Seers Foretell: A Leader Will Unite The Muslim Ummah (Orya Maqbool Jaan)

دس سے زیادہ اسلامی ملک ایک رہنما کی قیادت میں ہوں گے

Article Kitab-e-Millat-e-Baiza Ki Phir Sheeraza Bandi Hai By Orya Maqbool Jaan (20 Jan, 12)

English Translation of important part of Article:
This is the scenario in next few months of our country. This state of affairs is a glad tiding of revolution and change. For years, the Seers (saints) have foretold about this. Now silence of these Seers is speaking that

From this Muharram till next Muharram, from Tunisia to Pakistan whole situation will be changed, all political systems will be perished, borders will become meaningless. After failed socialism, time of failed democracy is coming. In this row of change, political concept of borders and crooked ruling elite will not exist. Many of the Seers tell, ‘More than Ten Islamic countries will be united under the leadership of one Ruler and that time is not far away. Listeners of Knocking are hearing the sounds of volcanic eruptions. The days of unity of Muslim Ummah are coming which was divided like a cake 100 years ago.’

Rise of Islam / Tulu-e-Islam

A Verse from Famous Predictive Poem of Allama Iqbal 
This book of the Radiant Community is receiving a new binding;
The Hashmite branch is once more ready to bring forth new leaves and fruit.

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37 Responses to Seers Foretell: A Leader Will Unite The Muslim Ummah (Orya Maqbool Jaan)

  1. Umair says:

    InshAllah! *tears*

  2. Anonymous says:

    rang gardon ka zara dekh tou onaabi haiyeh nikaltay howay soraj kee ufaaq tabi hai _________iqbal

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great article. Orya sab has finallytold the whole of what sufia have beenSaying about the immidiate future. But it is also our responsibility to mend our ways. We can do this by atleast speaking and endorsingthe truth. We should be certain about who our enemies are; those who defend this system, those who defend zardari, nawaz, mqm, jui F, anp and ausmlim league a to z. I am not advocating imran khan but i believe that he is the only pragmatic choice available at the moment or untill the time there comes a new personality on whom every one agrees. U know these saints or future seers don,t tell the whole story because of certain legitimate limitations. Now i dont claim any thing at all but i am going to tell u about the pmised leader(specific to Pakistan) in the next comment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    (continued frm above) some believe that true ans charismatic leader of pakistan shall come out of the blue; now this belief is all but historically, traditionally, intellectually and religiously wrong. Why i think imran khan is the one; because, 1) cancer hospital and that university- he has proved that he worked for the common good of people of PAK. and without any position in power and politics 2) if u read his book, he was very very concerned about his marriage and kids but he had to let them go because could not give up on politics and pti (a sacrifice) 3) he started pti on pure wetstern principles of democracy, righteousness and justice as he spent most of his time in west but now u can feel he is consistently refering to islamic principles of justice, equality and SHURA 4) he is in a transitional mode and is learning abt the spirit of ISLAM and u see he is now quoting AHADITH AND HOLY BOOK in a very simple and digestible manner (straight, simple and down to earth muslim) 5) whatever his alleged past so called 'play boy' is, he is changing day by day. 6) i believe he will very soon emerge as a pure fundamentalist (not pejorative term), strict and a religious person but he cant expose his this side even if he has attained it till now untill he comes in to power (hikmat). I have to say a lot more but i think its enough for now. Plz try to understand he is the only one present on the scene and did u notice that now he has started wearing RED scarf. Lastly i am sure that he himself doesnot know that he is the saviour neither did he claim it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We will carry on to spread the messsage and to defend this Madina E Sani.Khair InshaAllah For Pakistan !! — United Patriots of Pakistan —

  6. plzzzzzz plz bro where i can buy this boyy plzz any 1 help me in LAHORE

  7. Anonymous says:

    malikwo waqt tu abi bohot door hai das mulko ki aik rehanama wo tu imam mehdi ka zamana hai na ke 2012

  8. Brother, You download 'Naimatullah Shah Wali Predictions Book' or download pages and print hi perh lain, buy kyun kerni hai?

  9. Anonymous says:

    What are our options for future leader or the next govt. apart for Imran Khan??Do we seriously beleive that he is the one after his party became a "choon choon ka murabba" by having all insundry in TI??AK

  10. MAJ says:

    Brother ap ye na dekho k PTI ma kon a rha hy ya ja rha hy. Ab future ma koi party Govt. ma nhi ay gi. Next Govt. k liay achay logon ko select kya jaey ga. Agr Imran Khan select hota hy tu is ka ye matlab nhi k ab PTI rule kry gi.

  11. Zia says:

    inshallah zaroor

  12. Anonymous says:

    you have your opinion – fair enough, but there are some things to think about very carefully: 1) at the moment we have no other option except Imran because all others have already been tested and we have to except him with all our reservations and doubts, 2) when we talk about new faces we always forget that we all have a one, same face, u may call it traditon, culture or a way of doing things. we as a nation are corrupt, self centered and treacherous, we don,t do a thing which does not give us a personal benefit. just imagine who will vote for waleed Iqbal because he aint got money nor any powerful position. no tv anchor has ever called him on his show to talk about his literary achievements and his plans about pakistan. this is just one example. i jaust wanna say that new faces will defenitiley arrive but there first has to bee a mix and match, just in order to get new faces registered 3) as far as Imran Khan's personality is concerned, i am confident in saying that he, as a person in his individuality, is going through a transitional phase (should i foretell that he will soon grow a beard…i am 100 percent sure of that). just listen to his old interviews, he was not used to talk about Islam, Khilafat e rashida, Ahadees e Mubarika and also he has started using 'INSHALLAH' just a while ago. there has also been a consistant change in his policies and views, i mean expansion….. so i believe he is getting there. 4) another important thing is the people of pakistan has recorded a failure, total and absolute failure (we are so selfish and self centered that when this bad government of zardari stops us from doing one thing legally we would change our direction and do it legally and it goes on and on). if u want them to rise in a general rebel, u will have to wait for another 5 year term of people like Zardari. and believe me it wont be easy even then. bloody revolution is only easy to imagine not to undergo. i believe we have been given one apportunity before its time to go for a bloody revolution or street agitation. I believe i have gone through all the predictions available on this site and else where. I am convinced that we as a nation have no other option except supporting Imran and hope that change comes from top…May Allah give us knowledge and wisdom to see and understand things in their actuality. Amin

  13. Assalaamu Alaikum, Orya Maqbool Jaan is predicting a global leader who will join 10 Muslims countries. He is NOT predicting any local leader of one country like Imran Khan… I know this global leader… He is Imam Mahdi A.S who has come in 1980 (1400) said by Sheikh Nazim… According to Ahdith after dismissal of Caliphate only Imam Mahdi will be able to unite Muslim countries… Orya Maqbool Jaan mentioned Sheikh Nazim's prediction in above article about collapse of socialist and nationalist countries. According to Sheikh Nazim, Hazrat Mahdi A.S met with the Prophet (saas)'s spiritual being at the Yerebatan(Sunken) mosque…. If Imran Khan follow Imam Mahdi then he will be successful. If he oppose Imam Mahdi then he will also be collapsed like Qadafi…

  14. Yes, and after 2-2.5 years we will inshAllah be blessed with the one whom Iqbal described as:Nigeh Buland, Sukhan dilnawaz, Jaan pursozYehi he Rakhte Safar, meer-e-Karwaan ke lyeHe will not be the Mahdi, though…

  15. ok i will but book kaa apna hi maza aur asey mae agay be promote ker sakta hun 🙂 koi idea hai kae ye book kha sae mil sakti hai??

  16. faisal says:

    According to Sheikh Nazim, khutba of juma on last friday27 jan 2012

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who is concerned about hiding his/her ip(identity) in posting comments online it is suggested that he/she may use ip hiding softwares or anonymous proxy surfing website to hide or change the real ip addressRegards

  18. Brother, Iss baat ka koi idea nahin k kis bookshop se ye book mile gi. Agar kisi aur brother ko pata ho to woh yahan per comment ker de. thanks.

  19. Good suggestion… Is there any software which can hide my identity at Day of Judgment?

  20. brother wo zamana itna door bhi nahi hai… 2014-2021 ka wo zamana hai, Insha'Allah

  21. To All,A Vital and Decisive Post Will Be Published Tomorrow. InshaAllah Please pray for the coming one. Allahu AkbarInshaAllah

  22. Anonymous says:

    My Anonymous brother Assalam-0-Aliakum, It was me who mentioned this issue of people being traced and tracked in the comments section of previous post. But then it stuck me that fear for what???? I cam across this poem (see below) and I felt shame on myself (actually I cried also) so please do not be afraid:Momin ki hay pahchan ka wafadar bara hayPhailata nahi hay haath ka khuddar bara hayQaed o band ki saobatoon say daratay ho tum kisayJis nay kalma haq ka saraydar parha hayzulm ki yah aandhiyan kaisay jhukaingi IsayYah banda e haq hay yah jeedar bara hayWasalaam – Khan

  23. Anonymous says:

    I dont think Imran Khan would have any problem giving Baya to Imam Mehdi. No Politican in Pakistan talks about Tazkiya Nafs like he did in recent party dinner

  24. Anonymous says:

    Insha'Allah brotherAllahu Akbar!!!!RegardsBAK

  25. Ghulam Habib says:

    @Faisal Farooq aapne jo yeh baat kahi .."brother wo zamana itna door bhi nahi hai… 2014-2021 ka wo zamana hai, Insha'Allah .."aapne jo tareekh bayaan ki woh haqeeqat ke boht qareeb hai.. 1980 ya 1981 waali baat bhi haqeeqat ke intihayi qareeb hai

  26. Brother you are right. Imam Rabani, Baiduzzaman Said Nursi, Sheikh Nazim and Adnan Oktar said Imam Mahdi will start his struggle in 1979-81. It is his first appearance. Adnan Oktar said Caliphate of Imam Mahdi will start in 2014, Insha'Allah. It will be his public appearance (or oath) to all Muslims. So both dates are correct. Insha'Allah.

  27. Brother thanks for posting this youtube link. I have some idea about spiritual journey of Imran Khan but He didn't mention Imam Mahdi in any lecture… so I don't know would he give Baya to Imam Mahdi?… If Imran Khan gives Baya (oath) to Imam Mahdi spiritually before his appearance then it will be very good for him and his struggle. Also he should talk about Imam Mahdi publicly without any fear… Message of Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isa (A.S) is love, peace, unity and justice. They are not come for fights, wars and killing enemies. Insha'AllahWe all should give Baya (oath) to Imam Mahdi spiritually. We have to only say after our prayers that 'Whoever is Mahdi I am giving my oath to him'. Also after every prayer we should pray from Allah for successes of struggle of Imam Mahdi and his coming Caliphate.

  28. Rashid says:

    جزاک اللہ

  29. Ghulam Habib says:

    @FAISAL Farooq .. mere hisaab se 1981 unki wiladat ka year hai . and 2007(26years) unki baatni khilafat ka dor hai … and 2021 (40years) unki zaaahiri khilafat aur unka awwaamunnas me zahoor ka year hai…aur yeh baat bhi yaad rakhen ki hai Ghuzwa Hind unke awwaam unnas me zaahir hone se pehle hi hogi us sabz aankho waale mujhaid ki leading me jis ki aksar Auliah paishan goyi kar rahye hai jiska Hadees Paak me naam Mansoor(may be yeh naam laqab ho) diya gaya hai … aur i think Ghuzwa hind bas do chaar saalo hi ki baat hai…

  30. @Ghulam Habib, I respect your calculations as there is little difference in our dates. First I didn't calculate anything. I have no such knowledge to predict anything. Only Allah and His friends can predict future and past.He is the Knower of the Unseen, and does not divulge His Unseen to anyone – except a Messenger with whom He is well pleased, and then He posts sentinels before him and behind him. (Surat al-Jinn,  26-27)I took these dates from work of Baiduzzaman Said Nursi, Sheikh Nazim and Adnan Oktar.According to them Imam Mahdi will start his struggle in his earlier age 24 or 26 in years 1980-1985. In this age he didn't know he is Mahdi himself. At age of 30 may be in 1986 or 87 he will be corrected in one day. At this age of 30 he may be appeared to his few companions. At age of 40 may be he appeared to many people across the border. Also he will never claim that he is Mahdi.He [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will be sent when he is between 30 and 40 years old… Hazrat Mahdi (as) is one of my children. He is around 40. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 41)Prophet (saw) only said Mahdi will be sent him when he is between 30 and 40 years old. He (saw) didn't say Mahdi will create Khilafat at this period. According to one Hadith he will have a long age and he will create Khilafat for 7 or 9 years. After his death Isa A.S will be next Khilafah. It means he will start Khilafah in old age 60 or 70.

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. atif says:

    hahaha you are mad man .. MARDE MOMIN is a person who FOLLOW SHARIA … and IK want demon cracy in Pakistan aankein kholo >…. woh banda jo mun mai CHEW GUM kha kar namaz parta ho woh kya ISLAM ka janta hai

  33. atif says:

    hahaha cmon man jo banda mun mai chw gum kha k namaz parta ho woh kya inqillab laye ga …. hahahaMARDE MOMIN ko pehchano na k MARDE JAMAIMA ko

  34. Anonymous says:

    Imran Khan? right. well you have right of your opinion. but he is about to play devil advocate. get real and do not be confused- be clear in your head. have you played back a scenario in your mind that mr IK may be planted? Have you?this system and this whole set of people are waste – simply put ur vote mark on 2 to 3 party signg on the ballot , so that your vote gets cancelled and this way difficult very much for anyone 2 use ur id card. in other word dont vote 4 any party but dont keep id card no. /vote as idle. or it may get used.

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