The Real Leader & Golden Era of Islam Is Coming (Future Predictions By Wasif Ali Wasif RA)

That Real Leader Will Appear From This Region
‘وہ یہیں پاکستان یا ہندوستان سے آئے گا. وہ پیدا ہو چکا ہے بس ظاہر ہونا باقی ہے. آپ اس کا انتظار کرو….آپ اس کا استقبال کرنا’

‘He will come from Pakistan or Hindustan. He has born but remains to appear. Your wait for him….. You Give Him Warm Welcome’

Biography of Wasif Ali Wasif (RA)
Published in 2009

Wasif Ali Wasif (Rehmatullah Alaih) was great spiritual personality, blessed with the true knowledge of Islam and spirituality. He was one of those Saints who openly foretold the importance and secrets of Pakistan’s Future in his writings and lectures. Here some glad-tidings (بشارتیں یا خوش خبریاں) are presented from Book ‘Farmaeesh’ written by Ijaz-ul-Haq (A friend and follower of Him)

Admin Note: According to Book Preface, Author Ijaz-ul-Haq Sahib has directly listened these sayings/events from Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) so he himself is a witness/reference of all these conversations. Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) passed away in 1993, His books contain predictions at many places, some of them are mentioned in below chapter also.

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28 Responses to The Real Leader & Golden Era of Islam Is Coming (Future Predictions By Wasif Ali Wasif RA)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. @AnonymousWasif Sahib 18 January, 1993 ko fout huwe magar Ye woh Buzurg hastiyan hain jo marne ke baad zaida active ho jate hain. Main un ki books se mazeed articles post krta rahun waqt ke saath saath.

  3. Golden Age Crises (2007-2014) before Golden Age Islamic Union

  4. hussain says:

    maghrib ne toh unhein acknowledgement dia nahi,lakin Pakistan khub dae raha hai.Allah unn k darjaat buland farmaye aamin.

  5. hussain says:

    waqt guzarne k sath sath mere zehan mein mustaqbil k hawaalay se kuch cheezein pukhta ho rahi hain .LAkin abhi mein sirf cheezoun ko judge ker raha hun.Ek bari ajeeb baat jo bht se logon ki pesh goiyon mein common hai woh yeh k anay walaa pehle bzahir ek aam sa he admi ho ga.Iss blog pe honay wali Ab tak ki behas se jo chandd batein samnay ayi hain woh yeh hain k :1-Anay wala bzahir ek aam admi ho ga.2-Anay wala shakhs Iran k rastay aye ga,ya at least iran se aye ga.aur ghaliban yeh k Iran aur afghanistan ko nishat e saniya k liye eham kirdar ada kerna hai3-anay wala shakhs shayad lahore mein sakoonat ikhtiyar keray aur Lahore se he inqilab shuru keray.(Shah NaematUllah mentioned something about this,if i'm not wrong)4-Anay wala shakhs tasawwuf se khasusan silsila e chishtiya se pyar kernay wala ho ga.5-Woh sahib e Quran ho ga yani uss ko Quran k matalib o ma'aani ka bkhubi idraak ho ga.

  6. hussain says:

    @Faqr:i asked you once that why did Iqbal did a significant portion of his poetry in persian?Well i dont know the asnwer yet,neither have i heard it from you.but today i have found something interesting.It is Iranian Supeme leader's speech on First International Conference on Iqbal,held in Tehran.

  7. Thanks, Its long long reading but I found these line from his speech"The man is coming who shall break the chains of the slaves,I have seen him through the cracks in the walls of your prison.This poem also strengthens my belief as to why Iqbal could not visit Iran. He considered Iran as a prison and addressed the people living here in the way the prisoners are addressed."Well, I say here whole sub-continent's Muslims had become prisoner too, so we need idol-breaker/chain breaker here as well

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you please upload a pdf copy of these books?

  9. @AnonymousBooks mentioned above Kiran Kiran Suraj, Harf Harf Haqiqat, Dil Darya Samunder, Qatra Qatra Qulzam and Shab-e-Charagh and others are easily available on Internet……..and also easily available in market. These are not expensive, They are collected in single binding named 'Wasifiyat' as well. even you can find them 2nd hand from Urdu Bazar type markets.

  10. AM says:

    Masha'Allah Great postingWasif Ali Wasif sahib was a great person,his words are great and deep in its meanings. Wasif sab ne p-286 par jis waqia ka zikr kia i think ke wo 9/11 ke baray mei khadshaat ka izhar farma rahay thay.

  11. Anonymous says:

    wo bari musibat kia hai jo zuban par aa nahi sakti jo isn post par hai

  12. Faqar bhai,As i pointed out sometime ago, you did after all break the big news!2 questions remain, when & who! and that will be answered only by time…This also bodes the test of our faith. So lets be strong then…MashaAllah La Quwata Illa BilAllah…

  13. AWAIS MALIK says:

    aslam o alykum brother admin.i want to give you an article of extra ordinary and cruicial importance..this article is the elaboration of the article "dandy wali sarkar" by prof.muhammed yousaf this article the chronological events have been explained from 2012 to ghazwa hind and after ghazwa e hind in the subcontinent by dr. nazeer ahmed will explain the bright future of pakistan and also the future of will wash the doubts that mostly exist in the minds of the readers of your blog.

  14. faisal khan says:

    see this link againJuly 29, 2011Soon the Era of Justice will Begin (Irfan-ul-Haq – Darvesh Danishwar By Prof. M. Yousaf Irfan)—————-October 01, 2011Patriotic Leadership Is Coming In Pakistan (Future Predictions By Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi)

  15. FAISAL KHAN says:

    Prof. Muhammad Yousuf Irfan’s mother saw this dream repeatedly after 12 Oct, 1999.'Whole world has united to destroy and attack Pakistan, but despite of whole world’s efforts, they couldn’t destroy Pakistan and all their planning failed. Pakistan is a fort of Islam. Quaid-e-Azam laid its foundations so strong that no one can harm Pakistan. Pakistan is made to stay, it will never go down'(ms)I THINK WE (PAKISTAN) IS PASSING GHAZWA AHZAB time siege from all sidewhen it ends good time starts.INSHA ALLAH

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Brother Awais Malik !You are most welcome, Please send me that article at spiritualpakistanfuture@gmail.comInsha'Allah It will be uploaded immediately.This time I am also waiting for that article along with many other brothers and sisters.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Imam Mahdi (reality or story) Khalid ZaheerThe concept that one day Imam Mahdi will come and fight against "Dejaal" is not only a very popular concept (especially in Asia) but got it as the part of "Aimaan". Though Quran has not any evidence about but people have made this concept a big part of their religious life.First of all, the topic going to discuss here is not the matter of DEEN (part of Aimaan) and secondly keep in mind that every religious community has this concept. All the communities had been waiting for some one that will come and fill the land with justice. Christen, Jews, Hindus, Muslim even other small communities all are waiting for some one. Why they all are waiting for some one? The reason is, the same thinking that every nation has "some one will come and their nation will rule the world"…….Full Article

  19. Apprentice says:

    @ Khalid Zaheer sb., the fact that Imam Mahdi will come to lead the oppressed ones is not based on stories rather it is based on many authenticate hadiths. Moreover a number of Aulliya karam has also confirmed it. So how one may think about it as a story? As far as your question that “All the communities had been waiting for some one that will come and fill the land with justice. Christen, Jews, Hindus, Muslim even other small communities all are waiting for some one. Why they all are waiting for some one? The reason is, the same thinking that every nation has "some one will come and their nation will rule the world"…….” so this argument also seconds that some personality (Mahdi) will come to lead the oppressed humanity. May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right path! Aameen.

  20. Ghulam Habib says:

    g tamam qoamo ka kisi maseeha ka intizaar karna bhi is baat ki gawaahi hai ke end me sab us maseeha ko tasleem karlenge uske parcham tale aik hojaayenge aur deen e islam sarbuland hoga

  21. @Last Anonymous, brother Mahdi is not only Shia concept it is also Sunni concept. Accounts regarding Mahdi are Mutawatir (absolutely trustworthy). In your article information is incomplete. See following…THE SUBJECT OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) IS BASED ON SOLID EVIDENCEACCOUNTS REGARDING HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) ARE "MUTAWATIR"What Does "Mutawatir" Mean?ACCOUNTS BY SCHOLARS THAT THE HADITHS REGARDING HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) ARE MUTAWATIRRASUL AL-HUSAYN AL-BARZANJIALA AL-DIN ALI IBN HUSAM MUTTAQI AL-HINDIABD AL-MUHSIN IBN HAMAD AL-ABBADMUHAMMAD NASIRUDDIN AL ALBANISHAMSUDDIN MUHAMMAD IBN AHMAD AL-SAFFARANIABU ABDULLAH MUHAMMAD IBN JAFAR IDRISI AL-KATANIAHMAD IBN MUHAMMAD AL-GHUMARIHASANAYN MUHAMMAD MAKHLUF AL-MISRIABU AL-HASAN MUHAMMAD IBN AL-HUSAIN ABURIABU MUHAMMAD AL-HASAN IBN ALI AL-BARBAHARI AL-HANBALISAID HAWWAMUHAMMAD IBN ALI ASH-SHAWKANISHEIKH HASAN ADWI HAMZAWISIDDIQ KHAN AL-QANUJIIBN TAYMIYYAHZAHID AL-KAWTHARIMUHAMMAD IBN HASAN AL-HASNAWITHE SOURCES OF THE HADITHS ABOUT HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)Hadiths regarding the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), his features and the events that will happen in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are conveyed in many trustworthy sources of hadith. Some of these sources are as follows:1. Tirmidhi in Sunan→3 hadiths2. Abu Dawud in Sunan → 8 hadiths3. Ibn Majah in Sunan →8 hadiths4. Ahmad bin Hanbal in Musnad →12 hadiths5. Abd al-Razzak ibn Hammam in Al-Musannaf →8 hadiths6. Ibn Abu Shayh in Al-Musannaf → 14 hadiths7. Ibn Hibban in Sahih → 7 hadiths8. Haythami in Zawaid →20 hadiths9. Suyuti in Al-Jami al-Saghir →8 hadiths10. Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi in Kanz al-Ummal →59 hadiths11. Al-Haqim in Mustadraq →12 hadiths12. Al-Firdaws in Daylami → 7 hadiths13. Al-Daraqutni in Sunan → 1 hadithIn these sources there are 159 trustworthy hadiths regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as).Besides, the following great Islamic scholars included trustworthy hadiths in their works.Ibn Qasir →3 hadiths, Al-Busuri →2 hadiths, Zahabi →5 hadiths, Munzuri →1 hadith, Azimabadi →6 hadiths, Albani →6 hadiths.These are only a portion of the trustworthy hadiths regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as). Apart from these there are many other trustworthy hadiths and explanations regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as).more…

  22. Umar Ch says:

    Aslamoalikum..Haroon Rassheed sahib ka aaj ka column perhein app sab loog Jang newspaper me…giving a lot of hope…cheers guys…inshAllah Allah khair keray ga bohat jald…ameen…suma ameen

  23. Sayyid Adnan Oktar: Our brothers and sisters should closely follow up the time. I HAVE PREDICTED THE YEAR 2012 BY THE LEAVE OF ALLAH. INSHA’ALLAH, THERE WILL BE STUNNING INCIDENTS IN 2012. And the year 2014 will be pretty different. Write this on a paper. Then the year 2017 will be eminently different. We will be all together Insha’Allah. By the leave of Allah, we will establish Turkish Islamic Union. Turkey will grow. Turkey will become great Insha’Allah. TURKEY WILL BECOME THE CENTER OF THE WORLD.The Wall Street Journal pointed that: Turkey’s rapid growth outpaced China and Argentina. The Turkish economy grew by 11% in the first quarter, confirming Turkey as Eurasia's rising tiger. Turkey's hot economy stands in contrast with those of most neighbors in the European Union, in particular Greece, whose leader called on his citizens to emulate the success of his country's old rival in bouncing back from economic adversity.

  24. Anonymous says:

    wo konsa waqiya hone laga hai ke huda kare ctal jai or wo or kia ashar hai awam ko bata nahi sakte thore ashare hai take waqt aane par nibha sake????

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wasif sahib nay kisi bari Afat ki taraf isara kia hay JO ANAY wali hay ??

  26. Anonymous says:

    Salam Alaikum Allas some of the members are talking about the changes we all will see in 2012 and afterward, I would like to point out the series of videos from all over the world regarding the "strange sounds". People from all over the world hears the same strange sound and no one couldn't figured it out what sound is that. Perhaps someone on this forum would explain or ask any knowledgeable person about it. Hussain

  27. Anonymous says: hunch says that these sounds have got some thing to do with the time period starting fron 14th august 2012 till 23rd dec 2012.i think there exists a pattern in these sounds/voices. it needs a bit research but i these sounds are area specific i.e. same type or kind of sound for one given area e.g.Merica, Europe etc etc.))) u knowwhen a machine is about to mal function it first starts behaving un usual….

  28. Anonymous says:

    Mera baat likh lain woh bandai momin a gaya hai. Jo kabhi maazi main ayashi ke zindgi guzarta thaa per Allah naay uss saay uss kee maan cheen kar us ko jhanjhoora…Aaaj woh bandai momin aur faqeer hai. uss kee kawishon saay lakhaoon log sehatyab ho rahay hain aur Ilm hasil kar rahain hain bohat jald us ko Allah hakumat daay gaa jo keh bunyad ho gee Pakistan kee sarbulandi kee…Meri baat aap likh lain Inahllah yeh ho kar rahay gaa

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