Mehdi & The Concept of Mehdi (Explanation of Allama Iqbal’s Poem ‘Mehdi’)

مہدی کے تخیل سے بیزار نہ ہو

It is a common question in minds that should we wait for a coming leader/promised era? or should we focus merely on our efforts as nothing is going to happen? 
Allama Iqbal’s Poem ‘Mehdi’ is the answer of both questions.
Allama Iqbal emphasized that the ‘Concept of Mehdi’ is very important for Muslim Nation and this view for Muslims has the weight that for Cathay has musk of deer. We should not fed-up from this view as the arrival of Imam Mehdi (AS) is true. At the same time we should not sit idle and just wait. In other words all our efforts should be directed.
Cathay (Khatan) is the ancient name of a region in China (Central Asia) which is famous for musk producing deer and that musk is used in making perfumes/scents  so Cathay’s musk adorn the world. If Musk is separated from Cathay, that region will have no weight. By this analogy, Allama Iqbal pointed the importance of ‘Concept of Mehdi’ to Muslim Nation.
Here explanation of this poem is posted from ‘Sharah’ of two famous Iqbaliat experts, Prof. Yousuf Saleem Chishti and Moulana Ghulam Rasool Mehr. Brief description to the subject is added before the Explanation/Interpretation. English translation of poem is added at the end of this post.

From Book: Sharah Zarb-e-Kaleem by Prof. Yousuf Saleem Chishti
Read Online here

From Book: Matalib Kalam-e-Iqbal Urdu by Maulana Ghulama Rasool Mehr

Original Scan of above Explanation (Book Matalib Kalam-e-Iqbal Urdu )


1. A nationʹs life gets much prolonged, By lofty aims and ideals high:
    If residents here some zeal possess, They can explore the heights of sky.

2. The Frankish Sage (Nietzsche) by guile(cunning) and skill, New lease of life to nation gave:
    The path for birth of Superman, By valor great he strove to pave.

3. To Guideʹs concept you seem averse (reluctant), Too fed up with this thought appear:
    This view for Muslims has the weight, That for Cathay has musk of deer.

4. If man alive puts on the shroud (burial cloth), Must we take that foolish for dead:
   Or tear to pieces small and shreds, His shroud and cast away the threads?

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29 Responses to Mehdi & The Concept of Mehdi (Explanation of Allama Iqbal’s Poem ‘Mehdi’)

  1. Dear All,I hope, this post will answer the questions of many. Allama Iqbal's poetry is very deep due to his knowledge and ability to see the soul in body.Pls note 'Takhiyyul' means 'Khiyal' or 'Tasawwur'. Ahoo mean Hiran (Deer).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Allama Iqbal kay issar dilon ko cho latain hay aur aksar un ko sun kar anso rokna muskil ho jata hay

  3. Anonymous says:

    khutun ka meaning plz bata dey

  4. Khutan aik jagha ka naam hai jahan ke khushboo wale haren (deer) mashoor hain. yani wahan ke harnon mein mushk hoti hai jis se perfume bante hain. Khutan (Cathay) central Asia China mein hai.Allama Iqbal farma rahe hain k khutan ko harnon se mehroom na kar (yani Musalmaon ko Mehdi ke khiyal se mehroom na kar)

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    malikmashallah nice

  7. Rashid says:

    Another excellent post as always.This is the only reason Allama Iqbal is not taught in schools or colleges, because his poetry will change our mind and thinking.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alama Iqbal in his writing was like Ibn Khaldun was against Mehdi concept but in his poetry Iqbal more than supported the concept of Mehdi.

  9. @AnonymousCan I disagree with you. In his writings, Allama Iqbal wished the same thing that without a great personality, survival of this unfortunate world is very little.Please read Allama Iqbal's Letter to his Father at below link the letter of 3 June, 1920 in which Iqbal wished for arrival of that great personality.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Allama Iqbal kojab bhi mae parhti hon lagta hae wo mujh sae hi mukhatib haen shayed mae khudi ki talash mae hon aur jitna khudi kae topic ko allama sahib nae ujagar kiya hae aek jagha farmatae haen hoi jis ki khudi pehelae namodar wohi mehdi wohi akhir zamani

  11. Part 2, mein in ashaar ki taehreeh post kr dun ga. InshAllah

  12. Anonymous says:

    PTV kay puranay plays Akhri Chatan Bahgdad kay baray may Shaheen Spain kay baray may Noor Ud Deen zangi Tipu Sultan Mohammad Bin Qasim ye sub dramay U tube per mojood hain yeh sun Naseem Hijazi kaynavels per hain pl aap log zarror daikhan bouht hi kobsoorat plays hain pl watch

  13. Anonymous says:

    aik aur play BABER bhi diakha ja sakta hay

  14. I think (may be I am wrong) Allama Iqbal opposed only wrong concept of Imam Mahdi which is similar to concepts of Jews's Maseeha and Shia's invisible Mahdi. These two wrong concepts say Imam Mahdi or Maseeha will have super natural powers who will come at end time and who will kill all opponents alone. It means he will appear suddenly and took control over the whole world.In reality (according to Ahdith) Imam Mahdi will do great struggle in his whole life time and intellectually defeat the dajjal and his satanic philosophies just like Prophet Muhammad (saw) did great struggle in His (saw) whole life time. All prophet (pbut) first did great struggle (Jihad), gave scarifies and then defeat satanic powers with help of Allah. Angels, Saints, Hazret Khidr and Jinns will also help Imam Mahdi but this help is not visible to people. God Knows Best

  15. Anonymous says:

    JazakAllah for such a nice post..Pakistan jesay 27th shab (Lailutul Qadar) ko ma'ariz e wajood may aya tha… inshaAllah yay anay wala Yom e Azaadi 14th august, 27th Shab e Qadar ke raat hogi.. Allah say dua hai k wo is shab ko hamay haqeeqi azaadi naseeb karay.. AmeenRegardsOwais

  16. Masha'Allah very nice. He is predicting about Imam Mahdi and Golden Age in which spirituality and science will be used for humanity. Allah gave miracles to Prophet Moses (a.s) to defeat magician in age of magic, miracles to Prophet Isa (a.s) to give life to dead people and statue of birds in age of materialistic Roman pagan, and gave miracle of miracles Holy Quran to prophet Muhammad (saw) to defeat poetry, literature and coming philosophies of this age. Allah also gave other miracles to Prophet Muhammad (saw) like shaq ul qamar and Miraj in age of Astronomy. Today in age of science so Allah will give spiritual science to Imam Mahdi (a.s) who will exclude materialism from science and will explain spirituality to scientists. When science and spirituality will be combined togather after defeating materialistic philosophies then this age will became Golden Age, Insha'Allah.

  17. Hudeybia agreement (bloodless and peaceful agreement) will give conquer of Makkah, Insha'Allah

  18. Anonymous says:

    Allama Iqbal kae yae ashaar hamarae liyae to haen hee lakin isswqt kae surbrhaan kae liyae bhi haen keuonkae iss kashti ko bahanwar sae nikalnae walae shayid yah he hon [dil soz sae khalee hae nighae pak nahi hae phir iss mae ajab kiya kae tuo babak nahe hae woh aankh kae hae surmae affrang sae roshan purkar o sukhan saz nahi hae numnak nahi hae]

  19. Today I've a dream about grave of Allam Iqbal. In dream I guided unknown person to tomb of Allama Iqbal. When we went to a room of tomb then it was dead end and there was water (river or lake) on other side of room. Unknown person said where is grave then I pointed out another room. Then we reached to grave and I sat on head or foot side (don't remember) of grave and slept.

  20. Nice words by Allama Iqbal, for all Muslim Ummah.

  21. Nice words by Allama Iqbal, for all Muslim Ummah.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Anonymous says:

    mian Abdur rasheed nae bhi allamah Iqbal kae farsi kalam ka urdu mae tarjumah kiya hae Israr o ramooz sae unka urdu tarjumah hae keya waiz aur keya sufi sub jaah parest haen -milat e baeza ka waqar khatam hocuka hae hamarae waiz ki aankh bot [STATUE] khanae per lagi hoi hae aur hamarae muftiyanae deen e mubeen fatwae farokhat kar rahae haen ab ap hi bataaen keya usski khudi baqi rahi

  24. Anonymous says:

    imam mehdi will NOT defeat dajjal Prophet Isa will

  25. Dear brother Imam Mahdi (a.s) will defeat Dajjal and Prophet Isa (a.s) will kill him.Also Dajjal and Masih-ad-Dajjal (Antichrist) are different. One is philosophy and other is his representation as satanic human form. Both Imam Mahdi (a.s) and Prophet Isa (a.s) will struggle intellectually against philosophy of Dajjal which is denial of Allah. Imam Mahdi (a.s) will not kill Antichrist. Prophet Isa (a.s) will kill him under the command of Imam Mahdi (a.s). Insha'Allah. Allah Knows Best.

  26. Ranu 802 says:

    This is such a great post for any one interested about all the spiritual leaders.Thank you.Even the comments are very informative.

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