Month of Muharram: Shah Naimat’s Prediction & Sheikh Nazim’s Advice To Take Precaution

محرم میں مسلمانوں کے ہاتھ میں تلوار آ جائے گی … شاہ نعمت الله ولیؒ

A Prediction of Shah Naimatullah Wali (RA) mentions ‘Month of Muharram‘ in which Muslims will be empowered. That prediction is like this,

“Muslims will acquire sword (weapons) in the month of Muharram. They will take bold steps then”

Now Sultanul Awlia Sheikh Nazim Kibrisi (age 90 years) is advising people to take precautions in the month of Muharram, something big can happen. He is also sharing details of his spiritual journey & telling about ‘Master of the Time.

Here His Two Recent Videos with Urdu Translations are provided for our Urdu readers.

1. Take Precaution In The Month Of Muharram (17 Nov 2011)

2. We Await Muharram (12 Nov 2011)

(Only God Knows The Best)
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  1. Zia says:

    Jazakallah Khair for sharing, brother you are doing a very commendable effort, if possible i want to talk with you, you can email me and i will give you my contact detail

  2. hussain says:

    @Faqr:Sultan (i.e sultan ul auliya) is a station in the terminology of tasawwuf.A sultan is only one in a time.Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz was Sultan as well.WAllahu Aalam.

  3. Brother Zia,Please post a comment here, this forum is open for everyone, InshaAllah I will reply. or Email me at spiritualpakistanfuture@gmail.comAnother email address is:

  4. @HussainInshaAllah I will add this in any next post, probably in a post on rijaal-ul-ghaib. but not sure when it will be done, may be after few weeks.

  5. Asslaam Aleukum ,Faqar e Ghayoor Bhai, kuchh logom k kaam esey hotey hain k un ka maqaam aam logon ki nazaron sey chhupa hota hey, wo aik bohat khaas duty pe lagey hotey hain , YAQEENAN AP KA MAQSAD DUNYA KAMANA NAHI HOGA, aur na hi kisi se apni khushamad aur tarifain karana . apki hasiyat ouluiya ALLAH k khaas khadimon wali hey jis ko unhon ney aik khas duty pe lagaya huwa hey. ALLAH AP K RUHANI DARAJAT BULAND FARMAAYE . aur ap k ahlo ayaal ko khush o khuram rakhey AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN.

  6. @Mujahid Wa Aliekum AssalamBhai, yehi mera inaam hai jo ap ne likh diya, iss se zaida mujhe kisi cheez ki talab nahin. Allah app sub ko khush rakhe aur Mujahid-e-Islam banaye, meri yehi dua hai.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is this precautionary warning by Sheikh Nazim Sahib for every body or just for the Arab world. Is some thing about to happen in Pakistan too?? What are we supposed to do??Please F-e-G bhai tell us as for the past 4-5 months i have strange dreams e.g. big towers falling in Mecca, huge floods in Pakistan, people running for shelter etc. Is it my gut feeling that something is going to happen or some forces really at work.I totally agree with Mujahid Bhai regarding your efforts in running this blog. I dont know about others but in me it has brought a sea of change. I am the sister who asked about place of females in spirituality. The way NN bhai said that if someone is not getting results than either (a) Murshid is not Kamil or (b) the person is not doing enough. In my case it was option (b).Beleive me that after coming across this, I have started effort the way it should be (well, almost). I wonder how you manage gathering, assembling and disseminating all this. May ALLAH give you more barkaat as i feel that it has really enlightened me.AK

  8. Asslam Aleykummain abhi kuchh apney kal raat waley khawab k barey main ap sab ko btaney wala tha , aur is silsiley main me ne apna sara khwab comments main likh bhi diya tha, AUR POST KARNEY HI WALA THA K KUCH AJEEB SA MAAMLA HUWA. kuchh batain esi hoti hain k wo raz main hi rahain to behtar hain ,mujhey nahi pta k kisi ney mujhey kyun roka, pta nahi k sari writing kesey dissappear hogai, kahan gai, lekin me ne is maamley sey yehi tabeer li hey k ye bat open na ki jaye .aur me ne apna irada badal liya , ALLAH SAREY MUSLMANO K LIYE ANEY WALA WAQT KHAIR O AAFIYAT WALA BNA DEY AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN

  9. @Faqar-e-GhayoorAssalaam-o-Alaikum, Nice post :). Congratulation.In another video 'Weqayah – For Protection' Sheikh Nazim advised everyboday should say "Masha'Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah" when they enter their homes.Regards,Faisal

  10. @AKIts responsibility of all of us to defend our motherland, do alot of prayers for it. Best thing is to Send Darood Sharif to HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) because This universe is run by Allah, and when we send Darood Sharif to HOLY PROPHET (PBUH), Allah sends his blessing to the people and at that place.Yes, Sheikh Nazim said to all. now what should we do? I think, We all should make a firm believe on Allah The Almighty that he will help us. Allah par bharosa hi humain iss mushkil se nikal sakta hai. We need True Believers.

  11. Ghulam Habib says:


  12. Ghulam Habib says:

    me ne bhi kuch arse pehle khwaab me dekha tha ke Moharram me jung chir gai .. ALLAH behtar janta hai yeh sab batane aur dikhane ka maqsad yehi nazar ata hai ke jo hona hai woh likh diya gaya hai ab uske waqoo pazeer hone ke time ke ishaare bhi hame bataaye jaa rahe hai.. ab hamara farz hai ke in sab paishan goyi aur khwaab o halaat ko paish e nazar rakhtey hue ALLAH TALA ki taraf rujoo rakhe khoob astaghfaar kare .. ALLAH TALA tamam Momineen ko apn hifz o amaan me rakhe

  13. @Faqar-e-GhayoorThis sentence "Masha'Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah" is particular for this Muharrum and yes a True believer always said this sentence 'WHATEVER ALLAH WILLS. THERE IS NO POWER EXCEPT FROM ALLAH'. Insha'Allah and Masha'Allah is among the signs of the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh): comment about next years…ADNAN OKTAR:Masha'Allah. These are all new for now, in 2010's. It will increase in 2011 and in 2012 it will increase even further.2013's it will increase even more, 14's even more.. In 2014's people will say "Masha'Allah, Master that was an accurate diagnosis, what you have said was exactly true." But the years do not pass easily of course. For instance look, next year, in 2011 we will press like the thunderbolt. In 2012 we will go mad with the love of Allah, insha'Allah and press even harder. 13, 14 there is still time for us, 15, up until 2017 insha'Allah. We will continue until 2017, 2018. But you do see one by one that all the things I have said are true. Right? You see this from the incidents, the papers, you see these everywhere, you see the columnists. But if you pay attention, Allah makes things progress gradually but that is a rapid gradualness, insha'Allah. I mean normally the pace is high but gradual insha'Allah. 08 Mart 2011;__MASHA_ALLAH,_MASTER_WHAT_YOU_HAVE_SAID_WAS_EXACTLY_TRUE__

  14. NN says:

    Sheikh sahib did not see Imam in his mushadia and neither he saw him nor he met even he is saying that i come to knew that he was there among the aulias , coz there were very heavey Tajali, I think Sheikh Sahib had mushida/ Royaa but not for Imam but something else. and i belive Imam does not need such things to be appeared in this way in arafat. NN

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you notice then in the past few articles of Oriya Maqbool Jan specially the last one, he is the talking of SAFAI KA MAUSAM is here. Now in the above speech of Sheikh Nazim, he is also talking of Safai.Now what is the co-relation of these two as obviously Oriya Sahib is getting instruction from some spiritual source.It means saints everywhere are saying the same thing. Does this mean some sort of global calamity or is it individual for each nation/area??For the first time i feel that this memo scandal is a ploy to oust PPP by who must no be named but it is imminent that it is going to have the desired result. I dont think that Imran Khan is the awaited Messiah so whats up is nobody's guess except those with an inner vision. Lets see how it unfolds in the coming month!!AK

  16. Anonymous says:

    Did he not predicted in 1979 that next year (1980) Imam Mehdi will be visible in people and there will be a big war?Well the war has happened between Afghanistan and Russia (you could say the war was actually between USA and Russia). Then Iraq and Iran fought the war but Imam didn't showup.Now that he is saying something happened in muharram. He said the same thing before Hajj that something big happened in this Hajj and people should not stay longer in Hijaz but as we see nothing has happened so just to prove his saying was not wrong he is saying now something happened but not in front of people. Well I am speechless. I pray for all of you that you all comeout from your delusional state an actually work hard for the upbringing of muslims instead of just debating on useless predictions which were never came true in the history.coco

  17. Anonymous says:

    He is partially right. Some thing will happen in the month of Muharram… But which Muharram… No one can predict .. no one can say surely….There is a strong chance of Error in Kashaf also… So it seems that this Pious man did not understand his Kashaf properly…The time of Imam Mahdi has not come yet… May be it will take centuries to be happen…i have Ahadees on this issue…This is the time of Ghazwa-e-Hind … not the time of Imam Mahdi AH…

  18. NN says:

    There never be an erro in Kashf but error in understanding the Kashf can be possible.regardng the Imam Mahdi some time i feel that people become so consious about him and leaving everything on his shoulder that he will fix them , so waht is our role and where is our part to play, thousand of predictions and millions of arguments only for Imam but not discussed as indivual what we have to do .why we dont do efforst and pray to Allah to make our heart like a mirror/ Qalbay Saleem to see him in our inner and to knew his timing of arrival as well as Hazrat Essa with the true dimensions , why we are waiting for our shieks that they will tell us that be ready tomarrow your imam is coming and we start giving our suggestions and comments , we must beleif in ourselves that Allah has created all of us with his love and gave us his utomost blessings of knoweledge ( Quran/ AND HIS BELOVED RASOOOL LIFE / his divin zikar for all the timinings / a heart / fitratay saleema) but with one condition EFFORT, DO EFFORT AND UNFOLD THE TRUTH, THIS IS ALL YOURS. NN

  19. @cocoIf he said Imam Mahdi will come in 1979 then he gave correct news as I posted here many times that according to many Hadiths Imam Mahdi has started his work in start of 1400 i.e. 1979 but people will recognize him in 2014. (see works of Imam Ghazali and Baiduzamaan Said Nursi)He never said something big will happen in this Hajj (read his speech properly). He said only don't prolong Hajj and return back before Muharram. After Hajj some changes are expected some of which we've already seen as unrest in middle east.See his words carefully "Yeh Mushkilaat Muharram main khatam ho jaey gi. keukey Allah is mehney main hmesha Islam ko mazbooti deta hai. Is Muharram key mehney main Insha'All hum zaroor dhekey gai". So some changes are expected which will strong Islam in future. He said "Ager kuch hota hai to lackhoo loog mar gaey gey". It is not prediction as he said if tribal warfare occurs on Muharram, which is already foretold in hadith, then million people will die. If you are Memunkir-e-Hadith then I cannot say anything.

  20. @Anonymous who said "He is partially right. Some thing will happen in the month of Muharram.."So you believe he is partially wrong? It means he corrupted the news what he received through Kashf and inspiration from Allah?@"There is a strong chance of Error in Kashaf also… So it seems that this Pious man did not understand his Kashaf properly…"We must understand he is 90 years old so he gives news in very short sentences. He understand his Kashaf properly but could't deliver it to us properly due to his body weakness or we couldn't understand it properly due our weakness in faith and wisdom.@"The time of Imam Mahdi has not come yet… May be it will take centuries to be happen…i have Ahadees on this issue…"See work of Imam Suyti, Imam Ghazali and Baiduzzaman Said Nursi that Hadiths of prophet Muhammad (saw) prophesied that Imam Mahdi will come in begging of last century and age of Ummah will not exceed 1.5 days i.e. He will come in start of 1400.@"This is the time of Ghazwa-e-Hind … not the time of Imam Mahdi AH…"According to many hadiths Ghazwa-e-Hind will be conducted by Imam Mahdi after his appearance and creating Khilafah. How it come first?

  21. Points to be noted:1- During Hajj this year, i.e. 5th Nov 2011, something grand happened on spiritual level on the venue of Arafat, Shaikh Nazim clearly described the event to be appearence of Syedna Mehdi, but the strnage thing is, that he is not the only one who reported it. Many other sources have also confirmed it too! He did see the Awited One on the day of Hajj and some change occured in the state of affairs in the spiritual world that day.2-An enormous struggel against the forces of Evil have ensued with this advent on the spiritual level, shiateen have been unleased upon the righteous slaves/on duty people in a bid to stop them from preparing the way for the pronounced arrival of Mehdi and to pave the way for spiritual domination of king of the lost souls on earth, i.e. dajjal…

  22. hussain says:

    @faisal:well done.@NN:emphasis on the belief of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam is necessary .Before the appearance of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam,many false mahdis will appear.We have to avoid them.On teh other hand,according to Imam Ahmad Raza Khan's views refutation or denaial of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam will be kufr (disbelief).therefore we need to keep a constant eye on this thing so that when he appears,we may recognize him and if allah willing we may join him as his humble servants.His baya i.e submission to him will be necessary for every Muslim and its importance is emphasized in ahadiths by mentioning that join him when he appears,even if you have to reach him by sliding on ice.And now you may question why should we bother ?His appearance may be some centuries later?the answer is as Faisal mentioned the research of Allam Jalal ud Din Suyuti RehmatUllah Alaye hi (He was the person who met Prophet Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam in the state of awakening).According to allama Jalal ud Din the age of nation is 1500 years.this is 1432,coming to its end.Therefore the time must be close now.And Common people will also recognize him when he appears openly.But its very obvious that point of Shuyukh i.e spiritual people warning us is to prepare us for his arrival.They are just warning us that the time has come very very close be ready.Prepare yourself mentally.And in this sohbat did'nt you notice that he told precautions to take for Muharram so that people dont get stuck in food crises etc.A Momin sees from the vision which he has been blessed with, by Allah.So presence of AuliyaUllah is a blessing for us and whatever they tell us for our betterment,we should take it.I hope i have made my point clear.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is a test case for the sheikh's prediction.The month of Muharrum is starting in few days.Just wait and see what happens

  24. NN says:

    @ faisal bhi."emphasis on the belief of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam is necessary" I am not denying the appearence of Mehdi, but i have differnt picture of his appearence not like the respected shiekh explained regarding his mushahida! he will appear inshallah , and sorry might i will not discuss much on this. NN

  25. hussain says:

    Excerpt from predictions of Harzat Sheikh Abdullah Fayez Ad Daghestani QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz:Before he passed away, in a private meeting with some of his closest murids, he said, "There will be peace, and America will be the one leading the talks for peace, which will end the war between the Arabs and Israel. This is going to happen. The sign of it is the collapse of Communism and the splitting of the Russian Empire into many parts. There will be no power in this world, except for America. Most Arab governments will turn to the Americans. The conflict will completely quiet down, and Arabs and Israelis will live in peace. Slowly every conflict on the earth will be put to an end, and everywhere there will be peace. America will lead that. Everyone will be happy and no one will expect war to ever occur again.Suddenly, in the midst of peace, an attack will be made on Turkey from a neighboring country and a war will start, followed by an invasion of Turkey by a close neighboring country. This will threaten the U.S. bases in Turkey and will cause a greater battle to ensue. This will result in a great disaster on earth and a horrible war. During the course of the war, Mahdi (as) will come forth and Jesus (as) will return. His purpose will be to bring spirituality, peace and justice and to overcome tyranny, fear and terror. Love and happiness and peace will fill this earth, with the power of Mahdi (as) and Jesus (as), by the Will of Allah Almighty."Now read this in the context of the following sohbat of Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz and the scenario of future will become clearer and clearer to you. Saltanat TVTitle: Politika22-Nov-2011 Brother (Metin Shadi who is a cypriot businessman): Can Turkey enter Syria? Moulana: Yes they can. They can but it also puts them into trouble. When they enter, the Russians will come down on Turks! There is a place there. There is a plain in Iskenderun. There will be a great battle there. This is something which is written in our old books. Allah’s Wisdom (Hikma)..they call it ‘the plain of Amuq’, it is behind Latakia (Syria). It was a marsh area. When Turkey invaded that area, they drained the marshland. In the Hadith of the Prophet (saws), it is said that a great battle will take place there. It says, ‘Banu Asfar with 80 flags..’ When it says Banu Asfar, it means the armies of the yellow people. We call them blonde people, ‘Russian’. These people will come down there from up. It says, “a force from Sham will come”, which is as many as theirs. 80 flags will come from there as well. Approximately, 200 division of soldiers will clash there. One third of the Muslims will be martyred. The second one, third cannot last and draw back. Finally the last one, third remains and Allah makes them victorious. They defeat the armies of this yellow nation and drive them all the way to Istanbul. No man remains from them in Anatolia. None from them remains. This fitna has begun in Syria now. Allah’s Wisdom. Alawis are all in the upper region. And the only place Russia uses as a base is Latakia. Their navy cannot settle anywhere, it only settles to there. I heard many years ago that there are 4,000 tanks there. contnd………………..

  26. hussain says:

    contnud from the previous comment of mine…………Brother (Metin shadi): A very big amount. Moulana: 4,000 tanks. This is what I heard 10-15 years ago. The newspapers wrote about it as well. There are 4,000 tanks. Russians sent them there. Now Russians can land 40,000 not just 4,000. Therefore, a great battle is expected there. When it says, “a force comes from Sham”, in the Hadith, that force in Sham is the force against Russians. It means the American forces are coming from there as well. They will clash with the Russian forces there. Many people will perish. Brother: Will Israel hit Iran? Moulana: They had already hit. Look, how many people died. Iran is sleeping. There is no place that Israel does not have their men. And Israel also has weapons that they are hiding from people, as well as those weapons they don’t use. They can make Iran go up like this and sit them down! They can lift Iran from its place and throw it to the Indian Ocean! They are an astonishing nation! They are not easy. No easy, they may look as a small country but they can swallow the world. They have their men everywhere. Was it necessary for us to split the Island? Brother: No, it was unnecessary. Moulana: Then, for what reason did the ones in power do this? One is drunk, and the other one is.. Brother: Unfortunately, like that. Moulana: This is not important. What is important is Turkey. Here is of little importance. Brother: But they want to keep Turkey.. Moulana: Turkey is a nation who has a first class military force. They will put Turkey forward for themselves, not for us, not for Turkey either. Brother: They will send them so that they fight for them and die. Moulana: They will send. Brother: They send so that Turks fight and die. That is what they do. Moulana: Of course. contnd…………..

  27. hussain says:

    Brother: Because they will do this, they want to move Cyprus out of the way. Moulana: They will move immediately! Brother: I am waiting for an agreement this January- February. Moulana: There will be no agreement. Brother: What I mean with the agreement is ‘the end’, the result will come out of it. Moulana: Here is a base. Neither America nor UK asks for Turkey. Here is Middle East’s fixed aircraft carrier. It’s ports are open. They can come down and settle wherever they like. Brother: The radar here, in Troodos (Mountains- royal air force and radar stations) can detect everything all the way from Gulf.. Moulana: To Moscow, it can detect. It is like this. Brother: The biggest radar station. Moulana: And they use us in the middle to cover up what they will do. Brother: I think we, the Cypriot Turkish side, should seriously take the initiative to come to an agreement, and the President should support this. Moulana: What strength do Cypriots have, Shadi Bey? There are 3 guarantors in here. If British say, “we have called off your guarantorship, we are joining as well”, what can you do? Brother: The main reason for Turkey being there is the crazy things Makarios III did at the time. Moulana: Makarios did crazy things and ours did wise things? Brother: Our people did not do good but it required to act that way. Moulana: You were not born yet. I know what they did. “Either division or death” would call Kucuk, gathering people to Aya Sophia. He divided, made it a total mess and left.contnd……………..

  28. hussain says:

    Brother: We played the game as they wanted. We were the oppressed ones in the end. Moulana: We deserve it. Because Allah Almighty sent someone to make them walk on the right path..(video gets cut) On screen: He sent someone. But… These low ones did not let me be in peace even a single day (bothered constantly). You were not born yet. What they did against Islam, Greeks never did to me. These low ones, that most of them are gone. None of them remains now. The President does not know this either. How old is the President? 60? Brother: No, I think Dervis Bey is about 75. But, I think Dervis Bey’s strategy is good. Moulana: This tell them like this: If they want to resolve it, they will consider Republic of Cyprus as a state with two cantons. Whoever wants stays in this canton. Whoever likes stays in the other canton. Brother: It is already moving in this direction. Moulana: There is no other way. But they have no mind.Brother: I think, we should consider what UN declared as the ‘last game’. Because Turkey has so many big problems with Syria and others. Moulana: Yes, they have many problems. Brother: Insha Allah, a solution for Cyprus.. Moulana: There is no other way. Brother: Yes, it comes to what you said. Moulana: They may do 2 or 3 cantons. Brother: 2 cantons is enough: Turks and Greeks. Moulana: There are 40 cantons in Switzerland. Brother: Insha Allah, we see somthing like this. We, the businessmen, would like this for the country to get better.contnd……………

  29. hussain says:

    Moulana: What we know, they don’t know. If I was to tell them, they would faint (with shock and surprise), because they did mistake over mistake. Brother: Yes Sir, a lot of mistakes in the past. Moulana: Men who are not who are not builders..they are not people who know what they are doing. Brother: What do you think about you said before, can Israel make a surprise attack against Iran? Can they enter or bomb Iran? Moulana: They can enter 1,000 times! Can enter 1,000 times. There are so many Jews, here and there… (Video ends here)

  30. hussain says:

    @nn:if you want to keep your view and remain in the self made shell of your ego,its your choice.Remember ! we are ordinary people we cant judge according to our knowledge.Baktar e noor was probably skeptic as well but nw he has confessed that other sources are also confirming that something happeend at hajj.and the above sohbat and Sheikh Abdullah's predictions (May allah raise his rank.aamin) point that the time has come now.its a matter of months now inshaAllah.The signs have become very clear now.So dont be skeptic or disagree.rather try to make your heart in accord with this info.

  31. NN says:

    @ hussain bhi,I am not egoist what do you know about me nothing , how can you say this even , remember there are always things which hold your tounge to be opend and i always very very carefull in this regardand never said anything which is out of path and where i become responsible of my words, might you could understand the point behind this. NN

  32. Anonymous says:

    yawwn. Wake me up when the promised one actually decided to showup to normal people not just extraoridinary people.hahha what a stupid argument. Its more like a rafzi/shia beleif that imam is hidden from normal people eyes but only selected one can see him.This beleif itself displaying its fragility and absurdness. I bet nothing gonna happen in Muharam as well and then some saint will declaire that a big thing happened but hidden from normal people.By the way only 4 days left for muharam. lets see this time sheikh is right or not.coco

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear fellows!I totally feel like a novice while going through your discussions. And here i was thinking that doing CSS automatically qualifies me to be taken as a very learned person.I really feel the pull of Ilm-e-Ludni as it is the source of all ulooms and that is from where the sahib-e-baseerat are blessed with their knowledge.There is no doubt in my mind that something is up as not only Sheikh Nazim (internationally) but saints in Pakistan are pointing the same way. Syed Sarfaraz Ahmad Shah Sahib also gave hints but what puzzles me is the same point I asked above that why is Oriya Sahib as well as Sheikh Nazim using the word SAFAI?? What does it denote?I shall appreciate if someone can enlighten us on this with special reference to the current unfolding scenario on our political horizon.Believe me i feel so humbled by knowledge and arguments displayed by all but specially Faqar, Faisal and Hussain. This way of seeing things has totally changed my perspective of analyzing things on just face value.I am following this blog for about the past few months but never had anything to say so please put up with my irrelevant rantings.AK

  34. hussain says:

    AK:since you have done CSS you'll be probably knowing a lot more about geography , international politics etc.Kher ,For you and everone else here is an interesting link.It proves that the tea in the kettle is about to boil now. assume its quite sufficient proof of what is coming up.The armageddon ar Malhama tul kubra.

  35. Anonymous says:

    @CocoI read your comments after posting my above comment so i have to say sumthing again.First of all i enjoy your sense of humour, secondly till last year i was a pupil of the same school of thought as you. Finally i shall pray that may God bless you with that inner eye as without it, these things actually seem absurd but it is only the blessed ones who are given this gift so hope you are joining the ranks soon!!AK

  36. hussain says:

    @coco:Dont thin that this trash of centuries will be wiped away in precisely 30 days.Rather events will begin like suicide of bouazizi triggered the events which led to fall of ben Ali's government and Arab Spring and more or less it isnpired Greek and English public to riot and now Wallstreet movement also reflects that apparent causes (asbab e zahiri) have been made for the stanic system to fallcontnd…..

  37. hussain says:

    shia belief is that imam mahdi alaye hi salam born centuries ago .then he disappeared and appeared shortly aftyerwards.Then he disappeared again and will appear before judgement day. While sunni belief is that public will not be knowing him since his birth or since his youth,only saits will recognize him unless and until he makes his appearance for public.This can be verified from ahadith.Saints will be the first people to give him the oath of sinceity and alliance ,not the public.This is what Maulana said that the manifestation was heavy and all people present there were saints/shuyukh not a single common person was is mentioned in ahadith as well.

  38. @CocoActually you are also waiting Muharram and counting days :)Brother, you have heard of 2012 hype that something may happen in 2012…….so after Muharram we will wait & see 2012. A hint to you, events have been taken place in spiritual world. InshaAllah you will see them in front of your eyes.

  39. hussain says:

    @nn :sorry if i hurt you but brother our pictures may be wrong but so amny saints are telling that a big change is about to come,their mushahida or pictures cant be wrong.this is what i wanted to say.The people who are saying this have spent their lives on this path.Maulana is almost 90 years of age so you can imagine that almost 70 years or more on the path of tasawwuf and its pratcices,his mushahida cant be wrong.And a Waliullah can be present at 70,000 or more places at the same time.i dont know how your picture differs from the mushahida in any other way?anyway those who are taking it as a test case or being skeptic,will themselves see the truth with their eyes inshaAllah.

  40. hussain says:

    @ faqr:you may add the above sohbat and Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Ad Daghestani's predictions (MAy Allah raie his rank and sanctify his secret.aamin) since they are related to this post.And you may add the yahoo news link which i posted in a comment since it is the sign of that something has been cooking and is about to boil.It was jsut an advice,the choice is yours.Always In your service,your brother hussain.:)

  41. NN says:

    @ Hussain bhi.I am not hurt at all , you all are good people who are at least talking about knowledge and sitting with Shiekh.keep it up inshalla allah will blessed us with everything which is need of our country and we will become future leader to serve our country and to all the world. soon this day will come! NN

  42. Brother Hussain!Thanks for Sohbat's English text, but I think I should post things related to Future of Pakistan. I will come back to Sheikh Nazim QSA after few weeks. I will keep an eye on his Sohbat.Lets see….

  43. hussain says:

    @faqr:one thing which i just noticed is the name of Usman in Qasida.I think different versions of Qasida of Shah NaematUllah Wali RehmatUllahi Alaye hi differ slgihtly.Whatsoever,if there is mention of Usman in Qasida it may be a notion towards Ottoman descendant.Maulana has said many aimes about that descendant that he will re-install caliphate (Ottoman caliphate which was confiscated from Ottomans) and that Syedna Mahdi ALaye he salam will go to Istanbul and this Ottoman descendant will present him the Holy relics which are kept in the very very famous Top Kapi Palace which is now a museum.Javed Chaudhary wrote about these relics earlier this year.i'm mentioning this because the post above contains a line that Syedna Mahdi ALaye hi Salam will go to Istanbul.and it is also mentioned that sultan will go to per my little knowledge,this is the connectionbetween these things.

  44. hussain says:

    @faqr:i know that you should post material relevant to Pakistan only (as it was me who pointed this out) but idea in above comments was not to make a new post but i wanted to convey the idea of editing this post with the above sohbat text and the article on yahoo news so that it becomes a self-sufficient and self explanatory post and the pciture presented so far becomes clearer than before.thanx.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere that Shah Naimatullah Wali wrote that the Mahdi was born in 1964. Is this true? Where can I find a reference?

  46. @ Brother HussainI have been reading and observing this revered blog and the comments by the readers very closely. Many things have caught my eye. Some have very positive, heart warming attitude and some snide commentators or ‘skeptics’ as you would like to put it. And another kind of people is who like to enthrone themselves upon the highest pinnacles of Hikma and Ma’arfat! But the fact however may be just as opposite. The basest thing that a traveler of the path of Suluk can commit is to indulge in pride, which very well may and mostly does translate itself into belittling of others. A person seated high in clouds will eventually find everyone else below him, right! A very painful and very un-saintly result of this self conceit is negation of others in judgment.In short, I, regretfully yet very humbly solicit you to not to judge the people you come across on mere face value, not just on this revered blog but in your day to day life as well (as I reckon you must be given to this affliction). I have always seen that whenever someone disagrees with you, your attitude turns hostile and degrading towards him, you start falsely accusing him to be something he is not. You even start laughing saying hahaha…which is your sign of belittling your target…far from anyone claiming to be walking the path the saints use to tread! You can agree or disagree on any issue as it is your right, but jumping to wrong conclusions on false presuppositions is surely un-saintly! :Khuda kay banday hai to hain hazaron bano main phirtay hain maray maryMain us ka banda banu ga jis ko Khuda kay bando say pyar ho ga…!Lastly, it is your self derived presupposition that i was a skeptic. I have been a believer since i was a child and will be inshaAllah till the day i give up the ghost!I had been given a hint about what occurred during Hajj months before, so there is no reason for me to doubt the occurrence of what has to occur when my Dearest Prophet (SAW) had informed us about it long before. After seeing Shaikh Nazim’s video here after Hajj about his ‘mushahida’; I contacted my source in Hijaz and told him about it and after some hesitation he confirmed/admitted it.I hope to Allah that you have taken my words in good faith and acknowledged what I submitted. I do hope that you will keep sharing your insight/knowledge with us for the time to come. We all need to learn a lot from each other.JazakAllah Khair!

  47. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says that the numerological analysis of Verse 145 of Surat an-Nisa’ indicates “THE YEAR 1956.” Bediuzzaman’s reference to “this hypocritical system based on irreligiousness and oppression being silenced” MEANS THAT 1956 IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE ACROSS THE WORLD IN TERMS OF MUSLIMS AND THE WORLD OF ISLAM.The words in Surah Al ‘Imran, 81 “… then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you,” give a numerological calculation of “THE YEAR 1956.” IN FACT, THE BAN ON THE RISALE-I NUR COLLECTION WAS LIFTED ON THAT DATE. 1956 was a very significant year for the Risale-i Nur.3 January, 1956 Sudan declared its independence as a republic.20 March, 1956Tunisia achieved independence from France.23 March, 1956Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic.7 April, 1956Morocco declared independence.1956RELIGION LESSONS WERE STARTED TO BE TAUGHT IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS OF TURKEY.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters, As per the Primalogy research on the Holy Quran, Surah Rehman has 355 words each representing a day of year 1433 H. and each occurance of "Fa-be-aii-ay Ala-ay Rabekoma Tukazibaan" represents a 4 day event repeating 31 times. starting 8th safar (7 Jan 2012)-Arshad

  49. Ghulam Habib says:

    this is 1981 …. Surah Bani Israil ayat no 81 please read.. kana zahoka

  50. @ Baktar e Noor:Brother, you may not know it but let me tell you that I read this Comments Section, with the hope that I may get to read something from you… Please keep sharing your thoughts and experiences. JazakAllah!!

  51. Dear Arshad Shaikh You are right Surah Rehman indicates year 1433. Ali Adams is a Shia brother who did this calculation. Few years ago I've read his work. verse فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ is repeated 31 times at positions: 13, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77 with a sum of: 1433 = 2012 Ali Adams also predicted 31 events of 2012 using Primalogy. All predictions all based on calculations which can be wrong but we can consider his work.Adnan Oktar also said 2012, 2014 AND 2022 WILL BE OURS. No power can stop this. I CHALLENGE IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. No country can make it stop. America and Europe will not be able to do anything. Because we will be protecting them as well. We look at them with compassion. We would like to save and protect them as they are all servants of Allah.Regards,Faisal

  52. Ghulam Habib says:

    if this start with 13 mean .. 13 moharram se yeh sab start hojana hai

  53. As of 2012 the hypnosis of Dajjal (anti-messiah) will start to be dispelled, people will start to feel a clarity and relief in their brains. Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV and Kahramanmaras Aksu TV dated April 25, 2011 ADNAN OKTAR: The truth of the matter should be explained well to the people. They do not know the truth of the matter. I will explain that clearly and explicitly after 2012's. No matter if they faint or wake up, I will explain. But at the moment I am only explaining it technically, theoretically. Insha'Allah. Later on we will explain it openly and explicitly. I mean people should know the secrets openly, fully understand the truth of this world, fully grasp the truth of Hereafter, make preparations for the Paradise and live for the approval of Allah insha'Allah. This curtain of obliviousness will be removed more and more. The spell of the dajjal(anti-messiah) will be dispelled. At the moment the dajjal (anti-messiah) has hypnotized people on earth. He has been using hypnosis through televisions, radios and newspapers by indoctrination. By repeating certain things constantly, he gets people under the spell, and this is what happens in a spell as well, some certain words are constantly repeated and people get into a trance, a hypnosis without even realizing. Dajjal (anti-messiah) has placed the world widely under a trance. He has casted a spell over the world. And astonishingly that spell has concurred in the world, I mean it has enwrapped all the people without exception. Everyone is under the effect of that. They are under the influence of a hypnosis. That hypnosis will start to be dispelled as of 2012. People will start to feel clarity and relief in their brains. I mean they will understand it from the sharp difference in their brains which will appear during the time they were influenced by that spell and the time that spell has been removed. When that spell is removed from their brain, the body would feel a great relief, memory will be at ease and the reasoning and cognizance will open up greatly. People sometimes say; "I've been explaining this on and on and they still do not understand." At that time they will instantly understand when you explain. At the moment they fail to understand because of the impact of the spell. Allah has specifically given the means, the power to the dajjal (anti-messiah), he has an outstanding hypnotizing capability. Bediuzzaman says; "dajjal who has been the object of astounding marvels in the form of hypnosis, magnetism and spiritualism.. " and he continues. And Bediuzzaman says that he will get everyone under his influence. Everyone.. without exception. "The dajjal(anti-messiah) who will get everyone under his influence.." he says.

  54. hussain says:

    @faisal: great info regarding Risala e Nur.Thanx for sharing.but can you please explain why adnan oktar mentioned 2012,2014 and 2022 i mean if 2013 and 2014 good for the Muslim world,there should be antinuity uptill 2022 and 2012-2022 or 2014-2022 should be ours?why these 3 selective years?@Ghulam Habib:are you saying 13 on the basisi of numerological calculations?

  55. @Ghulam HabibBrother Ali Adams used these 31 numbers as latitudes of earth and dates to identify location and time of event like 13˚ 2012-01-07 ― 2012-01-10I don't know how he did this calculations. It is not making any sense for me.

  56. hussain says:

    ali adams mentioned total verses to be 6236 while if i'm not being mistaken it is'nt it?look at the beauty which i discovered Alhamdulillah a few days ago:Numerical Value of Glorious name Allah=66Therefore6666=Allah Allah:)

  57. Anonymous says:

    Using astrology or numerology to determine the future is haram.Nabi Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam cursed people who practice fortune-telling. Therefore, the people should be discouraged from following this sinful practice. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.Albalagh Note: This Jahilya practice stems from lack of belief and lack of true knowledge. That is why it is common to both the illiterate people as well as the so called "educated" people. It is so rampant that it is hard to find an "educated" person who does not know his sign. And you find even the most prestigious publications in the West (as well as their blind followers in the Muslim world) devoting space to fortune telling. That should not detract you from the fact that it is a reflection of pure ignorance.Mufti Ebrahim Desai

  58. hussain says:

    @rizwan:this 'OR' of YOURS has created a problem.Astrology is haram,i agree.But numerology is'nt haram.Numerology just discovers the secrets affiliated with numbers and (arabic) letters.There is wisdom in each action of Allah.For example,He created 7 heavens and 7 earths.& days of a week.He promised Moses of 40 nights.There are 40 Abdals in each time.Can you observe some symmetry?There are countless examples like this.You must have watched the video 'Miracles of kaabah' it mentions the golden ration which is ratio of 2 numbers.This golden ratio exists in human anatomy as well in the structure of Kaabah.I heard sometime ago that Sarwar Munir Rao had written a column about a formula of Guru Nanak had derived a formula according to which the key numeric value in many events and things came out to be 92 which is considered as the numeric value of glorious anme 'Muhammad' (Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam)and the hadith you quoted ,it probably refers to the fortune telling by means of arrows or methods similar to it as it was a custom in Arab.Numerology exisst in anture.Consider one more Tid-bit which came to my heart Alhamdulillah:Total Sura in Quran=114=1+1+4=6Total verses in Quran=6666=6*4=24=2+4=6Allah = 66=6 6 =(1+1+4=6) (6+6+6+6=24=2+4=6):)

  59. Another numerology, This blog is started on 11, 01, 2011.Please see the first post.and By God, I didn't know the importance of numbers then….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. Talib ilm says:

    Assalam o AlaikumI greatly apreciate your efforts for doing such pricious work brother and specialy admire your reply to veriour readers commentsNow i want to share some interesting information with brothers who read this forum.ofcorse we are living in the age which according to the hadiths of the Holly Prophet (PBUH) is full of "fiten"and we must decide what is right and what is wrong. according to the hadiths of the holly prophet (PBUH)If you see the black flags coming from Khurasan (Afghanistan), join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice, for this is the army of the Caliph, the Mahdi and no one can stop that army until it reaches Jerusalem.”The following link is about a dream of the sheikh Osamabin Laden(may Allah have mercy on him).Please read in detail carefully and then reply your comments thanksweb link!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Using Numerology on Quranic VersesQuranic charms are not only limited to writing down Quranic verses and hanging them around the necks. Many people make use of Numerology to make amulets Numerology is an age-old science practiced by Hinduism and other Eastern religions. Alphabets are assigned certain number, and in the same fashion words, phrases and sentences are given a certain number based upon certain calculations. The Prophet (pbuh) never used numerology in relation to the Quran and neither did his Companions. It is therefore an evil innovationInnovation is an action, which..Does not have any supporting proof from the Quran and the Sunnah, It is done to gain the pleasure of Allah (therefore worldly affairs are excluded).A false argument is put forth in defense of Quranic Numerology that since the time of Prophet (pbuh) the Quran has been translated into different languages for the reason of spreading and preserving it. Therefore, Quranic Numerology is not an innovation.This is a false comparison because Numerology is neither a language nor does it help in preserving or spreading the teachings of the Quran. The sole purpose of Numerology is to make charms and amulets, which are used as a part of the religion to avert misfortune, evil eye, etc.There was a need at the time of Prophet (pbuh) for protection from evil eye and magic and the Prophet (pbuh) has given us complete guidance with respect to the use the Quran against them.The Prophet (pbuh) did not use Numerology at his time, therefore there can be no basis for using it after his time. Lastly, numerology is a blatant imitation of the Kuffar and all of these above proofs establish that numerology is an evil action and should be shunned.

  62. @Talib ilmWa Aliekum AssalamBrotherI will reply you through my post, wait for few days. You will find more details about what actually your provided link meant, Helpers….

  63. @RizwanIf you Google then you can find many fatwas in both favor and against of Numerology.Decimal system is invented by Muslim scientist Al-Khawarzimi in our Pak land. Before decimal system the Abjad numbers were used for all mathematical purposes. Abjad numbers is very similar to Hebrew numerals. It is used since Prophet Solomon (as).I respect the Mufti Ebrahim Desai and my self referred him many-time. Use of anything wrongly is haram. Numerology in Quran can only be used correctly by Auliyas. Therefore I said I don't believe on calculations of Ali Adams. recent history a Egyptian American scientist Rashad Khalifa invented mathematical structure based on the number 19 and prime numbers. He involved in his calculation is such extend that to prove his calculation he tried to remove few verses from Quran and also denied Hadiths. Later he claimed that he is messenger of God. He also claimed every person including Atheists who dies before age 40 will go to paradise. He is assassinated. So we should not do any new calculations for verses of Holy Quran ourselves but we can read abjad calculations of Islamic scholars like Baiduzzaman Said Nursi and Sheikh Nazim as this methodology has been used by many sufi and scholars from long time.

  64. @Talib ilmOsama is created by western as Mahdi or Helper of Mahdi to create cause for attach in Afghanistan and Pakistan.Osama Bin Laden was prepared as a fake Mahdi They were going to kill him horribly.Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Kackar TV, dated September, 5th, 2010"A man called al-Harith ibn Harrath will come forth from Ma Wara an-Nahr. His army will be led by a man called Mansur who will establish or consolidate things for Muhammad’s family as Quraysh consolidated them for the Apostle of Allah. Every believer must help him, or he said: respond to his sermons."Osama cannot be Mansoor (victorious) as he is defeated. al-Harith ibn Harrath is another title of Imam Mahdi.

  65. @Talib ilmHelper of Mahdi will be non Arab.The Mahdi’s helpers will not be Arabs, but will be from other nations.” (Portents of Doomsday, p.187)His (the Mahdi’s) standard-bearer will be a young person belonging to the line of Temimi from the East. ((Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar, p. 26)

  66. From Brother Mohd Azlam (Mureed of Sheikh Nazim)Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani's warnings comes true!!!US Warship Moves To Syrian Coast as Tensions Mount Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack Precaution in the Month of Muharram16 Nov 2011 There are events & Allah (SWT) knows best, what will happen. Therefore-if it is not necessary- do not travel and go around and about, to Europe or America. The area is under siege. You have to be attentive. Maybe a war will begin in the middle east and the army from Banu Asfar will come to go to Amuq (Syria). The plain of Amuq, not the valley. SN: The valley of Amuq. Maulana: The plain of AmuqSN: O yes, the plain of Amuq.The war will take place and Allah (SWT) Will support Islam and open the way upto Turkey…upto Istanbul. From there will come the Sultan, who will go to Istanbul and Mahdi's (as) hand is still active in the occuring events, but he (as) is not visible. Maybe if the order comes in Rajab, before or after, Mahdi (as) will go to Istanbul. This means that the region now is on fire! It is on fire. An Army from Sham will come to fight against Banu Asfar and the hand of Mahdi (as) is supporting them but he is not visible. I am not afraid, but cautious…but I am being cautious about the event of the war of Armageddon. The time is very near, therefore in Muharram take caution. People…they should not move around if it is not a necessity. Everyone should stay where they are."Adkhulu Masakinakum"(27:18)(Enter your dwellings)This means do not go out. Keep yourselves in your homes. The home…who stays home is in safety and security. Who goes out of his home will perish. Something will come on them. Therefore, every perosn according to what is possible, should keep in their homes stocks of (food). So they may not be needy, because also the grocery shops will be closed, they will have nothing except the little of what is in their homes. If you buy what is enough for you for 20 days God Willing it will last 40 days. Maybe if you buy something more, more than you need, you can give to the poor people who may come to you. You may give from this excess. Allah (SWT) with His Power, His Favours and Blessing, if you provided to the poor servants of Allah (SWT), He (SWT) will increase the provisions in your home without you realising it. Astaghfirullah! You understand. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim (dua).H.R.: These instructions are for everybody?Maulana: Of course. Of course, they are for everybody, especially for the middle east.H.R.: Tamam.[Video skips to]:Maulana: Because the time of Sahibul Zaman (MAHDI as), Imamul Zaman just arrived. Therfore no need to move outside country, it is possible to keep themselves. If anything happening, come to your home make wudhu/ablution, make 2 rakaat, and then sit there. Nothing touch to you…Hamdulillah, barakat.H.R.: When is this?Maulana: Muharram, the whole of Muharram. Everywhere will be turned upside down!—-U.S. aircraft carrier off the coast of Syria‎3 Russian warships off the coast of Syria… continue ….

  67. Maulana: The power against Russia…US army will enter Sham. The first division can't handle it and runs away.Sister: Muslims?Moulana: Yes, from the Muslim army. The second division is martyred. The third division is firm and it destroys the Bani Asfar (Russians). They drive them all the way to Istanbul. Istanbul is conquered with Takbirs. The Sultan comes at that time. And no communism is left in Turkey anymore. No matter how hard you search you will find none. Sahib ul Zaman Hadrat has his hands in this but he has not appeared yet. I think Al Marhamatul Qubra (Armageddon) and the taking of Constantaniyya (Istanbul) happens after six months, on the seventh the Dajjal (anti-christ) appears. We are exactly at the right moment for it. Now there is no chance for it to disappear and peace to come. Finish. Now there will be shooting after shooting..Erdogan went around with these two war ships, did he not?Brother: YesMoulana: Other than this ship he sailed with, with 2 war ships, yes? He came to this side, he is looking with this occasion of oil search, he is looking at the navy, the starting point of the Russians. Other than this, this (oil search) is not a real reason. This search hides other reasons. It is empty talk. Allah Allah…Ya Rabbi Shukur. Aman ya Rabbi..Therefore, people need to buy stores of grain for their houses. They need to stock wheat, corn, barley..whatever they can get. You understand? The situation is getting more difficult and it is reaching it's peak. It means the time has come. In Muharram, Sahib ul Zaman will appear in Muharram, 10th of Muharram. Aman ya Rabbi..People will cry out: "where should we go?" "Fafirru lla Allahi" (51:50) "Run to Allah." Run to Allah, there is no way but to run to Him (swt). You find shelter in Allah's Divine Protection. There is no other protection, not with guns, etc..Aman ya Rabbi..May Allah not make us lose iman (faith), but grant us the security of iman. But the world has become so dirty, so dirty..The unbelief has reached to it's last point, last limit. Denial, unbelief, dirtyness has reached to it's last limit. He will end this. He will finish it. He will finish..Aman ya Rabbi..tawba ya Rabbi..tawba astaghfirullah, Aman ya Rabbi. Wa min Allahi tawfiq. Fatiha. Aman ya Rabbi….. continue …

  68. The Far East, etc, is not mentioned but the key position is in the Middle East. It has started here, it ends here. Aman ya Rabbi….we seek refuge in Allah. Shukr for our situation.The US will enter Sham. They will deploy forces. When Russians show up from there, US comes from there. Jordan will enter also. Jordan will go understand? We talk tomorrow inshaAllah. We talk tomorrow. If They make me speak.Aman ya Rabbi..Sister: Is there any advice for the people?Moulana: The advice to people is they should stay in their homes. They should not go out. They should not go out at night at all! They may keep a well in their house as much as possible for water. For water. They should not rely on electricity. They should cancel everything that works with electricity. Whoever has money in his hand, he should not keep it as money but should buy food and supplies. The most (dangerous area) is ours now. We seek refuge in Allah. I am waiting for 70 years. Allah Almighty makes me wait. Let's see…The instructions will be given to us. This is an arrangement as a beginning, a declaration, Muslims must take care! The shelter can protect them in these wars to come. They will enter the shelter of Islam. None will survive who is not under the umbrella of Islam. Finish. Finish..One fith of the people who live in Cyprus will remain. They should know this. Four fifths of them will be taken away. Aman ya Rabbi..Therefore, students, all of them.. should go back to their homelands. This is a declaration. All the students coming to Cyprus from Turkey, they must return to their homelands, immediately leaving schools, everything. Or else, they will be destroyed here. Studying, education, not valid and all these dirty places that they call 'university' will be closed. No one will remain..If they stay here, they will be taken away, there is no return. Because from here to Turkey, there is no seaway because the Russian navy is there. They have their submarines, airforces and they don't let people pass. Therefore, they should leave from now, immediately. Back to their places immediately! Not too many should remain in Istanbul. They should move immediately. Who is from a village, to their village, who is from a town, back to his town. Who is from a city must go back to his city and they may hide in there. They may hide and not go out. And they may try to return, run to Allah. Otherwise, finish..Millions of people will be taken away. It is the hardest battle. It is the most dangerous war. It is the most terrible war, the one that is to come. The beginning of it is is saturday. Yawmul ahad (sunday). Tomorrow there is movement. There is movement…Be careful about the management of everything now. People should stock all the necessary things. Instead of keeping money, they should stock supplies. Because on this Island the wildness has gone too far. Alot of people will be destroyed.Girls back to their homes, boys back to their places. This now is the beginning. It is a warning to all Cypriots, to all who live in Cyprus, Greek or Muslim. Aman ya Rabbi. Fatiha.

  69. Syria faces Friday deadline to avoid Arab League sanctions

  70. Tahir says:

    Allahu Akbar…………

  71. Talib ilm says:

    salam faisal brotherI feel great sorrow abouth your veiws regarding the great mujahid leader of our times.The Dajjali (western) media hypnotise and brain washed a great number of the think that Osama bin ladin is created by the west as Mehdi, i want to clear yourmind.Firstly, Osama bin ladin never claim that he is Mehdi insteed he participated inJihad agains USSR and strengthened the mujahideen there by meterial and physical means.After the collapse of the USSR the US entered their troops in the Holly land(jazira tulArab) he (Osama) demanded from the Us to Pull out their troops from the holly land of islam and started their jihadi struggle against the us.He prepare and trained a good number of mujahideen, who will be companions of the imam Mehdi inshallah.A westeren agent like Mirza quadiani never call for jihad insteed they try to abolish jihad.what you say about the Holly Prophet(PBUH) saying that a group(of true beleivers) will fight in the path of God until the day of judgment (Qayamat).what is this group in this times?(mjahideenof islam ofcourse) Secondly, Mullah Umar the tru leader of the muslims in Afghanistan rejected US demands andallegations on osama due to islamic values of brotherhood and hospitality. Are you think thatthe muslims amir is such ignorant that he defended the agent of the enemy. It is an amazing fact of the history of the world that forty plus(40+) of the scientificaly most advance armies of the whole world are on the one side and a relatively small number of lions of theGod(mujahideen) are on the other side fighting the enemy since last ten year.The western alliancor nato has the most expensive armies and on the other side the mujahideen are fighting fornot worldly gain they are fighting only for the sake of God.Even they got no salleries for their holly fight.Are the mujahideen are all agents of west.These all Mujahideen consider sheikh Osamaas their leader and amir. A man asked Ibn Taima(RA) that when there are so many sect and creed in muslims than how can someone decide that who is right and who is on the wrong path Ibn Taima(RA) reply to that personthat you should see that the kafirs (enemy of islam) behaviour against the true believers is cruel and harsh they will commit all kinds of opression and cruelity on those who are on the right path. In the protocol of the elder of zoin it was written that we will spread all kind of lies andfals informations against our enemy so that no one will be able to decide what is true and what is false Lastly, you say that Osama was defeated. My brother mortyrdom (Shahadat) is not defeat it is theheartly desire of every momin.In the comming 2 or three years it will be decided who is victorious and who is regards…..

  72. hussain says:

    @Talib ilm:even if accept that 9/11 was a plotted drama,it is on record that Osama tried to blow the WTC with a van full of explosives in 1992 or 1993.How will you justify an act which leads to the killing of innocent people (i.e non combatants)?

  73. @Talib ilmI also feel great sorrow that you didn't read your own posted link carefully. If you are seeker of knowledge (Talib ilm) then you should read comments of others carefully and with open heart.@"Firstly, Osama bin ladin never claim that he is Mehdi…"I know Osama never claim that he is Mehdi but your posted link is saying Osama is al-Harith ibn Harrath whose army will be led by Mansur. Please read your own posted link of all know al-Harith ibn Harrath is another title of Imam Mahdi and Mansur will be his general from Khurasaan (Iran/Afghanistan). So I didn't said he is Mahdi but you said by posting wrong analyses of Hadith.@"he participated in Jihad agains USSR and strengthened the mujahideen there by meterial and physical means."I respect all mujahideen who fought against USSR to protect Muslim country. Jihad is allowed against any invaded force and for protection of Islamic state.@"He prepare and trained a good number of mujahideen, who will be companions of the imam Mehdi inshallah"According to Hadiths Imam will be anti bloodshed. When Sufyani will attack on Imam Mehdi by sending army then it will be swallowed into earth by Allah using earthquake. Mansur (ruler of khursaan) will fight against sufyani and will help Imam. At that time Talibaan/Mujahideen may help Mansur (Allah knows best).@"A westeren agent like Mirza quadiani never call for jihad insteed they try to abolish jihad."I am Mirza by cast but I am not quadiani. They don't believe on second coming of Isa (as) and Adam (as). They believe on evolution (philosophy of dajjal).@"what you say about the Holly Prophet(PBUH) saying that a group(of true beleivers) will fight in the path of God until the day of judgment (Qayamat).what is this group in this times?(mjahideen of islam ofcourse)"This group will not fight but struggle in the path of God until the day of judgment. Mission of Muslim is not fight and killing all-time but struggling (Jihadd). Fight or killing (Qitaal) is permissible during self-defense, wars and battles which are occurred rarely.@"Secondly, Mullah Umar the tru leader of the muslims in Afghanistan rejected US demands andallegations on osama due to islamic values of brotherhood and hospitality. Are you think thatthe muslims amir is such ignorant that he defended the agent of the enemy."… continue …

  74. Talib ilm says:

    Brother Faisal I only refer to the link of the website for the dream of thesheikh Osama which he seen in the age of 9 year.It is an interesting dreamand about the current topic about Imam Mahdi. I am neither the owner ofthe website which i provided its link in the previous commentsnor i am totaly agree with the interpretation of the hadiths about Harithand Mansoor by the website administrator or thread creator. The main point of My refering to that link was the dream of Sheikh Osama whihyou can also read in a number of other web sites or google for it.its some links are below I have concrete arguments against your replies but i do not wand to further prolonge these comments to a lengthy discussion.I have also seen a dream 10-12 years ago but i cannot share it there.Salam

  75. Using dreams we cannot shap the future of pakistan and Islam.I have read Islamic ruling about this.

  76. hussain says:

    @faisal:are you talking about the concept of lucid dreaming?seems strange that it is haram because the pen is lifted when a person goes to sleep i.e his (bad) actions are not recordedWAllahu Aalam.

  77. Anonymous says:

    aalmi halat shykh nazim mudazil ki pishan ghui ki tasdeeq karty hee. Mufti M.Hashim

  78. hussain says:

    @Faisal:One cant make decisions regarding the religious issues on the basis of dreams.(as is the central idea of the info,given at the above link of adnan oktar.)But i believe that the lucid dreaming technique and Silva method etc are very good techniques to benefit from.We should use these techniques positively,to get benefits regarding our personal development and growth.i hope that you agree.Upto now, i have'nt find a very perfect and compete description of metaphysics associated with dreams although some psychological explanations are available but that too dont explain some aspects.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Dream is not a proof to give a judgement, every dream which is incomplete-able with Islamic law, will justify as Satanic. Dream of Osama Bin Laden cannot be proof to interpret a Hadith because Islamic knowledge cannot be learned through this way, those who walk through this way, will lead himself to heresy and Satan will be his teacher.You must look at the link:, and see what scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah says about these people.

  80. Anonymous says:

    In a hadîth it was declared: (Until the earth is covered by kufr, so that kufr is prevalent and disbelief is practised everywhere, Hadrat-i Mahdî will not come.):

  81. So it is time of Mahdi. Darwinism/communism/fascism/capitalism are atheist philosophies taught and practiced all over the world.Now we can see the changes…Muslim students walking out of lectures on Darwinism because it 'clashes with the Koran'

  82. Latest video of Sheikh NazimTime Is Over – قَرُبَ الوقت – Vakit Yaklaştı – (en)Mawlana said on this Friday, the last day of the year 1432, that we have until next Friday to prepare ourselves; "no joking", time is over. Keep close to your homes. Take shelter in Allah. Shelter is in obedience. is 40 min video and there is no transcript available for this video.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Does it mean people living in other countries should return to their homelands?

  84. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal,This is not the time of Imam Mahdi, the time of Imam Mahdi is quite from us.You must learn the obligatory knowledge of the religion instead of such thing [that is, do not rely on Shaikh Nazim's Comment].

  85. @Last AnonymousPlease your name?

  86. @HussainSheikh Nazim mentioned troops/armies of Prophet Solomon in his speach.One of the ants said, "O Ants! Enter your homes unless Sulayman and his armies unknowingly trample you.” (an-Naml, 27:18)I don't know abjad value of this verse but Harun Yahya mentioned 2011 as abjad value of previous verse.Solomon's troops, made up of jinn and men and birds, were assembled for him, paraded in tight ranks. (Surat an-Naml, 27:17)"Solomon's troops, made up of jinn and men and birds, were assembled for him"Hijri: 1433 Gregorian: 2011 (with shadda)

  87. I am one of admins of facebook group "PAKISTAN – Haroon Yahya" can join this group

  88. Anonymous says:

    Does it mean people living in other countries should return to their homelands?My name is Nadia, a Pakistani living in US these days.

  89. NN says:

    @ Anonymousplease dont do this and dont think in ths way , there is always two things what do you think if you dont leave your home with this fear that something will happend with you, is this the way of muslim ??? , if some thing has to happen where ever you are it will come you nothing can stopp this , but the ture muslim will always stand firmly with the trust of Allah to face it, humbly requst that focus on the prayers and recite the Quran with clear understanding and make your belive that Allah is THE ONE and he will do the best for all of this world and DUAA can change THE WHOLE PICTURE.

  90. @Sister NadiaSheikh Nazim warned only to stay at home (not homeland) and avoid travelling. You will be saved at your home. Trust on Allah as brother NN said.

  91. Anonymous says:

    JazakAllah brothers I know one should not move due to fear of any calamity but I was confirming whether I should travel back to my homeland. I wish to go back not now but in future IA.Your blog is a blessing AlhamdullilahNadia

  92. NN says:

    @ Nadiayes this is the true spirit of muslim, where ever we are we have only Allah and nothing else, this is the message and lessons from our beloved prophet Aslat o Aslam AND QURAN- DO WORSHIP ONLY ALLAH , DO TRUST ONLY ALLAH AND DO UTMOST EFFORTS TO REACH HIM. NN

  93. Farooqui says:

    We R Ready To Fight Against Kufr

  94. Farooqui says:

    New video of sheikh nazim R Waiting For Imam Mehdi R.a

  95. NN says:

    @ farooqui,yes we all are united and ready to figth in every single moment of life , with KUFAR WITH NAFS , the light of Iman is still there untill the last breath and inshallah Allah will help us in all the ways one motive one path one destiny Allah ki rasi ko mazbooti sy thamy rakho or Tafirko my na paro, there is no fear and grief for friends of Allah. NN

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. Anonymous says:

    "at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win. "M.Gandhi

  98. imran says:

    so tomorrow is 10th muharram

  99. Anonymous says:

    nothin happened in this month……

  100. @"nothing happened"It is only precautionary warning of Sheikh Nazim. It is not a prediction. Please read again message of Sheikh Nazim…"There are events & Allah (SWT) knows best, what will happen. Therefore-if it is not necessary- do not travel and go around and about, to Europe or America. The area is under siege. You have to be attentive. Maybe a war will begin in the middle east and the army from Banu Asfar will come to go to Amuq (Syria). The plain of Amuq, not the valley. "He said only some events may occur in this month which proceed us tribulations and wars in next months or years which foretold by our Prophet Muhammad (saw) in various Hadiths. He didn't predict any exact event. It may be earthquake, hurricane, change of any govt or policies of any govt. It may be uprising of people against their tyrant system or may be high level decision in super power which effect future. We cannot predict any particular event. May be Nato attack on Pakistan on 1st Muharram will change future. Only Allah Knows Best.

  101. Farooqui says:

    i think the discussion of arrival of mehdi is not good now days just continue your work and son't waste your time about this discussion if he imam arrive then every muslim will definitely is with imam mehdi thanx

  102. @Farooqui: I respect your opinion but the fact is, however, that “The Mahdi is a subject needing to be broadcast, rather than hidden or concealed.” The glad tidings, of the coming of the Mahdi, have been imparted by our Prophet (saas) himself; there are a number of hadiths of our Prophet (saas) on the subjects that are regarded as completely reliable.

  103. Farooqui says:

    i agreed faisal farooq i accept all ahadith nabi s.a.w.w for imam mehdi but there are so many people predict about imam mehdi that's why peoples are confuse and scared about this this kind of prediction also no body knows the correct time of mehdi r.a only Allah knows better .when will he come .HAROON YAHA also a big supporter of kaml attaturk is he doing right i am asking you….

  104. @FarooquiYes so many scholars predicted different time of Imam Mahdi. This was their research on Hadiths. It is not possible that research of all scholars should same but greater scholars like Imam Sayuti, Imam Rabani and Baiduzzaman Said Nursi predicted initial years of 1400 century of last mujaddid Imam Mahdi. We can see about 200 signs of Imam Mahdi in these years which are foretold in Hadith. Prophet Muhammad (saw) foretold these sign to us because when these sign appeared then we should do effort for revival of Islam and Imam Mahdi.Many people also claimed Imam Mahdi like Mirza Ghulam Ahamed, Bhai and Ghor Shahi. We know using Hadiths that if whoever will claim he is Mahdi then he is fake. Imam Mahdi will never claim that he is Mahdi but people of Arabia forcefully will give him KhilafatYes Harun Yahya is big supporter of Kamal Attaturk because he was true believer who closed down Mason lodges in Turkey even Ottoman couldn't close these lodges. He translated Quran and Hadith, and created religion affairs in government. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk attached great importance to Muslim states and the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union and took major initiatives for the founding of that union

  105. Farooqui says:

    faisal farooq u know my friend what atta turk did he banned arabic language in turkry even aza'n was prohibted in arabic he turned turkey in to modern secular state specially turkish army is saviour of secular turkish constitution he was not a islamic leader total secular mind leader .i know my friend gohar shah and qadyani's are fake so many people claimed about mehdiat and all r fake.Allah knows better when imam mehdi will come

  106. Usually I didn't comment about local politics as my only concern is global change and movement by Imam Mahdi (as)…. when our President went out Dubai suddenly for health issue I received following message from respected mureed of Sheikh Nazim…"since last night we have a beautiful weather,the birds are chiriping,the wind is lovingly moving,, may i ask what has happened?? May be our leader has left us on our own.hes ran to dubai i think. There will be others also who will go to dubai. Oh just thinking out loud. May Allah give us good men to lead us. InshAllah." I replied "illness is only excuse… If our leader has gone then who will come next??"I got following reply "‎:-) you can ask aurya maqbul jaan and other scholars."

  107. @FarooquiIt is just propaganda. Some religious and political parties need a enemy to gain popularity so they created Atta Turk as enemy. Turkey is part of ancient Rom so they come back to their old scripts because Arabs destroyed Khilafat with help of Lawrence of Arabia. Nationalism and Fascism of Arabs (not all Arabs) destroyed last Khilafat. So why they keep their language Arabic who hate them??? We Pakistani also changed our official language Persian of Mughal to English because we are not part of Persia. We used Urdu as national language but used foreign language English as official language. Turks used their national language Turkish as official language. Only those nations grow who adopt their local language not foreign language. We created class systems as UMT (Urdu medium type) and EMT (English medium type) in our education system…. Azan was not prohibited. He took actions against sectarian and hypocrites scholars who divided people and weakened Khilafat.It is also misconception that secularism is totally against Islam because secularism is already present in Islam as in holy verse stated "There is no compulsion in religion". Islam permute freedom of expression and rights of people which are good part of secularism. Atheist part of secularism is only for Atheist people. As their is freedom of expression so Atheist part cannot effect theist people. One good aspect of secularism is it removes hypocrisy and bigotry from society. We have both elements in our society and families. This can be seen in Turkish society. We never elect religious party but in Turkey current religious ruling party got 49% votes in 2011 election.

  108. Yes Azan is prohibited in Arabic for 18 years which is part of reforms program. Ban is lifted by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı) created by Attaturk. Adnan Menderes lifted the ban on the Arabic adhan. The Arabic adhan was restored, and Arabic was declared as the liturgical language.

  109. hussain says:

    @Faisal farooq:O bhai kya ho gya hai aap ko?kabhi aap kehte ho k auliya ki baaton ki bunyad pe tajziya kerna chahiye ,kabhi kuch kehte ho.Aap ko iss baat ka ilm nahi k Maulana sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz smaet bht se auliya ne aethism,communism,secularism in teenoun cheezon ki muzammat ki hai.aur Maulana sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ne toh attaturk ko bhi bura kaha hai.ek se zada maqamat per.ab aap apne adnan oktar ka mauqaf mano gae ya Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ka?Aur jis ayat ka hawala aap ne diya hai k "There is no compulsion in religion" yeh within islam k liye nahi.misal k taur pe 4 mein se 3 fuqha kehte hain k bay namazi wajib ul qatl hai.toh aap yeh keh ker namaz nahi chhor sakte k koi compulsion nahi mujh pe.iss ayat ka matlab hai k logon pe iss cheez mein koi compulsion nahi k woh isaiyat ko qubul kertay hain ya islam ko,kyun k akhirat mein hisab toh hona he hai.So,yeh ayat within Islam k liye nahi hai.

  110. @hussain I replied Farooqui not you. I even didn't mention Sheikh Nazim in my reply. I know what Sheikh Nazim and Dr, Israr Ahmed said about secularism.As there is no compulsion in religion so I am not forcing you to believe my comments and you should not have right to force me to keep quite as Islam allows freedom of expression.Thanks

  111. Farooqui says:

    faisal farooq you mean this is a time of change in pakistan sheikh nazim's mureed said about this thign and what do you mean by this ask orya maqbool jaan i know orya maqbool jan is a respected scholar but if possible for you so ask him what his opinion tnx

  112. hussain says:

    @Faisal:aap ne sawal ka jawab toh phir bhi nahi diya.Aap ab adnan oktar k views ko maan ker seculrism ko support kerain ge ya Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz k views ko maanein ge.?aur mein upar wazahat ker chuka hun k Islam mein compulsion hai.Islam mein koi shakhs apni marzi nahi chala sakta.3 fuqha ne be namazi ko wajib ul qatl jaana hai toh ki shakhs uth ker yeh nahi keh sakta k namaz parhna mera personal maamla hai.aur Islam freedom of expression se bhi maan kerta hai.warna murtadd ki saza qatl na hoti.Issi tarah koi musailma kazzab se le ker jitne bhi kazzab ab tak aye hain woh sab mal'uun wajib ul qatl hai.unhein freedom of expression ka bahana bna ker nahi chhora ja sakta.freedom of expression ka bahana bna ker he Danish newspaper ne blasphemous cartoons chhapay thay.Islam ko kuch mdern aur liberal logon ne zada he mordenize ker k pesh kerna shuru ker dia hai,warna yahan toh har qadam uthanay se pehle se 100 bar sochna parta hai k kahin mera yeh fael shariyat se mutasadim toh nahi.

  113. @Farooqui:This is time of change in all over the world. After 2012 there will be a great spurt in Muslims and there will be a huge outbreak in the Public Spirit of Islam… maqbool jaan also talked about change but I don't know who will come next.

  114. @hussainI am talking about freedom of expression under divine laws. Don't compare it with Atheist freedom of expression present in Denmark which is infect freedom to insult. You didn't read my comment carefully.

  115. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq"Yes Harun Yahya is big supporter of Kamal Attaturk because he was true believer who closed down Mason lodges in Turkey even Ottoman couldn't close these lodges. He translated Quran and Hadith, and created religion affairs in government."you are puppet in the hands of freemasons(Jews). you and your leader adnan oktar are supporting jews directly or indirectly by praising the shias and Mustafa kemal attaturk.The shias are cursing the companions (sahaba kiram) of holy Prophet(PBUH) in their gatheringsThet are making posters and pictures of the Hazrat Ali,Hasan and Hussain(RA).which is unislamic. They love the killer of Hazrat omar(RA).They consider this cursed man(parsian slave abu lulu feroz) as their hero.the whole of shia religion is in the vail of taqia.Regarding your love for Mustafa kemal… Mustafa kemal attaturk was a bigasset of freemasons after lawrance of Arabia.He abolish the islamic Khyalafat,which was an old dream ofthe enemy of islam.He banned azan, he banned prayers in mosques,he banned publishing in readingof the Holly Quran in arabic, he banned the arabic language which was a symbol of unity amongmuslims,he banned the islamic dress(purda) he introduce the system of secularism,modernism,liberalism which are purely freemasonic inventioned terms.There is no place in islam of these dirty things.And what is freedom of expression??? laugh it youHe banned for some time the freemason lodges in turky in order to lay curtain on the eyes andbrains of the people like you.Even now in turky the freemason lodges are free in turky and thedictorial aramy of the mustafa kemal is a big protector of the islaeli benifits(mufadat)so please wake up and open your eyes.AM

  116. Anonymous says:

    you can also research yourself regarding mustafa kemal as a freemason

  117. hussain says:

    @Anonymous:nice work.and dont call shia as shia,call them is statedin ghunya tu talibeen,Rawafidh have many similarities with jews.Jews consider that no one can becoem imam except from banu ishaq,Rawafidh claim that no one can become imam except from banu hashim.Jews dont believe in iddat after divorce,rawafidh have legitimated muta'h.Jews used to curse Jibrael alaye hi salam,The most famous book of rawafidh Assol al kafi states that Jibrael alaye hi salam was ordered to take the revelation to Syedna Ali KaramUllah Wajhu hu but he was mistaken.Allah says Jibrael alaye hi salam as Ruuh ul Amin,but rawafidh say that he was mistaken.AstaghfirUllah wa naudhbillah minhu.

  118. @AM and hussain@"you are puppet in the hands of freemasons (Jews). you and your leader adnan oktar are supporting jews directly or indirectly by praising the shias and Mustafa kemal attaturk"If I and my leader are puppet of Freemasons/Jews then your are puppet of Iblees/Satan because like Satan you also hate mankind. Satan wants fight between mankind and you also wants fight between followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw) (Shia and Sunni), and between followers of Prophet Abraham (Muslim and people of books).Can You tell my any writing of your any leader against Freemason??? freemasonry, the system of the Antichrist (dajjal), deceives people by pretending to be devout Don't follow footstep of Satan Bhutto Ataturk also closed down lodges of Freemason. It is propaganda that his is mason or jews. He was a Muslim and calling any Muslim kafir is a BIG SIN. He didn't sell his people like Musharraf did….How is praising Shia is supporting Jews?? Today only Iranian govt. is against Israeli state. Tell me where Adnan Oktar praising wrong concept of Shia. He criticized their wrong concept??? did the Shia develop the belief in invisible Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.)? It is time to correct this false belief and fighting with Shia is not serve of Islam. If you believe they are wrong then correct then intellectually. Remove bigotry from yourself.@"The shias are cursing the companions (sahaba kiram) of holy Prophet(PBUH) in their gatherings"So correct them and tell them Ja`far narrated from his father, Muhammad al-Baqir, that a man came to his grandfather, Zain al-`Abidin, and said, "Tell me about Abu Bakr!" He said, "You mean as-Siddiq?" The man said, "How do you call him as-Siddiq when he is against you, the Family of the Prophet ?" He replied, "Woe to you. The Prophet called him as-Siddiq, and Allah accepted his title of as-Siddiq. If you want to come to me, keep the love of Abu Bakr and `Umar in your heart."Ja`far said, "The best intercession that I hope for is the intercession of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq ." From him is reported also the following invocation: "O Allah, You are my Witness that I love Abu Bakr and I love `Umar and if what I am saying is not true may Allah cut me off from the intercession of Muhammad ." Oktar always show respect and love to companions (ra)Muslims who take the love companions of our Prophet (saas) feel for each other as a model should be fond of each other and should see each other. Abu Bakr Siddiq (as) (571-634) Uthman (ra)…continue…

  119. @AM and Hussain@"Thet are making posters and pictures of the Hazrat Ali,Hasan and Hussain(RA).which is unislamic."Making picture for worshiping personalities are unislamic. Making picture like we make picture of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam for respect is not unislamic.@"Regarding your love for Mustafa kemal… "I've already posted why he changed Arabic script. Why we didn't adopt Arabic/Urdu/Persian language as official language??? Why we adopt foreign language English??? Why created different classes in our education system??? Yes all actions of Ataturk was not good. Turks have proof that he was acting on advise of Hadrat Khidr (as) and his will is not open yet which is for Imam Mahdi(as). His main objective was saving Turkey from western powers and making Turkey strong. In 70's and 80's Atheism, Freemason and bigotry was present in Turkey. They are also divided like us. See Turkey of Today where religious party is ruling with 49% votes. Update your information. With work of Sheikh Nazim and Adnan Oktar Atheism…ADNAN OKTAR: Look, for years freemasonry has been preventing Turkey becoming a super-state. Otherwise the Turkish-Islamic Union would have been established a long time ago. They have also prevented the Turkish Union. They prevented industrialisation in Turkey. They instigated terror in the country. Turkey was on the point of vanishing completely in the run-up to the military coup on 12 September, 1980. But God used His own vehicle and Turkey was saved at the last minute. These things cannot exist without masonry. People will never become engaged in such things for no reason. Developments of this kind are impossible without a major force without them. We have to identify Satan’s hiding place if these are to be put a stop to. Freemasonry draws its inspiration from freemasonry. They act in the light of Satan’s commands. There will be terrible violence if these things are not revealed and exposed. After I exposed freemasonry, it lost much of its strength in Turkey. Darwinism also lost much of its strength in Turkey after I exposed it for what it is. In other words, had I not eliminated it Turkey would by now be in a dreadful state. Freemasons could have obtained huge results. OKTAR: Let me say that the Turkish Army will have a role to play in Turkey being leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. In other words, the Turkish Army is by nature opposed to freemasonry. Let me also give other glad tidings, because a new law was passed recently, as far as I recall, forbidding serving soldiers from joining the masons. If I remember correctly. I think it is useful for people to know that. DON'T CRITICIZE IF YOU DON'T KNOW

  120. @AM and HussainDid you fight against Nationalism and Free Mason in Islamic Republic of Pakistan????In the summer of 1986, Adnan Oktar was arrested for his statement "I am from the nation of Abraham and Turkish ethnicity" in a newspaper interview."At night—as his mother, Mediha Oktar, relates—Adnan Oktar would sleep only a few hours and spend the rest of his time reading, taking notes and writing. He read hundreds of works including those dealing with Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, communism and materialist philosophy, and carried out detailed studies of the classics as well as more seldom-read texts."What you both did in your school/university for Islam in Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. Adnan Oktar sold his inherited property for creating his initially pamphlet against Atheism…"In a university in which terror ruled, dominated by atheist and materialist movements, it was very difficult for anyone to freely expound his own views and defend his own beliefs. During those years, while many young people in Turkey were ruthlessly slaughtered because of ideological tensions, Adnan Oktar openly preached the existence and oneness of Allah and of the truth of the Qur’an. In a university where no one had the courage to state his beliefs openly, he continued to pray regularly at the mosque, unwavering in the face of reactions and threats. In 1982, the first few students at Mimar Sinan University decided to align themselves with Adnan Oktar in his intellectual struggle."Did you both faced jail???"In the summer of 1986, Adnan Oktar was arrested, with no rightful legal ground whatsoever, for having stated, “I am a member of the Turkish People, and of the Nation of Ibrahim,” in an interview carried by a newspaper. Again under the influence of the circles mentioned above, deceitful reports, groundless information and slanders about him began appearing in various publications.""Adnan Oktar was first arrested and imprisoned. He was confined in a one-man cell for nine months. He was then chained by the foot to a bed in the Forensic Medicine Department for 40 days."What did you both or your any leader for permuting Islam???"After 1991 Adnan Oktar dedicated all his time to writing and spent all his time at home."Under the pen name of Harun Yahya, he has written some 300 valuable books. These books have been translated in more than 60 languages. A total of 550 web sites in 43 languages, 200 in Turkish, have been set up based on these works. These sites attract an average of more than 4 million visits a month. Documentaries based on these works are regularly broadcast by more than 100 television stations in many different countries. Mr. Oktar’s works that present scientific refutations of Darwinism, in particular, provoked strong reactions in the scientific world throughout the world. "

  121. hussain says:

    bhai g !aap kya samajhte ho k shia logon ko kisi nae aj tak samjhaya nahi?woh kisi esi riwayat pe yaqeen he nahi kertay jo unn ki 4 kitaboun k ilawa ho.even agar uss mein se bhi koi ek adhi baat esi nikal aye jo unn k aqayed k khilaf ho toh woh heel o hujjat ker k baat taal jatay hain.Aur aap Ata Turk k baray mein turkey ki aam awam ka opinion follow kerain ge (k ata turk ko Hazrat Khizr alaye hi salam se isharay mltay thay) ya Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ka?iss sawal ka jawab zarur daena aap.aur yeh batayen k yeh Imam Mahdi Alaye hi salam se mutalliq uss ki wasiyyat ka kya chakkar hai?Aur wasay by the way,mein bhi abhi university student hun,aur mera khyal hai k jitna thora bht ho sakta hai allah ki taufeeq se koshish ker raha hun deviants ko deny kernay ki aur Islam ko samajhne ki.

  122. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal FarooqAisa lagta hai ke aap shia,o ke tarah andhy aur behray hain. iss liya aap ko roz-roshan ke tarah haqeeqatain be nazar nahi aati.AM

  123. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq"If I and my leader are puppet of Freemasons/Jews then your are puppet of Iblees/Satan because like Satan you also hate mankind. Satan wants fight between mankind and you also wants fight between followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw) (Shia and Sunni), and between followers of Prophet Abraham (Muslim and people of books)." Alhamdulillah, i am a muslim and i never hate mankind. Agar aap jaisay logon ka bas chalay to na,uzobillah aap shaitan(which is the god of freemason) ke sath be sulah aur aman ke bat kartay. Agar sulah aur aman he sab kuch hota to Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) kabhi bhe Gazwa Ohad,Ghzwa Badr,degar Gazwat aur fatah Makka mein hissa na laitay.Aur hum Ghazwa Hind ka intizar na kartay… khair aur sharr ke darmiyan jang qiayamat tak jari rahay ge.InshallahSo wake up!!!AM

  124. hussain says:

    @Faisal:mein ne yeh nahi kaha k aap freemasons k agent ho,lakin aap ko talakh haqiqatoun ka ilm nahi.rawafidh k khubs e baatin ka andaza nahi aap ko.

  125. @AM@"Aisa lagta hai ke aap shia,o ke tarah andhy aur behray hain."I have posted views of Adnan Oktar about Free Masonry and false believe of Shia but I think Satan is preventing you to read my posted stuff.@"Agar aap jaisay logon ka bas chalay to na,uzobillah aap shaitan(which is the god of freemason) ke sath be sulah aur aman ke bat kartay."Posting again link about Satan. Please read it now… thing you didn't read my links. See Masons worshiping Satan…The Templars worshipped an imaginary entity known as “Baphomet,” a representation of satan, and an essential element of Masonic rituals. a person exposing link between Mason and Satan is a Mason. Aqel Se Kaam Ley :)@"Agar sulah aur aman he sab kuch hota to Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) kabhi bhe Gazwa Ohad,Ghzwa Badr,degar Gazwat aur fatah Makka mein hissa na laitay.Aur hum Ghazwa Hind ka intizar na kartay…khair aur sharr ke darmiyan jang qiayamat tak jari rahay ge"If you know history Prophet Muhammad (saw) never fought and killed anyone before creating Khilafah in Madina. See His (saw) Meccian period. After migration and creating Khilafah all these Ghawah are fought to defend Khilafah and to make authority in land of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (saw) never converted anyone forcefully but corrected people using their own free will. Today Khilafah is not present so fighting and killing without Imam (single authority) will create Anarchy. Ghawa Hind will be fought Insha'Allah after creating Khalifah at Mecca to protect Khilafah. That's way in this blog I am trying to tell all guys priority of Khilafah is first. Our task is help Imam Mahdi to create Khilafah. Ghizwah hind is second task. Without Imam and Khilafah you can't participate Ghazwa-e-Hind. So wake up!!!- Faisal

  126. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal FarooqAap ka tariqa e wardat bhe freemason ke tarah hai.Baat ko gol mol kartay ho.Aur kai jagon par sach bayan karnay ke bad apney taraf se jhoot be shamil kar datay ho.Lagta hai ke aap ke dukhti rag pe hath parha hai iss liyay itna ghusa kartay ho.Agar aap jihalat ke gharah mein girna chahtay hoto hum aap ko nahi rok saktayAM

  127. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq "Today Khilafah is not present so fighting and killing without Imam (single authority) will create Anarchy." Please tell us who abolish kiilafah???Aap ke ladlay Mustafa kemal ataturk ne to buhot naik kam kiya hai.AM

  128. Farooqui says:

    More than 70,000 jewish living in IRAN. According to Hadith 70,000 jewish will help dajaal jewish and christians are not your friends says Quran. and these jewish of iran also a big supporter of Ahmedi Nijaad . and also watched this video about Iran conspiracy a fake propaganda for IMAM MEHDI Adnan oktar said this thing in his website and think about it

  129. @"Aap ka tariqa e wardat bhe freemason…"I think you have a good experience with freemasons so you know them. I never met with any freemason:) Aap to zatiaat per uter ayey ho :)@"Baat ko gol mol kartay ho.Aur kai jagon par sach bayan karnay ke bad apney taraf se jhoot be shamil kar datay ho."you meant any thing which is according to your thoughts is truth otherwise it is false/lie.@"Lagta hai ke aap ke dukhti rag pe hath parha hai iss liyay itna ghusa kartay ho."You calling me and my leader Adnan Okter agent of Freemasons. I am showing anger which is part of my weak personality and it is against teachings of Adnan Oktar. Sorry I can't control it. Kia aap ghussa nahi kar rahey aur kufr ka fatwa laga rahey hai!!!@"Agar aap jihalat ke gharah mein girna chahtay ho to hum aap ko nahi rok saktay"I have provided many links and logical arguments…. Unlike giving valid responses against my arguments and findings you are only accusing others.@"Please tell us who abolish kiilafah??? Aap ke ladlay Mustafa kemal ataturk ne to buhot naik kam kiya hai."World War I and nationalist Arabs and Turks abolished Khilafat. Faisal (not me) of Iraq, his father (Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca) and brothers also took part in abolishing Khilafah…. the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Ataturk led the Turkish national movement in the Turkish War of Independence. liberated his remaining country from western allies. Khilafat already abolished after defeat in world war 1.Quaid-e-Azam liberated/created Pakistan from British. Could he protect Hakumet-e-Mughlia. Similary Ataturk liberated Turk (Anatolia) but could not protect Khilafat. Why??? because according to Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) after abolishing Khilafat only IMAM MAHDI will create last Khilafah. Ataturk was not Mahdi. Why you are trying to create him Mahdi???? Here is views of Ataturk about Khilafat (Union). Please read it this time…ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah. Let us begin with some excellent words by our beloved Ataturk. Look what he says. I believe that Turkish union will one day become a reality. He is saying there will be a Turkish Union. All the Turkic states will unite together. Even if I do not live to see it, my eyes will close dreaming of it. It is his dream. I believe in Turkish Union. Tomorrow, he means our time, will see the Turkish Union, he says. That is Ataturk’s legacy to us, Masha’Allah.

  130. hussain says:

    @Faisal:you did'nt clarify about the will of ata turk about Syedna Mahdi alaye hi salam

  131. @Farooqui Thanks to share this video of Harun Yahya. Which is proving Adnan Oktar is against Iranian/Shia concept of Mahdi. Shia have their own concept of Imam Mahdi and in Iran many beleive Ahmednijaad is Imam Mahdi. Adnan Okter, I and any other supported of Adnan Okter never said Imam Mahdi will be from Iran. I only said according to Hadiths Iran is Khurasaan and ruler of Khurasaan Mansur (may be Ahmednijaad) will help Mahdi. Sufyani (Syeria) will attack Kufa, Hijaz and Iran, and Masnur will fight with him.About 70,000 Jews in Isphahan of Iran I already posted lates figures from wikipedia that today only few hundred Jews are present in this city because after 1400 years and after revolution of Imam Khomini majority are migrated to Israel. So Atheist Jews of Israel will help Dajjal.I have question why we only mention Hadith of 70,000 jews??? Why we don't mention this Hadith???The Messenger of Allah (saas): SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE FROM MY COMMUNITY WEARING TURBANS WILL FOLLOW THE DAJJAL. (Musannaf of ‘Abd ar-RazzaqAbu Bakr Abd ar-Razzaq ibn Hammam, XI, p. 393)SEVENTY THOUSAND SCHOLARS WITH TURBANS FROM MY COMMUNITY WILL FOLLOW THE DAJJAL. (Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Musnad, p. 796)Such a nation will appear in the End Times that THEY WILL RECITE THE QUR’AN BUT IT WILL NOT PASS DOWN THEIR THROATS. THEY WILL BE ABJURED FROM RELIGION LIKE AN ARROW HURLED FROM A BOW. AND EVERY MUSLIM HAS A RIGHT TO STRUGGLE WITH THEM. THEY WILL HAVE SHAVEN HEADS… (Abu Abdur Rahman Ahmad Ibn Shu’aib an-Nasai, Hazrat Ali through the Hadiths, p. 142)

  132. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal FarooqMain kisi par kufr ka fitwa nahain lagana chahtaaur na he ye mira kaam hai.Main sirf sachai pasand karta hon.Meray khail say ab aap fully exposed ho gaiy hain.AM

  133. I BELIEVE THAT TURKISH UNION WILL ONE DAY COME TRUE.Even if I do not see it, I will close my eyes to the world in dreams of it. I BELIEVE IN TURKISH UNION, I SEE IT.The new pages of the new history will open with Turkish Union. World peace will be inside these pages. THE EXISTENCE OF TURKISHNESS WILL OPEN NEW HORIZONS FOR THIS DECREPIT WORLD. Then it will be seen what the Sun means, what horizons mean.(Ataturk's Table, İsmet Bozdağ, Kervan Press, 1975, p. 138-143)What is Ataturk saying? “There will be Turkish-Islamic Union.” The whole Islamic world will unite; countries and states and regimes will maintain their separate existence, but there will be a spiritual union. That is known as Islamic Union. Ataturk’s legacy is the glad tidings foretold by our Prophet (saas), insha’Allah…“IN ORDER THAT THE FADING SUN OF ISLAM SHOULD NOT BE COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED AND SO THAT IT SHOULD SHINE ONCE MORE OVER THE ISLAMIC WORLD” Sultan Selim said,“WE ARE A NATION WHO HAVE RUINED OURSELVES IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH THE SPIRITUAL UNIFICATION OF MUSLIMS.”(Sovereignty of the Nation, 1st Year, No. 29, 13 May 1336-1920; FO:371/5035, E-6781, 10 June 1920., ISLAMIC UNION AND MUSTAFA KEMAL, Prof. Dr. Metin Hülagü, Timaş Press, Istanbul, 2008)Ataturk explicitly stated his desire to eliminate the divisions within the Islamic world, in other words his desire for Turkish-Islamic Union, in various articles of a secret agreement signed between Mustafa Kemal and Amir Faysal, son of Saudi King Abdalaziz bin Saud.Article I: The parties to the agreement regret the current division in the Islamic world and regard it as a sacred duty to eliminate that division, and dedicate themselves to collaborate on that as two nations united religiously, morally and socially. The two nations must assist one another and preserve their religious and territorial integrity with united forces.At a ceremony to mark the raising of the Afghan flag over the embassy in Ankara on January 10th 1922, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said there were powerful bonds between Turkey and the entire Islamic world, just as there were between Turkey and Afghanistan, and that it was important for both countries to work together to create a political equilibrium in the world… Hakimiyet-i Milliye, 1st Year, No. 41, 28 June 1336, p. 3; Sonyel, ibid, Vol. II, p. 230-231Islamic Union and Mustafa Kemal, Prof. Dr. Metin Hülagü, Timaş Press, Istanbul, 2008, p. 88These words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s are a clear indication of the importance he attached to the Muslim states and the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union and that he took significant steps to bring that about.

  134. hussain says:

    Washington post has written that Pakistani soldiers on afghan border have been given small missiles.(This is in accord with the title of the post.)

  135. @"Main kisi par kufr ka fitwa nahain lagana chahtaaur na he ye mira kaam hai.Main sirf sachai pasand karta hon.Meray khail say ab aap fully exposed ho gaiy hain."Calling freemason and jews is fatwa of kufr. App merey comments ka jawab nahi de rahe hai tu kaisy aap sachai ko pa sektey hai? If you thing I am telling wrong they give me valid responses against my all arguments. Fatwa Bazi aur exposed keha band kaery. App ka pass sirf yahi hathiar hain.Do you know ???- Qaid-e-Azam was Ismaeli and later he converted to Shia- Allama Iqbal once praised Ahmedi religion when they were not exposed.- Khalid-bin-Waleed (ra) was against Prophet Muhammad (saw) but later he become Sword of Allah.So people can change. Think it with open heart.

  136. hussain says:

    @faisal farooq:aap shayad bhul gaye hain k unn ki ek nishani yeh bhi byan ki gayee hai k woh unchi azaar (shalwar) pehnein ge.aur yeh nishaniyan bht se wahhabiyon aur tablighiyon pe puri aati hain.Jo Quran majid toh parhte hain lakin unn k diloun pe asar nahi hota.sar bhi un he logon k zada tarr mundhe huey hotay hain.

  137. hussain says:

    @FAisal:Hazrat Allama Iqbal ne kabhi qadiyani/ahmadi madhab ki tareef nahi ki.Unn pe deoband k ulema ne ghalat ilzamat lagaye hain kyun k unhon ne ek nazam mein Hussain Ahmad Madni jo Qiyam e Pakistan ka mukhalif tha ,uss k khub lattay liye thay.aap bhi iss liye ilzam lga rhay ho k aap bhi deobandi ho.Aur quaid k khilaf bhi deobandiyon ne propaganda kiya tha.Haalan k yeh baat saabit ho gayee hai k unhon ne ismaeliyat chhor di thiaur shiya madhab bhi chhor dia tha.

  138. @"aur yeh nishaniyan bht se wahhabiyon aur tablighiyon pe puri aati hain"I never used Hadith for sectarian purpose. Muslim companion of Dajjal is present in every sect/group of Muslim.

  139. @"aap bhi iss liye ilzam lga rhay ho k aap bhi deobandi ho."Deoband and Barelvi are only two cities of India. We can't divide Muslims in name of these two cities. They are only school of thoughts. They are not sect of Islam. I am from university IIUI so I am islamian. If any from university QAU he is Qaudian. Course in both university is same. It is only identification that from where they got degree

  140. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq i am very upset ur comments about Quaid-e-azam and Allama Iqbal .Quaid-e-Azam was a complete he embarrassed islam Allama shabbir usmani teaching him quran.quaid-e-azam namaz-e-janaza performed by laso allama shabbir ahmed usmani his favourite personality is Muhammad s.a.w.w and hazrat umar farooq r.a and Allama iqbal was a true muslim darvesh he was a great saint he neevr support qadyanis or ahmedis if u learn something about iqbal then u will get every thing brother he predict so many thing for imam mehdi, gazwa-e-hind ,future of pakistan and future of muslims .

  141. Farooqui says:

    faisal farooq Quaid-e-Azam was a sunni muslim not a shia . n 1984 the court maintained that "the Quaid was definitely not a Shia".A high court bench reversed this verdict in December 1984. Now the court maintained that ''while the Quaid (Jinnah) was definitely not a Shia, the issue whether Fatima Jinnah was a Shia or not was also now open to for further inquiry''. Which suggested that Jinnah was a Sunni. also check this brother

  142. Farooqui says:

    faisal farooq sahaab khorasaan means Afghanistan not Iran read this borther never help imam mehdi cuz mehdi is not from iran or shia sect thats why iranians never accept him as a imam people of afghanistan means talibaan and mujahideen will be a part of imam mehdi army…..

  143. Shiraz Farooqui, I have posted this link of wikipedia about Greater Khorasan which proves both Iran and Afghanistan are Khorasan. Both will help Imam Mahdi. Yes Imam Mahdi will be sunni and will not be from Iran. Brother read all my comments.

  144. Brother Shiraz Farooqui, My main concern of comment about Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal was that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. Quaid-e-Azam converted from Ismaili to Shia and then Sunni (according to your link). Wikipedia says…In 1970, a court decision stated that Jinnah's "secular Muslim faith made him neither Shia nor Sunni",[1] and in 1984 the court maintained that "the Quaid was definitely not a Shia"So there are different decisions of Butto court and Zia court.It doesn't matter that he is Shia or Sunni. He is a true believer and true Muslim. I don't consider all Shia Kafir. They are our brothers.Similarly Allam Iqbal only praised Ahmedi religion when Ghulam Ahmed didn't claim for prophet-hood. Allam Iqbal criticized them and said they are doing Shirk in Rasalat.My comment was that people can change their views. Quaid-Azam was symbol of unity of Hindu and Muslim but he disappointed from Hindu leaders and leaved congress. Similarly Allama Iqbal was nationalist and wrote poem for Hind "Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara". He also changed his views. Hazrat Khidr guided Allam Iqbal, and Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself guided Quaid-e-Azam in his dream.My point in only Ataturk is also guided by Hazrat Khidher and he left Turk Nationalism and become pro-Khilafat. I have posted his comments in favor of Khilafat.Thanks,Faisal

  145. I'm not supporting Quadiani. They did shirk in prophet-hood and supported Darwinism which is ideology of Dajjal.

  146. Sorry brothers AM (Abdul Malik), Hussain and Shiraz Farooqui. I'm sorry for hurting you all. I was only defending myself and my comments. May be I am unable to communicate properly with you people. There is always goodness in all.Goodness in all

  147. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq"Do you know ???- Qaid-e-Azam was Ismaeli and later he converted to Shia- Allama Iqbal once praised Ahmedi religion when they were not exposed.- Khalid-bin-Waleed (ra) was against Prophet Muhammad (saw) but later he become Sword of Allah."your these points have no waight for your defence of Mustafa kemal Attaturk idealogy. I donot know much about the faith of the Qaid e Azam and what you refered regarding Allama Iqbal's praise for the Ahmedi religion but it is shining fact that God chose them to lay the foundation of the first islamic ideaological country on the surface of the world idealogicaly and physically and…..Mustafa kemal Attaturk was the first man who abolished the centuries old islamic institution of the islamic khilafat, so please accept the actual (Haqeeqat) and the ground reality.AM

  148. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq…(Abdul Malik)My name is not Abdul MalikAM

  149. hussain says:

    @Faisal:Fear Allah for what you said about Hazrat Iqbal.@"Similarly Allam Iqbal only praised Ahmedi religion when Ghulam Ahmed didn't claim for prophet-hood"If Mirza mal'uun had'nt made his claim by then,how could Allama praise ahmadi religion at that time when mirza mal'uun had'nt made his claim ?It shows the personal grudges of deobandi ulema who defamed Iqbal.

  150. @AM (Whatever your name)God chose Mustafa to liberate Turkey after World War I. I have shown you truth about Mustafa if you don't want to read it then it is not my problem.

  151. @HussainAllam Iqbal praised Mirza not his new religion when he didn't claim prophet-hood. See my posted video of his Son Dr Javed Iqbal. Deoband aalim Dr Israr is one of big supporter of Iqbal. I think you never see his 100 of lectures on Iqbal. Don't bring sectarianism.

  152. Mustapha Kemal explains in his speech to the nation in 1927 why he abolished the Caliphate. The text in this booklet is taken from the following book.GHAZI MUSTAPHA KEMAL PASHA SPEECH Delivered byGHAZI MUSTAPHA KEMALPresident of the Turkish RepublicOCTOBER 1927

  153. hussain says:

    @Faisal:acha wasya wo ata turk ki Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam k liye wasiyyat wali baat kya thi?

  154. @HussainThis wasiyyat is not yet opened. It seems that it’s opening has been postponed to year 2014. Ataturk died with his secrets. His wasiyyat contains an address to the Mahdi and pronouncements regarding the Turkish-Islamic Union. See in detail… forget who abolished Caliphate. Think about how to create Turkish Islamic Union of Imam Mahdi predicted by Sheikh Nazim, Adnan Oktar and Mustafa Kamal Ataturk???Sheikh Nazim about Turkish Islamic Union: Oktar about Turkish Islamic Union: about Turkish Islamic Union:,Faisal

  155. hussain says:

    @faisal:who opened it and postponed it?Turkish prime minister?

  156. Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive Jordan-Syria Border – 12-12-11

  157. AM says:

    @Faisal Farooq,Hussain There is no such kind of wasiyat and mustafa kemal meeting with Hazrat Khizr(A.S).These are thatkind of fibrications of the freemasonic system. Actually the whole free masonic system revolvearound such kind of vague and mysterious teachings and rituals. They want to exploit thecuriosity of the human nature.Their all teachings,belief,symbols are full of such kind of mysteriousstuff.We should not decide our future according to such vague and ambiguous beliefs. I have no personal enmity towards Mr mustafa kemal nor i say that everything telling by Adnanoktar is wrong instead he(Adnan oktar) have done some good kind of research work in different field, but it doesnot mean that we accept everything witch he is saying is true because he is saying brothersto Jews and shia's and praising Mustafa kemal attaturk very much.Quran say that the Christiansand jews can never be your even friends and he is calling them brothers,strange.similarly the facts about shia's were posted in my earliercomments which nobody can denied. Similarly what Mustafa kemal attaturk have done some of his heinous crimes i have mentions in my earlier comments. what kind of crimes he committed against so called his own religiousteachings by the champion of so called secular and liberalist dictator which nobody can hide.A Tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds !So please apnay zihin main kissi ka itna bara butt na banain kehaap uss ke har sahih aur ghalat baat ko blindly qubool karin.Thanks

  158. Thanks AM. I want to say only…One must incessantly advocate peace, brotherhood, love with patience. Advocating brotherhood and love has such an interesting form. It never stops, it constantly develops and proceeds, but one must proceed incessantly and decisively.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Moharram is going to end and nothing is there???

  160. Please brother It is advise of precaution from Sheikh Nazim. Read my comment dated December 7, 2011 12:24 PM.Thanks,Faisal

  161. Farooqui says:


  162. @Shiraz FarooquiRead my above comment. I never said some major event will be happened in Muharram. I said 2013/14 will be years of major wars and appearance of Mahdi predicted in Hadiths. I am posting again my comment which I gave on Dec, 7.—It is only precautionary warning of Sheikh Nazim. It is not a prediction. Please read again message of Sheikh Nazim…"There are events & Allah (SWT) knows best, what will happen. Therefore-if it is not necessary- do not travel and go around and about, to Europe or America. The area is under siege. You have to be attentive. Maybe a war will begin in the middle east and the army from Banu Asfar will come to go to Amuq (Syria). The plain of Amuq, not the valley. "He said only some events may occur in this month which proceed us tribulations and wars in next months or years which foretold by our Prophet Muhammad (saw) in various Hadiths. He didn't predict any exact event. It may be earthquake, hurricane, change of any govt or policies of any govt. It may be uprising of people against their tyrant system or may be high level decision in super power which effect future. We cannot predict any particular event. May be Nato attack on Pakistan on 1st Muharram will change future. Only Allah Knows Best.—-Thanks,Faisal

  163. Anonymous says:

    Nothing happened in Muharram. US economy is picking up and things are improving in the West. I don't think there is a possibility of a war in the near future either. Is there any prediction that is relatively short term to test if there is ever anything that actually did come true. I am sick of trying to find a person with Kashf. Is there anyone who really knows what he is talking?

  164. @Anonymous. Very true. I find myself amused how the "educated" gentry on this post start predicting the future when even the holy prophet refrained except when fortolled by Allah SWT. The best Knowledge is from the glorious Qur'an and the authentic Hadith, the rest can lead to confusion, Bidat and finally to Shirk. Wish we muslims remember the last sermon of the holy prophet in which he said that, "I am leaving with you two things, the word of Allah and my Sunnah.So long as you hold to them strongly you will not be lead astray." We need to draw inspiration from the Suhabis, Tabi-eens and Taba-tabieens who never persued Aalm-i-Khalq/ Kashf domains but traveled to the farthest ends of the known world to spread the word of islam. The majority of the population, wherever these holy souls reached, reverted to islam by the conduct of these Momins notwithstanding their arguments in support of the truth. We present day muslims need to be role models for the non-muslims by our conduct, behavior and humility. Unfortunately majority of us are more arrogant, dishonest, intolerant and racist than the non-muslims. While we point one finger to them ( and rightly so ) three get pointed towards us. Let us all start from our homes and be role models for our family and children. If we succeed in that our future generations shall be torch bearers of future for we are in possession of the TRUTH and Allah will question us about that. May Almighty keep us all on Siratu-mustaqeem. Aameen

  165. Adil says:

    sab khatmaloon ka propaganda hai, there is no room for mehdi in islam

  166. Anonymous says:

    Nothing happened. What does everyone has to say about this…

  167. Anonymous says:

    What about Usman mentioned in the pridiction. I am sure its not about Turks.

  168. Usman (Ottoman) means Turks

  169. Anonymous says:

    Hazrat Naimat Shah Wali has given the names of rulers at certain times in the past. He has used the name Usman 4 times in the qasida. He also mentioned Turk several times to represent Turks. I don't know about you guys but I strongly beleive that the new leader Allah Taallah is going to give us is Usman, most likely a General from Pakistan army.Pakistan the Madina e Sani Zindabad.

  170. Sheikh Nazim said Imam Mahdi will be among Turks and have met with Prophet Muhammad (saas) spiritually in mosque of Istanbul. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said Imam Mahdi will capture Istanbul and will migrate from Medina (large city Istanbul) to Mekkah and rule over Arabs.Point me any Hadith indicating Imam Mahdi will be Pakistani or Afghani? Yes his general/follower whose title will be Mansur will come from east or Khursaan (Iran/Afghan/Pak).If Prophet Muhammad didn't mention name of anyone then how a Wali can mention name of any future leader? Mahdi, Mansor, Sufyani, Dajjal, Akba, Tamimi etc are all titles.

  171. Anonymous says:

    Did I mention Imam Mahdi or Sheikh nazim in my note?I mentioned Qasida Naimat Shah Wali and a leader for Pakistan.And of course he did mention names of many rulers in the past for Subcontinent.It seems like you are too keen to tell your version and don't even read what some one wrote.AJAB NAHI KE KHUDA TAK TERI RASAI HOMAGER TERI NIGHA SE POSHIDA ADMI KA MAQAM.Pakistan the Madina e Sani Zindabaad.

  172. @"Did I mention Imam Mahdi or Sheikh nazim in my note?"Brother first some Anonymous said this..Anonymous Feb 1, 2012 12:52 AMWhat about Usman mentioned in the pridiction. I am sure its not about Turks.—-He said this in the article of Sheikh Nazim so I assumed you are same Anonymous talking about Sheikh Nazim and Imam Mahdi as this article is about Imam Mahdi.Problem is in your side that you people hide your name which create confusions…. I assumed both Anonymous are same person…@"It seems like you are too keen to tell your version and don't even read what some one wrote."looked in your statement in your previous comment "I don't know about you guys but I strongly beleive that the new leader Allah Taallah is going to give us is Usman"Who is too keen?You are predicting name of leader. I never predict any name. I am telling you information that Prophet Muhammad (saas) never revealed name of any future leader. He (saas) only tell name of Mahdi to Hazrat Ali (R.A). If you don't like this information then ignore it. I am not forcing you to accept and wait for General Usman.Pakistan ko Madina e Sani samajhney sey pahley is ko Madina Munawara jaisa banao. Sologan sey kuch nahi hota.

  173. Anonymous says:

    come on guys there is no need to fight at all. We should get up and keep our bums moving . sitting here and discussing all this is not doing any good for us and pakistan. all of you people are just trying to impress each other which is making me sick. let me tell you that pakistan is not impressed by any of you.

  174. Anonymous says:

    Thats the best comment and the requirement of the current situation, completely aggered sir.Qasim from Lahore.

  175. I think (may be I am wrong) we should educate ourselves by reading Hadiths and articles about Imam Mahdi so that when He appeared we will be in his side. Why Holy prophet foretold this in Hadiths?People will recognize Mahdi using his spiritual and physical attributes mentioned in Hadiths. If we don't read then how would we recognize him? If we don't know time of his appearance then how we could prepare ourselves? It is not point scoring. I know my comments will not give me any benefits. I don't know you. I only post which I read in past 12 years. I have believe Imam Mahdi is present. All saints are saying same. Sheikh Nazim saying same in last 70 years that this age is age of Imam Mahdi.How will the Mahdi be recognized? (The Mahdi's spiritual attributes) Farooq from Rawalpindi

  176. Anonymous says:

    You are not wrong but let me tell you that you dont need to recognise Hazrat Imam Mahdi, because SURAJ NIKLE GA TO SAB DEKHAIN GE. No body will be able to miss or deny him.My argument is against too much discussion and information which can be use full for another false mahdi, as our people are very straight forward and every body is predicting about him which i consider a huge GUSTAKHI.My focus right now is that how I am going to wellcome Hazrat Imam Mahdi. I am a nobody but i would love to tell him on his appearance that while i was waiting for you i have done this this this for Pakistan. That is my ultimate goal and thats all i want to do and want to see other Pakistanis doing the same thing.Beleive me or not Pakistan is not just a country.

  177. Masha'Allah, Mawlana Is BetterSubhanim AllahSultanim AllahNabim Muhammad Alayhi SalamIt will protect us from Shaitaan… Someone also told me to recite it….!01/02/2011In this heartrending video Mawlana speaks from his sickbed of his inspiration. He directs his sons and Shaykh Adnan in singing a short salawat that he said would grant even shaytan paradise if he could say it.

  178. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you brother Pakistan is not just a country. we all must make preparations for a long journey, all the way to Damascus. And before that we are to fight a another battle. Victory or death doesn't matter here, its the will and action, in the right direction, which is of prime importance. may Almighty Allah bless us courage and strength to be there side by side and all around him, Janab Imam e Zaman. Pakistan is a promised land, its the garison of Jaesh-e-Imam-e-Zaman. Inqlab is on its way. I can feel it right now, its like the utter silence before a thunder storm. May Almighty Allah forgive all our sins, all which we remember and all we don't.

  179. Anonymous says:

    In my observation, Pakistan has an important role in the current situation. There are some sufis working actively in this regard. They are preparing people for all theses situations. These people also use to travel abroad but they are only focusing Pakistanis. If anybody interested to contact these people, can write me. I can send their contacts in Pakistan. My E mail ID is ""

  180. Adeel says:

    I believe this interpretation is incorrect. Imam Mahdi will arrive in this Muharram inshaAllah i.e. Nov-Dec 2012 and that is what is meant by picking up the sword.

  181. I love your blog and really appreciate that you have added the phrase "God knows the best"


  183. Thanks Brother, InshaAllah All these spiritual foretelling are going to become the future of Pakistan and world in coming days and months. Spiritual things occur much before its actual appearance in physical world.

  184. 786, Dear Brother Hussain, As Salam Alaqum RehmatAllah Wabarakat hu, I wish to up-date you that Sultan Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Q.S is the grandson of Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Q.S Sirrahul Aziz from Father and mother side his Mawlana Rumi R.A. Al Hamduillah. Al he is Hassani and Husseni. I am just a mureed of Sultan Awliya.

  185. Event that could occur in 2012: for pakistan citizen: PM and Rabbi Discussing the Moshiach – Dajjal: is The Significance of the year 2012? Sheikh Imran Nazar (This make really sense)according to the current situation like eurozone crises :watch both links: the era of nwo started era of slavery Allah help us all from the comming false flage attack

  186. Event that could occur in 2012: for pakistan citizen: PM and Rabbi Discussing the Moshiach – Dajjal: is The Significance of the year 2012? Sheikh Imran Nazar (This make really sense)according to the current situation like eurozone crises :watch both links: the era of nwo started era of slavery Allah help us all from the comming false flage attack

  187. muqeet says:

    i still dont understand how and why did the muharram thing regarding the shah namait ullah came true

  188. muqeet says:

    come on guy any one

  189. anonymus says:

    Assalam o alaikum,faqar baie masha Allah great contribution..jazaka Allah ne yahan bahut zaberdast kism ki columns wagera study kin masha Allah bahut dil ko sakoon mila or hushi b horahe he ke insha Allah pakistan ka or muselmano ka mustaqbil roshan he..brothers me yahan kuch share kerna chahta hun aplogon ke sath.. me sunni syed hun..mera taluq baanu(Suba Khyber pakhtunkhwa se he) bahut bachpan se bahut ajeeb kism ki khwab dekta hun lekin kisi ko samaj nai aatin..yahan mje munasib platform mila islie share kerna chahta ziada detail me to nai jana chahta hun but me ne kaise dafa piare aaqa Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.S)ko khwab me deka or wo mje keh rahe te ke jihaad ki tayari shuru kerdo kionke imam mehdi aane wale hain, bus bahut kam arsa he bhut hi next post me ek interesting khwab share karunga..jazaka Allah kher..wassalam..

  190. minfa says:

    اسلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہپیارے بھائی محترم شیخ ناظم الحقانی نے فرمایا کہ محرم میں لوگ دیکھ لیں گے۔ تو سر مجھے لگتا ہے کہ وہ پچھلے محرم کی بات کر رہے ہیں جو کہ شائد گزر گیا ہے ؟ یا پھر وہ اس 2012 کے محرم کی بات کررہے ہیں؟؟؟پلیز اس بارے تھوڑا کلیر کر دیں شکریہوالسلام

  191. Anonymous says:

    @ Adeel: How did you figure Nov-Dec 2012?

  192. waqar says:

    add me on on facebook or google talk..i wanna know about sheikh nazim

  193. Anonymous says:

    Assalamo Alaykom, Shayk Nazim is not SultanulAwliya. He has never ever said it himself and higher ranking AwliyaAllah says that Shayk Nazim is amongst the Abdals, specifically he is an Abrar.View this link:

  194. Anonymous says:

    If you people really wanna see the true King of all Saints at present time, then look no further than to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

  195. nn says:

    aslam o alaikummonth of muharam gone nothing happened as everybody expect.

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