Future of Pakistan By Qutab-e-Wahdat Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal (RA)

عارف وقت فقیر باغ حسین کمال رحمتہ اللہ علیہ کی بشارتیں

Bagh Hussain Kamal RA
(1937 – 2000)

Arif-e-Waqt & Qutab-e-Wahdat Hazrat Prof. Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal (RA), stands distinct amongst the ‘Friends of God (Aulia Allah)’ due to a special blessing of Allah. According to Book: Haal-e-Safar,

Faqir Bagh Hussain Kamal prayed to Allah for inclusion of his name in the list of first hundred of Muslims who recite maximum Darood Sharif and Allah made him first in his Ummah in this regard. His daily routine was to recite at least 0.225 million (2.25 Lac) Darood Sharif and maximum quantity was a mystery. From Ramazan 1978 till 19th Feb 1987, he sent 370 Million  (37 Karor) Darood Sharif. Infact, There is no competitor of him in respect of Quantity of Darood Sharif….(He was Founder of Silsila Owaisia Kamalia)

Note: Haal-e-Safar Book Download links are provided at the end of this post.

Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal (RA) was chosen for the status of ‘Qutab-e-Wahdat’ which is a higher rank in Spiritual Administration (Ahl-e-Takween). (Note: A detailed post on Ahl-e-Takween/Rijaal-ul-Ghaib will be added in future)

After reading above stats, one may go into a state of disbelief, so it’s better to read some extracts from his book.Haal-i-Safar (If you feel any extract out of context, Please download the book and read details)

This post is divided into four parts as below

1. Some Important Extracts from Book Haal-e-Safar

(From Ground To Empyrean)

Rijaal-ul-Ghaib as mentioned by Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal (RA) Sahib (Photo added)

2. Spiritual Predictions about Pakistan & other countries Future

Basharat (Page 127-133)

– Above Extracts From Book Haal-e-Safar (English)

3. Comments by Famous Personalities about Book: Haal-e-Safar

4. Permission to recite his favorite Darood Sharif


Book Download Links:  

1. Haal-e-Safar (Urdu)
2. Haal-e-Safar (English)

3. Download from the site http://www.dar-ul-faizan.com/index.php  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar bhi,i dont have words to say about the post , amazing work! Allah Tala ki rahmat or App Aslat o slam ki khas ul kahs mohabt ham sub kay saht ha or hamari pak ser zameen kay sath ha ameen! NN

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where can we find the pdf of the above mentioned book ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    here is link for this bookhttp://www.dar-ul-faizan.com/Book_Download_Form.php?q_b_title=Haal-e-Safaryou can download its english version on first page of this website, http://www.dar-ul-faizan.com download it , and dua for all muslims,

  4. Sanwal says:

    Asalam-u-ALikum,It was my pleasure that i met Hazrat Professor Bagh Hussain Kamal's son, his Janesheen Professor Tabish Kamal in 2007 in Rawalpindi. It was a great experience. he was very humble with me. I have read this book 'Haal-e-Safar Arsh ta Farsh' of Hazrat Professor Bagh Hussain Kamal many times. It's a great book. I also have his Khutbaat which he delivered regularly to his followers. may Allah shower his mercy on him. Ameen

  5. Assalam O Alikum ! I am Sag-e-Kamal(Owais Mustafa Shah Hashmi Qadri Kamali), Website Administrator of Dar-ul-Faizan. Brother i only want to say that its really a pleasure to see blog for Hazrat G and make one change in this article that he was ABD and not a Qutb-e-Wahdat as ABD is very much higher rank than the Qutb-e-Wahdat and he was an Arif-e-Waqt. So write "Arif-e-Waqt Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal , Founder of Silsila Owaisia Kamalia..". Very happy to see this..

  6. mansoor says:

    v beautiful blog…..keep it up…ALLAH APNE PYARO K SADKE HAM PE KARAM FARMAE..AMEEN

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Owais bhi,Inshallah it will be done by administrator , and he is indeed! NN

  8. JAzzAK ALLAH Khair MAshAllah SubhanAllah

  9. Assalamu Aliekum !Brother Owais Mustafa Shah Hashmi Qadri Kamali, Sanwal, NN and others,I am really thankful for your praising words, but the actual appreciation and expression of gratitude must go to these 'Blessed Friends of God' & Ushaaq-e-Rasool (S.A.W) whom are enlightening us in the darkest time of history.Brother Owais Kamal, Thanks for uploading books on your beautiful site …about your advice, I have already used Word Arif-e-Waqt on start of Urdu Title, now 'Arif-e-Waqt Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal' is also added in start of this post and also added 'Founder of Silsila Owaisia Kamalia' below.2ndly, I deliberately not used the word 'ABD' in this post because I want to use it in another post specific to Ahl-e-Takween (Rijal-ul-Ghaib) in which extracts from Haal-e-Safar will again be referred.Brother, Purpose of this post is to give hope to the People of Pakistan as 'Arif-e-Waqt' gave us the glad tidings of great future of Pakistan. Plus I want people to recite as much as Darood Sharif as they can as emphasized by Hazrat G.اللهم صل علی محمد النبی الامی و علی آله وصحبه و بارک وسلم

  10. hussain says:

    Nice post.i found one thing different that different auliya tell different heirarichal order of saints.But it is agreed widely that the highest rank is ghaus/sultan ul auliya.WAllahu Aalam.And there is another thing that Sheikh Abdullah faiz ad daghestani QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz also mentioned that before the time of Syedna Mahdi alaye hi salam ,china will split under different small countries.if you see at this link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xinjiangyou will come to know that it consists of a very significant area of china.so if the whole province just separates out,china will be broken inshaAllah.

  11. hussain says:

    @faqr:you may find some interesting stuff here:http://naqshbandi.org/chain/39.htmthese are the predictions made by Sheikh Abdullah faiz QaddasAllahu srirrahul aziz,the Murshid of Maulana sheikh Nazim QaddasALlahu Sirrahul Aziz.May allah raise his rank.

  12. Assalmu Alaikum,Beautiful post. Congratulation for nice post…All friends of Allah are giving same information about current future events. Synchronization is present in work of these blessed persons.[Deen key ayek ahem treen shubey "Ehsaan" ko aik bada tabqa nazer andaz kar chuka hai]Ehsaan is arabic word who meaning is goodness. In Islam, "Ehsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection, or excellence, in worship"according to the Hadith of Gabriel in which Muhammad (peace be upon him) states,"[Ehsan is] to worship God as though you see Him, and if you cannot see Him, then indeed He sees you." (Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim). Ehsan, meaning "to do beautiful things," is the highest of the three levels of Islam: (1)Islam, (2)Iman and (3)Ehsan. In contrast to the emphases of Islam (what one should do) and Iman (why one should do), the concept of Ehsan is how to do something good with beauty.Goodness in all:http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/1815/GOODNESS_IN_ALLThe true friend is Allah who wants all goodness for his servants:http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/20753/THE_TRUE_FRIEND_IS_ALLAH_WHO_WANTS_ALL_GOODNESS_FOR_HIS_SERVANTS%5BAllahi Hazoor (saw) key sadkey Pakistan ko androni wa barooni khatraat sey Mehfooz Farma… isey zaberdest Quat ata farma- isey islaam ka Qila farma dey]Adnan Oktar said in sep 2008: Indonesia, Turkey, PAKISTAN, Iran, Egypt; THEY WILL ALL UNITE SOON Insha'Allah AND A GREAT TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION AND A GREAT UNION OF BROTHERHOOD WILL COME INTO EXISTENCE. Its formation will come true in 10 years at most. When this unity comes to be true, both terror and high cost of living will come to an end….Adnan Oktar said in feb 2009: We will establish the Turkish Islamic Union with the flags of the Islamic world and and red-green flags Insha'Allah…This isalso the inevitable destiny.Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis,Egyptians;Pakistan and Turkey are arm in arm all alonghttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/23603/PAKISTAN_AND_TURKEY_ARE_ARM_IN_ARM_ALL_ALONG[Afghanistan, Kshmir, Wast-e-Asia ki Islami Reyastey, Phalesteen aur Xinjiang (East Turkminstan) ko azadi ata farma… Baharat key Tukrey Tukrey farma dey, Baharat, Philpine aur Eritera key Muslmano ko aman wa sakoon naseeb farma.]In book "The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Come", Adnan Oktar explained the current situation of Muslims and coming spring in countries Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, East Turkminstan (Xinjiang China), Bosnia, Algeria, Tunisia, Eritera and Ethiopia, Chad, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Msulim Minorities.The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Comehttp://www.harunyahya.com/spring01.phpDevelopments in East Turkestan are encouraging. But true peace can only come when China finally abandons its Darwinist mindsethttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/30622/[Reyaset haey Muthedda Aslamia Madinah Munawara Qayam Farma. Alem-e-Islam mai nafaz-e-Islam Islam Farma….]A CALL FOR A TURKISH- ISLAMIC UNIONhttp://www.harunyahya.com/books/social/union/islamic_union_01.phphttp://www.turkishislamicunion.com/How Islamic Union will Affect the Economic Developmenthttp://www.harunyahya.com/articles/32economic_development.php… continue … part 1

  13. [Aalim-e-Jinn wa Inss main Itehad-e-Islami, Nafaz-e-Islami aur Ghalba-e-Islam key silsaley main Allah Taala Tumharey Wajuud sey Bada Kaam lena chahtey hai…]ADNAN OKTAR: No. The djinn really like me, a lot. They can ask those people who summon djinn. They speak very positively and in an amazing way. There is a real love between me and the djinn. But irreligious djinn do speak in an unbalanced way as a rule, strangely and inconsistently, and they tell lies. There are also Armenians among them. And Catholic djinn. That is set out in the Qur’an. It says they are members of many different schools. People can look at Surat al-Jinn and see. But there are currently very few Muslim djinn. Their numbers have only now begun rising. Just 3-4 years ago I had met only a few. There was one very old djinn. He must have been 1000 or 1400 years old. They said he had died. I used to learn things from it. But then that information stopped. There are a few new ones. But they are very honest. We can do an experiment before the eyes of the press one day. The djinns will be around in the time of Hazrat Mahdi just like Prophet Sulayman (as):http://us1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/23109/THE_DJINNS_WILL_BE_AROUND_IN_THE_TIME_OF_HAZRAT_MAHDI_JUST_LIKE_PROPHET_SULAYMAN_(AS)Atheist masons have links to irreligious djinnhttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/19713/ATHEIST_MASONS_HAVE_LINKS_TO_IRRELIGIOUS_DJINN… continue … part 2

  14. [Apney Faroee Akhtalaf Mita— Ithaad ki Rassi Thaam—]ADNAN OKTAR: This spirit of opposition stemming from this sectarian difference needs to be eliminated. Shiites, Alawites, Bektashis and Wahabbists are all our brothers. They are all spotless, honest, pious believing people. They all have a profound love of Allah and the prophets. They are therefore a blessing for us, our brothers. They are all a blessing. That idea of opposition needs to be eliminated. Sectarian differences must come to an endhttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/28041/SECTARIAN_DIFFERENCES_MUST_COME_TO_AN_ENDSectarian differences must be put a stop tohttp://us1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/21622/SECTARIAN_DIFFERENCES_MUST_BE_PUT_A_STOP_TO_[Rajab-ul-Ghaib SerGaram-e-Amal ho chukey hai]Adnan Oktar: …Rijal-ul Ghaib(People of Unseen) are all spiritual entities. They are the ones Beduizzaman had met as well. They existed in all periods. Rijal-ul Ghaib(People of Unseen)these are the spiritual curators of the world…Who are the Rijal-ul Ghaib(People of Unseen)? In which dimension do they live in? Who else are there in that dimension?http://www.harunyahya.tv/detail.php?l=4&pid=24716%5BSer Zameen Amreeka wa Europe per bhi noor-e-Islam cha gia]ADNAN OKTAR: …With the Prophet Jesus (as) coming to the Earth, America will embrace Islam and the beauty and luminosity of Islam will pervade everywhere in America, and America will become Muslim from top to bottom, insha’Allah. Therefore, if being divided is what they meant, America is already divided into states, but there will not be such a division in that sense, but there will be a unity of belief. Since they will all be Muslims, there will be no separatism or problem, insha’Allah.[Ye Kariyal Jawan – Ye Albela Beta Mera Mustaqbil hai – Ye Mere Watan ka Mustaqbil hai – Mere Deen ka Mustaqbil hai – Yeh Hazrat Imam Mahdi (as) key Lashker key her awal destey main hai – Yeh Medaan-e-Jihad main Hai – Yeh Hazoor ki fooj main Bharti Ho Chukka hai – Yeh Pasbaan Harm hai – So Shiddat Choor, Narmi Akhteaar kar – Mera Mission Muselmanan-e-Pakistan to Kajja Islamiyan-e-Aalim ko aik Parcham Talley Jamma Karna hai… Jamma Kar Muntasher Na ker – Merey Bhai Faqeer ke baat maan ley. Ithad ke eassi thaam ley…]These pridections are related to our beloved country. It is about A young man who will be representative of Imam Mahdi and working for mission/struggle/jihad of Imam Mahdi. Currentley we don't know who is this person but Bagh Hussain Sahib (ra) gave us his characteristics that he is young (may be now old) and hardness in nature and then he (ra) gave him advise to leave hardness from nature and add humbleness because his mission is not for only Pakistan but for whole Islamic world.. should create unity … shouldn't be involved in sectarianism… should do dawah of unity… he knows his duties so he should syncronize his actions with duties and should spread his thoughts to people…[Dheek Yeh zoor Qalam ka koi Muzahara Nahi hai…]Imam Mahdi and his companion will be very intellectual. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will restore the religion to exactly as it was in the time of the Prophet (saas). He will eliminate the schools from the world. No school will be left. So Bagh Hussain Sahib (ra) is predicting Imam Mahdi (as) will unite all schools so he (ra) is also advising him (as) to not criticize any school…. continue … part 3

  15. [Meri Maa Meri Bahen Meri Beeti…]It is advises for Muslim women. A very good site for women of Adnan Oktarhttp://www.WomanInTheQuran.com/[Merey Jawano Teri Jawani ke khair Uth Mera Dest-e-Bazo Ben Ja, Dyniya Kama, Khub Kama, Acha Pehen, Acha Kha Lakin Halla-wa-Haram ki Tameez Ker]The Prophet's (saas) manner of dress:http://www.harunyahya.tv/videoDetail/Lang/4/Product/26834/THE_PROPHET_S_(SAAS)_MANNER_OF_DRESSThe importance the Prophet (saas) attributed to cleanliness As well as their purity of heart and morality, Muslims are also known for the cleanliness of their bodies, clothes, homes and the food they eat.A Muslim's hair, hands, face and body must always be clean. His clothes must always be clean, neat and well cared for. The places where he works or lives must always be clean, tidy, sweet-smelling and be a relaxing atmosphere. Once again, it is the Prophet (saas) who is the best example of this characteristic of Muslims. The Prophet also advises the faithful to be clean in one of the hadiths: "Surely, Islam is pure, therefore be pure, because he can never enter Paradise who is not pure.http://www.harunyahya.com/articles/high_morality.php%5BApni Khanqaho Madresso aur Masjidoo main Mujalis Zikr Araasta Ker ley, Ism-e-Zaat Allah key Ziker ki taano sey Fhazaon ko Abaad Kerley…]NAMES OF ALLAHhttp://www.harunyahya.com/books/faith/names/names01.phpIn The Name Of Allah, The All-Merciful And Most Merciful:http://us1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/15008/IN_THE_NAME_OF_ALLAH,_THE_ALL-MERCIFUL_AND_MOST_MERCIFUL%5BNafrat ko mata, Muhabat ko Bhara aur mera hum ainan— Hum Zabah ben ja — Mera Peghaam Muhabbat hai Jaha tek Punchey]Only Love Can Defeat Terrorismhttp://www.harunyahya.com/defeat01.php… end … part 4

  16. @Hussainthanks for the last predictions' link, can we find any book of Sheikh Nazim QSA or Sheikh Abdullah QSA in Urdu or translated in Urdu? because I think, people in Pakistan don't have much info about them due to unavailability of books in Urdu.

  17. Anonymous says:

    cricket chore kar masjid may anay walay say murad Imran khan to nahi aik khayal hay berhaal bouht khoobsurut post hay 12 ghantay ki job kay baad jab aap ki site per ana hota hay to thkawat utur jati hay MASAALLAH

  18. @FaisalBrother thanks for the links, I must say here, a post on Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Sahib is due now. Provide me some link of his predictions 🙂 (best if Pakistan is also mentioned otherwise brother Hussain will become angry) 😀 Brother Faisal same question to you, can we find a online link of Harun Yahya's Books with Urdu translation?Bcos post karne ke liye parhna parta hai…. 😦

  19. @Anonymous (Last)Shukriya, Mera khud yehi haal hai ke'12 ghantay ki job kay baad jab iss site per ana hota hay to thkawat utur jati hay MASAALLAH'As Allama Iqbal said:اسی کشمکش میں گزریں مری زندگی کی راتیںکبھی سوزو ساز رومی ، کبھی پیچ و تاب رازی(Bal-e-Jibril-055)

  20. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar bhiMore books will come on air inshallah with the same thrill and same nerves on this blog including our pak sar zameen referneces . NNi would like to give you another gift of spiritual books in one link related to all spiritual order and their hidden truths soon inshallah once you finish the current post. NN

  21. Anonymous says:

    spcially related to Tareeqat and Marifat from famour and moest famous saints. NN

  22. @NNGive me secretly…. :).I must confess here, the link of book: Haal-e-Safar, is provided by NN. else we couldn't be blessed to see such a towering personality of Arif-e-Waqt Bagh Hussain Kamal RA Sahib.I also say thanks to some other brothers who sent me precious links.I welcome all my brothers & sisters whoever wants to provide references/links to the books or sites regarding spiritual future of Pakistan. Insha'Allah A post will be done but after reading……..Our Message is loud & clear in the words of Allama Iqbal RAFrom Poem: Khizr-e-Rah1)So that the foundation of the Caliphate may be once again firm in the world,Search for and bring from somewhere the heart and spirit of your ancestors.2)Open your eyes and look at the mirror of my words;See a hazy picture of the age to come.

  23. hussain says:

    @faqr:ho sakta hai k kuch logon ne apne taur pe iss silsilay mein kaam kiya ho ,lakin mere naqis ilm k mutabiq esi koi ba zaabta urdu mein tasnif nahi hai.Han ,un ki kuch sohbats (yani muridon k sath mehfil jis mein naseehat waghera ki baatein hoti hain) unn ka tarjuma dastyab hai.mein ne woh check nahi kiya k uss ki quallity kya hai.anyways link yeh hai.http://www.haqqanifellowship.com/suhbats/index.cfm(language urdu select ker lein)mein aur duniya k dusray bohut si countries mein rehne walay log zada tarr 2 websites k zariye unn ki sohbat ki videos dekhte hain.unn k links yeh hain:www.saltanat.orgwww.sufilive.comsaltanat tv walon ka youtube channel bhi hai.iss k ilawa bohut se logon ne unn se mansuub sites banai hain lakin upar wali 2 sites k ilawa http://www.naqshbandi.org ek authentic site hai.(iss website pe aap ko bohut kuch milay ga inshallah.)

  24. hussain says:

    @faqr :yar agar aap kisi tarah waris shah Rehmatullah alaye hi ki predictions dhund ker post ker daen toh bara karnaama ho ga.aur mein ne suna hai k shah abdul latif bhitai Rehmatullah alaye hi ki bhi kuch predictions hain pakistan k baray mein.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Salam Alaikumany news from raiwand tableeghi ijtima ? what are tableeghi scholars syaing regarding future ? what does Molana Abdul Wahab and Tariq Jameel bayans saying regarding future ?ThanksRizwan

  26. Anonymous says:

    day by day my beleif becomes firm that all these bidatis will be proved wrong again inshallah.@owaisyou call your self sag-e-kamali (it means you are not human but a dog). You grave worshippers never stop to amuse. Coco

  27. @CocoMoBidatis are those who added full or part of philosophies capitalism, communism and fascism in Deen-e-Islam.Whoever worships other than Allah and adopts any philosophy other than Islam is Kafir.

  28. Anonymous says:

    @ Coco day by day my belief becomeing more stronger and firm afer hearing your type of person that you willl never be enlighted with the true spirit of Islam and Deenay Hanif sinc you people never opend Quran pak , you never studied it you are just blind follower of your leaders whoever is there preaching you, ask you mentor tell you about some thing related to Batin or Qalbay Saleem , i swear if he is honest and Allah fear he will reply you , or he will tell you there is nothong in Quran. there are several verses of Quran where Allah has clear said that "Whenever i open someone Seena for islam he will be appoiinted on Noor"Para 23, Sura Alzumar- verses 22. what do you think COCO what is a menaing to open someone heart for islam and to be on the state of Noor, any idea, its easy to explain for someone but to reach on this level its beyond the ones thought.so better dont say some rude words to people who are innocent and might they more deserve respect than you. NN

  29. @OwaisBrother, Mubarik ho, App ko sag ka izzaz un ki janib se mil gya jo Aulia Allah ke mukhalif hain. -> Wafa ke baab mein sag ka zikr aksar Sufiyon ne byan kiya hai, Malik ke har hukm ko man-o-ann tasleem krna, Malik khane ko de ya na de but Malik ka wafadar rahna. etc etc-> Yaad rakhain, Nabi Paak (S.A.W) ko Taif mein pathar mare gye, lahooluhaan kiya gya magar APP (S.A.W.) ne un ke liye dua farmayi aur ajj sare Taif wale musalman hainSo Whenever see humiliated, remember Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) in Taif. and always pray for your enemies. Kya pata kal ko woh rah-e-rast par aa jaen.@CocoIf you havn't read above post, I am repeating Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal's Message for you'My Brother, Please act upon the advice of this Faqir and hold the rope of unity. While ordering me for preaching, Holy Prophet (PBUH) specially emphasized ->"Son Don't involve yourself in sectarian rifts. Keep inviting the people for unity. I like every such person of the Ummah, who is the claimant (claimer) of Unity"

  30. Anonymous says:

    what are the chances of a woman to step on the road of tassawaf as i am really keen on this but arent my gender responsibilities as a mother and wife and also a working lady gonna be impediments on my way to this amazing world?

  31. Sister women are more spiritual as they are more humble than men. Women are a blessing as they are spiritual.

  32. Asslaam AleykumIslam ney Orton ko Ezzato Ehtram ka Maqaam Diya hey ,Maan Ki shan se to sab waqif hongey, jo shaks chahey k main jannat ki chokhat yani darwazey ko bosa dun, to wo apni maan k qadmon ko bosa dey, goya us ney jannat ki chokhat ko bosa diya.ahadees main oraton k barey main bohat kuchh aya hey , aik chhota sa waqea main yahan bayan karta hun , taa k meri behnain aur betiya bhi is sey sabaq hasil karian aur apni aakhirat sanwarain.hamarey Gaaun main koi shaks fot hogya, us ki qabar ki tyaari k liye log qabaristan gaye.jab wo qabar khod rahey they to usi jaga sey aik aur qabar nikl aai. un logon ney dekha wo qabar kisi orat ki hey aur wo sab log ye dekh kar heran reh gaye k uski qabar sey bohat khushboo arahi thi, uska kafan mela tak nahi huwa tha, unhon ney us orat k barey main pta karaya to Gaaun main siwaaye aik aadmi k kisi ko us k barey main nahi pta tha, aur wo admi us k shohar ka bhai tha,us admi ki umer bhi 100 sey ooper thi,wo apney khandan main barey buzurgon main akela hi bacha tha, us admi ney us orat k barey main bataya k wo bohat naik muttaqi parhezgar orat thi,hamarey khandan main is orat k aney se pehley deen se itna lagao nahi tha, bass esey hi zindgi guzar rahey they, na hamari orton ko pardey ka khyal tha.jab mera bhai is ko biyah k laya to is ney hamarey ghar ka naqsha hi badal diya, mera bhai namazain parhney laga, merey ghar ki ortain deen k kaamon main shouq rakhney lagiin,ye khud bhi pardey wali thi aur is ney hamari orton ko bhi parda karna sikhaya, ye bichari to apni jawani main hi is dunya se chali gai thi , aur hamain seedhey raastey pe laga gai,yaqeenan ALLAH TAALA NEY ISEY IS K NAIK KAAMON KA SILAH DIYA HEY .us boorhey shaks ki batain sun kar log ro rahey they aur us azeem orat k kirdar pe rashq kar ahey they , ALLAH TAALA SARI MUSLMAN ORTON KO DEEN KA SHOUQ NASEEB FAMAAYE .SHARMO HAYA AUR PARDEY WALI BNAAYE AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN .

  33. hussain says:

    @faqr:upload oriya maqbool jan's today column.

  34. @Anonymous who asked about women and path of spiritualism.Sister, you must read the biography of 'Rabia Basri RA', A Sufi Mystic woman who got to the status of 'Qalandar' and got so much respect & status in Aulia Allah. Infact, The Mothers of most Aulia Allah are Wali Allah themselves. Best way is to read the books written by Aulia Allah/Sufia Karam. I am thinking to start another simple blog on biographies of Aulia Allah in Urdu. You will get a lot of info from there. Lets wait for few days….InshaAllah

  35. Anonymous says:

    @ faqar bhi,I would be the one to provide you the first informatins about Aulia Allah since i alreayd promised you that beautiful link of Aullia allah books and hidden truths just you start and then see. NN

  36. @NNFew months back, I created the blog http://islamkesafeer.blogspot.com/and added Naimat Ullah Shah Wali R.A. biography but then I delayed its Introduction here, because I was too much busy with Iqbal Urdu Blog and this Blog but now I will start working on it and after doing some changes, I will a post its details here in few days. Let me think me more on it meanwhile you can visit http://islamkesafeer.blogspot.com/as its name is final. Islam Ke Safeer. I welcome input from you and all readers, Please post your links/comments related to Tasawwuf/Spirituality/Sufis/Aulia Allah all on Islam Ke Safeer Blog.Thanks,

  37. Asslaam ALEYKUMFaqar-r-Ghayoor Bhai, Ap ney AULIYA ALLAH k barey main blog bnaney ka irada kiya hey , Meri Dua hey k ALLAH TAALA Apko is AZEEM kaam ka sila is dunya main bhi dey aur aakhirat main bhi , aur apko jannatul firdous main arfao aala maqaam ataa farmaaye ameen summa ameen.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dear Readers!Thank you all for your insight regarding my query about chances of a woman on the path to spirituality. It is strange that whenever i am keen on this ocean sooner or later such circumstances arise that make it really difficult to keep my resolve. Does it mean that these are the waswas of khannas to stop me from continuing my resolve?Secondly, all my negativity has been erased after coming across this blog. So may ALLAH bless you.Finally can anybody has a guess that where are we going and who is supposed to be the leader to take us out of these doldrums with special reference to todays Oriya Maqbool jan article.

  39. @Mujahid Thanks Bother, you will see rare spiritual stories of Aulia Allah, rare means which are not available online, I have read these many years ago and I really love them. Shukr hai ye mere pass hain, Mein weekly aik new story post kr diya karoon ga. mere pass Akhbar-e-Jahan mein publish hone wale qist waar rohani silsile/Stories bhi hain, but all these things are in paper form, Kaam kafi hai, lekin InshaAllah agar zindagi rahi to ye tamam ilm ke khazane online kr dun ga. Kosish ye hai jaise Iqbal Urdu blog simple banaya, isi tarah koi bilkul simple cheez ho, jo just one click per read ki ja sake. Maqsad to ilm hasil krna hai, Main khud bhi revise kr lon ga.

  40. @AnonymousCircumstances which you mentioned, are actually tests of your willpower and interest. Spirituality yani rohaniat koi new cheez nahin, these are best practices of Islam. Jab itne huge personalities like Data Ganj Bakhs RA, Abdul Qadir Jilani RA, Moin ud din Chishti RA, Jala ud din Rumi RA se le kar hazaron Aulia Allah aur Allama Iqbal RA jab sub aik hi baat keh rahe hon aur sub ka ik aqeedah ho to app khud soch lain ke woh rasta theek hai ya nahin.Aur ye log kon thay, sada aur shareef insan jo Allah, Rasool Allah (S.A.W) aur Sahaba Karam ke diwane thay. bus.And about second question, Pakistan is created for the revival of Islam and Ghazwah-e-Hind, coming leader must have to do these two things otherwise he will be humiliated and removed. Its Pakistan's written destiny. Aulia Allah clearly told this. Now lets see whom is selected by Nature to fulfill these promises.

  41. @Sister who asked about leader.Orya Maqbool jan said at last line Us (2012) ko kuch aur logo ka istiqbaal karna hai, Garam Josh istiqbaal.Adnan Oktar said 2012, 2014 AND 2022 WILL BE OURS. No power can stop this. I CHALLENGE IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. No country can make it stop. America and Europe will not be able to do anything. Because we will be protecting them as well. We look at them with compassion. We would like to save and protect them as they are all servants of Allah.Aug 13, 2011So both are saying 2012 is special. Adnan Oktar also said people will see Imam Mahdi in 2014 and after 7 years 2022 Islamic Khilafah will be dominant power in world.Currently Imam Mahdi is in occultation but he is working. Occult is like eclipse means "Having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding". In total solar eclipse sun is present in sky but people can't see sun because some other thing i.e. Moon comes in front of sun. Similarly Imam Mahdi is present and his 313 closed companions are active but we are unable to recognize Imam. (Allah Knows Best)

  42. Anonymous says:

    @ sister.do Taswar Ism Allah zaat daily start with 5 minutes job, with all your concentration and thinking like this "Close your eyes and do Tasawar kay Isam Allah maray qalab orrrr seenay pay aftabi rang may naqash ha , jis say mara seena orrrr qalab dono roshan ayinaa ban gay hain.no need to see Isam Allah in close eyes you have to do a imagination only inside and inshallah Allah will really make your inner bright day by day.this is first and last step and every thing comes between this step this will teach every day new steps with the new horizons , and recitation of Quran will be the Door of this spiriual order to get insdie and experince the real truth.yeh app ko inshallah yaksooi kay sath sath iman ki wo roshni bhi ata karay ga where all the darkness on qalab and on seena will be disappeard and you will really find close to Allah NN.

  43. hussain says:

    people here are giving different advices to sister who asked about tasawwuf.i respect their opinions but i think for a layman it is very hard to progress without a spiritual guide.Therefor taking baya and keeping the association of a shaykh makes it easy for the man to progress on this way.Even if one does'nt make any progress,it benefits him in duniya and akhirat.

  44. Anonymous says:

    @ Hussain Bhi,you are absoultly right, and its true, but the true mentor comes when you are really despreate and you feel all the time something missing for that one and you dont have any guidence.But Isam Allah tasawar opens the ways to take you to your true mentor. NN here are so many silasil and the best of my knowledge they all gives Wazaif and they says that you will get your destiny with the time once you become pure and clean your inner , i respect them from my heart coz every silasil has own ways to teach, but i belive and i saw there are some souls which has a lot more thirst of this path more than waziaf and for that souls there are Kamils and one sitting with them they let the cross all the paths in a blink of eyes i pray that may Allah give us such oppertunity to sit with them and have their blessing on our lives. Like Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Like Hazrat Qalandar Baba. NN

  45. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all!!And here was I, thinking that its only me who is feeling the crunch of circumstances whenever i start doing my wazaif with punctuality and passion.For three or four years my personal, professional life was pure hell. What i learnt was that in such times even your shadow is against you and its only ALLAH who listens to you so may be that was my lesson not to rely upon others and neither have expectations from others. So someone guided me to a Wali Ullah and I told him that first what is the significance of jinnat in my life and secondly that i wish one of my child to be in the service of ALLAH. The respected man told me that jinnat is the first step on this way and why dont you enter this field yourself as ALLAH is calling you and you are hesitating till now. Due to awe i couldnt ask for details but i requested him to take me in his shagirdi and i was told to recite Quran daily and visit the shrine of a saint in the city i live as i have to go to another city to visit the respected man.If there is anyone who has gone through these experiences, can anyone tell me how is it gonna help me and what are the next steps as it is all so unreal and mystic for me.Your Sister!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    @ sisterdont know exactly what is happening or what has happend in your life, but every body has own way of experiences on this path.people perform five time prayers but still empty people recite alot of wazief but after number of years dont experience anything even they are sitting with their sheikhs , so either shikeh is not on the level what he is claiming or mureed is not doing efforts on this path, there could be anything behind this.so better met with Syed sarfraz shah sahib in lahore ( Writer of Kahay Faqir) or try to meet with the Mian Mushtaq Ahmed Azeemi in lahore of silsala-e-azeemia if you are in lahor, or Hazrat Sheik Ameen bin abdul rahman in Multan, there are others…. try to meet personally or on phone and see what they tells you.i belive they can knew whats going on and what you need , since i knew them personally.so what i have i will tell with the best of my knowledge but the experince is entrily different than you.NN

  47. THE NAQSHABANDI PRACTICESThe Naqshabandi Practices have been generally divided into four groups. Each mureed may choose whichever group that he feels that he is capable of keeping to, unless the Sheikh has specifically asked a mureed to follow a particular group or indicated any other practices…Second group is who works for islam but has little time for ibbadat or has yet to learn the adaab for deen e islaamhttp://sheiknazim2.com/secondgroup.htmlTAKING BAYYATH THROUGH THE WEBSITEhttp://www.sheiknazim2.com/Bayyath.html

  48. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous who answered the sister.I am really glad to tell you that the Wali Ullah i referred to is Syed Sarfaraz Ahmad Shah Sahib. It means that i was guided well. So now you can guide and tell me further.Thanx.

  49. Anonymous says:

    @ Sisterhave you met with Syed Sarfraz Ahamd Shah Sahib before or not yet.if not then go and see him inshallh he will explain you everything in detail and i am sure inshallah he will provide you the solution and if he tells you something then you hve to follow him stricly. NN.

  50. NN says:

    @ faqar Bhi,keep it up!

  51. Anonymous says:

    @NNI met Syed Sahib twice last year and then i couldnt proceed till october this year due to personal problems. I requested him for shagirdi the last time i met him (second visit of this year)in late october, 2011. I have to go to Islamabad to meet him from a small KPK city. Now he is abroad so what should be my practice in his absence? You are right that everyones experiences are different on this path but the goal is the same. Therefore your guidance will be cherished.More than personal, i am anxious about the future of Pakistan though according to Mumtaz Mufti, common people should not worry as this is the duty of Aulia and we should concentrate on keeping our home in order but still it is our country and its love is in the heart of every Zee Shaoor person who love their country.I dont want to take space for my personal guidance as this blog is for Pakistan but can look nowhere else.AK

  52. NN says:

    @ Sister.mmm i understand the situation.even i am not in a position to cliam that i can guide someone since i am also a Talib on this path last many years and its true that Allah blessed alot and i met lot of saints / cute babaays in my life and i got their love and little intentions to understand this path and fulfll the thirst of this track.anyway if you want to discuss anything you can e- mail on this below, i would be happy to reply you with the best of the knowledge which is given by these saints and the prayers of some good heart onces.nn_1978@yahoo.comNN

  53. hussain says:

    @Faisal:it is not that one may choose the group of his choice because one has to go step by step in this way and consistency is must.so beginning with the least is a rule of thumb and common practice unless Sheikh specifies a level higher than first for a particular individual.this is the ba'yat link from the site which is run with the consent of Sheikh Hisham,the son-in-law and one of caliphs of Maulana Sheikh Nazim.http://naqshbandi.org/about/baya.htmThis is the practice for beginnershttp://naqshbandi.org/dhikr/Initiated.htm

  54. hussain says:

    @faisal:watch saltanat tv's sohbats tomorrow.i hope there will be enough content which will prove my point of view about sects right.lets see what comes to us tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. @Hussain:You gave same materials from another sites :)Bayyath.html = baya.htmsecondgroup.html = Initiated.htmYes website http://naqshbandi.org is well organized.

  56. @"..which will prove my point.."I am here only to read valuable information and give my point of view. I'm not competing here. My point about sects is only "Allah ki rassi ko mazbooti sey thaamey rakho, aur taferkey mey no paro".Thanks,Faisal

  57. hussain says:

    @faisal:but you said that all sects will be one (i.e they'll keep their views and unite with retaining their views) when Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam appears.But Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz has recnly mentioned that shias will be the first to be wiped away since they'll object to Syedna MAhdi Alaye hi salam saying that you are not the one we are waiting for/looking for.go watch that video.

  58. hussain says:

    @faisal:practices at naqshbandi.org are much easier for a beginner than the other site (read them carefully and then compare) and moreover naqshbandi.org is more authentic than the other.

  59. @hussain.All sects will be one means all differences between sects will be removed. All will be agreed on views of Imam Mahdi. All will accept tafsir of Quran written by Imam Mahdi."Shias will be the first to be wiped away" means Mahdi will correct the wrong beliefs of Shias like belief of 'Invisible Mahdi'. If this belief is corrected then Shia will surly accept Imam Mahdi. This belief is added later. See…Belief in an invisible Mahdi contradicts the hadiths:Oct 30, 2011http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/99690/BELIEF_IN_AN_INVISIBLE_MAHDI_CONTRADICTS_THE_HADITHSSimilarly other beliefs will be corrected.All sects including Shia and Wahabi will be corrected. Mansur from Khurasan (Ruler of shia Iran) will help Mahdi. Council of Arabia (Royal family) will take oath in hand of Imam Mahdi in Mecca. Imam will not shed blood. Dajjal will shed blood.

  60. SAEED MOSTAGACI: But Wahhabi, the cult that was created by Zionists. What is related between Wahhabi, Shia and Sunni? I think that any relation between two of the sects, that one of them is created by Zionism and two of them, Sunni and Shia, belong to Islam. TURGUT AKSU: Wahhabis are listening to Zionist people do you say? SAEED MOSTAGACI: [It] is created by Zionists.SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Wahhabi ideas are created by Zionism. ADNAN OKTAR: No, there are many reasonable Wahhabis, many powerful people among them. They can be detected one by one, I mean there are very wise, sincere people from the (Saudi) Royal family who set their hearts on the system of the Mahdi. If only Turkey and Iran united, if only Pakistan had united, if only the scholars were to form an alliance, the Wahhabis would submit to that in any way. That would not be a point of discussion. I mean Egypt, Turkey these are great countries; Iran, Pakistan once they say yes to something, then the matter would be closed with that . SAEED MOSTAGACI: That is right. But we have many documents that Wahhabi ideology by Muhammad Abd-al-Wahhab and Mr. Hempher, the famous spy of Britain in England. Wahhabi ideology was created by those and was expanded by Ali Saud that were charged by some Zionists like Sir Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence known as Lawrence of Arabia. For all of these we have many documents that this ideology is Zionist ideology. But when fans of this ideology will see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), exactly go to the Islam, the real Islam; Shias and so. But the Wahhabi ideology is a Zionist ideology. TURGUT AKSU: And you have many documents?SAEED MOSTAGACI: Not me, these documents are issued in many of the…SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: They are for everyone. ADNAN OKTAR: Yes .SAEED MOSTAGACI: Diaries of Mr. Hempher's were issued and the book…SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Mr. Hempher was a spy in Saudi Arabia and in his memoires he has mentioned that this idea was created by Zionism.SAEED MOSTAGACI: And the relation between Thomas Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, and Ali Saud is… SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Is explored, disclosed.SAEED MOSTAGACI: And issued everywhere. ADNAN OKTAR: The Saudi regime is like a tower made up of cardboard; I mean it is exceedingly weak. It is a system that would instantly collapse with any blow, with any hitch. That is to say, it is the weakest, most powerless regime, most powerless state structure is in Saudi Arabia, in the Wahhabi administration. There are some right-minded, enlightened members of the Royal family among the Wahhabis and their hearts are open towards the system of the Mahdi. But first they would like to see a power. I mean when they see that power, I have a sincere conviction that they would instantly submit, and I have knowledge in that respect. Even if only Iran and Turkey form an alliance about the system of the Mahdi, even if it was only among Iran and Turkey, the matter would be closed. I mean there would be no need even for Egypt and Pakistan. That is the whole issue; forming an alliance about this. That is why, if there are individuals among the scholars in Iran who are not stern -but see that they should not be stern- who are sincere, who fear Allah and who are candid; those who do not fear people, but only fear Allah –we cannot talk to those who fear people. There are right-minded scholars in Turkey as well. There are enlightened, very sincere Muslims, hidden guides in Turkey. Let us get together and form an alliance about the system of the Mahdi and talk. Let us look into the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah and see if the time has come. If the time has come, let us see if the portents have been realized. If they had been realized, that means that the Mahdi has come. Let us trust Allah, let us trust the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), let us form an alliance, let us abide by the Mahdi, let us abide by the system of the Mahdi. Once Turkey comes to an agreement with Iran, Zionism will be like a lamb.

  61. @Hussain@"read them carefully and then compare"I have already said naqshbandi.org is well organized.I wanted to tell the sister only procedure for busy professional people which is present in both sites. Thanks for giving link.

  62. hussain says:

    @faisal:i agree that all will submit to the way Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam will perform religious obligatiions and duties and those who will not accept him and refute him,will be wiped away and they will commit a kufr by refuting him.

  63. usman says:

    nice effort. keep it up

  64. Brother i am proud to be a Sag-e-Kamal but You will come to know about Aulia Karam in the hereafter and then you will only cry ..

  65. Anonymous says:

    Can u upload it somewhere or email me burraak@gmail.com, Thanks

  66. Anonymous says:

    I kindly request dont post these kind of articles, which lack islamic knowledge, based on the dreams of sheikh sahab has seen, rathar than telling us what quran and hadith says,…….we want quran and hadith to be our guide….not sheikh sahibs dreams

  67. dar qadir says:

    Future of Pakistan (Insha Allah)

  68. dar qadir says:

    Future of Pakistan (Insha Allah)Predictions, Hope and Glory of Pakistan Future. All Times Columns, Books Excerpts, Videos Collection. A Destiny for Pakistani Patriots (God bless Pakistan)

  69. Ahmad Hammas says:

    Mr. ye book Haale Safar Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) ki ijazat se likhi gai hai or is doar mai Quran-o-Hadees k baad Aulia-Allah se hi Islamic knowledge or spirtual cleanliness haasil ki ja sakti hai. . .or Aulia-Allah ki Ambia(A.S) k janasheen hain. . . so they only say what is according to Islam. . .

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