Irani Farishta (Articles By Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq)

A Message of Iranian Angel to Pakistan’s Government

Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq

96 years old Saint Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq, a devotee of Quaid-e-Azam and former interior minister and IG Baluchistan, Sindh & Punjab, is great Ashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W) and a very noble man. His articles published in Jang Newspaper for a long time. He is the one who told in an interview about the ‘Dream of Quaid-e-Azam’ in which Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered Quaid-e-Azam to lead Muslims. Dr. Safdar Mehmood mentioned this event in an article ‘Aik Tareekhi Raaz Se Parda Uthta Hai’ last year (extract from that article added below).
Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq’s articles ‘Irani Farishta’ Part 1 & 2, published in Jang Newspaper (1st, 8th July 2009) are posted below. These articles are of utmost importance in current situation of our country.  Articles are about an Angel (Irani Farishta) who instructed Fazal-e-Haq Sahib to take guidance from Quran to find the answers of some questions. That Iranian Angel appeared twice and left a 5 Point Qirtas (paper/piece of writing) in which that angel informed the nation about the intentions of American & NATO invasion in Afghanistan, and suggested to initiate ‘United States of Islam’ till March 2012 by electing a ‘Majlis-e-Shura’ (Assembly of Experts which elects the Supreme Leader) on similar pattern of Iran in each Islamic country and then gradual replacement of false Western Democracy with Islamic Shurai System.

‘5 Point Paper by Angel‘ is actually a strategy for Islamic countries to come out of crisis as well as an indication of future. As Allama Iqbal advised

تہران ہو گر عالم مشرق کا جنیوا
ممکن ہے کہ اقوام کی تقدیر بدل جائے

Surprisingly, another Angel appeared again and blessed Fazal-e-Haq Sahib with glad-tiding (It will be posted after few days)

Irani Farishta (Part 1)

Irani Farishta (Part 2)

From: Dr. Safdar Mehmood’s article, see complete here

Note: Urdu word  (نظرمحتسبانہ) is used in second article, it means (Hisab lene wali nazar). In other words, All leaders, especially Pakistani elite, are accountable and answerable to Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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73 Responses to Irani Farishta (Articles By Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq)

  1. First, I thank Dr. Urooj for pointing these important articles.Second, Well such people still exist in our society who have connection with angels :)Hoor-O-Farishta Hain Aseer Mere Takhiyulat MeinMeri Nigah Se Khalal Teri Tajaliat Mein

  2. MAJ says:

    nice sharing brother. May Allah bless you. Ameen

  3. Brothers & Sisters,Today's article of Oriya Maqbool Jaan has few lines about good future of Pakistan. He exactly wrote the words of Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali (QSA) for himself, MashaAllah which I indicated in testament post.

  4. Anonymous says:

    MasahAllah lekin mojooda hakoomat aur Ifgani hakoomat to her kam ulta ker rahi hay phir in say jaan choot kion nahi jati aur in ko saza kab milay gi

  5. Umar Ch says:

    zardari aur nawaz shreef aur yousaf gillani wali line ke kia matlab hai? strange…

  6. Ulte kaam kar rahe hain to phir saza bhi to ulte litka kar hi mile gi, saaf nazar aa rha hai inhain Allah (swt) ki taraf se dheel di ja rahi hai. Aap sabr karain, inhain saza bhi tareekhi mile gi. Allah ne Quran mein jo farma diya hai, humesha ussi par amal hota hai aur Quran mein hi Allah farmate hain ke zalimon ko dheel di jati hai magar jab rassi khanchi jati hai to zalim ibrat ka nishan ban jate hain.

  7. iska matlab hai, in se khas hisab liya jaye ga. jo ye kar rahe hain inhain bhugtna pare ga.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Faqar bhai Bulochistan may kia honay wala hay? sub keh rahay hain kay 71 walay halat hain

  9. Good article. Last suggestion of creating Majlis Shura by Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan in March of 2012 to create foundation of Islamic union is good but who will do it?Currently Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is under threat in name of War On Terror but actually they afraid with appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s)….ADNAN OKTAR: People will better understand the intensity of the measures taken against the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The only reason for the rivers of blood spilled in Iraq, the only reason for the American invasion, in their terms, is the risk of Hazrat Mahdi (as) appearing. They misunderstand Hazrat Mahdi (as) and have been seized by a huge terror. They imagine he will spill a lot of blood. Yet Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not shed a drop of blood. They were unable to find a Mahdi there, and America is now withdrawing. I have already spoken about Afghanistan. The reason for the occupation is a precautionary measure against the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because the accounts say he will come with black banners. Our Prophet (saas) says "Woe to Taliqan." Taliqan means Afghanistan. He says that Taliqan will be occupied in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Our Prophet (saas) knew there would be such a fear, and said so, that people would feel such concerns.2010-04-22

  10. Pakistan ke tamam subay Allah ki aik khas hikmat se jurre huwe hain, Wasif Ali Wasif Sb ne yehi farmaya tha. Baluchistan ko torne wale khud toot jaen ge.

  11. AoA everybody!!I am enumerating a few conclusions from these articles:1) This govt. would be wrapped up in the month of March this year.2) Wars or violence may ensue after March in the Middle East along with the worsening of Global Economic Crisis w.r.t the Euro and the USD. Hence a patriotic setup needs to be installed in Pak before all the hell breaks loose…3) The Fate of our current Corrupt leadership is basically "sealed" i.e condemned forever…

  12. hussain says:

    Assalam u alayekum !dekha mein na kehta tha ke iran ko khas ehmiyat hasil hai aur issi liye mein woh baatein point out kerta tha jo bhai jan sarkar,allama iqbal aur bagh sahib ke byanat ki roshni mein wazeh hain.Irani history dekhein toh woh bht bahadur maloom hotay hain.Lakin asal masla unn k mazhabi nazariyat se hai .aam taur pe yeh mashur hai ke unn k mutabiq Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam ki aamad se pehle jihad nahi ho sakta.WAllahu Aalam yeh sahi taur se unn se mansuub hai ya ghalat.LAkin current leader Khamenei kaafi different lagtay hain.Even unhoun ne Ahl-e-Islam ke darmyan mufahimat paeda kernay ke liye sunni-shia ikhtilafi umoor mein maslihatan apne followers ko woh stance lene ko kaha hai jo pehle na qabil e qubool samjha jata tha.Note: Oriya sahib ne ek bar yehi cheez Khamenei sahib ki bjaye khomeini ke naam se mansuub ker di thi.Asal mein yeh defensive stance khamenei sahib ka hai.

  13. hussain says:

    blochistan ko torrnay ki koshish mein unfortunately afghanistan aur iran ka bhi hath hai,agar mein ghalat nahi keh raha toh!!!!!!!!

  14. @hussainMujhe bhi yehi lagta hai Iran ko ehmiyat un ke political system ki wajah se di gyi wohi jo uper Irani Farishte ne bayan ki hai. Maujooda halaat mein un ka shura ka nizam behter hai. Only honest people should be given right to choose honest people.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. hussain says:

    @faqr:Baat se baat nikalti hai.wesay toh ahle iran (imean ahl e tashayyu) Hazrat Abu Bakar ke tariqa e intikhab ko ghalat kehte hain,lakin khud unn ka president mashwaray se elect hota hai aur supreme leader without election.Kesi ajeeb bbaat hai ke unhoun ne uss tariqa ko bhi jama ker diya hai jo bqaul unn ke ghalat tha aur uss ko bhi jo bqaul unn ke hona chahiye tha ya jo bqaul unn ke asal mein tha.Dusra yeh ke although system comparitively acha hai aur baaz ahle tashayyu hazraat din raat unhi ke qaseeday parhte hain,lakin behrhaal yeh bhi haqeeqat hai ke unn ka ek wzeer e dakhila bhi jaali degree rakhnay ki padaash mein na ahl ho chuka hai.Aur suna toh yeh bhi hai ke wahan jews toh parliament mein muntakhib ho ker ja sakte hain lakin ahl e sunnat ke upar sakhti se pabandi hai aur mulk ke constitution mein shamil hai ke mulk ka sarbrah shia ho ga.Aur bhi bht si esi cheezein sun'ne mein ati hain hain khasusan ahle sunnat wal jamaat ke sath bil amum imtiazi saluk jo ab pehle ki nisbat agarchay kafi kam ho gya hai lakin behrhaal phir bhi bht hadd tak maujud hai.

  17. Iran has importance because As-Sufyani will be defeated in WAR OF ISTAKHR (Iran) when he attacked on Khurasaan. This war is waged by the As-Sufyani which is mentioned in this Hadith in these words 'In Dhul Qaada, there is destruction (inter tribal warfare)…The Prophet (S.A.W) said “In Ramadhan, a comet will light up in the sky (and a high pitched scream will be heard). In Shawaal, tribulations will appear (noise of discord will be heard). In Dhul Qaada, there is destruction (inter tribal warfare). In Dhil Hijja, Hajis will be robbed and killed at Mina near Jamra Uqba. And the month of Muharram! What a good month it is? (Mahdi will appear in this month).” (Naeem Bin Hammad – Kitab ul Fitan)The Sufyani's army will go to Kufa; a city in Iraq, and from there he will launch an attack against the people of Khurasan. At the Gate of Istakhr, Shuayb bin Salih and the Hashimite under the black banners, will join forces and engage the army of the Sufyani. The battle will be extremely fierce with a tremendous loss of life and the army of the Sufyani will suffer a temporary defeat. It is at this time that a yearning for the Mahdi's appearance is on the lips of everyone.

  18. hussain says:

    @Faqr:aap ne ek baat ki hai khalistan naek niyyati ki bunyad pe ke sirf naek logon ko shamil hona chahiye intikhab mein.Asal mein yeh baat bht he paecheeda ho jaye gi.Kyun ke agar ISlamic history ko parhein jo kitaboun mein milti hai aur kutb e ahadees se b wazeh hota hai toh HAzrat Abu Bakar ki bayat bht zaada ashaab ne ki ,jab ke kuch ne nahi ki ya daer se ki (yani unn ko khalifa nahi maana).Phir Hazrat Abu Bakr ne HAzrat Umar ko khud nominate kiya yani shura nahi hui.Phir hazrat umar ne 6 logon ki shura bnai ke woh 6 log apne emin se he kisi ek ko khalifa muntakhib ker lein.Phir HAzrat Ali alaye hi salam ka zamana aya.uss waqt agarchay woh khilafat lene ko razi na thay (tarikh ke mutabiq) lakin bht se log jin mein qatileen e hazrat Usman bhi shamil thay ,unhoun ne aap se minnat samajat wagehra ki aur aap ko khilafat sanbhalne pe amada kiya.Iss liye yeh kehna ke sirf naek logon ki shura se he selection honi chahiye,ek be ihtyati hai.Kyun ke esa man'nay sehazrat umzar aur hazrat Ali ki khilaftounki taraf toh aetraz uthein ge aur HAzrat saad bin ubadah,Hazrat habab bin al munzir,Hazrat zubzair bin al awam aur Hazrat Ali alaye hi salam ne jo bayat mein tawaqquf kiya,uss tawaqquf ki nisbat bhi aetrazat uthein gae.

  19. @hussainKahin se to start lena hi pare ga. maujooda democratic system se to change aa nahin sakti ye aap ko pata hi hai. agar head of state hi honest mil jaye to kaam ban jaye ga. Allama Iqbal ne western democracy ke bare mein kaha tha200 donkeys combined can not have the brain of One Man :)You see Iqbal ka ishara khilafat ki taraf tha jahan aik iman-dar leader hota hai. ab woh kaise choose ho ga? shura to banani pare gi first time process start kerne k liye. Ab sawal yehi hai k shura kaise bane gi? kon banaye ga? Mera jawab yehi hai k Halaat banwa dain ge khud ba khud. Jab shaitan ki jamhooriat qaeem ho sakti hai to Rehman ki jamhooriat bhi qaeem ho sakti hai. Allah Halaat hi aese bana de ga k nizam change kerna pare ga. ye koi na-mumkin baat nahin.

  20. Sorry brother! I don't agree with you here. Mahdi should be coming after 40 years or so 🙂

  21. hussain says:

    agar jamhuriat se murad aap esa system lete hain jo logon ko iss baat ki zamnat dae ke woh agee gho ker koi qanoon bna lein,toh uss mein hamesha burai ka pehlu ghalib rahay ga kyun ke insaan ka qanun Rehman ka qanun toh nahi hota aur insan jab qanun sazi kerta hai toh maslihatein,mufahimatein,rishte,naatay bht kuch consciously aur sub-consciously affect kerta hai legislature ko.Mumkin hai mere comment ko bht se log ghalat andaz mein lein lakin haqiqat yeh hai ke intikhab bhi 100% bhlai ka zamin nahi ho skta.Hazrat Usman jese buzurg sahabi jo ntikhab se khalifa bnay,unn ke daur mein kuch policies esi theen jin se bray bray sahaba yahan tak ke hazrat ayesha bhi naraz theen unn ki kuch policies se.Yeh ISlamic history ka ek sacha lakin controversial chapter hai.In short :Khilafat ab sahemanoun mein Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam he qayem farmayen ge jo na sirf NAbi KAreem Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam ke baatini khalifa bhi hon ge bal k zahiri khalifa bhi hon gae.inshaAllah.

  22. @hussainMera Allah ki Jamhooriat se murad Allah ka nizam hi hai. Pehle to ussay hi qaeem karna ho ga us ke baad Quran o Sunnat ki roshi mein qanoon saza ki sakti hai lekin agar sahi ma'anon mein ki jaye.Dosri baat Mahdi (AS) wali, I agree with you. Mein zahiri aur batini khilafat par post karna chah raha tha magar topic bohat complex hai. pata nahin log samajh paeen ya nahin. Lets see that can be posted or not, although its very much related.

  23. Don't worry everyone has his own opinion. I can give only references of Ahadith like…- Every Mujaddid will come at start of Islamic century- Last Mujaddid is Imam Mahdi- Age of Islamic Ummah is one and half day where one day is equal to 1000 yearsCombining above Ahdith… Imam Mahdi will come at start of 15th Islamic century means 1400-1434 hijri is period in which we can see struggle of Imam Mahdi. Many great scholars pointed year 1400 Hijri as appearance of Imam Mahdi. Sheikh Nazim had stated that Imam Mahdi met with the Prophet (saas)'s spiritual being at the Yerebatan(Sunken) mosque and there are 70 years until the Day of Judgment. Also abjad calculation of some verses of Quran and current economic crises are pointing Imam Mahdi would be emerged in next few years. Allah Knows Best

  24. hussain says:

    @Junaid:Not necessarily……Actually after considering many evidences i have been convinced of the view of Syedna Imam Jafar Sadiq alaye hi salam accrding to which people should'nt make guesses about the appearance of Mahdi alaye hi salam with the mention of time.Ahl e bayat alayehim salam ajmaeen have'nt mentioned the timeline.But they have foretold signs of appearance of MAhdi alaye hi salam.and apparently it seems true because in the past some of shuyukh of tariqat were mistaken about the appearance of Mahdi alaye hi salam such as Hazrat Khalid Baghdadi,Harat Mujaddid Alf Sani QaddasAllahu israruhum al Aziz etc.Therefore Allah,His Prophet Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam and those with knowledge know that when will he appear and we cant make guess or we cant give a date or year for sure,as those with knowledge have'nt done so.

  25. Anonymous says:

    well i agree with all the perticulars of this article but for what reason iran is being examplified. the iranian state represents a particular sect of islam which negates the other majority popular sect. the state has always been in an effort to impliment its version of islam all over islamic world. the purpose of pakistan and the key person umma waits now is above any sectarian discrimination so i totally disagree that iran has to play a pivoted role in the final battle between kufar and islam.

  26. Dr.Urooj says:

    U see, i guess we have missed the main point here….what is emphasized is not the particular sect that is being followed in Iran….The Main point of importance is the MODEL/METHADOLOGY of their governace….ANd the Angle also sugesssted to use Their MODEL of SHURAI NIZAM,to get rid of the Western democracy……This doesnt in anyway mean every thing they do is right,they might have their share of wrongs,but we can benefit from their model to rid ourselfes of the filthy system of western democracy….We have to work out a way,and start some where,so why not pay heed to the Angle's sugestion……And ofcourse the Person Ummah is waiting for Must be above any Sectarian Differences…Above all divides of the society,Some one who can bind the Ummah in the love of Allah(swt) and Rsool Allah(saww) which is common to all…..

  27. Anonymous says:

    malikiran se kabhi ummate musalma ko koi faida pohoncha hai balke noqsan pohoncha hai nabi paak ke sitaro ne yani sahaba ne apna sab kuch aaqa do jahan par qurban kia or onpar tohmat astaghfaruulah iran is dajjali country

  28. hussain says:

    @Anonymous:Pakistan se dusron ko kya fayeda pohncha hai?agar fayeda dekhein ge tou woh tou sirf Saudia se he pohncha hai.Kyun ke woh pesay ke badlay yahan apna sect bhi phela raha hai.Well,iran aur saudia donaun mein kisi hadd tak Islami nizam maujud hai lakin mein samjhta hun ke iran ehter hai kyu ke iran ne pichle 25 saal mein bht mushkil halat honay ke bawjud taraqqi ki hai aur dusra yeh ke wahan ki elite class saudia ki elite ki nisbat ethically strong aur simple lagti hai.

  29. Anonymous says:

    A good point but the way it was made bit harsh,,,,

  30. Anonymous says:

    Brothers its nearing the end of rabi-ul-awwal?Werent we supposed to witness some great changes during the month of muharram and safar?What happened to those predictions? were they wrong? Jamal

  31. Anonymous says:

    I really love Iran and its culture. Strong willed people they are.Aur Farsi zabaan ki to kya hi baat hai. Maybe the best ever language after Arabic.Its sad that they embraced shiaism during the last five hundred years :(Inshallah Imam mehdi (as) ke zahoor ke baad woh phir se raah-e-rast par aa jayenge. AmeenJamal

  32. Umar Ch says:

    oks thanx i got it..

  33. Subhan Allah! Jaan e Alam,The only expression that screams thru my mind is: "…brace for impact!!"

  34. Bro,You know creation of Pakistan is decided many years before Pakistan movement started. In fact 1936 a saint told about this spiritual decision that a separate country will be established soon but it took 11 years. I am not saying It will take 11 years again for the changes to occur but Saints told us about the decision. Now we should wait for that time with patience.

  35. "Inshallah Imam mehdi (as) ke zahoor ke baad woh phir se raah-e-rast par aa jayenge. Ameen"Precisely!

  36. MalikFarishte ne un ka system of selection adopt karne ki baat ki hai, baqi Iran ke bare mein to koi baat ki hi nahin.

  37. Mubashir says:

    Armed forces (particularly airForce) of many Islamic countries have been and are currently taking training under Pakistani forces. And let me remind you that Pakistani Air force Piolets were not defendind Pukistan when they took down Israeli Air Force.

  38. hussain says:

    yar ab ek waqiay ko le ke kitna dhol peeto gay?1971 ki footages abhi net pe he hain,yeh mat bhoolna.2nd may ko abhi ek saal bhi nahi hua jab PMA jesi secure jagah nahi bach paayi.mehran base ko b abi ek saal nahi hua jahan terrorist puray itmeenan se karwai ker ke nikal bhi gaye.kaaba ki hudod mein goliyan chalanay wali fauj bhi yehi thi.

  39. @hussainJo hona tha ho gya, ab agay ki sochain, Allama Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi Sb ki basharat ke mutabiq Pak Army ka role bohat important hai future wars mein. Iss moqa par tanqeed nahin kerni chahye. Aik Wali Allah ki yehi nasihat jis ki nazar mustaqbil par hai Please listen him again.

  40. Anonymous says:

    THE URDU .COM per Unees ur Rehman ka kalam (Iran per amreeki hamla dunia ko kaisay badal sakta hay) zaroor perhain Brother Faqar apko yeh kalam yehan post karna cahiay pl

  41. Pls post the link of article here

  42. OK I found the link Thanks

  43. @ Hussain:Bro, point taken 🙂

  44. Very sad 😦 to see sectarian discussion by some folks…

  45. TARIQ says:


  46. AM says:

    ISRAELI ATTACK ON IRAN IS ACCORDING TO THE PLAN OF FREEMASONS.IN 1871 33 DEGREE FREEMASON WROTE A LETTER TO MAZZINI(ITALIAN FREEMASON) IN WHICH HE GIVE HIS VISION ABOUT THREE WORLD WARS.ABOUT THIRD WORLD WAR HE WROTE,"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." 4FOR COMPLETE DETAIL SEARCH ON GOOGLE OR SEE THE LINK BELOW

  47. After Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston is dead in young age by drugs who show her interest in Islam. Houston converts to Islam: released her new album, I Look to You, on August 2009. The album's first two singles are "I Look to You" and "Million Dollar Bill." The album entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1, with Houston's best opening-week sales of 305,000 copies, marking Houston's first number one album since The Bodyguard, and Houston's first studio album to reach number one since 1987's Whitney… comeback from darkness to light…Her latest song for GOD:

  48. @AnonymousIts on but its original link is first time published in Nida-e-Millat magazine by Anees-ur-Rehman. Actually this is an analysis done by him.

  49. hussain says:

    Allah knows whether she converted or not.who are we to make assessments?

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Inshallah. Allah ne chaha to aisa hi hoga. lekin dont you think that the saints should not mention any time frame, so that the general public doesnt get disappointed.I mean ab oriya sahib nay agley muharram tak ka time de diya hai. agar agle muharram tak bhi kuch na hua to obviously bohat se logon ka aitabar uth jaye ga.what do u think?Jamal

  52. I agree with you time shouldn't be mentioned. It may took many years if we see ground realities, but situation ab aesi ban gyi hai k kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Mera zaati khayal ye hai ye sub kuch start to ho chuka hai but mukamal agle 10 se 15 saal mein ho ga. yani ye sara arsa ups n downs ate rahain ge. Logon ko sochna chahye k final authority Allah ki zaat hai. ussi se rajoo karna chahye magar sath hi sath rohani inforamation jo credible sources se mil rahi hai ussay bhi ignore nahin karna chahye. aik umeed to har haal mein qaeem hai.

  53. Anonymous says:

    AoAI hold Hazrat Allama Iqbal in great esteem and value his every word. But I do not understand his point of view about Iran, nor Ch. Fazl-e-Haq sb.'s. Iran has been an enemy of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, it is no friend to Pakistan, just read the about the cross border firing by Iranians in the past few weeks, as well as targeting of Pakistani fishermen by Iranians, they are firmly involved with the Indians in the effort to destabilize Baluchistan (hence, the Indian 'consulate' in Zahedan) as well as undertaking terrorist activities in Karachi, they ratted Pakistan out along with Libya regarding nuclear proliferation, they collaborated deeply with the Americans to overthrow the Afghan Taliban, helped the US secure Iraq, what their trained savages did to the Sunnis of Iraq is a horror beyond words (one example is of mass rapes of Sunni girls and women in Sunni mosques), the head of Iraq's interior ministry after Saddam's overthrow was trained by Iran, and most importantly, as per the Ahadis as well the prophesies of Hazrat Naimatlullah Shah Wali, the rise of Dajjal is from 'Isfahan' (Iran).So, no I don't think anything good can be expected from Iran. People think Israel is the only 'Jewish' state in the world, think again (fyi 25,000 declared Jews still live in Iran, and they are 1st rate citizens, whereas the sunnis of Iran are more alike to the Palestinians in Israel, also Tehran is the only capital city in the world where there is not a single sunni mosque). Understand this, Satan's plan is so devious, that without the guidance of Ahadis we would be totally lost, thinking the wolf as sheep, as most of us are now. Wake up!!!!Regards

  54. Anonymous says:

    zardari, gillani, nawaz sharif…………how will these three men ever implement or struggle to implement a shura system.their only deen/imaan is this bloody 'jamhooriat'.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Ho sakta hay Iran ki qayadat badal jaiay aur Pakistan ki bhi kionkay mojooda hakoomat on say umeed rakhna fazool hay yahan safaya honay ki baat bhi. Ho rahi hay

  56. WaS,Iranian Muslims are our brother. Just like in Pakistan, Iran has also different types of people like religious, modernistic, extremists, atheists, nationalist, raciest etc in every department. We cannot generalize all Iranian. There are many nice God loving Muslims in Iranian government and army. We can compare Iranian and Pakistan presidents. Iranian chief of army staff is also God loving person.The main agenda of Dajjal is creating differences between believers. He created bloodshed, wars, conflicts, 9/11 to create differences between believers. He wants Armageddon in middle east and Imam Mahdi wants to stop it. Message of Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isa (a.s) is love and peace (Islam).Using Hadith against our own Muslim brothers is very sinful act. '70,000 Jews of Isfahan will help Dajjal' doesn't mean Iran will help Dajjal. It also doesn't mean Shias or Jews will help Dajjal. At prophet time many Jews were present in Iran. In last 1400 years and after Khomeini revolution majority of Jews are migrated to Israel. Today only 1200 Jews are living in Isfahan. See wikipedia. Only Atheist Jews who are raciest and Zionist will help Dajjal…. Also not only Atheist Jews but also Atheist Muslims will help Dajjal as according to another Hadith many Muslims wearing turban will follow Dajjal. Sufyani is also a mini Dajjal who will be Msulim. His troops will attack Egypt, Iraq, Iran and then Hijaz. He will not emerge from Iran but from Syria.If Jews are living as first class citizen then Iranian is following Quran and Sunnah. In last 1400 years Jews always lived as first class citizen in every Muslim Khilafah because they are people of books declared by Holy Quran.Using one Hadith we should not make our mind against other Muslims and believers. We should analyse whole Quran and Ahdith books to make any judgment.Regards,Faisal

  57. Insha'Allah soon Pakistani and Iranian governments will bend towards system of Imam Mahdi willingly or unwillingly.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Mirza Qadyani ke jansheen aaj bhe musalmano ko kafiron ke muqablay main aman aur muhabbat ka raaq alap rahay hain aur jo shiayon ko normal musalman kehtay hein shion ke haqeeqat bayan karnay sey inn ke zuban gung aur hath sunn ho jatay hain in aasteen ke sanpon se hoshyar rahain

  59. In my above comment I said there are religious, modernistic, extremists, atheists, nationalist, raciest etc in both Iran and Pakistan. I forgot two more types of people which are present in both countries these are…- Terrorists… who are killing their Muslims brothers.- Bigots… who are prejudiced persons who are intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.Terrorists and Bigots who are against to their minorities including women.ADNAN OKTAR: … We will, by the leave of Allah, neutralize all those scoundrels, all those gangs of the bigots and obscurants, all the enemies of humanity, enemies of love, all those villains, all those rotten creatures. Even further they will vanish in the history. That is actually mentioned in the hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says that their smell would spread around. I mean those will turn into spiritual corpses. And their filthy smell spreading around is related in the hadiths. Of course.. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will struggle against them and in fact he kills them spiritually. Some people took this for actual killing.. And in the accounts it is said that people will be uncomfortable with the smell of their corpses. Then a spiritual rain will fall down and this vileness will thus be cleansed, it is said. That rain is Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) rain of mercy. It is sent down by means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Allah makes him an instrument and sends down His Mercy upon the world by means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). With that rain of mercy this filthy smell of those rotten people would be cleansed. Insha'Allah…..the wild bigot mindset makes people's heads spin as well. Clearing the damage caused by them is very difficult. If we are to compare the damage caused by the bigot lot with the damage caused by the atheists; [we can safely say that] if the disservice of irreligious, atheist is one, the others is a million. I mean it is the bigot lot that alienates people from religion. That is a grave disservice. I mean they are small but there is a saying which states; "a fly is small but it is enough to make you sick"; so they are small but they turn one's stomach greatly. And they are ignorant as well, so it is very difficult to communicate with them. That is because theirs is a closed system. It is not possible to talk to them, let alone explain them something. They are like cave men; they are wild and animalistic. I mean if it were possible to talk to them reasonably, then we would explain them. I mean, we would then talk to them with proofs but they are obsessive. And because they are ignorant they have an animalistic aggressiveness and brutality. But when they set off for the name of Islam, people assume that they are normal Muslims. So the disservice they do is very severe.- Mirza Faisal

  60. Anonymous says:

    I am not promoting any bigotry Faisal, just stating the facts. Can you deny a single fact that I have stated? As for the Jewish population, the 'declared' Jews are 25,000, but Abdullah Bin Ubai ring any bells? The Munafiqeen of Medinah, remember? Who knows how many pretending to love Islam are in actuality working for the Dajjal. In the present Iranian government/setup who knows how may are crypto-jews, working against Islam, that goes for the rest of the Ummah as well. But Iran is special because it is the place where the Dajjal will rise. I am not disavowing Iranian Muslims, merely pointing out the apparent fact, that the Islamic outlook may well be a facade and that in reality the setup or the real power is in the hands of the allies of Dajjal who are pretending to be Muslims for obvious reasons, otherwise the Muslims would tear them limb from limb if the truth came out.For example, Kemal Attaturk was a crypto-few, Saddam Hussain was a freemason, Gaddafi was trained in Britain, the Saudi dynasty was trained and funded by the British Ministry of Colonies. All of them came forward as messiahs and after decades their true face came to light. Sufyani will be the same. The present leadership of Iran could well be the same, the facts certainly point toward it. They have stabbed Pakistan in the back more than once, and that's evidence enough for me.Facts son, facts.You want to live in a fool's paradise be my guest, but 1 or 5 or 10 or 50 years from now, the truth will come out, it always does.Regards

  61. Assalam Alaikum,I called bigots to those terrorists who killed innocent Shias, minorities or other believers in name of religion.Facts are very disturbing in Pakistan too. Tyrants and dictators are also emerged from Pakistan. We can compare current presidents of Pakistan and Iran :)… We also killed and handed over many Mujahideen to US. Abu Gharib and Adyala Jails are filled with these Mujaheedeen…. Dajjal is present in every country (seas and lands) not only in Iran. Dajjalic mission is spreading of materialism, atheism, bloodshed, hate… across the world world.Persian Jews are living in Iran before Islam. Today 25,000 Jews are present in whole Iran and only 1,200 Jews are in Isfahan. all Jews of Medina were against Muslims. Just like in Muslims, both believers and Hypocrites are present in Jewish people. Holy Quran criticizes people of books by their wrong doings but never says us to fight with them. These criticisms on Jews is guide for us that we couldn't repeat these mistakes…. Muslims married with Jewish women…. Jews lived under Muslims protection over 1300 years….Policies applied to Jews and Christians in the time of our Prophet (saas) and the four caliphs: hadith of our Prophet (saas) regarding the people of the book: regarding the people of the book: is not present in Iran. Where is the dajjal (antichrist) hiding. According to Hadith it is hiding in rocky place… next 10 years Insha'Allah you will see Jews will accept Islam.ADNAN OKTAR: [The accounts state that;] "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will go to Bayt al-Maqdis, to Jerusalem." So that means he [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] will be in touch with Israel; that is to say he will be in touch with the Jews. The reason for that is; what does our Prophet (saas) say in his hadiths? "He [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rule the Jews with the original of the Torah." That is because he is the King Messiah (pbuh) that the Jews have been waiting for. There is only one Mahdi anyway. The Mahdi they [the Jews] have been waiting for and the Mahdi the Muslims are awaiting is the same.

  62. ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, there is such a reference in the Jeremiah 29/10 section of the Torah; "This is what the Lord says: When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place." That is to say Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will help B'nai Israel insha'Allah. Jews add 70 to 1948, which is the year Israel had been founded and it makes the year 2019. And they take this 2018 as the appearance date of Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh). What do we say? We say the exact same thing. The awaited Mahdi will come from outside the lands of Israel and will be the descendant of David and will bring them a different system that they are not used to and that they have never experienced. He will revert them to the origin of the Torah. I mean at the moment they have left the Torah, I mean the ruling of the Qur'an is clear and evident on this, on various aspects. They do accept that as well. When the Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) arrives this will change. For instance they have given up performing prayers (salad). See that they have given up their prayers(salad) even though it is an explicit provision of the Torah. A great many of the Jews do not perform their prayers(salad), that is still valid for now. But they do not perform, and they state that when the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) arrives he will make us start performing our prayers. I mean when the Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) arrives, they will all start performing their prayers. Do you know what it means to revert them to the origin of the Torah? It means to turn them to Qur'an. That is because the Qur'an shows us all the missing points of the Torah…..Regards,Faisal

  63. Anonymous says:

    Seems,you're still stuck in phase 1: Denial. By the way, the comparison between Iran and Pakistan is ridiculous, because Iran has no spiritual foundation, yet the very essence of Pakistan is spiritual in nature.To each his own.Regards

  64. I am stuck in message of Islam which is..bring brotherhood and peace in whole world.Insha'Allah Iran will realize her errors soon and Pakistan too. of Iran's propaganda film about the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), ''The coming is upon us'',Faisal

  65. Today Pakistani, Iranian and Afghan president will meet in Islamabad. Is it just coincidence or beginning of last suggestion of creating Majlis Shura in March of 2012?

  66. Anonymous says:

    well after reading column of M.ANEES of niday-e-millat, now tell me somebody, if thats the case, tho pir Pakistan say related bashartain, Ishaaray, Roohaani Qooawatain, yay sub kahan gaeen?? God forbid, will all that basharatain etc be lies?? yaaa WO BASHARATON waala dorr kaheen guzar chuka hay n v r in worst times ?? whats the point? M.ANEES article n bashartain both r totally AGAINST thingss…

  67. Its just a normal routine article, it has nothing to do with bashartain bcos he is not the one with 'rohani baseerat' nor he is some saint. Yes we are in worst time, n this is the main point to ponder. If you read all Saints, they are saying after this worst time, good time will start.

  68. kashif says:

    yes.iran is anti islam anti pakistan i dont fully agree with aticle above

  69. Anonymous says:

    iran is the place from where dajal will per hadeeth.from isfahan iran

  70. Isfhani Atheist Jews will help Dajjal. Today they are not present in Iran. They are migrated to Israel and Europe. Only 1200 Jews including women and children are present in Isfhan.There are many Dajjals. Sufyani (Muslim Tyrant) of Syria will also be a Dajjal (Illusion) who will attack on Egypt, Iraq, Western Khurasaan (Iran) and then Hijjaz. Allah Knows BestAccording to Hadith Dajjal is hiding in rocky place…

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