Hazrat Zauqi Shah’s Dream About The Conquest of India

Muslims Will Rule The Whole of India After Severe Trials

As mentioned in our post Hazrat Zauqi Shah (R.A.)’s Predictions, Pakistan was created under the divine help and spiritual support of Prophet of Allah (PBUH). Here an important Dream of Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) is posted from book ‘Vision for Seekers of Truth’, discourses compiled by his Khalifas Shah Shahidullah Faridi and Wahid Baksh Sial Rabbani.
The Dream is about the Conquest of India by Muslims. Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) himself interpreted this dream. Famous Saint Naseer-ud-din Charagh Dehlavi (RA) was also mentioned in this dream who was a disciple of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (RA) of Chishtia Order (Both Saints buried in Dehli). We already posted the Spiritual Role of Khawajah Moinuddin Chishti (RA) in First Conquest of Dehli by Sultan Shahab-ud-Ghauri so in below mentioned dream, handing over the bunch of keys to a Saint of this Order is very meaningful and it indicates the great role of spiritual forces in Conquest of Hindustan again.
Indeed the signs are for those who ponder and receive admonition & Allah always shows signs and omens of future to his pious and virtuous people.

Original Scan From Book “Tarbiat-ul-Ushaq” (378, 379)

Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) also mentioned a meeting between Quaid-e-Azam and Mahatama Gandhi. During this meeting Jinnah was on holiday on Twenty Seventh Ramadan and on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. This foretells Muslims’ Dominance. [If we could found more info about this meeting and schedule, it will be added here]

Note: Some important excerpts (with Urdu Translation) from same book will be posted in coming days. Insha’Allah

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28 Responses to Hazrat Zauqi Shah’s Dream About The Conquest of India

  1. To All Brother & Sisters,All the credit of this post goes to brother 'Adnan' for providing scans from this book and brother 'Baktar-e-Noor' for doing excellent Urdu translation.Thank you very much dear brothers.

  2. Faqar, salaam, can we interpret this dream as Muslims will conquer India peacefully after some tribulations hit on India… just like Muslim of Medina conquer Makkah peacefully? Insha'AllahHindu boy himself gave keys to saint…

  3. In 2008 I saw a dream… I saw a house of Hindus which is new for me. When I entered in house I observed some Hindus (male & female) are reading something in low voice while they are sitting in a white cloth. I thought they are reading some their Bhajan (religious songs) but when I came near to them then I surprised to see them that they are reading Holy Quran… Masha'Allah.

  4. Nice Dream….MashaAllah.

  5. Sab tareefain Allah kay leay….Izzat sirf Allah aur us kay Rasul (SalAllaho aleh Wassalam) aur momineen kay leay hai…Allah sab momineen o mominaat ko khususan jo is mehfil main shamil rehtay hian apni bay karaan rehmanton say nawazay…Ameen sum AmeenJazakumAllah khair aljaza…

  6. SubhanAllah,Now that is a prediction!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hafiz,Very good post and good effort. I once read it by an indian muslim scholor. He mentioned one hadith about " A nation will accept islam when he reads their old scriptures". I forgot the exact hadith but although the meanings are same. Also book reference of this hadith too. But I am sure what I read.Hafiz

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice post!Mash'AllahIss dream ka aik matlab qibla e awal Bait ul Muqaddus ke aazadi bhe ho sakta haiAllah knows best

  9. Ghulam Habib says:

    MASHALLAH great.. nice post aisi purumeed posts logo me zindagi ped karti hai kionke umeed me zindagi hai aur mayoosi me moat

  10. warrior says:

    When Khwaja Mohiuddin Chishti RA performed hajj with Ghaus ul Azam RA, he requested Ghaus ul Azam RA if he could accompany him to Baghdad and stay there. But Ghaus ul Azam RA, instructed him to go back to Hind and on his way stop by at Data Sahab RA Mazar to pay homage. Ghous ul Azam RA also instructed Khwaja Mohiuddin Chishti RA to establish a sufi order (Silsila e Chishtia) which will receive special spiritual attention from Ghous Ul Azam RA. After reading this post, and connecting the dots of previous posts, this is conclusive evidence that Ghous ul Azam’s RA instruction was for the special purpose of Ghazwa E Hind! (and Indeed Allah SWT and His Beloved Rasool Allah SAW knoe best.) The post about Hayath e Meer RA and Sabir Kalehri RA also directing towards the same event, Subhaan Allah!How amazing Allah SWT's plans are! Subhaan Allah

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Faisal Khan says:

    also see this linkZaid Hamid:The most Intense Azan Ever Heard on Adab e Ishq e Rasul sallaho alihe wasalam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vii5fh0qu3s&feature=relatedalso see this linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKyuqE4bjMA&feature=related

  13. hussain says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please see below a latest sohbat of Sultan ul Awliya Moulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani (May Allah Almighty give him long life and best of health): Saltanat TVTitle: Hukmullah12- January-2012http://www.saltanat.org/SaltanatTV/tabid/210/Default.aspx Assalamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please see below an excerpt from the latest sohbat of Sultan ul Awliya Moulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani (May Allah Almighty give him long life and best of health): Saltanat TVTitle: Hukmullah12- January-2012http://www.saltanat.org/SaltanatTV/tabid/210/Default.aspx The Indian people, Pakistan, the Iranians, the Afghanis, why they are not looking at The Holy Quran? What is their judgement? Madad ya Rabbi..amidduna ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah, Fatiha. Amin ya Rabbi, yallah! Go in peace.

  14. hussain says:

    @Faisal:the interpretation of your dream is that in 2008 or upto 2008 you had been considering some Muslims as Mushrik/biddati but when you analyzed them,you found that they were Muslims not Mushriks i.e their views were right.

  15. Anonymous says:

    manay kawab may daikh kay minar e Pakistan kay samnay khrai hon minar e Pakistan kay peecahy zameen say aag ka bouht bara alo uth raha hay aur minar say buland hota ja raha hay maloom nahi is say kia muraad hay

  16. Thanks hussain for the interpretation :). All Muslims are brothers.

  17. I hope, brother hussain will interpret this dream as well.

  18. Hussain, I commented on your blog that Please also add Urdu translation of these Ayah of Quran so that Urdu readers like me can read them more easily.

  19. faisal khan says:

    Forgive Us – اعفو عنّا – Please see below a latest of Sultan ul Awliya Moulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani (May Allah Almighty give him long life and best of health):Mawlana makes a passionate plea to people to run away from shaytan, who is telling them to kill and to die and to disobey their Lord. He tells us to ask for forgiveness and he begs for his Lord to forgive us and send us one of his chosen ones to lead us.http://www.saltanat.org/Blog/tabid/271/PostID/549/Forgive-Us-Bizi-Affeyle-en.aspx

  20. hussain says:

    ummmmmmm!although i have'nt fair idea that how to get urdu fonts,but i'll try doing it some days later inshaAllah.If i found it difficult,i'll try to do it in Roman URdu.

  21. hussain says:

    yeah sure !at least there is nothing bad in testing one's skills 🙂

  22. hussain says:

    yeah sure ! at least there is nothing bad in testing one's skills .The dream signifies that the person is very much concerned with the situation of Pakistan.Since he/she has'nt mentioned the time,it is a lot difficult to get into finer details and another thing is that he/she has'nt mentioned whether he/she was afraid of that fire in his/her dream or just remained normal?If this dream is some 40 days old or less and she was normal during her dream,it means that she takes Imran Khan as solution of the country and if she felt fear of fire tehn it means she has her severe concerns over the slogans of change raised by Imran Khan.WAllahu Aalam.I hope anonymous do give us a feedback ! 🙂

  23. Anonymous says:

    Brother Hussain aap ka sukria manay yeh khuwab Fajjer say pehlay dekha meri ankh khuli 6 bajay ka waqt tha NY may subah ki namaz ka yehi waqt hay meri adat hay may Pkistan aur sub kay liaya dua kartay kartay soti hon manay minar kay ass pas log bhi daikay phir ichanak minar kay bilkul peechay zameen say agg uthti daikhi lekin wo zameen per pahlnay ki bajaiy minar sy uper uthti chali gai lekin minar ko nahi chuwa bus meri ankh khul gai yeh 8 ya 10 din pehaly ki baat hay is kay ilawa bhi many Pakistan kay liay khuwab daikhay jin per may kof zada thi lekin is baar mujahy fiker to hoi lekin khof mehsos nahi huwa is say pelay many yehan aik khuwab ka ziker kia tha jis may mujhay aik jumla sunai dia tha kay PAKISTAN ki takmeel e no kay liay pehli AZAAN kon day ga ?

  24. hussain says:

    inn saray khawaboun se yehi zahir ho raha hai k aap Pakistan k haalat k liye bht conscious hain aur aap ko Pakistan ki bht zaada fiker hai.Aap bhi Pakistan ko ek khush haal,Islami mulk dekhna chahti hain.Shayad aap ko maujuda syasi nizam aur chehroun pe bhi bht zada aetmad nahi hai.Aur dusra yeh k chuun k aap Pakistan se bht duur hain ,iss liye aap ko Pakistan ki bht yaad b aati hai aur Pakistan ki fiker b Pakistan mein rehne waloun ki nisbat kuch zada hai.Am i right?lakin aap ko mashwara hai k aap fiker na kerain,acha ya bura jese b chal raha hai,chalne dein aap zada fiker na kerain.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Brother Hussain aap theek kah rahay hain meray dil aur zehan may her waqt Pakistan rehta hay may bouht sochti hon dua bhi karti hon aap nay theek kaha kay mujhay zaiada fiker nahi karni cahiay lekin kuch batain apnay bus say baher hoti hain Allah aap sub ko mehfooz rakhay her takleef say her perysani say AMEEN

  26. Thanks Faisal Khan for sharing it. Satan is enemy of mankind. The main objective of Satan is creating differences and enmity between humans. Only love and peace can destroy plan of Satan.http://www.harunyahya.com/books/faith/satan/satan1.phphttp://www.harunyahya.com/arrogance1.php

  27. Nayab says:

    Wow great to see such brilliant personalities being discussed online. I was wondering where if anywhere I can find translated books of Hazrat Zauqi Shah ra? I have Vision for the seekers of the truth, but since my urdu is weak, I'd like more if they are available. Thanks in advance

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