A Great Leader Will Appear From Pakistan (Predictions By Famous Astrologer Ghazi Munajim)

پاکستان روحانی ہستیوں نے بنایا ہے اور خدا کا اپنا ملک ہے

Ghazi Abdul Yawar (Ghazi Munajim)

Famous Writer Mumtaz Mufti mentioned an astrologer ‘Ghazi Munajim’ in his book ‘Alakh Nagri’ in the chapter of Pakistan and its future. Mumtaz Mufti wrote: ‘Ghazi Munajim is also predicting Great Future of Pakistan and Islamic Renaissance’.

Alakh Nagri (Page 969)

Another reference of ‘Ghazi Munajim’ is found in  Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal RA‘s ‘Khutbaat-e-Kamal’ (See here) which inspired us to do a post on his predictions. After reading below extract, one thing becomes evident that Ghazi Munajim is an expert astrologer as well as a spiritual personality and his predictions were published in many Pakistani Newspapers in 1980s or 1990s (from 1968 according to Ghazi Munajim).

Khutbaat-e-Kamal (Page 324)
Predictions From Ghazi Munajim’s Book: Mehdi Maseeh Ki Sadi
Expert Astrologer Ghazi Munajim, President of Pakistan Society of Astrology & Principal of Ghazi Najoom College. Rawalpindi.



Ghazi Munajim’s Book: Ghazi Hazar Paishangoiyan-o-Mashware
(Published in 2004, Pages 250)

This book contains 1000 predictions and advices which Ghazi did from 1968 to 2004. He established Ghazi Najoom College in 1970. Ghazi Munajim passed away in November, 2012 at the age of 90. Here are few pages from this book.


Ghazi Munajam in ‘thenew’ article (April 28, 2009)

Prophets’ disrespect ‘may lead world towards destruction’
The countries where names of the prophets are not mentioned with proper protocol are going to face a large-scale destruction in the near future, claimed Ghazi Munajam, an astrologist, here on Monday. 
(Read details at above link)

He said those elements that are trying to disintegrate Pakistan must know that God created it and no one has the ability to make any damage to it. Ghazi Munajam said he wrote a book titled ‘Pakistan: A Country of God’ in which it was mentioned that any one who would try to disintegrate it itself would dash to the ground.

Admin’s Note: Reason for doing this post is to tell people about spiritual importance of Pakistan and as Ghazi Munajim mentioned meeting of stars in 4th Feb,1962, a similar prediction was done by Famous Astrologer Jean Dixon as well so West knows about the importance of these regions.  (Imam AS may emerge from any of these regions. Only God Knows The Best)

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  1. Dear Readers !Please don't start a debate on astrology, Second plz don't write Allama Iqbal's famous couplets on astrology and destiny, I already know many of these couplets. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    As usual i forgot that in some past post, a fellow also claimed that the awaited leader will emerge from punjab.Now was my fellow claiming this from some other source or Ghazi Manajim was his source. As that was the first claim of its kind, that the awaited leader will be from Punjab, that i came across and i feel that it is not a coincidence.Secondly if he was to have been appeared in 1980's then how old will he be now as 30 yrs have passed.Thirdly what kind of Zahiri Nishanian is Ghazi talking about that are missed by us???AK

  3. Asslaam Aleykum jnab Faqar e Ghayoor Saheb, ap se guzarish hey k apney post kiye huwey literature pe dobara nazarsani karain, is main bohat si batain islam k bilkul hi khilaf hain, aik shaks jis ka nam ghazi munajjam hey , apni peshangoiyon main mushrikana soch rakhta hey, maslan , wo kehta hey, k khudawandon ka khudawand, aye ga. aur is k ilawa bohat si batain islam k khilaf hain, please ap Muslmanon ko jahalat ki batain na btaain.

  4. hussain says:

    @Faqr:mein dekh raha hun k comments k maamlay mein yeh post aap ko tough time dae gi.Kya ghazi saheb abhi zinda hain?aur yeh jo upar aap ne scans upload kiye hain yeh kis year k hain?1981-1982 yeh sab hoax hai.esi ek hoax mein ne Harun Yahya ki site pe bhi parhi thi.woh harun yahya ne khud nahi kahi thi bal k kisi aur banday ko quote kiya tha jis ne kaha tha k Mahdi ALaye hi salam 1982 mein zahir hon ge.

  5. hussain says:

    1981-1982 tak Pakistan mein ek se zada log manzar e aam per aye hain jo mehdiyat k jhutay daway daar thay.Riaz Gohar Shahi malu'un,Yousuf kazzab malu'un ne awam ko gumrah kiya.iss k ilawa kuch saal pehle,(year 2000 k baad ki baat hai) faisalabad k ek admi ne mehdiyat ka dawa kiya aur uss ki video bhi news channel per ayi thi.khabees shakhs firing ker raha tha aur sath hans raha tha.agar toh ghazi munajjam waqai christian hai toh aap ko yeh post nahi publish kerni chahiye thi.yeh comment type kertay huey mere dil mein Alhamdulillah woh ayat ka mazmun aya k jis ka mazmun hai k momino ! tumharay paas agar koi faasiq khabar le ker aya keray toh uss ki tehqiq ker liya kero.ghour ki jiye yeh hukam toh khabr k mualliq hai,toh phir pesh goyi k mutalliq ehtyat ka kya aalam ho ga woh bhi gher muslim source se?umeed hai aap iss post ko filhaal hata daen ge idhar se ,uss waqt tak jab tak k ghazi munajjam ka background na pata chal jaye.

  6. @AKI think, Ghazi Munajim is still alive as I posted 'thenew' article of 2009 link, unfortunately there is no info on net about him. Anybody living in Rawalpindi can help us.I was reluctant to do post on him but after faqeer Bagh Hussan Kamal RA' reference, I did this post because I know him from Book Alakh Nagri.I don't have answer of your questions but I must say Well done Ghazi Munajim, as he is saying Pakistan as Country of Spiritual forces, and we know, its proved by Saints also.@Mujahidthis extract is from his book as I found it, Although I changed it, If Mumtaz Mufti and Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal RA didn't mentioned him in their books, I never try do this post.Give him some respect. He seems me very knowledgeable person….Lets wait and see whether his predictions comes true or not.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ All the above postsVery well taken points as there is only one badshahon ka badshah i.e. ALLAH the GREATEST.AK

  8. @HussainI said this due to his wording. Lets wait for some time and see….but his predictions are in favor of Pakistan.

  9. NN says:

    @ faqar so you are brining slowly slowly all the relative post for Imam , and might it will be some how difficult to believe and to understand for others since here on the blog our friends has some other sorts of discussion which is entirly different for Imam.As i always mentioned that this personality will be from our pak zameen inshallah, and one of my friend gave me thousand of explanation to convince that it will not be like this and so on, inshallh we all will be wintess for that moments. NN

  10. @AKYou all think Mumtaz Mufti and Faqeer Bagh Hussain RA didn't know him or people didn't read him in newspaper. You all are not focusing what he said rather taking his one word, and start commenting. I know the risk in this post…but I can't hide what is truth. He is a loyal Pakistani citizen, better than many so called liberal fascists.

  11. Anonymous says:

    @Faqarwhen i was asking about the age of the person after a lapse of 30 yrs, I was asking about the age of the leader not the astrologer.Well I must admit that it is the first post that has created a sort of doubt and ambiguity in my mind due to "alfaz ka chunao" as is done in the predictions by the astrologer.AK

  12. @AllNow If I post Jean Dixon, you all will become happy to read her. In fact, I have a post on Jean Dixon already but nobody commented on his believes but If a Pakistani Patriotic Astrologer says something, you think its wrong.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It looks like predictions in sponsors in our suday magzines nothing impressiveplease take my words in good faith

  14. hussain says:

    @Faqr:punchline……….after this dont give another argument,Allah k Nabi Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam toh farma rahay hain k MAhdi Alaye hi salam kaalay jhandon walay lashkar mein hon ge jo khurasan se niklay ga.agar old khurasan wali theory maan bhi li jaye toh punjab kabhi bhi old khurasan ka hissa nahi tha.aur wasay bhi ahadith ki roshni mein jamhur ka ittefaq iss baat pe hai k MAhdi Alaye hi salam ko sab se pehle hajj k moqa pe log pehchanein ge phir fatah e istanbul aur khuruj e dajjal waghera unn ki public appearance k 6 ya 7 months k andar ho ga.WALlahu Aalam.aap ek najoomi ki baat ko hadith pe tarjeeh dae rahay ho,Nauzbillah.

  15. @AKThese words are used by Astrologer himself. What can I do…If I edit, then its dishonesty on my side. May be in future we find more about him. He is principal and president, a well known personality I think.

  16. hussain says:

    @Faqr:dont make it an issue of your ego.Jeane dixon ne ba wasuq taur per yeh nahi kaha k zahur e MAhdi Alayehi salam punjab se ho ga.Nauzbillah.Zaban e khalq ko naqqara e Khuda samjho mian.

  17. @HussainBrother, Its his predictions, not mine :)We already seen a Hadith from A Man with stick comes from Qahtan Tribe…..People from Qahtan scattered all over the world. What can we say. Ahadith are most authentic and reliable source for us.No doubt in it, things will occur as mentioned in these Ahadith with the Will of Allah.and you know I posted, Allama Iqbal said , Guide of time will appear from deserts of Hijaz…but Allama Iqbal also mentioned Punjab region very important…..Wait until we find some more connections.

  18. hussain says:

    jo jo banda yeh kehta hai k zahur e Mahdi Alaye hi Salam punjab se ho ga ,woh hadith k khilaf baat ker raha hai.mein pakisttan iss liye nahi keh raha k woh patriots jo old khurasan ki theory se lipatt ker bethe hain woh foran delail denay ayen ga.halan k hadith k alfaz ko dekhen toh logical yehi lagta hai k aaj k khurasan se zahur ho warna agar old khurasan ki theory k mutabiq pakistan k shamali ilaqon ya afghanisan se zahur hota hai toh logon k paas ek hujjat reh jaye gi un ko join na kernay ki k khurasan toh iran mein tha iss liye hamein pata nahi chala.Lakin Nabi Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam ne jo paegham aur nasihat di woh akmal tariqay se di,uss mein koi heel o hujjat ki gunjayesh nahi.iss liye old khurasan wali theory toh ghalat lagti hai.

  19. hussain says:

    @faqr:bari tezi se paentra badla hai aap ne.upar toh aap ne likha hai k i can't hide what is truth?aur neechay yeh.sach baat yeh hai k yeh post delete kernay mein aap ki ego aaray aa rahi hai.sab ne dislike ki hai ye post.

  20. NN says:

    @ Allfaqar is right as he said if he post"Now If I post Jean Dixon, you all will become happy to read her."actually no one has believe on the spiritual side if it comes from our land but if its comes from Trukey or cyprus then all is truth.and moreover on one has any spiritual experince happend with them in their life but they are only seeing such experinces from others therefor how they will built the belief .if adnan say this thing might every body start commenting in the healthy ways since he is declared a philospher of new generation and most active person on this earth promoting Imam , but on the other side if some thing comes from our land then ita not turth.please ask you heart one time that gazi sahib saying something in favour our land so there are some grounds behind this all saying , might he posted all this for some one else request or might he has been orderd to say all that in the book or might he has seen some thing beyond the eyes . NN

  21. hussain says:

    @NN:aap ko bhi yehi kehun ga k jeane dixon ne kahin bhi yeh nahi kaha k zahur e mahdi ALaye hi Salam punjab se ho ga,jab k yeh shakhs ghazi khullam khulla keh raha hai.Aamad nahi bal k zahuur k mutalliq keh raha hai k punjab se ho ga.kya yeh khilaf e hadith nahi ?

  22. Anonymous says:

    @NNYour post made me confused that whether this leader will be from Punjab or not.Now there are two things a)Leader of all Ummah i.e. Imam Mehdi b)another leader who will be the greatest support i.e. ghazi-e-Ghazwa-e-Hind who after Hind will join forces with Mehdi.So you are talking about the leader of point b) as leader a) in my humble opinion wont be from Pakistan.Plz also share facts which you know so that newbies like me also get some inside info.AK

  23. hussain says:

    @AK:khullam khulla yeh kehna k zahur e Mahdi ALaye hi salam pakistan se ho ga,dar asal qadianiat aur gohar shahi k nazariyat ki taraf gumrah kernay ki koshish hai.ab yeh nahi pata k ghazi saheb ne yeh daanista kaha ya phir woh apne alfaaz ki sangeeni ko samajhte nahi thay aur unhon ne ghazwa e hind aur Aamad e Mahdi Alaye hi salam k mutalliq detail se nahi parha tha aur unhein donaun events aur un k sequential events ka difference nahi pata tha.

  24. @HussainApp ki itlaa ke liye Jean Dixon ne jo illaqa btaya woh taqreeban Pakistan hi banta hai. Ghazi Munajim mentioned 1962 in above post, exactly same year told by Jean Dixon….Plz do some research on Jean Dixon predictions…..You will find them. We are happy if Imam comes from Hijaz or any other country. Do you have some specific area in your mind? You can tell. Appearance and living are different for me.

  25. @HussainQadiani ki taraf ishara nahin bocs woh to kaab ka jahanaum raseed ho chukka. he is predicting about coming leader not the one which was died and you know Ghazi Munajim rejected Gohar Shahi as Imam. Its an old debate. Leave fake Imam Mehdi if anybody claimed. Fake ones will be destroyed by Allah. Only true will remain InshaAllah

  26. Anonymous says:

    @ALL & Sp. FaqarControversies or no controversies, this blog is the best find of 2011 for me though i have started following the debating comments in the last month. B/w kids, office, wazaif and reading (core points of my life) whenever i get even 5 minutes to open Future of Pakistan, it freshens me up.May ALLAH bless you all!!!!!!!!!!AK

  27. @AKSeeing Future of Pakistan from All degrees and angles. 🙂 From Hijaz, Turkey, Afghanistan and now Punjab….Well, If you become bore from these predictions, I will start Tashreeh of Allama Iqbal Poems one by one.

  28. Aslaam AleykumALHAM DU LILLAH , jis ne apney iman ki fikr ki aur zaheri aur chupey shirk se bachta raha , INSHA ALLAH , ALLAH WAHDAHU LA SHAREEK ZAROOR USEY BACHAAYE GA,@ FAQAR e ghayoor , jesa k ap ka muwaqqaf hey k ghazi munajjam ne pakistan k future k barey main achhi batain ki hain, uski international bohat izzat hey, aur hamain bhi uski respect karni chahye, kyun k wo pakistan ki bat kar raha hey ,agar ghazi munajjam ko respect deni hey to in k sath un najoomiyon ko bhi respect deni chahye jo firoun k darbar main they jinhon ne sadiyon pehley hazrat Moosa a.s. k aney ki khabar de di thi. aur un ki peshan goi k mutabiq theek usi waqt usi qoum main yani bani israeel main Hazrat Moosa a.s. paida huwey . agar QURAAN KAREEM UN firoun k darbari NAJOOMIYON KO ZARRA BARABAR BHI RESPECT DETA HEY TO AAJ K MUSHRIKON KO BHI RESPECT DENI CHAHYE JO ANEY WALEY WAQT KI KHABAR DETEY HIAN elime najoom ko islam k mutabiq use karna chahye, na k shetan k mutabiq. bohat se logon ko ALLAH WALON KI SHAN KA PTA NAHI HEY. K RUHANIYAT WALON KI SHAN KYA HOTI HEY AUR ELM K PARAKOO LOGON KA MAQAAM KYA HOTA HEY. MAIN APKO AIK WAQEA SUNATA HUN AP KO ANDA HOGA K AIK WALI KYA KAR SAKTA HEY AUR NAJOOMI KYA KAR SAKTA HEYaik dfa aik hindoo najoomi AALA HAZRAT IMAM AHMAD RAZA KHAN R.A. k pas agya aur kehhney laga k ap k barey main bohat charchah suna hey , k ap saheb e karamat wali hain . wo kehney laga k aap mujhey btaain k aaj barish hogi k nahi , wo tha to hindoo aur aa bhi usi waqt gya k jis waqt aasmaan par bikul bhi badal nahi they aur na hi door door tak kahin badlon ka namo nishan tha. aasmaan bilkul saaf tha. uski baat sunkar AALA HAZRAT R.A NE FARMAYA K main to bta dunga lekin muj se pehley tum btao k aaj barish hogi k nahi , us najoomi ne apney sarey jantar mantar se hisab lagaya aur phir elim e najoom bhi dekh liya lekin yehi pta chala k barish nahi hogi, uski baat sunkar AALA HAZRAT .r.a ne farmaya k aaj barish hogiye farma kar AALA HAZRAT .r.a ne AAsman ki taraf apni ungli se ishara farmaya aur aanan faanan badal ban gaye are usi waqt barish bars gai . unki shan dekh kar wo hindoo bohat sharminda huwa, ye hota he elm najoom aur ruhaniyat main faraq.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hafiz I have done a great research on these topics. But for all my fellow brothers keep in mind."The time difference between our world(Alam-e-Nasoot) and in hidden world(alam-e-barzakh) is very important. One minute in Hidden world (alam-e-barzakh) is equal to 500 years of this world. "So always do remember If anyone sees the near future in the other world (kashf) that doesn't mean that will be occur soon. But there is some possibility if seer(kashf) brain speed is nearly approaches to hidden world then the time difference he can judge and can predict approximately 99%.Very important one from my side:"Imam mehdi will be appear in 1500 hijri."This is the exact time.Before that very bloody wars.Hafiz

  30. Farooqui says:

    just delete this post immediately this is a controversial post

  31. abdul says:

    imam mahdi R.A pakistan se zahir nahi honge unka zahoor arab ke alaqe se hoga aur baitul muqaddas ko darul khalafa banai ge aik to yeh baat dosri hazrat imam mahdi ke chaccha zad bahi honge jinko ahadees main (hashmi) ke laqb se pukara geya hai wo khurasan se zahir honge imam mahdi se pehle.unke lashkar ka sepha salar yani commarder shoib bin saleh hoga yeh suffiyani se laren ge aur uske lashkar ko shikast de gai aur imam mahdi ke leye rasta saaf kare geWALLAHUALM

  32. abdul says:

    main ne jo likha hai yeh ahadees mai hai fitan ki kitabon main is leye bahiyo larna choro

  33. hussain says:

    @abdul:aap theek keh rahay hain lakin masla yeh hai k kuch logon ne iss baat ko belief bna liya hai k Imam Mahdi Alaye hi salam zahur k baad pakistan mein jalwa farman hon ge,halan k yeh baat 100% wasuq se nahi kahi ja sakti.kuch log iss se bhi 2 hath agay nikal gaye hain aur unhon ne kaha hai k unn ka zahur he Punjab se ho ga.jab punjab se kisi rehnuma k anay ki baat ki jaati hai toh zehan mein ek naam toh aata hai lakin behrhaal controversies uss naam k sath bhi bht zada jurri hui hain,haqeeqat wazeh nahi ho saki aaj tak.lakin yeh baat toh tae hai k imam Mahdi alaye hi salam ka zahur pakistan se nahi hona aur na he yeh baat 100% yaqeen se kahi ja sakti hai k unn ka markaz e khilaaft yani capital state pakistan mein ho ga.thjats it.

  34. @hussain@"1981-1982 yeh sab hoax hai.esi ek hoax mein ne Harun Yahya ki site pe bhi parhi thi.woh harun yahya ne khud nahi kahi thi bal k kisi aur banday ko quote kiya tha jis ne kaha tha k Mahdi ALaye hi salam 1982 mein zahir hon ge."Yes Harun Yahya and Sheikh Nazim said Imam Mahdi will appear in 1979/80 (start of hijri 1400). It is not appearance to public as Imam Mahdi but it is time when he will start his intellectual struggle with his companions against Atheist philosophies like Communism.The Prophet (saas) said: "People will gather around Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the year 1400." (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 108) http://www.harunyahya.com/books/faith/jesus_and_mahdi_will_come_this_century/jesus_and_mahdi_01.phphttp://www.harunyahya.com/mahdi03.phpThere will be various stages to Hazrat Mahdi's (as) term of serviceBy Allah’s leave, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will begin his work at the age of around 35-40. When he first appears, aged around 40, people will not initially realize he is Hazrat Mahdi (as), though this will be understood in time. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not, as some people have maintained, someone who will have ethereal characteristics that identify him as soon as he appears, someone invulnerable to the atom bomb, tanks or artillery shells, or with angels clearly seen on a cloud above his head. The appearance of angels takes place only in the world of the angels and is visible only to them. (Allah knows the truth.) And there is no such description of any such Mahdi in the completely reliable hadith of our Prophet (saas). Under the holy law of Allah, every human being created is subjected to testing. No prophet has ever had such ethereally attributes. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be recognized through his many successes brought about by Allah using him as a means. Allah will use him as a means in bringing the moral values of Islam to prevail across the world, and will introduce Hazrat Mahdi (as) to people. However, it will only truly be realized that he is Hazrat Mahdi (as) when the Prophet Jesus (as) prays behind him under his imamate. Then people will say, “Allah knows the truth, this person is Hazrat Mahdi (as)”.Terms in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) about the End Times, such as "Hazrat Mahdi will live 14 years," "Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have a life of 30 years" and "Hazrat Mahdi will remain on Earth for 40 years …" indicate that there will be various phases to Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) life, intellectual struggle and spiritual dominion based on the moral values of the Qur’an….For more see…http://www.awaitedmahdi.com/article.php?id=14219

  35. @HussainPlz wait….some things are still hidden. I agree Imam AS will be appear from Hijaz but he has deep connection with Pakistan…. Now I am remembering an important saying said by Ghous ul Azam (Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani RA). Plz wait for few days…I will post this.I have added a detailed Hadith-e-Mubarika. Most Authentic source for us

  36. Anonymous says:

    @ HussainThe leader you r talking about from punjab, will he work for revival of Islam in pakistan?? (Not mehdi, of course).Can u tell about it as i m not clear as whether this leader will be a spiritual person visibly (from his outlook) or an ordinary leader as far as his beleifs are concerned.AK

  37. hussain says:

    @Faisal:If you had been following the sohbats of Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz,you would know that he mentioned it dozens of time that Syedna Mahdi ALaye hi Salam will be sahib ul karamat.Jinns and angels will be his protectors and they are protecting him at the moment.When he'll say takbirs,istanbul will be conquered and he has mentioned many other things over the decades which show his (Syedna Mahdi's) supernatural powers .May Allah bless him.aamin.I'm sorry but it is the basic difference between deobandi school of thought and swad ul azam.Deobandi school thought focuses only on the material aspects which can be justified by the simple physical laws.While swad ul azam gives the Holy ones and the noble ones their due respect.

  38. @To All ReadersI have added a note at the top, Please try to understand why all forces of evil are gathered around Pakistan, the astrologers in west told them that Pakistan will be upcoming superpower so they are imposing a war on Pakistan at all fronts.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ahadees may to hay kay aik sukhus madeena say bhag kar mekkah chala jaiy ga kion kay aik kaleefa kay marnay per umat kisi khaleefa ki talash may ho gi us waqt madina say makkah janay walay Imam MEHDI hon gay jin say larnay kay liay aik lusker sufiani ki kiadat may shaam say aiy ga jo rastay may dhunss jaiy ga us lasker say aik ya do log jo buch jain gay baqi logon ko is ki itlaa dain gay jis per yeh yaqeen ho jaiy ga kay yehi Imam hain log un kay haath per bait karain gay gazawe hind larnay wala sipasalar zaroor pakistani ho ga shied yeh usi ka ziker is post may ho is kay lausker baad may ja ker Hazrat Issa ki madad karain gay

  40. Anonymous says:

    @FaqarThanxxxxxxxxxThe pace of new posts has really accelerated but dont made mere promises of a new post in advance as then i start counting the days for the new one as in your above comments about Ghous-e-Azam, plz tell us now if it is connected with this topic.I hope u wont mind our demands as we say whatever comes into our minds without realising ur efforts and some comments are pretty hard too!!AK

  41. @AKI have to do a lot of research on these posts, I am like you, Job + Family…… but Islam and Pakistan is my love.Actually What Ghous ul Azam RA said was really strange and that event was also very strange (Although it is not directly related to Pakistan but still it is related to Imam Mahdi AS and Pakistan)Suspense….!!I will try to do next post on Sunday. Let me confirm this from other sources as well.

  42. @AllSo much confusion that Imam Mahdi will appear in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Hijaz or Turkey???I have no confusion as there are difference areas and period of his struggle mentioned in Hadiths…Hadhrat Umme Salmah (R.A.) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, " After the death of a Ruler there will be some dispute between the people. At that time a citizen of Madina will flee (from Madinah) and go to Makkah. While in Makkah, certain people will approach him between Hajrul Aswad and Maqaame Ibraheem, and forcefully pledge their allegiance to him.This Hadith is related to Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.). He says that my intimate friend Hadhrat Muhammad (Sall-Allaho-'Alayhe-Wasallam) told me that:“In this Ummah, the troops would be headed towards Sindh & Hind”"Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) says that if I could find a chance to participate in any of such movement & (while participating in it) I be got martyred, then well & good; if came back as a survived warrior, then I would be a free Abu Hurairah, to whom Allah Almighty would have given freedom from the Hell.”During Hazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle that will begin in Istanbul there will be a Meccan period, a Jerusalem period and a Roman periodhttp://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/14619/DURING_HAZRAT_MAHDI_S_(AS)_STRUGGLE_THAT_WILL_BEGIN_IN_ISTANBUL_THERE_WILL_BE_A_MECCAN_PERIOD,_A_JERUSALEM_PERIOD_AND_A_ROMAN_PERIODSo he will rise in Istanbul, he will go Sham, people will take bait/oath in mecca (start of Khilafat), He will conquer Jerusalem, Sindh (Pakistan), Hind (India) using help of Mansur of Khurasan (Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan was never be part of Greater Khurasaan). So he will first create caliphate in these areas.Are many predictions about leader from Pakistan (Punjab) in this blog wrong???Not necessary because there are different Mahdis one is Greater Mahdi and other are lesser Mahdis.In his book, Ibn Munavi states: There are three Sufyani and three Mahdis. The first Sufyan will come for the first Mahdi, the second Sufyani for the second Mahdi and the third Sufyani for the third Mahdi.(Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 64)This hadith says there will be three Sufyan corresponding to three Mahdis. The third Mahdi for the third Sufyan is the true and great Mahdi (Hazrat Mahdi (as))http://www.awaitedmahdi.com/various_istanbul.htmlMahdi is the posthumous (occurring after a person's death) recognition. Abul Ala Maududi (1903–1979) stated that the Mahdi will be a modern Islamic reformer/statesman, who will unite the Ummah and revolutionise the world according to the ideology of Islam, but will never claim to be the Mahdi, instead receiving posthumous recognition as such.Greater Mahdi will be Imam of lesser Mahdis and lesser Mahdis will be one of 313 companions of Greator Mahdi. Mansur of Khurasaan (Iran) will be one of lesser Mahdi. Similarly man in green Turban (Sheikh Nazim) is also one of lesser Mahdis.Q. What is your understanding of the hadith Hadrat Adnan is quoting about the man who heralds the way for Hadrat Mahdi (as) in a turban being Shaykh Nazim?A. There are different levels of Mahdi, the lesser Mahdi’s and the Great Mahdi (as), who is their Imam. Mawlana is one of the lesser Mahdi’s we know, identified as a Mujaddid, but people will never know why until after his life. He bears all of the signs mentioned in the ahadith and marks on his face, for those who can see.The man inside the turban mentioned in that narration is one who has no authority of his own, meaning spiritual authority from Prophets, but is authorized by a man of spiritual and Prophetic authority (i.e. is inside his turban). It is one of the Caliphs of a great Saint who is doing this task.http://ahmedamiruddin.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/harun-yahya-shaykh-nazim-is-heralding-in-the-way-for-al-mahdi/Lesser Mahdi from Pakistan: Don't know

  43. Analyst says:

    ppl don't confuse.he is not imam mehdi who will emerge from pakistan.he is a spiritual personality and he is doing his work.Yes,he is from Punjab,he has announced rohani inqilaab,hindus,sikhs christians of pakistan love him.Many shias and wahabbis had reverted from their maslks.More than six thousand mashaikhs have gathered under him through roohani instruction given to them.He is peer of peers.He is working for physical grounds to be favourable.

  44. Analyst says:

    توار، 30 نومبر 2008مذاہب عالم کی جانب سے صدیقی لاثانی سرکار کی "قومی امن کمیٹی برائے بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی "میں بطور" مرکزی صدر "تقرری پر مکمل تائیدوحمایت کا اعلان۔ گزشتہ روز ہوٹل لیڈرزان لاہور میں ہندو،سکھ،عیسائی ،بہائی ،پارسی رہنماﺅں نے ”صوفی مسعوداحمد صدیقی لاثانی سرکار کی قومی امن کمیٹی برائے بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی میں بطور مرکزی صدر“تقرری کے اعزاز میں عظیم الشان تقریب کا اہتمام کیا ۔اس موقع پر مذاہب عالم کے اسکالرز جن میں ڈاکٹر منوہر چاند (ہندوکمیونٹی )،سمیتا ملہوترا(ہندوکمیونٹی )،سردار شام سنگھ (سکھ کمیونٹی )،ڈاکٹر داراحرمت جی (پارسی )نوشیرون دستور(پارسی)ڈاکٹر ماریہ اروڑا(بہائی کمیونٹی )رانا اعجاز (سابقہ صوبائی مشیر )عبدالحکیم (ممبر لاہور روٹری کلب)،چمن سردار (سکھ کمیونٹی )نے متفقہ طورپر صوفی مسعوداحمد صدیقی کو ”قومی امن کمیٹی برائے بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی کا ”مرکزی صدر“بننے پر مبارکباد پیش کی اور مذاہب عالم کی طرف سے آپ کی بھرپور حمایت اور اعتماد کااعلان کیا اور حکومت کے اس فیصلے کو انتہائی دانشمندانہ فیصلہ قراردیا ۔مختلف مذہبی راہنماﺅں نے اس بات کی بھی یقین دہانی دلائی کہ صدیقی لاثانی سرکار کی ولولہ انگیز قیادت میں ملک میں بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی کو تیزی سے فروغ ملے گا ۔اس موقع پر صوفی مسعوداحمد صدیقی نے مذاہب عالم کے راہنماﺅںکی طر ف سے اعتماد وحمایت دئیے جانے پران کا شکریہ اداکیا اور حکومت پاکستان کی طرف سے جید مشائخ کو امن کمیٹی میں اعلیٰ عہدوں پر فائز کرنے پر اس فیصلے کو پاکستان کی تاریخ میں پہلی مرتبہ میرٹ پرہونےوالا فیصلہ قرار دیا ۔آپ نے مزید فرمایا کہ سابقہ حکومتی امن کمیٹیوں میں نااہل لوگوں کی شمولیت سے ان کو امیج بہت خراب ہوچکا ہے ،مگر اب انشاءاللہ !وزیرِ اعظم پاکستان مخدوم سید یوسف رضا گیلانی کے اس کمیٹی میں جید مشائخ اور معتدل مزاج اسکالرز کی تعیناتی سے آنےوالے چند ماہ میں ہی ایک بہت بڑا انقلاب دیکھنے کو ملے گا ۔ہم تمام مذاہب عالم اور جید مشائخ کو مرکزی اور صوبائی سطح پر ساتھ لےکر چلیں گے اور یہی نشاة ثانیہ کا دور ہے اور عنقریب وہ وقت دور نہیں جب اولیاءاللہ اور معتدل مزاج اسکالرزاس دنیا میں مثبت انقلاب برپا کردیں گے ۔آپ نے حکومت پاکستان کو یقین دہانی دلائی کہ آنےوالا وقت گواہی دے گا کہ موجودہ امن کمیٹی کی تعیناتی میرٹ پر ہونے کی وجہ سے ملک میں بین المذاہب امن اتحاد ایک انقلاب برپا کردے گا۔

  45. First time I heard about Lasani Sarkar. Who is this?

  46. Analyst says:


  47. Analyst says:


  48. Brother Imam Mahdi is in occultation so we cannot recognize him physically.An occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OccultationMany people know Imam Mahdi spiritually and have taken Bait/oath in his hand spiritually but they don't know him physically as he didn't complete his great three tasks (correcting faith, establishing caliphate/union and restoration of Quran and Sunnah across world). Only 313 his companions know him physically. His 313 companions plus angel Gabriel (as) i.e. total 314 will take oath in mecca physically, Insha'Allah.

  49. Anonymous says:

    @AnalystHard to believe. Any more evidence!!!!AK

  50. hussain says:

    @Faisal:o bhai gMahdi Alaye hi salam bhi ek hon ge aur sufyani bhi ek he ho ga.yeh different interpretations na daen idhar.@Analyst:yar 2008 k baad bhi toh isaiyon ki bastiyan jalai gayee theen pakistan mein aur kuch aur bhi waqeat huey thay esay.@All:Ghazi ne likha hai k jo shakhs zahir ho ga musalman usay Mehdi kahein ge,isai usay maseeh kehain ge.Mahdi ALaye hi salam aur maseeh yani Isa Alaye hi salam 2 alag alag shakhsiyat hain lakin ghazi ne yeh tasur diya hai k jese yeh ek he shakhsiyet k 2 naam hain aur issi wajah se jhagra ho ga.yeh shkhs ghazi musalmanoun ko gumrah ker raha hai.@ak:aap theek samjhay.woh shakhs leader toh shayad ho,lakin Mahdi alaye hi salam nahi.g han,uss shakhs ka huliya waghera mazhabi aadmiyon wala hai aur spiritual bhi shayad ho lakin uss k spirituality mein koi ranks hain ya nahi,yeh nahi pata.aur wasay yeh ek hypothesis he hai k woh shakhs ho ga leader.chandd wajuh ki bina per na toh yeh hypothesis reject ho raha hai kafi arsay se aur na he theory ban raha hai.yabi,chuptay bhi nahi,saaf nazar aatay bhi nahi:)

  51. hussain says:

    @Faqr:yar iqbal urdu walay blog pe iss shaer ka reference pucha hai aap se:royen woh jo munkir hain shahaadat e Hussain (alaye hi salam) kham zinda o javed ka maatam nahi kertaypichle 2,3 saal se har saal muharram mein yeh controversy uthti hai k yeh shaer iqbal ka hai ya nahi,wazahat ker daen.

  52. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar-e-Ghayoor brotherMr Ghazi Munajim predicted it in 60s and he give the appearance date of that personality in 1980-81 but we know that nothing happened yet.I think that it is enough for his false predictions i request you to please not post such false predictions here.Tnx

  53. hussain says:

    Sarkar Ghous ul Azam RaziAllah Anhu k irshad ka be sabri se intezar hai.

  54. khan says:

    Brother Hussain i agree with you@Faisal:o bhai gMahdi Alaye hi salam bhi ek hon ge aur sufyani bhi ek he ho ga.yeh different interpretations na daen idhar.@All:Ghazi ne likha hai k jo shakhs zahir ho ga musalman usay Mehdi kahein ge,isai usay maseeh kehain ge.Mahdi ALaye hi salam aur maseeh yani Isa Alaye hi salam 2 alag alag shakhsiyat hain lakin ghazi ne yeh tasur diya hai k jese yeh ek he shakhsiyet k 2 naam hain aur issi wajah se jhagra ho ga.yeh shkhs ghazi musalmanoun ko gumrah ker raha hai.

  55. @hussain and khanSo you mean Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin An Authorized Deputy of H.E Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani is wrong????Is Hadith fake???In his book, Ibn Munavi states: There are three Sufyani and three Mahdis. The first Sufyan will come for the first Mahdi, the second Sufyani for the second Mahdi and the third Sufyani for the third Mahdi.(Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 64)Have you more knowledge about Hadith than Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin, Adnan Okter and Baiduzzamman????Is it necessary if you both don't know about anything which is new for you then it is fake???

  56. hussain says:

    @Faisal:mera maqsad yahan Syed Ahmad Amiruddin ki gheebat kerna nahi lakin ab baat yahan tak pohanch chuki hai toh mujhe saboot daena he paray ga.Ahmaed Amiruddin Saheb ne apni wordpress wali site pe likha hai k ahl e tashayyu ka Imam Mahdi ALaye hi salam ki ghaybat wala aqeeda theek hai aur iss k haqq mein unhon ne kuch scans bhi diye hain.Maulana Sheikh NAzim QaddasALlahu Sirrahul Aziz ka aqeeda toh yeh nahi hai.ab aap he btayen ahmed ameeruddin saheb ne yeh aqeeda kahan se liya?wasay bhi pata nahi woh deputy hain ya nahi,lakin unhein zikr lead kernay ki ijazat mili hui hai apnay ilaqay mein.MAulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasALlahu Sirrahul Aziz ne kabhi nahi kaha k 3 Mahdi hon ge aur 3 sufyani.apni taraf se baatein an gharein.adnan oktar saheb apnay mann gharrat aqayed bna rahay hain bethe bethe.aur jin kitaboun ka aap hawala dae rahay hain risala e khuruj aur al aqwal al mukhtasar waghera yeh bht zada authentic aur mashur sources nahi hain.Mujhe zada nahi ek refernce dae daen jahan Maulana ne khud kaha ho k 3 mahdi hon ge aur 3 sufyani hon ge.

  57. In The Name Of Allah Most Gracious Most MercifulAssalaamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhuThe Three Mahdi'sIbni Munavi said that, “Danyal (Daniel) (as) reported in his book that, “There are 3 Sufyaanis and 3 Mahdis. When the first Sufyaani appears and his name and fame become widespread, the first Mahdi will confront him, the second Mahdi will confront the second Sufyaani and the third Mahdi will confront the third Sufyaani and Allah, the Exalted, will send him (the third Mahdi) to save the ones who have suffered mischief, and the believers. The Sunnah will be revived through him and oppression, injustice and cruelty will come to an end through him. The people will be highly prized and become victorious over their opponents at his time. A beautiful life will be lived, and the earth and the heavens will increase their blessing.. (*)(*) This hadith exists in a handwritten copy of the book titled Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman held in the Suleymaniye Library.Allah Knows Besthttp://alkhilafah.net/threemahdis.htmlI think confusion is now removed that why different attributes are mentioned in Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (saw), predictions of Auliyas and work of Islamic scholars.

  58. @hussainI didn't say that Sheikh Nazim said about three Mahdi.As you are criticizing Syed Ahmad Amiruddin and Adnan Oktar do I didn't read your message 🙂 and will try to not reply you further.

  59. Anonymous says:

    @HussainBhai, I am Ama Jan of small kids therfore mein samjha nahin balkay samjhi!!!!!Well, in my limited knowledge, I have never come across a more absurd thing then the reference of 3 Mehdis & 3 sufyanis!!Our Prophet was very clear that out of my family will come Mehdi who will bring upon the revival of Islam.It is also plausible that he will have some sort of connection to our country or it is this that when his forces will be in need it will be the Ghazis of pakistan who will give him the support in the nick if time.there is also no doubt in my mind that golden era of Pakistan is just around the corner but to have such far fetched ideas that Mehdi will be from punjab or will do his AAmad here, doesnt make sense.It is for sure that he will be revealed during Hajj, the year in which there will be just a hand full of hujjaj due to wars etc.There fore care should be taken in commenting on such delicate subject as these are the tests of our faith!!!!!AK

  60. @HussainBrother,I have replied your comment in IqbalUrdu Blog. and also read your reply there. Answering hereOn 9th Muharram, I will do a facebook update for Allama Iqbal's poem on Karbala with English Translation but It will be on IqbalUrdu Blog.Thanks,

  61. @Khan, Hussain, Faisal, AK and others and me,This is a historical discussion, May be people coming after our age laugh on us due to our knowledge deficiency.I know there are many controversies all over the Internet….Well Its a sign of Mard-e-Kamil's appearance as told by Allama Iqbal. Now you say who is Mard-e-Kamil…again wait for the post.Doors of Spiritual Knowledge are yet to open. Keep in mind.

  62. abdul says:

    adan oktar ne kai jaga rawafid shiyon ki katabon ka bhi hawala diya hai hazarat mahdi aik hoge,hazrat isa aik honge suffyani aik hoga dajjal aik hoga baqi jhote dajjal,mahdis,maseeh,suffiyani bohat hongelihaza har hadees dosri hadees ki wazahat karti howi nazr ati hai confuse na honmaslan kese jaga dajjal kana hoga,jabqe dosri hadees detail main kana hoga,khudai ka dawa kare ga waghera..

  63. khan says:

    @Faisal:If you are tru in your thought than please show some valid ahadithof Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the three sufyany and three mahdi.Mere qouting from the writings of your alims does not make sense.

  64. @AKSister Mahdi means Guided one. We know Greater Mahdi is guided one so his helpers lesser Mahdis like Shyeb bin Salah or Mansur and person who heralds Mahdi from inside a turban (Sheikh Nazim) are also guided one or Mahdi.http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/39199/THE_PERSON_WHO_HERALDS_HAZRAT_MAHDI_(PBUH)_FROM_INSIDE_A_TURBAN_AS_MENTIONED_IN_THE_HADITHS_IS_HIS_HIGHNESS_SHEIKH_NAZIM_AL-QUBRUSI_(KS) Harun Yahya denies, he is MahdiAl-Zahrani says, he believes Harun Yahya is Mahdi in another way. Because Harun Yahya gives Hidayah to so many people.Harun Yahya says "In that sene we are all Mahdis."Dr. Zakir Naik says "Mahdi in that sense giving Hidayah. Guiding People. … Every Da'yee in that way brother…"Adnan Oktar's live talk with Dr. Zakir Naik and Imam Jamaan Alzahrani on TV Kayseri, with subtitles (March 13, 2011; 00:30)http://en.harunyahya.tv/videoDetail/Lang/4/Product/39878Hussain now don't criticize Dr. Zakir 🙂

  65. @abdulShia are also Muslim and I don't consider them Kafir.Book Bihar ul Anwer contains many Hadith form both Shia and Sunni. I have already posted detail in this blog.

  66. @khan Which is valid hadith in front of you. Even Muslim and Bukhari didn't report Mahdi.Link which I posted is not from my aalim.http://alkhilafah.net/threemahdis.html

  67. Greater Mahdi will be one who has lot of titles lion of ali, akhir zaman etc… lesser Mahdis will be his commanders who will make his path for khilafah. Many people mixed the attributes of all these mahdi like Mahdi will come from east i.e. from khurasaan… he is not great Mahdi but he will be Shuyeb bin Salah or Mansur. I meant only People are believing wrong that Mahdi will rise from Pakistan or Afghanistan… this will be any leader of Imam Mahdi or lesser Mahdi.

  68. Detail of Khurasaan is posted herehttp://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2011/11/final-battle-of-good-evil-oriya-maqbool.htmlI didn't force anyone to believe me. If you don't then ignore it or post any your research against my research. Time will prove it. Don't criticize any one.

  69. I am not spiritual one and even didn't see any dream like others. My research is based on my 10 years reading about subject of Mahdi.

  70. @FaisalI think, We all need to read Ahadith Books in detail so every body exactly knows which Hadith is in which book. Knowledge of Quran and Hadith has lost from us. Yehi humari Gumshuda Meeras hai.Let the Time decide. For me, three things are important, A Leader who will go for Ghazwa-e-Hind, Implement Islam in Pakistan and Unite Muslim countries and go after Israeel……..He will be our Imam. Its my opinion. Now Lets see what is hidden in the veil of the time.

  71. Anonymous says:

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 2 (KUNA) — In a bold move the military chief of Pakistan has authorized soldiers to retaliate any "NATO aggression along Afghanistan in the future." In this regard, a proposal is under consideration to re-equip the troops along the border with Afghanistan to stop any future violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, citing unnamed military officials, local newspapers reported.(Source: Kuwait News Agency)I admit that the Questions about who, why, what and where about Imam Mehdi are very imp. but on our home front we are facing a multitude of peril. Look at the above article— We are taking a bold step if we will retaliate a Nato attack in future (even that remains to be seen).We have stooped so low that any one can come & attack us at will & we shall issue just rhetorics. What was stopping them to retaliate in Salala?? What were they fearing??I couldnt get out of my mind the picture of three month old son of shaheed captain (Sahiwal) with Shahbaz shareef.Some thing is to be done & done quickly.Practically speaking – I am no radical – in the current circumstances "Jihad Har Pakistani per farz ho chuka Hai".AK

  72. hussain says:

    @AK,Khan,Abdul:There is no such hadith of 3 mahdis.Thats why i call adnan oktar a person with vague knowledge of hadith.He has his own interpretations of ahadith,which nobody else approves of.Abdul is right because shi'ism is Islam just for the sake of name.You dont know anything about their inner views.They say that Prophecy was to be given to Syedna Ali KaramUllah Wajhu hu but Jibrael alaye hi salam was mistaken Nauzbillah.They say that Quran had 40 Paarahs.Nauzbillah.They dont express these views openly,but whenever you make a debate with them they utter such things from their mouths.They have made the religion nothing but a thing to play with.They have forged the idea of birth of Mahdi ALaye hi salam and disappearance and appearance and then another disappearance uptill to the end of the times.Are they still entitled to be sited as authentic?We'll only quote those ahadith from their books which are already present in sunni books as authentic narrations,so as to emphasize those narrations.contnd…………

  73. Anonymous says:

    Hafiz,I read all of yours comments. interesting one.But I will suggest you all "IF you want to know Who is Imam Mehdi? and what qualities he has? Why he is so important? Please read the Mujadade alfe sani (RA)."Thanks,Hafiz

  74. hussain says:

    @All:As i challenged Faisal to present a single reference that Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ever mentioned that there will be 3 sufyanis.You can't bring because these baseless theories are created by adnan oktar and ahmad amiruddin.Ahmad amiruddin believes in the ghaybat of Imam Mahdialaye hi salam,while his and my spiritual guide Maulana Sheikh Nazim does not.This proves the views of ahmad amiruddin.Oriya maqbool jan is a too optimistic person,often confusing views and ahadith.His views are'nt a proof of khurasan being Pakistan.and the book mentioned above for the hadith of 3 mahdis is'nt a proof because this book is a very non-famous non-authentic book.

  75. hussain says:

    The problem of maududi,zakir naik,dr. israr is that they are all commonly drenched in the nasabiyyat.Maududi used an unethical language in his tafseer as well.Zakir Naik is the one who declared The Great Sacrifice of Syedna Imam Hussain ALaye hi salam as a political event only,Nauzbillah. Dr.Israr is the one who narrated a false narration about Syedna ALi KaramUllah Wajhu hu deliberately.The purpose behind such statements from them may be to suppress the importance and greatness of Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi salam since he belongs to Syedna Ali KaramUllah Wajhu hu.Zakir Naik is a good debator of comparison of religions but he seems helpless when it comes to close insight of Islamic beliefs.For me,the words of Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz are an authentication since i know that he'll not say such a thing ever.He never said that we are all mahdi (Nauzbillah).We have no concern with adnan oktar or zakir naik who declare themselves mahdi.we just only listen to the words of Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz.

  76. I was 100% sure that Hussain will start criticizing Islamic scholars Maudodi Zakir Naik and Dr Israr Ahmed 🙂 I never said sheikh Nazim pointed Hadith of There Mahdi 🙂

  77. Analyst says:


  78. Analyst says:


  79. Analyst says:


  80. Analyst says:


  81. Analyst says:

    ڈجکوٹ مدرسے میں حبیبِ مصطفی صوفی مسعود احمد صدیقی لاثانی سرکار صاحب کے وسیلہ سے 22 بچوں کو امام الانبیاء حضرت محمد مصطفی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی زیارت ہوئی اور یہ بچے اپنے اساتذہ سمیت آستانہ عالیہ لاثانیہ پر آ کر قبلہ لاثانی سرکار صاحب کے دستِ حق پر سلسلہ عالیہ نقشبندیہ میں بیعت ہوئے۔ http://www.lasanisarkar.org/Faizan-e-Lasani.cfm

  82. abdul says:

    quota hussain@AK,Khan,Abdul:There is no such hadith of 3 mahdis.Thats why i call adnan oktar a person with vagueknowledge of hadith.He has his own interpretations ofahadith,which nobody else approves of.Abdul is right because shi'ism is Islam just for the sakeof name.You dont know anything about their innerviews.They say that Prophecy was to be given to SyednaAli KaramUllah Wajhu hu but Jibrael alaye hi salam wasmistaken Nauzbillah.They say that Quran had 40 Paarahs.Nauzbillah.They dont express these views openly,but whenever you make a debate with them they utter such things from their mouths.They have made the religion nothing but a thing to play with.They have forged the idea of birth of Mahdi ALaye hi salam and disappearance and appearance and then another disappearance uptill to the end of the times.Are they still entitled to be sited as authentic?We'll only quote those ahadith from their books which are already present in sunni books as authentic narrations,so as to emphasize those narrations.1000% agree

  83. hussain says:

    @Faisal:kya jo baatein mein ne aap k in so-called scholars k mutalliq kahi hain ,unn mein se ek bhi ghalat reference hai?nahi na,toh ab aap btayen jin k seenoun mein ahl e bayt alaye him assalam ajmaeen ka bughz ho ham unn ko kyun scholar maanein.ham toh unhein yazeedi mantay hain jo Syedna Imam Hussain ALaye hi salam ki qurbaniyon k aetraf se inkari hain.aur aap ne kaha k Maulana Sheikh NAzim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ne nahi kaha k 3 mahdi ayen ge.toh bhai saheb mein bhi toh yehi keh raha hun k mujhe maloom hai k woh keh bhi nahi sakte kyun k woh sahib e ilm bhi hain aur sahib e mushahida bhi.woh hargiz esi baat nahi ker sakte aur na he kerain ge.

  84. NN says:

    @ TO ALL FRIENDS SINCE THIS BLOG IS FUTURE OF PAKISTAN INSHALLAH THERE MUST BE SOME MORAL LESSONS FOR WELL UNDERSTANDING, WHICH IS ALSO PART OF OUR FUTURE. One things which is very noticeable these days regarding the Mashiks or Sheiks of different Silasil , that their mureedains are kissing their hands or their feets with respect or might beyond the respect they have developed this thought in thire inners that our sheik is KUL ( all in all) for us .We all knew very well about SHIRK, and very famous kind is to “Thinking and believing about someone that he will fulfill our needs and demand and will protect us from problems and tensions and do well takecare of us all the time “, Such belief can be noticed on several silasils platforms , these day mostly SHEIKHs they give lesson that do worships only Allah and try to abstain from SHIRK and other side all these kissing hands and feet’s are still the part of their silsila and naming these activity is called AQEEDAT and they never stopped the person of doing all this, very strange .Very beautiful words from Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahib, may Allah bless him with good health ‘’’’’’ today if we kiss some one hand and then tomorrow we will touch our hand to the eyes with AQEEDAT although its proved and there are incidents in the past that Sahaba Karama as well as TABAIEN kiss the hand with AQEEDAT ( ONCE THEY GOT BAYAT ON THE HAND OF PROPHET ASLAT O ASLAM) but after all this it was also banned and stopped since there was fear that TODAY THEY ARE KISSING THE HANDS MIGHT AFTER THIS THEY GO FOR SAJIDA TAZEEMI IN THEIR DEEP LINE OF AQEEDAT WHICH IS ALSO A SHIRK THEREFORE SUCH ACT BECOME PROHIBITED’’’’’’’’’’.We become so closed and go beyond the AQEEDAT even without noticing we start touching the doors of shirk so we must understand very clearly ‘’’’’’’’’’ our shiekh / murshid is also a human and we must understand and belief that mistakes/ error can be happened from him if we think like this then there are two benefits which are 1- If he does a mistake then we will not keep something bad in our inner after noticing that mistake from him and our AQEEEDAT will not be lees for him.2- We will not make our belief that our murshid will fulfill all our wishes and demands which is beyond the control of human, in this way we will never be desperate and we will save our inner doing any shirk.To think about the SHEIKH that my SHEIKH is with me so problems / tensions will never touch me , this is wrong because ALL POWERS , STRENGHT , IS ONLY FOR ALLAH HE IS THE ONE WHO FEED CARE AND SAVE US AND BEYOND THIS.So our sheik are also MUHTAJ of Allah, the only difference between Sheik and his Mureed is Sheik is ranked on the top level of TAQWA / TAWAKAL/ PARSAI therefore Allah love him because of these characteristics he is not MUSKIL KUSHA / HAJAT RAWA for us but he only pray for us in front of Allah with tears “ ya allah the person who came to me he is in trouble you are Rahman and Raheem and you are MUSKIL KUSHA and HAJAT RAWA , IS PER RAHAM KAR DAY RAHM KAR DAY , TUJ KO TERI BAY INTHA RAHMAT KA WASTA TU IS PER RAHAM KAR DAY OR US KI MUSKIL DOOR KAR DAY .ALLAH BOHAT MAHARBAN HA , WAZADAR HA , HAYA WALA HA , THE PEROSN TO WHOM HE LOVES HE ACCEPTED THE PRAYERS OF HIM’’’’’’’’.So as a moral duty please educate the people around you who are not well aware of the lesson of AQEEDAT in regards of SHEIKHS OR SILASIL TO WHOM THEY ARE FOLLOWERS MIGHT WITH LESS KNOWLEDGE THEY ARE INVOLVED IN THE ACTIVITIES WHICH ARE SHIRK.I WOULD APPRICIATE YOUR KIND COMMENTS . NN

  85. @hussain:@"kya jo baatein mein ne aap k in so-called scholars k mutalliq kahi hain ,unn mein se ek bhi ghalat reference hai?"Allah teaches us moral rights and social etiquettes. We are instructed not to indulge in suspicion, spying nor backbiting in our daily life. The Prophet said: " Backbiting is a worse sin than adultery." It is further explained in a saying of the Prophet , narrated by Abu Sa'eed and Jubair in Bayhaqi: "Allah may forgive a person if he repents after committing adultery. However, Allah will not forgive the one who backbites, till his victim forgives him."You did backbite and curse dozen of people in this blog so you did dozen time adultery. Please don't bring sectarianism in this blog. I thing this blog is not created to defame Islamic scholars. If we believe predictions of peers and astrologists then why we cannot believe on Hadiths present in books of other sects.@"aur aap ne kaha k Maulana Sheikh NAzim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz ne nahi kaha k 3 mahdi ayen ge.toh bhai saheb mein bhi toh yehi keh raha hun k mujhe maloom hai k woh keh bhi nahi sakte kyun k woh sahib e ilm bhi hain aur sahib e mushahida bhi."If Sheikh Nazim did not say about this Hadith and I am not claiming that he said so then why you are mentioning him??? I only said his deputy said Sheikh Nazim is lesser Mahdi. If you don't consider him his deputy then it is not my problem.Another sunni blog where I found hadith of three sufyanishttp://hadithprophesies.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html

  86. @NNAssalmu Alaikum, Good thoughts and saying…Very dangerous shirk is secret shirk…The Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) came out and announced, “O people, beware of secret Shirk (idolatry)!” The people asked, “O messenger of Allah, what is secret Shirk?” He replied, “When a man gets up to pray and strives to beautify his prayer because people are looking at him; that is secret Shirk .” (Collected by Ibn Khuzaymah)Abu Musaa narrated:One day Allah’s messenger delivered a sermon saying “O people, fear Shirk for it is more hidden than the creeping of an ant.” Those whom Allah wished asked, “And how do we avoid it when it is more hidden than the creeping of an ant, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “Say: ‘O Allah, we seek refuge in you from knowingly committing shirk with you and we ask your forgiveness for what we do not know about.’” (Collected by Ahmad and at-Tabarani)THE MOST DANGEROUS FORM OF IDOLATRY: COVERT IDOLATRYhttp://www.harunyahya.com/books/faith/idolatry/idolatry7.php

  87. NN says:

    @ faisalgreat and really true basis and also another kind of shirk.actaully when i had noticed this while visiting to the silasils and also watching vidoes i was just thrilled and i understand only one thing that ILAM KI KAMI ORR QURAN PAK SAY DORRI is the results of this such activities, even never allowed by my mentors to do all of suchs things strickly stopped .but we all are well educated and we all must tell the persons about this not to indulge such things which is not path of true muslim. NN

  88. Aqeedat with false theories of science like Darwinism and Evolution is also Shirk. So problem of false Aqeedat is not present in only uneducated people but also educated scientists and modernize people. Aqeedat with Modernism and Materialism is also a Shirk.http://www.harunyahya.com/articles/32postmodernism.html

  89. NN says:

    @ faisal,if you noticed that our slabus are also part of such theories , we must upgrade our slaybus with tru knowelege acoording to islam , our slaybus are just influenced by the modersn world and what are the realities and truth far from them , we are pakistani since 1947 but still our culture has also influence of india which can be seen in our Wedding ceremonies ect, NN

  90. Analyst says:

    INTERVIEW OF LASANI SARKARhttp://www.lasanisarkar.org/InterviewRoyalChannel.cfm

  91. @NNThese theories are taught in every country as Hadith said Dajjal will enter in place and effect every person. Pagan customs (both Roman and Indian) are influenced in every country in form of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

  92. @Hassain and Khan@"They say that Quran had 40 Paarahs.Nauzbillah.They dont express these views openly… They have forged the idea of birth of Mahdi ALaye hi salam and disappearance and appearance and then another disappearance uptill to the end of the times"Wrong concept of Shia like 40 Parah and invisible Mahdi or disappearance of Mahdi will be corrected by Imam Mahdi. All shias don't believe on extra Parahs of Quran.Actually divisions of Quran into 30 Parah was not present in time of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Sahabas. This division is done in later ages. If anyone divide Quran in 40 Parahs then there is no problem but if anyone believe there are 10 more Parahs then he is mistaken.@"Are they still entitled to be sited as authentic? We'll only quote those ahadith from their books which are already present in sunni books as authentic narrations,so as to emphasize those narrations."Bihar al-Anwar is a comprehensive collection of traditions (ahadith) compiled by the Shi'i scholar Mulla Muhammad Baqir, known as 'Allama Majlisi. The collection is the most comprehensive (as a single collection) among all Islamic hadith collections. The author collected narrations related from the Prophet Muhammad, along with statements by Fatima and the Shi'i Imams, using both Shi'i and Sunni sources.Objective of Allama Majlisi was to preserve all Hadiths of both Shi'i and Sunni sources. Bihar al-Anwar contains most authenticated Hadiths and as well most unauthenticated (weak) Hadiths.Mughal ruler Aurangzeb Alamgir who was known commonly for his anti-Shia inclinations is said to have referred to Majlisi as "the real leader of all true Muslims of Persia". Majlisi visited India on nine occasions between 1660 and 1695 and was awarded the respect of a government emissary thereby offending the Shah of Iran. The Shah made a futile effort of winning over Majlisi against Aurangzeb by giving him a high level post in his court but failed to win his support for his wars against the later.These Hadiths are from Shia sources. Can you deny them? Only Prophet(saw) of Allah can tell about future so accurately.- Homes will have mirror like screens that will show moving images of people and places near and far. (LCD TV)- Music will emanate from the pockets in peoples clothing (ipod and mobiles).- People will hold devices on the glass surface of which they will be able to see and talk to people far away (mobiles).- People will compete with each other in building extremely tall towers that will surpass the height of some clouds.

  93. Anonymous says:

    @NNVery nice!!!It is written in various Tasawwuf books (Shariat-o-Tariqat & Kimyai ul Aloom) that a true test of a faqeer is that a)You feel a pull – an uns – you want to meet that person again & again b) Although the faqeer doesnt say anything but you start to be on the right pathIf a person passes this litmus test then he is a genuine faqeer, as simple as that!!! That doesnt mean that we grant them a "mafooq ul Fitraat" status but we shall love & respect them as through the love of sheikh, they are training us for the real love of ALLAH. The pull we experience with such ppl is due to Zikr of ALLAH which they do and not due to their personal charm.@ Hussain & FaisalTill now your comments were very informative & mature but the above comments seem to be uttered by some teenagers.There are differences & controversies even b/w siblings but "haath hola rakhen" as many like me have learnt a lot from you & r looking forward for more info.Never mind!!!AK

  94. Anonymous says:

    Plz watch "sufi miracle of his holiness lasani sarkar" at you tube.The point is… I dont mean to criticise anyone but what is the need of exhibitionism in order to prove your holiness when you can simply do it with your "kirdar-o-Afkar" in daily life to influence ppl in order to bring them close to ALLAH!!!AK

  95. hussain says:

    @NN:Kissing hands and feet is proved from Sahaba an Imam Bukhari wrote a chapter on it but NAsir ud din albani excluded it later on.Who are we to declare it haram or shirk?and one never intends that his murshid is absolute authority but the intention behind asking them is that since they are very close to Allah,so their intercession will definitely work for us.And you can judge a person before becoming his mureed ,but once you become his mureed you have to follow him.I keep it brief here but if anybody wants to have an elaborated discussion,he may ask me in person.

  96. @AKSister sorry for my some aggrassive comments for Hussain. Sorry Hussain I over reacted on your comments on my beloved Islamic scholars.

  97. Analyst says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Analyst says:

    @AKLASANI SARKAR IS ALIVE AND IN FAISALABAD.IT IS BETTER TO VISIT HIM PERSONELLY AND FIND OUT ABOUT HIM.DECIDING MERELY ON OTHERS OPINION OR JUST ON YOUR OWN PERCEPTION IS NOT WISE. PHONE : 0092 41 8720352 EMAIL : info@lasanisarkar.org جنرل معلومات کے لیےirpap@lasanisarkar.org بین المذاہب امن اتحادlwf@lasanisarkar.org لاثانی ویلفئیرفائونڈیشن انٹرنیشنلtmup@lasanisarkar.org تنظیم مشائخ عظام پاکستانآستانہ عالیہ صدیقیہ، نقشبندیہ، مجددیہ، جماعتیہ، چادریہ، لاثانیہ 39/4 غلام رسول نگر پیپلز کالونی نمبر 2 فیصل آباد پاکستان خط و کتابت:

  99. NN says:

    @ Hussainyou are right and i am not here anything to prove for shirk or haram , where things are already very clear .NN

  100. Anonymous says:

    why are some posts removed

  101. NN says:

    @ AK Honestly what is happening in our country its really strange and we all are aware of this. what HINDU does giving the bath to their DEVI DAVATOOO with water and milk and in our country they are giving bath to grave of our saints with ARQAY GULAB , what it seems ZID AND COMPETITION there is no such basis in our SHARIET i never read in any book or nor heard from any saint. Syed safraz said one time '''' whatever the rank of wali u allah he is just a human like us he is also Muhtaj like we are for allah, if we go to saint with this intention that he will give us ILAM or will tell us AMAL then its appriciatalbe . TO go to Grave yards only coz of our prophet Aslat o salm taught us to go there to remember your end and after end destiny .If we go to Mazar and we pray in this way ''' ya allah yeh tera naik banda tha , mahlooq ko is say bohat faida hua , tu bhi is per ihsan farma , is ko janat may ala darja ata kar ''''' this act would be very very impressive and well learnable. there is thin line between AQEEDAT AND SHIRK SO BE VERY CAREFUL. NN

  102. Anonymous says:

    @NNRight!!It is also a sign of a true wali ullah that there will be no "khilaf-e-sunnat" act/attitude in their lives. If it is so then we shall not see that is any Kashf-o-Karamat are exhibited by that person or not.I forgot, as usual the names, that a very big wali ullah A was being told about another sahib-e-ilm B. So he decided to meet him. The other person was at Kaaba at that time. When A reached there, he saw that B was sitting with his feet towards Kaaba. A imm. turned back saying that a person can't be a sahib-e-ilm who has such careless/disrespectful attitude.@AnalystI regret if you jazbaat have been majrooh but i was expecting a very dignified manner in dress, address and general demeanour from a person who is working or leading the unity of Ummah. A person of this calibre need not to be engaged in such small things as you will know it better.AK

  103. NN says:


  104. NN says:

    @ AKHAZRAT BAYA ZEED BASTAMI GOT THE ILAM / FAIZ ILAM FROM ALMOST 115 AULIA ALLAH and he went to meet one of famous aulia allah but when he reach there that perosn feet was toward kama sherif and he return from there since he said he cant be among of Ahaly tasawf . NN

  105. hussain says:

    @NN:yar yeh pseudo tasawwuf band kero asal tasawwuf ki taraf aao.aaj aap ko AuliyaUllah k mazar ko arq e gulab se ghusl daenay pe aetraz hai,kal ko Rauza e Rasool Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam ki zyarat aur unn k wasilay se mangnay aur unn k Roza Sharif ki jaaliyon per khushbu aur ittar malne pe bhi aetraz ho ga.yeh kuch pakistani pseudo-sufis ne hath paer chumnay ko bhi shirk qarar dae diya hai.Allah bchaye in jaali sufiyon se jo sirf AuliyaUllah k dushmanoun ka propaganda sunn ker sahi ghalat ka faesla ker daetay hain.Jab sadiyon se AuliyaAllah ne mazarat se faez hasil kernay ko jaiz jaana hai toh aaj k daur ka self claimed sufi kis tarah uss ko deny ker sakta hai.Sarfaraz shah k khud sakhta jan nisaro ! suno ! suno !Sarfaraz shah silsila e chishtiya mein bayat hai na.Silsila e Chishtiya k Bani Hind Khawaja Muin Ud Din chishti RehmatUllah Alaye hi Daata Saheb RehmatUllah ALaye hi k mazar pe aa ker chilla kertay hain aur fuyuz o anwar samet'tay hain yani un ko wasila bnatay hain,unn ko naqison ka peer e kamil mantay hain ,toh tum kon hotay ho iss fael pe aetraz kernay walay.Auliya k wasilay se mangna jayez hai aur bilkul ayen jayez hai.Adha tasawwuf,adhi wahhabiyyat mat apnao.idhar aao ya udhar jao.kyun k sab se nichle garhay mein roz e qyamat doghlay munafiq hon ge,yad rakhna.

  106. hussain says:

    Contnd…………..Sufi Barkat Ali RehmatUllah Alaye hi ne kya khuub baat kahi hai k log aetraz kertay hain k murdon ki qabar pe mazar banana haram hai.Sufi saheb farmatay hain k jabhi toh kisi murday ki qbar pe mazar nahi bnaya jata (yani jin auliya k mazarat tameer kiye jatay hain woh zinda hotay hain lakin woh ham gunahgaron ki ankh se ojhal hotay hain.)Yeh woh log hain jinhoun ne duniya mein faqr kiya lakin dunyawi zindagi k baad inn ki zindagi qabil e rashk hoti hai.Aur beshak asal zindagi wohi hai jahan ham time ki dimension se chhutkara paa lein ge.Tu,haray kisi qalbi dost se koi aqeedat rakhay,muhabbat keray toh tumhein khushi hoti hai ya nahi?Toh woh jo Khaliq e Kainaat hai aur Maalik e Kainaat hai uss k doston se aqeedat rakhnay ,unn k mazar ko arq e gulab aur khushbiyat se ghusl daenay ko Nauzbillah tum devi devtaoun se mila rahay ho.Sharam kero.Kis jaali sufi ne yeh pattiyan parhain hain tumhein.Jo Allah k auliya se bughaz rakhta hai ,unn se dushmani ka izhar kerta hai Allah ka uss se elan e jang hai.Allah k auliya ko aqeedat daenay k amal ko devi devtaoun ki puja se tashbih daena (nauzbillah ) bhi izhaar e bughaz hai.Khuda he nimtay ga apnay auliya k dushmanoun se aur unn se bughaz rakhna walon se.inshaAllah

  107. @Anonymous,No post, no comment is deleted. @Hussain, AK, Read latest post about Ghaus-ul-Azam and his message to Hayat-Al-Meer and how it links with Pakistan.

  108. hussain says:

    Tum logon ne toh silsila e chishtiya ka rang jaana he nahi.Mein Silsila e chishtiya mein baqaida bayat toh nahi lakin yeh zarur janta hun k jis din tum silsila e chishtiya ka asal rang dekh lo gae,uss ka method of working daekh lo gae,mujhe darr hai k tum iss silsila pae bhi aetraaz kero gay.Haalan k yeh haqiqat hai k Barr e sagheer mein Islam k nifaz mein sab se eham kirdar Silsila e Chishtiya ne kiya.Riwayat hai k akele Khawaja Nizam Ud Din Auliya RehmatUllah Alaye hi ne 90 lakh admi musalman kiye apni hayat e mubarka mein.Aur Hind mein Islam phelanay mein Silsila e Chishtiya dusray silasil e tariqat se iss liye munfarid nazar aata hai k uss ne yahan k logon k culture ko samjha.Hind k log mauseeqi suntay thay toh Samaa mutarif hua hind mein.Log Ishq e HAqiqi pe mabni kalam ko jab suntay toh jhoom uthtay.Lakin afsos k aaj k jaali sufi inn rasmon ko jo k bht arsay se chal rahi theen,unn ko shirk aur haram qarar dae diya hai.

  109. hussain says:

    @NN:agar yeh baatein waqai sarfaraz shah ne kahi hain toh iss ka matlab hai k uss ne KAshf Ul Mehjuub nahi parhi ghour se,aur jis ne Umm ul Tasawwuf Kashf Ul Mehjuub nahi parhi toh uss k mutalliq kya kaha jaye phi………

  110. @HussainSyed Sarfraz Shah, pehli class ke students ko aur kya bataen ab? Un se ilm hasil krne to koi jata nahin, sub minatain muradain puri krwane jate hain, I think. Koi rohani Ilm lyne jaye to shaid woh bta dain. Got my point. I have listened many of his lectures. He hasn't said like this. Listeners ka level bhi bohat count karta hai.

  111. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar What you said is true about syed sarfaraz ahmad shah Sahib. May be we are not on a level to percieve him correctly.@HussainWhatever we r saying are our own & personal views & they dont mean that Shah sahib has mouthed these things.It is true that many ppl go there for worldly gains/needs but i can give you my own example that when i told him to make me his shagird, He just told me two thingsa) Leave expectations from all but do all your duties – Expectations only from ALLAHb) To visit the mazar of a Wali Ullah in my city, To pray for him and to request him to pray to ALLAH for this nachees i.e. me, so that ALLAH bestow his Rehamt on me.Thats all!!! Is there any controversial issue??? His msg. is very simple but as Faqar said that it is the listener's aptitude that how he/she tunes to it.And Hussain, why has ur tone become so aggressive (Thanks ALLAh for anonymity, i can say anything without facing repercussions, unless, ofcourse if Faqar blocks me from this site, for which hopefully r no chances in near future, right!!!)@CocoWake up plz, the wait is about to be over!!@ FaqarAs a habit, before shutting comp. I checked Future of pakistan & saw the new one. Sooooo happy, thanxxxxxxxxxxAK

  112. hussain says:

    @Faqr:Han wasay yeh baat bhi hai.Yeh maedan toh esa hai k yahan Post doctorate walay bhi sahib e ilm honay ka dawa nhi ker saktay toh phir pehli jamat walon ko kya haq pohanchta hai k uth ker shirk aur haram aur biddat k fatway laganay shuru ker daen.Bayat ek term hai jo ruhaniyat k ilawa khareed o frokht se bhi mutalliq hai.Aaj kal ki dunya ki khareed o frokht ki tarah iss ruhani duniya ka bhi yehi asool hai k apna tann mann murshid ko saunpnay se pehle yani uss ki bayat kernay se pehle uss ko jitna parakhna chaho parakh lo,lekin ek dafa achi tarah jaanch kernay k baad apna tann mann uss ko saunp diya toh phir aap k rights nahi rehte k aap apnay owner ko judge kero.Yeh baat zara zaur dae k Hazrat Sultan BAhu RehmatUllah Alaye hi ne bhi likhi hai,behrhaal tasawwuf k asooloun pe tanqeed kernay walay hazraat thoray likhay ko kaafi samjhein.warnaAbhi teer aur bhi baqi hain ,mere tarkash mein.

  113. hussain says:

    @FAqr:if we ponder upon this poem of HAzrat Iqbal and rely upon it completely,then the leader of Pakistan will not be from Punjab:http://iqbalurdu.blogspot.com/2011/04/bal-e-jibril-165-punjab-ke-peerzadon-se.htmlBecause Iqbal apna kashf HAzrat Mujaddid Alf Saani QaddaSAllahu Sirrahul Aziz se mansuub ker rahay hain.So Ghazi sahib ki false prediction toh Alhamdulillah farigh ho gayee iss nazam ki roshni mein.@AK:i ask you whats wrong in erforming dhamal with the sincerity of heart,whats wrong in giving the mazar ghusal with arq e gulab?How can one believe in tasawuf,respect auliya and at the same time declare it shirk or haram to kiss the hands of the murshid or to give the mazar ghusal with arq e gulab?

  114. Anonymous says:

    @HussainKindly read all my above comments. I have nowhere written any comment on this topic which u have mentioned in ur last post because as a matter of principal i dont go near anything or say anything about which either i am not clear "ya jis mein kisi shak ki gunjaish ho".Well, well, i dont know about ur school of thought but my mentor has given me the lesson to be humble & to receive criticism with patience as it doesnt let your ego to flourish.WHAT ABOUT YOU???AK

  115. NN says:

    @ Hussainyou did not understand my point of view so no comments.for me UMAL TAWAWAF / UMAL SHARIET / UMAL TAREEQAT / UMAL HAQIQAT / UMAL MARIFAT is only QURAN PAK, there are some time things we need to consult to undertand their true spiirt so Sufis and Aulias are there who make clear that Quranic messages which we find out in such books.there is no compitition at all in any silasil as you mentioned sislay chictiya and i am also a follower of one of them .@ faqar I only know one class where Allah and Rasoool subject is in teaching and for learning , one time i said to hussain if i wrote something means i am responsible of that so today what ever i mentioned i take responsiiblity with the full confidence and inshallah will remain same.

  116. @AK and HussainI tell you one thing, we all are thousands of miles away from spiritual knowledge and Quran o Hadith.When I say the doors of spiritual knowledge are yet to open for this age's common man, I meant it. (I am not talking abt Saints)Do you know, once Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) fell from a Horse, and kept silencw then told to others, I am searching this incident (his felling of horse) in Quran, and I find it there….!!Can you believe this???This is level of their spiritual knowledge and what we all Muslim are doing now? Muslims went to the depths of ignorance because we left Quran and started humiliating spiritual teachers and made fun of them so results are in front of all.

  117. Well, Nice poem referred. Same thing which mentioned in above commentAyi Ye Sada Silsila-e-Faqr Huwa BandTake Ghazi Munajim as an astrologer.butWhat about Islamabad?You posted same poem link on new post so I also posted the comment twice.

  118. @NN@"what HINDU does giving the bath to their DEVI DAVATOOO with water and milk and in our country they are giving bath to grave of our saints with ARQAY GULAB , what it seems ZID AND COMPETITION there is no such basis in our SHARIET i never read in any book or nor heard from any saint."Well said brother these actions are against Shariat. Visiting graves and reading Fatiha with holy verses are not wrong but calling for help from dead person is shirk. Some people believe that saints are alive in grave so we can call them for help or any wordily desire then these people are wrong because everyone are alive in Burzakh. No body dies. Death in this world is only transfer of soul from this world to Barzakh. Prophets, Saints and Martyrs are in better form in Barzakh. They can interfere or communicate in this word using our dreams or any other means but still we cannot consider them as deity. I believe no Muslim (shia sunni sufi) believe them deity. Eternity has already begun. See this book who have changed view of thinking of many people…http://www.harunyahya.com/eternity01.phpSome text of this book"In the Sight of Allah, the Almighty, this concept of the "everlasting" and accordingly absolutely incomputable, has already ended. Eternity, which appears to be an unattainable concept for us, is actually just a single moment in the Sight of Allah.This book presents to you unprecedented explanations of timelessness, spacelessness and eternity, and makes you confront an important fact: that eternity has already begun. The realization of this fact will make you once again appreciate Allah, the Almighty and Exalted, and His Creation. Meanwhile, you will find comprehensible answers to some frequently asked questions: Where is Allah? What is the resurrection? What is the true nature of death? Is there an endless life? And when will all these happen?Yet, before proceeding with these issues, some concepts like "the real nature of matter" and "timelessness," will be dealt with in detail for a better comprehension of the above—mentioned subject.""In human life, another important mystery prevails. While mourning for someone who has died, people do not consider that they, themselves, have also died and even been resurrected. The birth and death of a person occur simultaneously. Even trivial details about all people's lives, deaths, resurrections and eternal lives are retained in the Sight of Allah. In other words, everything is taking place right at this moment. Death and resurrection are truly not incidents occurring at distinct times.People are born in timelessness. Likewise, they die in timelessness, they are resurrected in timelessness and, as a matter of fact, just at this moment, they are alive. By the moment Allah creates man, he becomes an eternal being. To put it another way, he starts his endless life, becoming alive for all eternity. Meanwhile, he also witnesses his own death as a single square. Just as he sees himself alive all through his life, he witnesses his death, but only on one occasion."

  119. It is importance for the Muslim to know how Shirk spread amongst the believers, after they were Muwahideen. Concerning the saying of Allaah about the people of Nooh:“And they have said : You shall not forsake your gods, nor shall you forsake Wadd, nor Suwa’, nor Yaghooth, nor Ya'ooq, nor Nasr.” [71:23]It has been related by a group from the Salaf (Pious Predecessors), in many narration's, that these five deities were righteous worshippers. However, when they died, Shaytaan whispered into their people to retreat and sit at their graves. Then Shaytaan whispered to those who came after them that they should take them as idols, beautifying to them the idea that you will be reminded of them and thereby follow them in righteous conduct. Then Shaytaan suggested to the third generation that they should worship these idols besides Allaah and he whispered to them that this is what their forefathers used to do! So Allaah sent to them Nooh ’alayhis-salaam, commanding them to worship Allaah alone. However none responded to his call except a few. Allaah – the Mighty and Majestic – related this whole incident in Surah Nooh.Ibn ’Abbaas relates:“Indeed these five names of righteous men from the people of Nooh. When they died Shaytaan whispered to their people to make statues of them and to place these statues in their places of gathering as a reminder of them, so they did this. However, none from amongst them worshipped these statues, until when they died and the purpose of the statues was forgotten. Then (the next generation)began to worship them.”[Related by al-Bukhaaree (8/534)]The likes of this has also been related by Ibn Jareer, at-Tabaree and others, from a number of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) – radi-Allaahu ’anhum .In ad-Durrul-Manthoor (6/269):Abdullaah ibn Humaid relates from Abu Muttahar, who said: Yazeed ibn al-Muhallab was mentioned to Abu Ja’far al-Baaqir (d.11H), so he said: He was killed at the place where another besides Allaah was first worshipped. Then he mentioned Wadd and said:“Wadd was a Muslim man who was loved by his people. When he died, the people began to gather around his grave in the land of Baabil (Babel), lamenting and mourning. So when Iblees (Satan) saw them mourning and lamenting over him, he took the form of a man and came to them, saying : I see that you are mourning and lamenting over him. So why don’t you make a picture of him (i.e. a statue) and place it in your places of gatherings so that you maybe reminded of him. So they said: Yes, and they made a picture of him and put in their place of gathering; which reminded them of him. When Iblees saw how they were (excessively) remembering him, he said : Why doesn’t every man amongst you make a similar picture to keep in your own houses, so that you can be (constantly) reminded of him. So they all said: Yes. So each household made a picture ofhim, which they adored and venerated and which constantly reminded them of him. Abu Ja’far said: Those from the later generation saw what the (previous generation) had done and considered that … to the extent that they took him as an ilaah (deity) to be worshipped besides Allaah. He then said: This was the first idol worshipped other than Allaah, and they called this idol Wadd.”[Related by Ibn Abee Haatim]

  120. hussain says:

    @Faqr:woh toh aap ki baat theek hai lakin , kuch log ehtram o aqeedat aur muhabbat pe shirk ka fatwa laga daetay hain jese NAuzbillah yeh comment parhein NN ka aur Faisal saheb ne bhi iss ki himayat ki hai.Un pe toh kher mujhe tajub nahi kyun k unn ka school of thought he deobandi hai:"what HINDU does giving the bath to their DEVI DAVATOOO with water and milk and in our country they are giving bath to grave of our saints with ARQAY GULAB , what it seems ZID AND COMPETITION there is no such basis in our SHARIET i never read in any book or nor heard from any saint."mein AK aur NN se darkhawast kerta hun k next time woh jab bhi sarfaraz shah se milein ya kisi aur ruhani shakhsiyat se milein uss se wazeh lafzon mein puchein k k ya iss tarah ghusal daena shirk hai ya biddat e saiyyah hai?umeed hai k 95% se zada ruhani logon ka jawab ho ga k nahi.aur wasay iss mamalay mein ibn e qayyam jese sakht tareen mauqaf rakhnay walay aalimoun mein se ek hain aur jinhein wahhabi bht quote kertay hain,unhon ne kitab ar ruh mein woh ahadees jama ki hain jin se saabit hota hai k murdon ko salam kiya jaye toh woh jawab daetay hain aur woh hamari khushiyon pe khush hotay hain waghera.Means k unn ko bhi sab feel hota hai.Toh esay mein agar Allah k ek wali k mazar ko ghusal diya jaye arq e gulab se toh kya woh khush nahi hon ge?jawab do.

  121. hussain says:

    @Faqr:YAr mein ne toh aap ko pehle he bola tha k MAhdi ALaye hi salam ka zahur punjab se hargiz nahi ho sakta,post hata do.Lakin kher aaj yeh bhi cnfirm ho gya k Mahdi ALaye hi salam toh kya,woh leader jis ka pakistaniyon ko intezar hai woh bhi punjab se nahi ho ga.:S

  122. @HussainCourtesy this post, you reached to conclusion at last so let it be remain there, may be someone come up with other theory… 🙂 but it is sure, that leader will travel to many cities and countries. May be he come to Punjab also and Ghazi Munjim through his astrology, made some calculations.

  123. NN says:

    @ Faisalthe message was not that what hussain described ,and what was my point of view just only the customs and the ways teating the Mazair aulia from the mureedanin and innocent people is not the correct way . at the time of URS if all every one sit together there ,do fatiha, recite Quran and give a speech of the work of saint what he has done in his life when he was alive , all those message during his life time , and his all acheivments might this would be more appriciatable, and might sahbay mazar will be glad. NN

  124. NN says:

    @ HussainAllah knew very well and i have firm belive that he blessed me alot in my life to sit with several ahlay baseerat and there is also a learning behind this , and i am confident with the blessing of Allah and Quran that what i said its not against the sheriat , you always talk about sheriat what i undertand you even dont know your self and how you can write such bookish knowledge if you ever gain any light from anyone might your way of statment be very beautiful with the fragnence of love and appeal i would say UNSSS. HOPE YOU UNDERTAND MY POINT . NN

  125. Anonymous says:

    Good morning everybody!!I see that over night, many prblms have been solved, most of puzzles decoded and almost all mysteries unveiled.In one of my previous posts i said that the leader we are awaiting is not from Pakistan but Afghanistan.Now i am stating again that Imam mehdi might be from Iran while our awaited leader is an afghan or Pushtun.AK

  126. hussain says:

    @Faqr:this post did'nt help me to reach a conclusion.i was always clear that Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi salam will not appear first from punjab as ghazi mentioned.

  127. @AKSister brothers Faqr and NN are stating our awaited leader is from Punjab, Hussain believes he is from Hijaz, your are stating he is Afghan or Pushtun and I am saying he is Turkish. So puzzle is not decoded :)Note: I believe we are discussing Greater Imam Mahdi Akhir Zamaan, not his minister or helpers or lesser Mahdis.Special Note: As Mahdi is the posthumous recognition so we cannot find him as Mahdi before his success and achievements. So we should do effort for completing his tasks without recognizing him.

  128. Anonymous says:

    The Great Leader From Pakistan has already appeared. See http://imam-mahdi.org/

  129. @FaisalYes we are discussing Imam Mahdi Akhir Az Zaman. I agree with this that we will recognize him after his achievements and success as he will not say I am Mahdi.

  130. hussain says:

    @Faqr:Correct yourself.There are narrations that when Mahdi Alaye hi salam will appear a voice will come from heavens "Hadhi hi khalifatullahi Mahdi " i.e. This is MAhdi ,caliph of Allah.Dont know how authentic is this narration,but most probably it is from sahah e sitta and the point to mention it here is that not only saints will recognize him but there will be much more to make people aware that Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi salam has appeared.

  131. NN says:

    @ faisallets wait what he will do and from where he will take start of his achievments, and i also beleive that if he alreayd got birth and whatever is his age right now might all the saints and specially AHLAY TAKWEEEN recognize him well .can i ask one question today we have alot of ahlay ILAM / ULAMA / SCHOLORS / AHLAY FIQA & HADIS very very intecllectuals around the world where ever the eyes goes we found them , they all are calling for PEACE PEACE AND PEACE so what Imam would have difference with them either he would have spirtiaul powers or he would have ILM LUDNI OR something else , in order to have confession from all these intecllectuals that they will beleive him , on his words on his acts in this modren age.one time i remember i was watching PC TV and there was on incident the man appeared and claimed he is IMAM MAHDI and the host i forget his name and he told him that Imam Mahdi will speak arabic and so you are not speaking arabic iam sorry if i m missed somehting in this . so afer seeing this i thought then what Imam will be among of all these the core QUALITY / CHERTERISTIC SOME THING WHICH REALLY MAKE DIFFERNCE ?

  132. @HussainExactly You are right, Saints and people with him will recognize him and its exactly my post after few days (Another post on Ghaus-ul-Azam RA)but I am saying Imam Mahdi AS will not say himself Imam. I mean, he will not claim himself as Imam Mehdi. People will recognize him from signs. (People means common man/Awam).

  133. Anonymous says:

    @FaisalWhat I meant was that i think Imam Mehdi might be from Iran while our awaited leader i.e. ghazi Ghazwa-e-Hind will be an Afghan/Pushtun and he will then help Imam Mehdi at Istanbul & Palestine.The reason is that i think that ppl of Afghanistan and & our tribal areas are tested due to a reason. When ALLAH decides to put resp. on some one then first their mettle & will is tested. Therefore the ppl of these areas are so battle hardened & having love of Islam that they can fight without fear for anything as they have seen and exp. evrthng that a normal human can fear.They have nothing to lose so they can take on anyone/anything. While European/US forces yearn for their lives back home and they have no jazba to fight. Thats why the term Jihad is so vilified as West fears that once this emotion is aroused in Muslims, there is no stopping them.I must say once again that "Jihad in halaat mein her Pakistani per farz ho chuka hai".AK

  134. @NNDifferent thing is, He will not just say through tongue, He will actually implement these things practically.

  135. NN says:

    @ Faqaragreed !

  136. hussain says:

    @AK:aap ne theek kaha k 2 alag alag leader murad hain yahan pe.lakinjazbaat mein aa ker bht bari baat keh di hai aap ne k 'jihad musalmanoun pe farz ho chuka hai'.agar aap ki murad jahad bis-saif se thi toh mein batata chalun k jihad esay he nahi farz ho jata hai.pehle yahan islami state qayem kero,islami qanun lao,ameer hukm dae toh phir jihad farz ho ga.yeh kuchh sharr pasand mazhabi anasir logon ko 'jihad farz ho chuka hai' ka naara laga ker agaay ker daetay hain aur khud unn k bachay european universities mein parh rahay hotay hain.jihad kerna hai toh pehle jihalat k khilaf kero aur nafs k khilaf kero jo k sab se bara jihad hai.aur aap ne ek dafa claim kiya tha k aap ne css kiya hua hai toh aap ko toh pata he ho ga k musalman jab hindustan chhor ker afghanistan pohanchay toh afghaniyon ne unhein qabul kernay se inkar ker diya tha.aaj bhi 3 million afghani uss so-called "mard e momin" ki wajah se pakistan ki economy ko deemak ki tarah chaat rahay hain.aap ko shayad yeh bhi yaad ho ga k jab pakistan ne UNO ki membership k liye apply kiya tha toh inhi hamaray 'dard mand ,ghayoor musalman' bhaiyon ne hamari mukhalifat ki thi.Afghaniyon ko sirf pahtuunun ya hazara braadri se thori bht hamdardi hai,warna toh unn ka wohi hisab hai k jis thaali mein khana ussi mein thuukna.Aaj bhi jo afghan youth mein pakistan k khilaf jo ghussa aur nafrat paai jaati hai,uss ka andaza nahi hai aap ko.esay halat mein jab jihad ham per farz nahi hai toh ham kyun khud ko kisi ki khatir mushkil mein daalein jab k woh hamari qurbaniyon ko acknowledge bhi na keray aur hamari mukhalifat kerta rahay.?

  137. Anonymous says:

    @hussainDear brother, I didnt claim to have done CSS as this is a fact and what benefit does it get me when i am writing anonymously as i feel i can vent out with more freedom this way.Secondly if you remember this then u will also remember that i said that i thought that we are "know all" but the real knowledge was hidden from me and after a long battle against all odds, it was a blessing that i got to Syed Sarfaraz Ahmad Shah Sahib & the first thing he said that Masha ALLAH very intelligent ppl r coming to see me & i replied that if i qualify CSS 10 times i will still be on the first rung of the ladder which takes us to ilm-e-ludni.It is his dua that in this past year i have come across accidentally (for me, but not for my mentor) on all things which have helped me on this path. Andddd "Future of Pakistan" plays a very big role in that, as, whatever i read in article as well as comments, i immediately try to do my own search and it enriches me.You see i was a student of IR, very worldly wise, into books, music etc but it took just a single meeting with Shah sahib and my condition was exactly like of Mumtaz Mufti in Alakh Nagri after he visited the grave of Qibla Sarkar.Sorry for taking space as this is the amanat of our country but i dont know why brother hussain is so cynical.As far as jihad is concerneda) the first one is Jihad bin nafsb) my two younger bros r in army (Orakzai)c) your comments regarding Afghanis r absolutely right but what do you say about the time in 90's when our policy was right and our borders were the safest on west during Taliban regime. So we have to make our priorities clear and counter Indian influence.AK

  138. @Sister AKInsha'Allah people of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan will help Imam Mehdi at Istanbul, Palestine and India.Here we all doing Jihad for better future.

  139. hussain says:

    @AK:well even if you comment with your name,it does'nt make you unsafe.You can still express your views clearly.Well policies opted in 90 went extremely against Russia.If we had taken a neutral or close to neutral approach like india,we'd be enjoying double benefits and The world would have been still divided in two poles probably.Taliban expressed themselves as true Muslims,but the truth is that they did'nt deserve the emirate of Afghanistan since they had'nt enough knowledge of Islam.And they were the part of UNO,if i'm not wrong.when you become part of such forum you have to abide by its resolutions etc.And deciding future policy,one should remember the previous record of its neighbours as well,which unfortunately we did'nt.Today neither Afghan government backs us,nor do Taliban or other so-called Islamists.Deviants masked as Islamists in Pakistan are targeting us as well.this is the result of a few wrong steps which we took.Today we are talking of giving Gawadar to China,but if we had given its administrative control to Russia it would be probably in our interest.Pakistan's only steel mills has been functioning due to co-operation of Russia.Bhutto was hanged because he was clever enough to struggle hard to maintain the bi-polar system in the world.

  140. MHA says:

    @Sister AKInsha'Allah people of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan will help Imam Mehdi at Istanbul, Palestine and India.It is amazing that people are going to ''help'' Mehdi AS……. really amazing……….

  141. @MHA@"It is amazing that people are going to ''help'' Mehdi AS……. really amazing………."Here help meant support. If you only believe Mahdi is present and he will appear coming soon then you are helping him. It is a support. Only Allah helps us. The absolute help is only from Allah…When Allah's help and victory have arrived and you have seen people entering Allah's religion in droves, then glorify your Lord's praise and ask His forgiveness. He is the Ever-Returning. (Surat an-Nasr, 1-3)All activities around the Globe serve the Mahdi and the dominion of Islamic moral valuesNo doubt that this is a promise and assistance from Allah to His true servants. Nothing can obstruct the will of Allah. He wills Islamic moral values to be installed over the world, and by His leave, this promise will come about. It is reported in the Qur'an that by Allah's will, the faithful will be victorious:We supported them, and so they were the victors. (Surat as-Saffat, 116)

  142. Anonymous says:

    @All cynics & critics Always present to pick on -ive issues while never there for +ive approach & support (for this country & this blog).AK

  143. Ghulam Habib says:

    14whee ka chaand Hazrat Imam Mehdi A.s jinka shumaar 14whee masoomeen me hota hai unka isi 14whee sadi me zahoor hoga ghaalib imkaan yehi hai ke 1401 hijri me unka zahoor yaani wiladat ho chuki hai jab yeh chaand asmaan par 40 ki degree par pohanche ga yaani unki umer jab 40 saal hojaayegi to sab ko nazar ajaayega

  144. hussain says:

    @all optimists:always ready to prove this land a paradise of dreams.Never there to face the reality and the real truth.One can't bring a change with mere his thinking.Practical steps need to be taken.

  145. Anonymous says:

    @ All cynics # criticsThe motto of the optimists is "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" as ALLAH says that never give up hope.What practical steps are taken by the realists so they might be followed!!!AK

  146. hussain says:

    @All optimists:dont filter out just one verse.Allah also says that He does'nt alter the state of a nation unless they change themselves.And as far as practical steps are concerned,realists have at least assessed the potential dangers and put forward the solutions but optimists probably want to stay with present lifestyle and yet enjoy the prosperity etc.There is a saying in punjabi:'Hoan v chupprian,te hon v do do'

  147. Anonymous says:

    @All cynics & criticsWe believe in "Hope for the best & PREPARE for the worst"So cynics have taken the practical step of ASSESSING the situation!!!!! Gooooooood.AK

  148. Anonymous says:

    @ All cynics & criticsI was just wondering that my address was to everybody in general, but why is Hussain Bhai accepting this title voluntarily?????AK

  149. hussain says:

    @ak:practical step is putting forward a solution,not assessment

  150. Ghulam Habib says:

    14whee ka chand jab duniya waalo ko nazar aata hai to woh asmaan par 40 degree angle par hota haI is se pehle woh pas e parda hota hai… isi tarah IMAM MEHDI A.S is sadi kaghaaz yaani 1401 hijri me tashreef la chuke hai unka zahoor duniya waalo par jab hoga jab woh 40 saal ke hojaayenge..

  151. Anonymous says:

    I will like to say Ghazi Munajjam is right and That Spiritual Personality is in Pakistan in Punjab right now. Where is that try to know as you can ager nahee to AALMONE se poochoo HISAB DANONE SE POOCHO keh kon hai aur kahan hai woh tm ko bata dain ge

  152. Anees says:

    Jis kisi ki b peshangoi ghalat saabat hoti hey tou wo yehi bahana krta hey k wo waqia tou roohani tor per hoa. hahahaha

  153. Anonymous says:

    i give u a hint Multan main jao or dekh lo.

  154. Abu bakar says:

    Najumi is rite>wo hasti Multan Sharif main hain.

  155. beenish mib says:

    He is the king of all kingz ….. Wali Allah above all wali allah …. The one and only wallah our sayedi g in Multan sharif

  156. beenish mib says:

    He is the king of all kingz ….. Wali Allah above all wali allah …. The one and only wallah our sayedi g in Multan sharif

  157. hussain says:

    sheikh amin ki baat toh nahi ker rahay?

  158. Anonymous says:

    Meray Sarkar Multan Shareef main hain…..Meray Shaikh Jya na Hor koi…

  159. Who is sheikh amin? I google and found Imran Khan talk with him…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNE3_g_Y9-oOnly Imam Mahdi will be above all Wali Allah and according to Hadith he will rise in western large city and migrate to Makkah.Thanks,Faisal

  160. Anonymous says:

    listen guysss… i think agar punjab se kuch aana b hai to shah-e-gharbi shayad aa jae…. means maghribi pakistan ka badshah ( means prime minister / sadar) as mentioned by naimatullah shah wali. ho sakta hy unka matlab ho achi qayadat of a man… ho sakta hai unka matlab imam mahdi nai hon. ALLAH KNOWS the best. only HE Knows who and what is right

  161. Anonymous says:

    means pehle achi qayadat ae gi pakistan main jo is ko boost dilaae gi. baad main imam mahdi aa jain ge. phir Isa (a.s) ne b to aana hai. think about it. all are different

  162. ali daniyal says:

    ap plz is bt ko brief kr dain…im confused..??

  163. muqeet says:

    can u do that no matter hoe i try i just cant understand urdu that well

  164. Anonymous says:

    Ghazi Munajjam was very week some last days. Allah Know his situation of health. But he has done great work for Pakistan. for the existence of Pakistan he has written books on this topic and published many predictions in newspapers. He was very great personality and lover of Pakistan. On his phone we have contacted but no response was. His office was in saddar near Bank Road. There is a board on the road side and there was one room where he stoood. I met them with him many times . And i served him i posted many lectters to the higher authorities ofthe world and i sent his messages to the newspaper and i helped him in every moment. he came wah cantt to meet allama muhammad yousuf gabriel who was also a prominent personality and he was agreat lover of pakistan. he prayed for pakistan every time. we do not forget these two personalities. (shaukat m awan 03009847582 wah cantt)

  165. Anonymous says:

    Ghazi Munajjam's predictions are about the personality which is Sheikh-UL-Islam Dr.Muhammad Tahir-Ul Qadri.He started Minhaj-Ul-Quran in 1981 and Hijri year was 1401.Now a days he Established Minhaj-Ul-Quran in 90 countries in the World.He is a "Majaddad" of this Time and also he is a great spiritual personality.Now a days he started "Inqilab" against our worst electoral system.We should support him and should be a part of his long march.Because this electoral system requires some reforms.Without changing some reforms in electoral system again corrupt peoples will rule on us.Ghazi Munajjam's prediction is about Sheikh-Ul-Islam Dr.Muhammad Tahir-Ul-Qadri.

  166. Anonymous says:

    A.O.AMe ne Austrology k bare me ap ka blog dekha hai, jis me Ghazi Munajjam ki Predictions bhi bayan ki gai hain.Mujhe Afsoos k Sath kehna parr raha hai k ab wo is Dunya me nahi Rahe, Allah un ko Jannat Ul Firdos me Jaga Atta Farmae, mere walid Sahab Ghazi Shahid Raza Alvi un k wahid Shagird the or ab wo un k Austorlogy k mission ko aage barha rahe hain.Ghazi Munajjam (Real Nam Abdul Yawar) November me wafaat paa chuke hain.Contact # of Ghazi Shahid Raza Alvi 0333-5210146Email By Faisal Azfar Alvi

  167. Anonymous says:

    Ukal istamal karo aur phir padu.Uss nai ye nahi likha.

  168. Anonymous says:

    yahane Imam Mehdi ka zikar nahi ho raha.Un ka zahoor kabbah main hu ga..

  169. Anonymous says:

    He is talking about a person who will be the leader of Pakistan.He is not talking about Imam Mehdi(as)

  170. Anonymous says:

    A true "Majaddad" does not hold out two fingers in V-sign and acts like this. Also, the long march and his nationality of Canada prove him wrong also. Please be careful of such scholars, he is not "Majaddad".A Well-wisher!

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