Hazrat Saleh (AS)’s Miraculous She-Camel, Pakistan and Light of Allah

حضرت صالح کی اونٹنی، پاکستان اور نورالہی

Ashfaq Ahmed warned in his PTV Show Zavia that  

‘Pakistan is like the Miraculous she-camel of Hazrat Saleh(A.S). We must respect the sanctity of Pakistan. If anyone utters anything against Pakistan, Wrath of Allah will be inflicted on him.

Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) said ‘Pakistan is the Light (Noor) of Allah and light can never be extinguished’

Lets discover the wisdom hidden in narration of Hazrat Saleh (AS) and miraculous she-camel and see how it is related to Pakistan. We are seeking help from Maulana Jalal-ud-din Rumi (RA), the spiritual mentor of Allama Iqbal to understand the meaning of this narration. Extracts from Book ‘Zavia 1’ and ‘Masnavi’ of Rumi are also added below.

See Video here

First Page about Hazrat Salih (AS) and she-camel from Masnavi of Rumi Book 1 is added below (Read Complete Here)

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43 Responses to Hazrat Saleh (AS)’s Miraculous She-Camel, Pakistan and Light of Allah

  1. Dear Brothers & Sisters !InshaAllah soon the blog about Masnavi of Rumi (RA) will be completed then you will see how a spiritual revolution will flow in minds. The era of real knowledge is just to begin. InshaAllah

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aoa Ap ne Surah shams k Barey ma nae bataya

  3. Surah Shams mein bhi Hazrat Saleh (AS), Unthani aur Azab ka zikr hai. Ye waqia Allah (swt) ne aur suraton mein bhi bayan farmaya hai. Humain Allah se apne gunahon ki maafi mangni chahye. Mujhe Azaab zyada door nahin lagta, Bohat loota iss mulk ko sub ne. Ya Allah maaf farma de, humain bacha le iss azab se.

  4. Anonymous says:

    AMeen ya RbullAalameen

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    asalamoalikum main aik khwab share kerna chahon gikuch din pehlay main beyhad mayoos thi laikin iss khwab k baad phir se purumeed hoon.khwab bahut wazeh tha kisi kism ka koi ibhaam nahin hai iss main.main nay dekha k 4 suited booted log aik boosida magar buland emaarat ki roof pur khaday hain k achanak koi unhain sakht awaz main kehta hai k iss imarat se uttar jao woh jwab detay hain k nahin uttrain gay .phir kaha jaata hai k uttar jao nahin to imarat gira dain gaywoh 4 log phir inkar kertay hain to aik bhaari machine ki madad se uss imarat ko aik zabardast jhatka diya jaata hai uss imarat ka kuch hissa toot jata ha aur phir bilakhir wo darr ke bhaag jaatay hain,unn ke jaatay hi woh imaarat poori tarah dhay jaati hai.issi khwab k dosray hissay main main ny aik american ko dekha main nay uss se kaha k tum pakistan main zameen khareed lo aur usse zameen bhi dikhaai .uss ne zameen ko baghour dekha aur surpat bhagnay laga main nay uss ka peecha kiya aur bhaagtay huay kaha k ruk jao zameen le lo laikin woh nahin nahin kerta bhaag gaya aur seedhiyan uttar gaya

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Mujhay is blog par saray logon ko dekh kar shutar burgh ki missal yaad aati hay to buray waqt mein apney sar ko sand mein duba kar smujhta hay ko woh mehfooz rehay ga aanay walay khatron say. Dosri misaal asi hay jaisay bharon (sheeps) ki aik lambi qataar hay jis mein har sheep apni surrounding say bekhabar apni jaqa khari han…or waqtan fawaqtan wolves aikar humla karkay un mein say jisay chahan dabooch kay leja-tain hain or baaqi sheeps aik dosray ki taraf dekh kay yeh tassali dilatin hain kay fikar na karo tumharay saath aisa nahi hoga!!!!Yar bhai…logon ko bahandur banao…jagao…ummat kay bhikray howay shirazay ko aik jaga lanay ki tehreek ki baat karo…yar atleast kuch aisa hi karo kay jis say drone humlay rukwasako…kiya jab sab log mil kar sarko pay aiyangay or is baat ko yaqeen banayan gay kay hukomat ko bawar kara dain ka "ab bas"…REMEMBER:KHUDA NAY US QOM KI HALAT KABHI NAHI BADLI JAB TAK US QOM KO KHUD HOSH NA HO APNI HALAT KAY BADALNAY KA

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kia baat hay pakistani ahtajaj kion nahi kartay???? itna kuch ho raha hay phir kion in per asar nahi hota ????

  10. Anonymous says:

    PL IS WEB SITE KO VISIT KARAIN Takbeermusalsal.blogspot.com/p/history.html

  11. Subhan Allah e Wa'behamdehi Subhan Allah il'azeem…Allahu Akbar!Jaan e Alam, this post has shaken me to the bones! What i have been thinking and churning for a long time; one by one you are bringing it all about our faces. Let me warn you all who want a quick change and yelling out for it on this blog and everywhere else. Contrary to this sentiment, i strongly feel that when that 'change' finally starts to unfold we would be wishing if we had little bit more time for preparation for we would find it too much to digest and handle! We are accustomed to take things for granted, our blindness to obvious, known and 'told' things is so pathetic that we stumble upon everything and start blaming everyone esle but our ownselves. Sorry to say that most of all we explicitly or implicitly blame Allah swt for our (perceived or otherwise) miseries. Know that all that happens and comes about is by amr of Allah the All Dominant and Knowing. He never does injustice to anyone. Elaj, dawa daru zurur karo lekin shifa aur aakhri fesla Allah kay haath main hai aur woh jo karta hai theek karta hai. Now dont go about throwing stones at me by saying if it is so then why did this or that happen? It is not necessary that we all are told about the reasons of His doing the way Khizr Alehe Salam told Hazrat Musa Kaleem Alehe Salam (we shouldnt expect it anyway for the time being).Things are gonna get hot people…brace yourselves. Remember Sura Al Asr always! Everyone of us is tasked with the protection of 'Camel'. take it or leave it. Allah will surely be the One to slam the right judgmen!O Allah guide us to the truth (amongst all falsehood) and help us follow (and grasp it) and reveal the falshood (from all confusion) to be falsehood and help us steer clear of it. Ameen sum Ameen.May Allah shower His Rehma upon us all and strengthen our Emaan and increase our love for His Beloved, our Most Exalted Leader, The King of Arab and Ajam, Syedna Muhammad (Sal Allah'o Alehe Wassalam). Ameen sum Ameen.

  12. Dr.Urooj says:

    Ameen SummaAmeen !SalAllahoAlaihe waAalehe WaSallam !

  13. Anonymous says:

    Brother Noor abhi bhi ap jaldi sumugh rahay hain ??? Allah tamam naik musalmano ko mehfooz rakhay lekin in lotairon ko jo 65 saal say is mulk ko loot rahay hain un ko saza milni cahiay

  14. I just looked the verse 54:27 of Surah Qamarhttp://quran.com/54إِنَّا مُرْسِلُو النَّاقَةِ فِتْنَةً لَّهُمْ فَارْتَقِبْهُمْ وَاصْطَبِرْIndeed, We are sending the she-camel as trial for them, so watch them and be patient. ہم ان کی آزمائش کے لئے اونٹنی بھیجنے والے ہیں تو تم ان کو دیکھتے رہو اور صبر کروIf Pakistan is she-camel of Prophet Salih (a.s) then Pakistan is trial 'Fitnah (فِتْنَةً)' for those who demanded miracle from Prophet and who denied message of truth brought by Prophet. Muslims of India demanded Pakistan as homeland where they wanted to practice Islam freely. Allah created Pakistan from nothing just like He created she-camel from nothing without any evolution. Pakistan came into being in 27 Ramdan. Above verse is 27th verse of Surah Qamar. Moon (Qamar) is symbol of Pakistani flag and currency. She-camel was using water resources of Thamud people. Pakistan is also depending on water resources coming from India. Like Thamud people Indian are also unhappy to give water so they blocked water by creating dams in revers. Thamud people killed she-camel for water and Indian may also conduct war for water resources (may be in 2015/16). They used their companion to kill she-camel (see 54:29). Indian may use their companion (any super power) in war. Last part of verse 54:27 for watching them with patience is imported for us. We should be alert and shouldn't show any aggression. They will be trapped in their own actions, Insha'Allah. Prophets (pbut) never forcefully give message to their people.After creation of Pakistan evidence (hujjat) of miracle has been completed for us so Pakistan is also Fitna (trial or test case) for us. If we don't implement message of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and don't hear voice of His (saw) son (Imam Mahdi) and Prophet Isa (a.s), when they will come, then we should wait for punishment. Allah Knows BestThese are just my thoughts and assumptions so can be wrong…Please read verses 54:23-30ثمود نے بھی ہدایت کرنے والوں کو جھٹلایااور کہا کہ بھلا ایک آدمی جو ہم ہی میں سے ہے ہم اس کی پیروی کریں؟ یوں ہو تو ہم گمراہی اور دیوانگی میں پڑ گئےکیا ہم سب میں سے اسی پر وحی نازل ہوئی ہے؟ (نہیں) بلکہ یہ جھوٹا خود پسند ہےان کو کل ہی معلوم ہوجائے گا کہ کون جھوٹا خود پسند ہے(اے صالح) ہم ان کی آزمائش کے لئے اونٹنی بھیجنے والے ہیں تو تم ان کو دیکھتے رہو اور صبر کرواور ان کو آگاہ کردو کہ ان میں پانی کی باری مقرر کر دی گئی ہے۔ ہر (باری والے کو اپنی) باری پر آنا چاہیئےتو ان لوگوں نے اپنے رفیق کو بلایا اور اس نے (اونٹنی کو پکڑ کر اس کی) کونچیں کاٹ ڈالیںسو (دیکھ لو کہ) میرا عذاب اور ڈرانا کیسا ہواPlease read about people of Thamud in following link… http://www.perishednations.com/thamud.htmlThanks,Faisal

  15. Hosh yani khiyalBrother ye Quran ki Ayat hai, jis par shair kaha hai kisi shayar ne (Allama Iqbal ka nahin hai)Allah Taala farmate hain Jab qoum ke dil mein khiyal paida ho jaye to halat badal jati hai. Ache Hukmraan dena aur Hukumat badalna Allah ke hukm se hota hai. App ghaur karain to jo hukumat ab hai issi mein munafiqeen expose ho rahe hain. Allah ki hikmat hai. Aap ache hukmranon ke liye dua karain InshaAllah milain ge.Mushkil ghari mein sabr krne ka hukm hai. Momin faqt ahkaam-e-elahi ka paband hai. Puri dunya ka nizam jaise chal raha hai uss peche Allah ki hikmat hai jo insaan ki aqal mein nahin sama sakti.

  16. Anonymous says:

    DEAR ALL person who disapoint about recent situation and imran khan.see the link about this ..you will be satisfied inshallawhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfKlxKi1Sfk

  17. MashaAllah, Brother Faisal Excellent comment, you completed this post with the reference of above Verses…..!! Your comment is perfect.thanks

  18. Brother Baktar, JazakAllah, Whatever is posted on this blog will become future of Pakistan soon InshaAllah, Warnings come before punishment, Clouds come before rain.

  19. Hamari Tareekh Kay Dard-naak Auraaq (1)Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Fahad M. Farooqhttp://oryamaqbool.blogspot.com/2012/03/hamari-tareekh-kay-dard-naak-auraaq-1.htmlThe Road from Mecca: Muhammad Asad (born Leopold Weiss)From The Jewish Discovery of Islamhttp://www.geocities.com/martinkramerorg/WeissAsad.htm

  20. Subhan Allah,Indeed, you nailed the message to the heart with such great contribution. the analogy with india is worth noting, you have explained it all right dear Faisal. If only people have eyes to see, but i know that's a far cry!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i want everybody to give opinion about this lecture of sheikh Imran Hussian specially regarding Pakistan .i differ from his views but i want to have your thoughts on this ,please watch and comment here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93bHhM2y1wg

  22. Anonymous says:

    7YA8 sal pahaelae mae aek eid e melad un nabi ki mehafil mae shareek hoi jab slam parhha ja rha tha to mae nae khayyal kiya kae jaesae apni sahaeliya khayal mae nazar ajati hae kash mae hazoor salallaho alaehae waslam ko bhi daekh sakon kaiya daekhti hon kae iss darud o salam ki mahafil mae bilkul isi tarhha daekhti hon jalali rang mae app tashrif lae haen mujhae khushi bohat hoi lakin jalal mae apko daekha to kayal kiya kae kuch log aysi mahfilon kae khilaf hae shayed lakin Allamah iqbal NAE JO TAABEER batai hae iss sae andazah lagaya jaay to rat nagri ka raj inshallah jald khatm hoga aur islam ka golden period shuro hoga inshallah

  23. MAJ says:

    Very nice post. Pakistan ko lootnay walay Inshallah boht jald apna injaam dekh lein gy. Un k pas muaafi mangnay ka time boht km reh gya hy. Prof. Rafeeq Akhtar sahab ny apni new book "Bunyadi Inhiraaf" ma b again mention kya hy k Imran Khan next Prime Minister ho ga kyn k sirf wohi is waqat Imaandar hy. Ap logon ny Quran ma parha ho ga. K log apni chaalain chaltay hein, Aur Allah apni chaal chalta hy. Aur hota wohi hy jo Allah ki marzi ho.Prof. Rafeeq Akhtar Sahab ny ye b btaya hy k America ka time khatam ho gya hy. Americans ny homosexualty ko permit kr k Azaab ko khud dawat di hy. Ab bohat jald dunya us ka injaam dekhay gi.

  24. MAJ says:

    Those who think that Imran Khan is not a good person. They should read following article of Munir Ahmed Baloch which is published in today's Jang.http://jang.com.pk/jang/mar2012-daily/15-03-2012/col6.htm

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dear All,Post is nice but one thing , there is also a another message Allah sent his Um ul Kitab Quran through Aqa Assalto Aslam , which we have to follow and to follow the Quran means we are indirectly following the real teachings of Aqa Assalto Aslam which will take us to Allah which is our ultimate goal , but here its been noticed that when ever they talk something they make it end on Hazrat Mehdi and Essa not the final destination Allah and his Rasoool , some time its seems this is like " Opium" that leave everything on Harazt Mehdi he will come and fix everything and every single fitna ,in realty they will come in their right time but before this every indivual has to play his part like a Imam Mehdi and there are certain battles still there between HAQ and Batal where we have prove that we muslim need Allah blessing and help indeed( not Mehdi or Essa ).here every body share his thoughts and openion but we must see practly what we are sharing as a muslim in our community , are we praying are we really conected with Allah in all the means or just only in talk , all the saints who are not more in life physcially they did great jobs and their teachings and actS has great inspirtion to follow the same path if we dont follow them then what is all this post just for reading and nothing else.i belive if all of us start from TAHAJUD till the night in all our discussion acts work jobs we remember Allah and his Rasoool Quran Pak 24 housrs in a day then the REAL CHANGE WILL COME inside in innner and it will spread everywhere like a fragnence THEN WE CAN SAY WE ARE A REAL UMMA OF AQA ASSALO ASALAM.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great explanation. The Thamud people did 2 things very very bad. 1 they denied water access to the she camel and 2 they broke her legs. Now, if we put Pakistan in her place, who are denying Pakistan the water access and who doesn't want Pakistan to stand on its feet. India blocking our water and America with its so-called aid (bheek) making us lame, so that we can never stand on our feet.The time is near when America will handover the task in Afghanistan completely to India and then the real action will begin. To me the reference of the little camel running towards the mountains is also pointing towards something pertaining to mountains of Pakistan (KPK). Remember, the camel was not caught and the people had the azaab. According to a post in this blog (mehboob saein I guess) said that the people from mountains will fight in the leadership of Pak army lead by a greed-eyed man from ALLAH.Saad

  27. Brother InshaAllah tomorrow I will post about Imam Mehdi (AS).

  28. Anonymous says:

    Shakh nazim naqshbandi bhi apni video mae Imam Mehdi kae barae mae farmarhae thae kae wo ab mulk sham mae zahir hongae …woh bhi sham janey kiee tiyari kur rahey haiii

  29. Anonymous says:

    yasir tanolisalam brothers and sisteplz help me i am really really disturbed and shocked. people like najam sethi, ali chisti and even hassan nisar (whta ever his personal character is he seems to be a nationalist first and last) have shared shocking views about history and evolution of Pakistan. and there is an enormously quoted book by k k aziz called 'murder of history in pakistan' (plz have a look on some videos of youtube when u google this books name). they say, e.g.1) the slogan 'Pakistan ka matlab kia, LA ILAHA IL ALLAH' Never existed in the history of pakistan and it was a lie introduced in pakistan studies books in Zia regime2) nothing like 'ideology of Pakistan' ever existed and was also included in zia regime3) Allam Iqbal never asked for an independent state but two autonomous states of east and west pakistan along with the federation of india4) all 4 wars with india i.e. 1948, 1965, 1971 and kargil were initiated by Pakistan and lost and pakistan would have very badly lost every thing had the UNO not intervebed in 1965.the thing i am more concerned about is that they say Pakistan ka matlab kia slogan never existed. plz help we need to do something about it. i will waiting anxiously for ur responses

  30. Dr.Urooj says:

    Brother Faisal,bohat JazakAllah for Sharing such a nice explanation,of course we all can make errors in interpretation of things ,but this one seems spot on !…. May Allah Bless you !

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yasir ap in ki baton per yaqeen kartay hain?? YEH SUB BIKAY HUWAY LOG HAIN hum nay to in kay talk show daikhnay chor diay hain yeh logon ko gumrah kar rahay hain hum to yeh sub kuch Ayub kay zamanay say sun rahay hain Zia to bouht baad may aiya hay hamaray maa baap nay yeh mulk banatay daikha hay maray nana nay Quaid kay saath kaam kia hay yeh nara Pakistan banany say pehlay lagta tha in kay jhout per aitbar na karain hamaray buzurgon nay humay bouht kuch bata rakha hay is liay hum in logon ko izzat ki nazar say nahi daikhtay

  32. In this video Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi said Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) is his spiritual son and also said horses of Imam Mahdi (a.s) is prepare to go Sham. Everything is prepared and waiting for order now. Adnan Hoca'ya – إلى عدنان خوجه – To Adnan Hojahttp://saltanat.org/Blog/tabid/271/PostID/600/Adnan-Hocaya-To-Adnan-Hoja-tr.aspxHis Highness Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi's latest statements about Mr. Adnan Oktar, whom he calls his "spiritual (manawi) son"http://www.harunyahya.com/en/works/106869/His_Highness_Sheikh_Nazim_Qubrusis_latest_statements_about_Mr_Adnan_Oktar_whom_he_calls_his_spiritual_(manawi)_son

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Yehi log Quaid-e-Azam aur Allama Iqbal ke bhi khilaaf thay but Pakistan to ban gya. Ab ye kya kar lain ge, History in ke deform karne se change nahin ho gi. Dunya mein Allah ka Hukm chalta hai.Qudrat Ullah Shahab sahib ne apni kitab 'Shahab Nama' mein 'Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya' par detail se likha hai. Aap Shahab Nama Parhain and leave those who say anything against Pakistan, Allah's wrath will descend on them.

  35. Thanks sister Urooj. Yes we can make error is interpretation. Every human gets inspirations from Allah and also whispers from Shatan so we can do mistakes.Here is one more pointPakistani people who demanded homeland but didn't implement Islamic law are also getting punishment after 2001 i.e. 30 years after 1971. Punishment for People of Thamud started after 3 days. First day their faces became pale, in second day red and in last day black…. In 70's we had fear from India as they broke us. In 80's we faced red communism and in 90's we faced black corruption of democratic governments. This punishment is only for Pakistanis not for Pakistan.

  36. Wa Alaikum Salaam,Message of Sheikh Nazim and Harun Yahya is same i.e. remember Allah, direct link with Allah, Sunnah of Prophet (saw),….Please read their works.Thanks,Faisal

  37. Anonymous says:

    Dear admin,Do u know about abulkalam azad prediction whos prediction in 1946 has amazingly correct today,can you post this,every body will be surprized who is not waliallah only political person..who knows

  38. Anonymous says:

    @faisal farooq It was not fake watch kamran khan show of 23rd march and other show they are absolutely correct,can u deny it ,he is a big journalist.Nomi

  39. Anonymous says:

    watch this link..is it not abul kalam..anybody deny it..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4XVdNp694o

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