_HAZRAT_MAHDI_(AS)

  25. usman says:

    kitna acha ho agr hm is shakhs ki baton ko ese ignore kr den jese parhi hi nhi. ho sakta he be chare k sath koi trajedy hui ho. hm dar guzar q na kren jese irfan ul haq sahab ne frmaya

  26. @Faqar-e-Ghayoor, Assalaamu Alaikum, Thanks for sharing link. I'll look it. You have done great job by sharing these valuable articles with translation. JazakAllah.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Look like all you grave worshipers are waiting for a person to rule. Well thats not gonna happen. Pakistanis are the most beghairat and besharam nation of world. They have lost their half part to hindus but still consider themselves great and undefeated. Lanat on Pakistanis. I can tell you my prediction as any charsi mawali is now predicting. USA will conquer Pakistan and India will take over the governance and kick pakistanis butts all the time. Pakistanis will be slave of india and rest of the world.I remember some one posted here that something happen in the month of november but nothing happened and nothing will happened believe me.An EX Pakistani@he wrote Ex pakistani ,May Allah bless you with his utmost blessings, you talk like a Saibay Basirat person ,by the way would you like to introduce your self Mr………….. if you are really dare. and regarding the grave worshipper , charsi molvi , all these things were part of history and were remain there but question is what you played your role in positive manners, is this positive atttitude being a human what your wrote here, i dont know to whom you worship , i belive all the relgion discourge such extreme attitude, if you are a real human and being human what do you think this is the correct way to correct the things in your tone! NN

  28. Asslaam Aleykum @ faqar-e-ghayoor saheb mene ex pakistani k jawab mey comments kiye they magar ap ney merey comments display nahi kiye kyun? ap kisi ki ghalat baat display kartey hain aur wo shaks apney comments mey kya keh raha hey ap bhi jantey hain ,

  29. Anonymous says:

    Mujahid Bhi, that guy is nothing i belive he doest belongs to us and Thanks to Allah he is not one of us! NN

  30. lekin mene apney comments mey koi esi baat nahi ki jesi us ney ki hey , me to usey sirf aaina dikha raha hun , meri baat dalil k saath hey , to phir theek hey phir aap esey logon ko bhi display na karain jo esi jaahilana batain kartey hain,us k comments ko bhi delete karain

  31. Analyst says:

    PLZ VIEW "UMMAT-E-MUSLIMA KI UMR".A THESIS BY AMIN MUHAMMAD JAMAL UD DIN OF JAMIA AL AZHAR ABOUT PREDICTIONS OF HOLY PROPHET S.A.W. OF END TIMES.http://www.esnips.com/doc/bc3cde1e-2c10-4a69-ad54-cc4d169ebbef/Ummat-e-Muslima_Ki_Umar

  32. hussain says:

    @Mujahid;Dont be dishearted.opposers are everywhere@Faisal Farooq:Although adnan oktar has been one of the most influential persons as enlisted by western media,still he gets far away sometimes.i respect him for some reasons specially his works against communism and darwinism are appreciable.But to make you clear,Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahu'l Aziz never said that Syedna Mahdi alaye hi salam will appear from istanbul rather as per my little knowledge his belief is as per ahadith and that is according to that hadith which states that he'll appear at arafat and some people will recognize him and……….contnd…..i believe That's why he said that he expecting his appearance at this hajjul akbar.and if i am not wrong ,the event regarding sufyani will also take place in hijaz.So it means he'll appear in hijaz.his fame will spread in people and then he'll set out to conquer other lands.WAllahu Aalam.In any case,harun yahya's article about Syedna Mahdi's appearance from istanbul seems an exeggeration.watch sohbat video at saltanat tv tomorrow.Maulana Shaikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz will tell awrad for coming day of arafat inshaAllah.

  33. @Mujahid Islam, Hussain and all other brothers & sisters!Sometimes Comments go in spam automatically due to some unknown Google algorithm.I have allowed all the comments, When I see some comment in Spam, after reading, I publish it with the status 'NOT SPAM', and then it appears.So if you see your comment not displaying, wait for sometime and you will that soon.Brother Mujahid, Plz see your comment, Its displaying now. Its Google's fault, not mine. May be to avoid spam but if I see any abusive language, I will delete that comment otherwise all comments are allowed.

  34. Anonymous says:

    http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/19486/VERSES_OF_THE_QUR%E2%80%99AN_REFERRING_TO_HAZRAT_MAHDI_(AS)READ ALL THIS.might the people who are quoting about him they find the real facts about his interpretations of quranic verses. NN

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  36. Anonymous says:

    @khudsakhta mujahid-e-Islam.tumhari khush ikhlakhi to post se zahir horahi hai. wese lagta hai kafi dukh hoa hai biddation ko meri baton se. halanka main ne to sirf tum logon ko aina dikhaya hai.tum logon ka haal arab ke mushrikeen se kam nahi. App (saw) ke zamane main mushrik kahinon or nujomion ke paas jaate the , tum log bhi in nujumion or kahinon par yaqeen rakhte ho.ghaib ki baton ka ilm sirf allah ko hia , future main kia hone wala hai yeh bhi sirf Allah ko pata hai. Allaj Pak ne apne nabi (saw) ko ilm ata kia, aap (saw) ko mairaaj ata farmai, app (saw) ke samne jannat jahanam ko khol kar dikha dia. masla ye hai ke ahadis main jo jo prediction aap (saw) ne farmayin hain un main buhut milawat kardi gayi hai. shia or un ke closet friends ne apne aqaid ke mutabiq ahadis ghar lin hain. Imam Mehdi ka pora concept shia zehen ki paidawar hai. Jahan tak kisi leader ke paida hone ka taaluq hia, har centure main koi na koi leader or mujaddid paida hota hai, to kia is ka matlab hai ke wo sab Imam Mehdi hi hain? jahan tak in biddation or qabar ke pujarion ko tanbeeh karne or in ka mazaq urane ki baat hai, meri to yeh dua hai ke Allah in ko hidayat naseeb farmaye. sahi or pore deen par chalne ki taufeeq ata farmaye or in ke saath saath mujhe or sare alam ke musalmanon ko pore deen par chalne ki taufeeq ata farmaye.ab ate hain ex-pakistani hone ki taraf. Iqbal ka ek qitaa paish-e-khidmat hai.————————————————-Iss Dour Mein Mai Aur Hai, Jaam Aur Hai Jam Aur-Saqi Ne Bina Ki Rawish-e-Lutf-o-Sitam Aur-Muslim Ne Bhi Tameer Kiya Apna Haram Aur-Tehzeeb Ke Azar Ne Tarshawaye Sanam Aur-In Taza Khudaon Mein Bara Sub Se Watan Hai-Jo Pairhan Iss Ka Hai, Woh Mazhab Ka Kafan Hai-Ye But Ke Tarashida-e-Tehzeeb-e-Nawi Hai-Gharatgar-e-Kashana-e-Deen-e-Nabwi Hai-Bazu Tera Touheed Ki Quwwat Se Qawi Hai-Islam Tera Dais Hai, Tu Mustafavi Hai-Nazzara-e-Dairina Zamane Ko Dikha De-Ae Mustafavi Khak Mein Iss Butt Ko Mila De!-Ho Qaid-e-Maqami To Nateeja Hai Tabahi-Reh Behar Mein Azad-e-Watan Soorat-e-Mahi-Hai Tark-e-Watan Sunnat-e-Mehboob (S.A.W.)-e-Elahi-De Tu Bhi Nabuwwat Ki Sadaqat Pe Gawahi-Guftar-e-Siasat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai-Irshad-e-Nabuwwat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai-Aqwam-e-Jahan Mein Hai Raqabat To Issi Se-Taskheer Hai Maqsood-e-Tajarat To Issi Se-Khali Hai Sadaqat Se Siasat To Issi Se-Kamzor Ka Ghar Hota Hai Gharat To Issi Se-Aqwam Mein Makhlooq-e-Khuda Batti Hai Iss Se-Qoumiat-e-Islam Ki Jar Katti Hai Iss Se————————————————An Ex Pakistani

  37. Lagta hey k ex pakistani wagera saheb ko aaina daikh kar yaqeena nahi araha k waqaee ye mera hi chehra hey , dakho jnab agar ham behas karney lag jaain to baat se baat nikley gi ,kyun k tum dalil tak bhi nahi mantey is liye k tum ziddi ho,SARA QURAN MAJEED AUR AHADEES AUR SAHABA KRAAM OYLIYAA KRAAM KI ZINDAGI BHARI PARRI HEY agar tum kisi sahabi ki zindagi ka hi mutaalia karlo to pta chal jaye ga k ALLAH TAALA apney bandon me sey jisey chahta hey aur jitna chahta hey ghaib ka ilm ataa farma deta hey misal k tor per hazrat UMER R.A ney sainkron meel door sey jihaad par gaaye huwey apney aik mujahid ko dushman ki aamad par itlaa dey di thi aur ye to aik sahabi r.a. ka zikr hey , agar tum kisi sahabi r.a. k ilm-e- ghaib ko bhi nahi mantey to ahadees sey hi roshni ley lo , aur agar ahadees ko bhi nahi mantey to quraan ko to mano gey , ayatulkursi k barey mey to pta hoga ,, us mey aik ayat hey ,YAALAMU MAA BAINA AIDEEHIM WAMAA KHALFAHUM WALAA YUHEETOONA BISHAI IMMIN ELMEHI ILLAA BIMAA SHAAis ayat mey ILLAA BIMAA SHAA ka kya matlab hey KISI AALIM SEY HI POOCHH LO YE TO SIRF AIK AYAT MUBARKAH HEY SARA KALAAM-E-MAJEED IS BAAT KI GAWAHI DEY RAHA HEY K ALLAH TAALA APNEY BANDON MEY JISEY CHAHEY AUR JITNA CHAHEY GHAIB PAR ITLAA DEY DETA HEY MEY YE HARGIZ NAHI KEHTA K GHAIB PAR KISI KO KHUD BAKHUD ITLAA HOJATI HEY GHAIB KA ILM TO ALLAH TAALA KA ZATI ILM HEY AUR YE JO ALLAMA IQBAAL R.A K SHAARI KA HAWALA DIYA HEY MUJHEY HANSI SI ARAHI HEY K TUM NEY ALLAMA IQBAL KO POORA PARHA HI NAHI KYUN K UNHON NEY BHI BOHAT SEY MAQAAMAAT PE ANEY WALEY WAQT K BAREY MEY BTAYA HEY AB TUM UN PE BHI FATWA DO GEY O BHAI APNI ZIDD CHHOR DO AUR QURAAN -O- AHAADEES PAR AMAL KARO NIJAAT PAAJAO GEY WARNA TUMHARA MAAMLA BOHAT KHARAB LAG RAHA HEY

  38. Analyst says:


  39. Analyst says:


  40. @AnalystGot your link, thanks

  41. Salaam Hussain,@"Never said that Syedna Mahdi alaye hi salam will appear from istanbul rather as per my little knowledge his belief is as per ahadith and that is according to that hadith which states that he'll appear at arafat and some people will recognize him"You are correct He (as) will appear in mecca to common people and some people will recognize and take bait here but it is also correct according to Hadith He will be migrated from Madina (large city Istanbul not Yatrib) to Mecca.Adnan Okter: ….Our Prophet (saas) openly says "Constantinople." They [Companions] ask about Medina. They ask about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) emerging from Medina. They ask "Which Medina, o Messenger of Allah (saas)?" Our Prophet (saas) explains that. When they ask "Which Medina?" he says "Constantinople" meaning Istanbul. 'Medina' means city. But they ask "Which Medina?" Constantinople, Istanbul is the answer. The dajjal (anti-messiah) will not be able to enter Mecca and Medina. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not enter a place where the dajjal (anti-messiah) cannot enter. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be wherever the dajjal (anti-messiah) is….@"the event regarding sufyani will also take place in hijaz.So it means he'll appear in hijaz"Hadith tells He will be from Syria who will attack on Hijaz…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sufyani@"Syedna Mahdi's appearance from istanbul seems an exeggeration."Hadith don't exaggeration.

  42. hussain says:

    @faisal:well if it is ahadith,please give its reference. and you are right.i meant exactly what you said.sufyani will be syrian and he'll attack hijaz.but give the reference of hadith which harun yahya has quoted ,

  43. The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “… a man [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] of the people of Medina (a big city)will come forth to Mecca. People will bring him out against his will and swear allegiance to him between the Corner and the Maqam. … (Mari’ bin Yusuf Karami Hanbali, Fawaid Fawaid al-Fikr fil Mahdi al-Montazar) In the hadith cited above, our Prophet (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come from medina, whereas in another hadith he says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) “will come from the village of Kara.”Imam al-Qurtubi’s at-Tazkirah refers to Hazrat Mahdi (as) coming from the western part of the Islamic countries. This statement shows that the large city in which Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be born is in the western part of the Islamic nations.Narrated by ibn Amr, who said: "… The Messenger of Allah (saas) said, 'Six things will happen to this community: … The sixth is the conquest of medina.' I asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, which medina?' He said, 'Constantinople [Istanbul].'" [This is the spiritual conquest of Istanbul by Hazrat Mahdi (as).] (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 204; Ahmad Diya ad-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith 1/296)Therefore, the word medina is used by the Prophet (saas) in this hadith in the sense of a great city in order to refer to Istanbul. Another hadith reveals that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will emerge from the city that contains the sacred relics, including the sacred banner of our Prophet (saas). The banner and other sacred relics of the Prophet (saas) are currently kept in a special section of Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace. It is related from Abdullah ibn Shurafa that: Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have the banner of our Prophet (saas) with him. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 65)He [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will appear with the camel hair banner of the Prophet (saas). That banner has four corners, is unstitched and black in color. There is a halo on it. It has not been unfurled since the death of the Messenger of Allah (saas), but it will be opened when Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears.(Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 23) As for signs, he [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will have with him the shirt, the sword, and the banner of the Messenger of Allah (saas). That banner has never been unfurled since the death of the Prophet (saas). And, it will not be unfurled until the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 164) it can be seen from the description in this hadith that the city that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will capture, Istanbul, is one in which a dry path will be opened up in the sea, in other words, in which a bridge system will be used. During the conquest of Constantinople he [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will plant a standard when he goes to make ablution for the morning prayer, and the water will divide in two and withdraw from him. He will cross to the other side through this path that opens and say, “O people, learn from this. The sea has parted its waters for us, just as it did for the tribe of Israel.” They will utter the takbir again and again and with twelve takbirs the twelve towers of the city will collapse. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 57) The hadith also states that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will plant a standard in this city, making it clear that the city is the one that contains the sacred banner of our Prophet (saas).http://www.awaitedmahdi.com/article.php?id=14666

  44. Brother Hussain your are mureed of Sheikh Nazim. He also said Imam Mahdi (as) will come from among Turks.On Jan 16th, 2011 Mawlana Shaykh Nazim declared that the Helpers of Imam Mahdi (as) are from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jam’ah, but believe he is the son of Imam Hasan al-Askari (rad). However, in this video, he clearly states that the Mahdi will come from amongst the Turks:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SxHTtA4whc4

  45. IBRAHIM TUNCER: Alhamdulillah (Thanks be to Allah), Suphan'Allah, Masha'Allah. He loves you a lot Master. He loves you.SHEIKH NAZIM: Allah. I do love him as well. I love him. He is the owner of a marvelous manifestation. He is the only one in Turkey, there is not a second one. There might be a second one but from a different source. Others cannot enter into the channel our son Mr.Adnan enters. One ship can pass by the Suez Canal. Two of them cannot pass by. One can pass, one cannot. He is a person of such type. He goes through a path. No one can enter the places he does. Everyone has a different manifestation. The wisdom behind the creation of everyone is again different in the Sight of Almighty Allah.IBRAHIM TUNCER: May Allah be pleased with youSHEIKH NAZIM: He is one of those who are in our hearts.IBRAHIM TUNCER: Back then, may be most of our brothers and sisters wouldn't know. I was there 25 years ago, I was a very young student of his. You have said there, for our Master;"On that time, that hospital, that prison had been a seclusion for you, Allah had written you amongst the patient ones there. More than that, He had written you amongst the ones who are content."You said; "In the future you will make some explanations about the Qur'an. You will have some statements, you will have books. You will make a great service especially for the youth" You said "You are like a bud now, in the future your color, your smell would be apparent." You have said these 25 years ago Master. And thanks be to Allah, within that time just like you have said our Master had written almost 300 books. They were translated into 63 different languages. He carried out various activities aiming the youth.

  46. hussain says:

    @faisal:this question is controversial ,which you stated.Maulana Sheikh Nazim never stated in clear words that Syedna Mahdi is son of Syedna Imam Hassan Akri ALaye him salam.Rather a shia came to him and asked it repeatedly.He did'nt want to disheart him so he replied "we are all asakir al mahdi"or something like which meant we are all soldiers of Syedna Mahdi ALaye hi Salam (Do'nt just google the info and i'll again say that dont exeggerate and twist the facts)and by posting sohbat scripts here you ar making people confuse.Who said to you that this sohbat was about Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam.is there any mention of him in this sohbat?And as far as the youtube link above is concerned,the word Mahdi is'nt mentioned in that sohbat as well.you just assumed it by the title of the sohbat.I think Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasALlahu Sirrahul Aziz was talking about the upcoming king who is descendant of ottomans and who'll hand over the Holy relics to Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam with honour.WAllahu Aalam.

  47. @Hussain:Please read my post again where I said same that Sheikh Nazim's statement of Jan 16th, 2011 doesn't mean Imam Mahdi is from Imam Hasan al-Askari (ra) but in another interview Sheikh Nazim has cleared that Imam Mahdi will be from among Turks.I took this information and youtube link from authorized deputy of Sheikh Nazim 'Sayyid Ahmed Ammiruddin'. Sorry I didn't mention his name in my earlier post. He said Imam Mahdi will rise from Constantinople (Istanbul).How I can believe on you rather than deputy of Sheikh Nazim???If I forgot posting source of video link (deputy of shiekh nazim) then how you can say I am exaggerating and twisting the facts.If Hadiths, Sayyid Sheikh Nazim, Sayyid Ahmed Ammirudin and Sayyid Muhammad Adnan Okter (Harun Yahya) are saying that Imam Mahdi (as) will rise from Constantinople (Istanbul) then how we Pakistani are believing here that Imam Mahdi (as) will rise from Pakistan??? Hadiths are clearly saying that Imam Mahdi (as) will conquer Hind (ind) and Sindh (pak) after establishing Khilafah in middle east then how we are believing here that Hind will be conquered without Khilafah. So it is my humble suggestion please correct our priorities..- Our first priority should be spreading signs of appearance of Imam Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (as) and their message (peace and love) across the world, and increasing of awareness of Dajjal (Atheist philosophies) i.e. Correcting Faith- Second priority should be unity among all Muslims (Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, deobend, brelvi etc…) i.e. Khilafa or Islamic Union- Third priority should be establishing moral values of Quran and Sunnah across world including Hind i.e. Conducting Ghazwa-e-HindIn simple world 'Faith, Unity and Discipline' (Motto of Quaid-e-Azam)Our duty is helping Imam Mahdi (before and after his appearance 2014). Ghazwa-e-Hind will one of top priority of Imam Mahdi after his appearance and after creating his authority in the land. Insha'AllahWe should help both sayyids Sheikh Nazim and Muhammad Adnan Okter because they are prominent voices for Imam Mahdi in whole world.http://www.awaitedmahdi.com/index.php

  48. hussain says:

    @faisal:Who said that Imam Mahdi Alaye hi salam will rise from pakistan?at least i did'nt.He'll for sure rise from Hijaz (current Saudia),as per my knowledge.And This issue of Syedna Hassan Askari Alaye hi salam was discussed on eshaykh.com which is a site under the supervision of deputy and son-in-law of Maulana Shaikh Nazim QaddasALlahu Sirrahul Aziz,Maulana Sheikh Hisham kabbani .May Allah raise their ranks.On eshaykh.com,it was answered what i said.Syed Ahmad Amiruddin has although presented the scans of Maulana Jami's books which show thatSyedna Mahdi Alaye hi salam was borncenturies ago.But again i challenge you to give me a link where Maulana Shaikh Nazim said in clear words that Syedna Mahdi ALaye hi Salam is the son of Syedna Hassan Askari ALaye hi salam.I never said that Imam Mahdi ALaye hi salam will emerge from Pakistan.I never meant it.

  49. hussain says:

    This country is very good ,in fact its a blessing.Most of the people are corrupt in one or another aspect here.But i hate pak army.it consumes 70% of our budget and even then they are not satisfied.This coward army has done nothing for us except losing in 1971 and 1999.It has been addicted to enjoying power and politics and civil bureaucracy as well as millitary bureaucracy.Although the soldiers and JCO's etc are sincere,but from cadets to full generals of all cores,are stiff with pride and prejudice towards civillians?what have they done so remarkable ,of which they are so proud?I suggest give meat and skin of your zabeeha on this eid to this poor,corrupt army.They are not defending this country,neither will they do,i'm sure.Pakistan is 6 times smaller than india w.r.t to population and still has some of the world's largest army?why?do'nt give the reference from sura e infaal which states be prepared for the battle with kaffar.Because first and foremost responsibility of islamic state is to ensure food and other facilities to its public.This army has been sucking our blood since 30-35 years.Coward Pak army.Corrupt Pak army officers.They murdered Syed Selim shehzad because he exposed them.He exposed that Pak forces were being black mailed successfully by taliban.Pak army=Army of noobs and corrupt officers

  50. @Hussain why are you always fighting???I didn't say that you believe Imam Mahdi will rise from Pakistan. I said 'we Pakistani' means majority of us not you and me.I didn't say Sheikh Nazim said Imam Mahdi is son of Syedna Hassan Askari (as) but some wrongly believe this by misinterpreting his interview. Sheikh Nazim's deputy Sayid Ahmed Amiruddin cleared this that Sheikh Nazim said Imam Mahdi is not son of Syedna Hassan Askari and he will be among Turks.http://ahmedamiruddin.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/the-meaning-of-mawlana-shaykh-nazims-statement-he-al-mahdi-will-come-from-you-he-will-come-from-you-to-the-turks/I think issue is cleared.

  51. @"He'll for sure rise from Hijaz (current Saudia),as per my knowledge."Brother Hussain, during Hazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle that will begin in Istanbul there will be a Meccan period, a Jerusalem period and a Roman period.Ywa Hazrat Mahdi (as) will live in the city of Mecca (Hijaz) during the dominion of Islamic moral values but he will come from Istanbul (Medina).http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/14959/HAZRAT_MAHDI_S_(AS)_MECCAN_PERIOD"An individual will come from among the Muslims, and the honor of that individual will be radiant like the rays of the Sun, shining around from the greatest peak of the Caucasus.” (Osman Yuksel Serdengecti, City with No Temple, Serdengecti Publication: VI, p.107).. And dispersed Turkish flags will appear and help my son [Hazrat mahdi (as)] in every nook and cranny. (al-Ghaybah al-Nomani, p. 323)… Allah will cause him [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] to conquer Rum, Daylam, Sindh, India, Kabul and the Caspian. (Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Nomani, al-Ghaybah al-Nomani, p. 274)According to a hadith of the Prophet’s (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will first appear from Turkey with the Turkish flag and will then become the spiritual ruler of other Islamic countries with their green flags.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Imam al Mahdi is among turkshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoM9wioPDDQ

  53. Masha'Allah and Jazak'Allah.It is clear Imam Mahdi is among Turks.

  54. Mumtaz Mufti, Ishfaq Ahmed and QUS are self proclaimed saints themselves. However, if one has studied well Quran O' Sunnah, one would find out drastic differences and deviations in their belief / practices and what Islam actually is. Think about it. Allah subhana'wa tala sent Messengers (Alehe Salaam) to free the mankind from tyrants such as Nimrod, Firaun and Abu Jehel & Co. etc. But the people with them believed in them, in Allah and corrected themselves and Allah literally and practically helped them directly and indirectly by sending angels and clamities and thus they won by their Lord's help and decree.I ask you one simple question. From their independence back in late 1700s uptill now they have earned the title of "The Great Nation" and have literally changed the world upside down. Before them, it was UK and after them it'd be Israel. What happened to all of the chain / brethren of so called saints of the sub continent or even Iraq that despite their "MIGHTY SPIRITUAL POWER" Muslims are in shamble and Kafirs are ruling every where since the fall of Ottoman's empire. I personally pity on any such concept and people who believe in such concepts. It's what you do, matters! not what you think. And it only matters when Allah subhana wa'tala let it matter. And for the time being you / us (Muslims) are up side down. And we'd only be up once we CORRECT ourselves rightly and believe in ALLAH ALONE and not the new form of "Deities" that we have created because of our sheer ignorance to knowledge and practices of Islam. I do NOT want any such so called saint who literally couldn't do nothing so far and everywhere in the world Muslims are the losers – only if you believe they are capable and controlling the situation. I wonder they are the worst Managers so far – their Government is worse than PPP even. :)Believe in Allah only and alone. Believe in Islam.Work Hard – correct yourself. Stand up. Only then you would prevail. The rest is falsehood. Allahu Akbar!

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