Allah, Muhammad ﷺ, Quran Aur Pakistan

مدینہ منورہ کی طرح ریاست پاکستان اور اس کا نظریہ تا قیامت قائم رہیں گے

“Allah, Muhammad ﷺ, Quran Aur Pakistan”, an excellent article by Muhammad Nadeem Siddique highlighting Pakistan’s resemblance with Madina and its future analyzed through simple numerology, wisdom in numbers and equations of Pakistan (Published in Ummat Newspaper, Ist April 2012)

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54 Responses to Allah, Muhammad ﷺ, Quran Aur Pakistan

  1. AOA,Pls note for info that Hadith mentioned about 'Holy Prophet (ﷺ) in red dress' referred in above article, is also mentioned in famous Seerat-un-Nabi ﷺ Book 'Al-Raheeq-Al-Makhtum', Page 646 andIts Shamail-e-Tirmizi and Mishkat Shareef Hadith.Here is its English translationHazrat Jabir ibn Samurah says, "I saw Rasulallah ﷺ on a moonlit night. He had a red cloak over his body, and I looked attentively in turn towards him and the moon. Certainly, He ﷺ appeared to me more beautiful than the moon itself."

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mashallah………Well researched/ great work/ impressive. one more thing add that 5 rivers in map it seem to a hand with five finger……which is flowing rahmat in all over the country.

  3. ik1982 says:

    lekin is mein future kahan hai??

  4. yehi to columnist ne samjhane ki koshish ki k PAK(I)STAN ke I se murad murad ye hai k future mein Isalm puri dunya mein phail jaye ga, pls read last paragraph. For further details on this verse of Quran, Pls see following link

  5. Anonymous says:

    WS. JazaakALLAH, yes I have also read the hadith about Rasool ALLAH (S.A.W.W.) wearing red dress in USVA-E-HASNA written about Bintul Islam published in the early 1980s. However, the claim that the "NAZRIA OF PAKISTAN" will remain till Qayamah is strange. It is said in ahadith that after the rule of Prophet Isa (as) over the world for 40 years and his natural death, dark ages will again return to the earth. And Qayamah will happen when there will be wicked people all around again. Please research on it. But keep up the good work also, no offense. – Roman Ahsan.

  6. Assalaamu Alaikum,On the basis of abjad calculations of verses from the Qur’an, Bediüzzaman foretold events that took place in 1971, 20 years beforehand, and these have all come to pass to the letter.Abjad calculation of the reference in verse 3 of Surat al-Falaq to “the darkness when it gathers” gives a date of 1971. Bediüzzaman Said Nursi refers to 1971 in the following passage:“If they are counted together, they make 1971, and give news of some ghastly evil at that date. If the crops of the seeds of the present are not rectified, the blows will certainly be terrible.” (The Rays / The Fruits of Belief – Eleventh Topic – p.289)In 1971, Turkey came to the brink of a military coup, a memorandum was issued and these events had a huge impact on the country’s social and political history. There followed a period of anarchy, fear and terror.Bediüzzaman Said Nursi wrote his Rays treatise between 1936 and 1949. Therefore, the Master foretold social events that would take place in 1971, about 30 years beforehand, and everything he said came to pass.The secret knowledge that Bediuzzaman Said Nursi revealed about our century: Pakistani know 1971 was also dark year for Pakistan 😦

  7. Anonymous says:

    8th ammendment was passed in 1985 not 1983

  8. Anonymous says:

    I want to say one more highlighted event is Justice movement in 9th march 2007..which makes 2007=9 …and Banasir bhutto death on 27th ..that is also 9..that is not mentioned in this ..I dont know?

  9. Dear Brother Roman Ahsan,I am mailing brother Faqar my thoughts upon the topic and your intriguing question which has led to preplex many to this date. He will forward you the email if he has your address.I am adopting this channel which might seem a bit akward to you, because i want to avoid any controversy and confrontation which is sure to follow it.

  10. MAJ says:

    Very informative post. Thanx Brother Faqar for your nice contribution."Pakistan" main jo alphabet "I" hy is sy "Islamabad" bhi bnta hy. Yehi Islamabad near future main Islamic Empire ka markaz bny ga. Islam will spread in whole world. Hazrat Imam Bari ny bhi centuries pehlay Islamabad k baray main prediction ki thi. Ab us k poray honay ka waqat bohat nazdeek a gya hy.

  11. Asslaam Aleykum is post main KALIMAH TAYYABAH K ALFAZ MAIN KAMI HEY ,shayad newspaper walo ne isey tawajja nahi di, herat hey k unho ne bar bar aik hi ghalti ki hey, aur is ghalti se kalimah tayyabah ka matlab bilkul hi bar aks hojata hey " kalimah tayyabah me lafaz ILAH K BAAD ILLAH NAHI LIKHA GYA "please Faqar e ghayur saheb ap pen se khud hi wo ghalti durust kar dain ALLAH APKO JAZAYE KHAIR ATA FARMAYE AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Baktar Bhai, I really love your explanations, please enlighten us all regarding the question posted by brother Roman. Thoroughly enjoyed your last post on Mumtaz Mufti Sb, and the comments on a previous post which were like "scud missiles" as referred by our dearest Faqar Bhai.You have taught Hasan Nisariyas a lesson in the past and I am sure you are quite capable of doing such a thing again. I hope I'm not offending you by my request. But if you still insist bro, I'll email Faqar bhai for your reply.Saad

  13. Anonymous says:

    perhaps it's a printing problem, when mixing language fonts stuff like this can happen, does happen actually.

  14. Jaan e Aziz,You aren't offending me in the least by asking about my ideas regarding Bro Roman's query! gimme your email address thru Faqar Ustad and i will forward you the detail, or he can mail you directly if he has your email address.Strangely nuff, this article from Muhammad Nadeem Siddiqui is part of that detail, which i never saw before this morning:)Stay blessed and focused.

  15. Anonymous says:

    JazakAllah Brother Faqar zardari ajmair sarif ja raha hay kia kahian gay?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh, people now sharing secrets on this site. I really want to see where it is going to end up. Please do not afraid of any controversy and say what you have to say in a clear way. We have enough politicians and we do not want more.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yey why you have to stay back. You better stay in Turkey and leave us alone. You have been exposed long time ago as a MUNNA DAJJAL. magar sharam tum ko aati nahi.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey roman you have raised a very Shaitani thought and besides that you are saying NO OFFENCE. Well I take it very offensive and every Pakistani will.Even a primary school student will tell you that NAZRIA OF PAKISTAN is equal to KALMA E TAYABA to every Pakistani. So either you except it or just stay away from Pakistan.No smart comments required.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just go with him buddy. Enjoy.

  20. I enjoyed what Baal Thakray said about Parvez Musharraf visit to Ajmair Sharif… he said, Zardari soch lain, Muharraf Ajmair aye thay to iqtidaar ke sath sath mulk bhi chorna para. :) ke sath bhi kuch isi qism ka ho sakta hai.

  21. I never visited Turkey 😦 In childhood I lived in Saudi Arab. By the way what is problem in my above comment?

  22. Allah says in the Qur’an, "… Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to taqwa” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 8).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Keep going. Write a longer post this time. Please do not forget to include some more Ahadis and Aayaats this time to support you.magar sharam tum ko aati nahi.

  24. In speaking of ''a century later,'' Bediuzzaman is referring to a century after 1910, in other words, to 2010 means that the dissolution of oppression, its COMING TO A COMPLETE END, will happen ONE CENTURY AFTER Bediüzzaman’s time, not during it, in other words IN the 2010s, and will come about through Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his followers.Therefore, by Allah’s leave, the 2010S WILL BE WHEN HAZRAT MAHDI (PBUH) AND HIS FOLLOWERS COMPLETELY NEUTRALIZE ALL OPPRESSION.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Listen guys, Pakistan is Madina e sani and Imam Mahdi will be from Pakistan. No chance for Arabs and Turks this time. You guys are looking at the wrong directions. Dajjal is sitting just out side of Madina e sani and ready to attack. Wake up please and say good buy to your sweet dreams. Time has come. Final call.PAKISTAN.

  26. Wa Aliekum AssalamBrother, i have added the missing word, yes it was typing or proof reading mistake, thanks for indicating, such things must be corrected.

  27. I 100% agree with you. I was also thinking on the same lines.

  28. Brother Roman and Anonymous,The coming era will be of Islam n we must focus and direct all our efforts to bring that era. Now what will be its time period, no one can predict. what will happen after hundreds of years and how long would be that era o Islam? Only Allah Knows The Best, but it comes to our knowledge through Ahadith and Awliya Allah's saying that another golden age of Islam is coming in very near future.

  29. Here is my emailspiritualpakistanfuture@gmail.comI received Bro Baktar's email today, well i am tempted to post this email as separate post but as he himself said to avoid the controversies we should use that mysterious channel (through email).Brother Ahsan, Anonymous and any other readers, Pls send me your contact email, InshaAllah I will forward Bro Baktar-e-Noor's very interesting and thought provoking email to you (after his permission) ….!! Well, worth reading email and summary of this blog, I must say….!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    All channels should be open not mysterious. Seems like Baktar e noor setting up his own fan club in his email accounts. Buddy if you want to share some thoughts do it openly regardless how provoking it is. I hope you are not trying to become a web site peer as you are following their pattrens.

  31. Hadith? or any material from any Islamic Scholar? Are you talking about Pakistani Imam Mahdi Mirza Ghulam or Goher Shahi?

  32. Brother,Ye Hadith hai, jis ka mafhoom hai k Insaan ke ilmi level ke mutabiq baat karni chahye.Allama Iqbal ne ye baat is tarah samjhayi thi,Iqbal! Yahan Naam Na Le Ilm-e-Khudi KaMozoon Nahin Maktab Ke Liye Aese MaqalatBehtar Hai Ke Bechare Mamulon Ki Nazar SePoshida Rahain Baaz Ke Ahwal-o-MaqamatMehkoom Ko Peeron Ki Karamat Ka SodaHai Banda-e-Azad Khud Ek Zinda Karamat**About the self here have no talk, O bard,Because with schools such sermons donʹt accord.Much good that birds that chirp may not descry,The modes of hawk, its state and rank so high!A slave has craze for marvels wrought by guidesHimself a wonder ʹlive, his memory fresh abides.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Brother Baktar-e-Noor,I appreciate your reply through email and for the time you have taken out. Yes, you are right, ONLY ALLAH KNOWS best but we should keep our swords and our wits sharpen, nurture our emaan and be afraid of the ALMIGHTY only. This life is only temporary and we should not waste it on conflicts between us. La-ilaha-il-ALLAH!Wassalam,Roman Ahsan.

  34. Ajj ka Orya Maqbool Jaan ka column bohat acha hai

  35. Anonymous says:

    At least i am not talking about your adnan okther.You can listen to the final call if you are awake. Every creature is speaking right now.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hi Faqar,Are you judging other people's ilmi level?So I was right. You guys are really trying your best to become webb site peers. I would love to see some karamaat now. I can't beleive how people leave the real task behind and only willing to become a choudhary of knowledge and change it the way they like it. Please identify and get back to your real job.

  37. Anonymous says:

    As Salamu AlaikyumCame across this piece of news… on sunniforum about Mulana Dr Sher Ali Shah Sahib Yar yahan par jitne bhi log bethey hue hain plz bohat gaur se suno …..Maulana Dr Sher Ali Shah koi aam se insaan nahi hain …….mein ne Naimatullah Shah Wali ki predictions parhi hain ….jis mein aik future leader ka zikar hai …….jo unho ne shairi mein bayan ki hain … shairi mein aik future leader pakistan mien aane wala hai jis ka naam InshaAllah Sher Ali hoga … shair mein saaf saaf naam bhi likha hua hai ……aur mein ne Dr Israr Ahmed ki video dekhi thi "PAkistan ke ilaqai aur dakhli masail 4/5" …jis mien unho ne bataya ….jitni bhi tehreek chal rahi hain …us mein aik aur izafa ho gaya hai …..kuch talaba ne aik shaks ke haath par bait karli hai ….aur unho ne aik tehreek start ki hai jis ka naam tehreek e talaba o talibaat baraye shariat e Mohammadi hai jis saari strategies Tanzeem e Islami se milti julti hai …aur jis shaks ke haath par bayyad ki hai us ka naam Maulana Sher Ali Shah hai, jo Dar ul Uloom Haqqania Akora Khattak ke principle hain . plz yar is baat ko aagay phelao …Maulana Sher Ali shah ke haat par bayyah karo plz …yeh hamare future ke leader hain …I Like know more on this, what are everyone(here) views on this. Is he really(could be) the person as mentioned in Naimatullah Shah Wali kasida.Muhammad

  38. Anonymous says:

    From where can we get more info about him

  39. Brother,I posted a Hadith and couplets from Allama Iqbal's Poem, if you don't want to believe, its your choice, here is another link to that Hadith from Jalal-ud-din Rumi (RH)'s Masnavi"Speak ye unto men according to the measure of their understandings"

  40. I believe in one thing that a true leader can never come through false democracy of Pakistan. The Masters of Western democracy will never allow this so there must be something else which will come in front of everyone with the Will of Allah (SWT). InshaAllah

  41. Yes conquest of India = Ghazwa-e-Hind 100%

  42. Anonymous says:

    Moulana Dr.Sher Ali Shah

  43. Anonymous says:

    AOACan some brother tell me about the numerological value of 14 august 2012?

  44. If you ever read Ahdith then you may know three Muslim personalities will be emerged, Imam Mahdi from Makkah, Sufyani from Syria and Mansur from Khurasaan. If you are talking about Mansur who is a lesser Mahdi then I have no problem as Pakistan is in east border of Khurasaan. If you are talking about greater Imam Mahdi then no Hadith present saying that he will come from Khurasaan (Pak,Iran,Afg). Hadiths are saying that Mansur will come from east to help him in Makkah. It means Imam Mahdi will NOT be belonged from any eastern country. How will we identify them?. It is simple. Imam Mahdi will be anti-bloodshed. He will not have any force or army. He'll migrate and hide in Makkah. Sufyani will be ruler having regular army. He will be cruel and he will kill Muslims in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and in Hijaz during Hajj. Mansur will also have regular army because he will be also ruler. When Sufyani will attack on him then he will defeat him. He will send army to Hijaz to protect Imam Mahdi and Muslims from killing. You Pakistani Imam Mahdi can be Mansur if he is ruler having great force. Current ruler Zardari can't be Mansur 🙂 If you didn't read Ahdith and making assumptions from your own then I'll say your are dreaming. Pakistan came into being for Imam Mahdi but it doesn't mean he will be from Pakistan.Thanks,Faisal

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hamin ye bhe nahi bholna chahe ke Pakistan me Musharraf ke manhoos hukumat ke sai 10 saal tak qaim rahay aur ab Zard Ary ka nahoosat zada wajood iss mulk ke sub say ala kursi par barajman hai

  46. Anonymous says:

    agreed on the fact that imam mahdi will not be from pakistan, however it is not clear from ahadis that mansoor will be the leader of the muslim forces, he could easily be a general (sipah salaar) and the overall leadership could reside with someone else. Pakistan is not on the easter border of Korasan it is a part of ancient khorasan, please refer to some historical geography. also, it is possible that imam mahdi will be involved in ghazwa-e-hind, because if i remember correctly it is told that mujahideen will recognize him as one of their own. there are arab mujahideen undertaking jihad in afghanistan so pakistan & afghanistan may also be blessed with his presence though before his official declaration as told in the ahadis. May Allah forgive if I have stated anything correctly, if I did it is because of the fault of memory not intent.Regards

  47. Anonymous says:

    May Allah forgive if I have stated anything "incorrectly", if I did it is because of the fault of memory not intent. aameenregards

  48. Anonymous says:

    It could be 27th Ramadan this time on 14 August.. I hope so, and I also hope this Zardari platoon to get ousted from the country that day..Saad

  49. Yes brother we can do mistake in understanding Ahdith. Yes Mansur will not be leader of whole Muslims as some Muslims will support Sufyani. Mansur will lead army. He will be General (sipah salaar) of Mahdi. As Mahdi will establish Caliphate of Islamic countries. So before Caliphate Mansur can be Chief of army staff, General, or President of any eastern country present in Khurasaan. After Caliphate he will be general of Mahdi. Here is Hadith about Mansur…Harun said: We were told by Amr ibn Abi Qays, on the authority of Mutarrif bin Tarif, on the authority of Abu Al-Hassan on the authority of Hilal bin Amr: I heard Ali say: The Prophet (saas) said:‘A man will come forth from Ma Wara an-Nahr (beyond the river) whose name is al-Harith ibn Harrath. In front of him (his army), there will be a man whose name is Mansur. He will pave the way for the family of Muhammad (saas) [Successor as spiritual leader], just as the Quraysh prepared the way for the Messenger of Allah (saas). Every believer must help him or respond to his call.’Pakistan is in eastern border means Pakistan is in eastern Khurasaan. Some historian said only some part of Baluchistan and tribal area were part of old Khurasaan but some historian included also Sind and river Indus too in Khurasaan. Muhammad (saas) mentioned Sind, Hind and Khurasaan separately in Ahdith. So at that time they are all different parts. If Pakistan is in Khurasaan then still it is in eastern border and Sufyani will not reach to eastern border because he will be defeated temporarily from Mansur at the Gate of Istakhr which is in west of Khurasaan."The Sufyani's army will go to Kufa; a city in Iraq, and from there he will launch an attack against the people of Khurasan. At the Gate of Istakhr, Shuayb bin Salih and the Hashimite under the black banners, will join forces and engage the army of the Sufyani. The battle will be extremely fierce with a tremendous loss of life and the army of the Sufyani will suffer a temporary defeat. It is at this time that a yearning for the Mahdi's appearance is on the lips of everyone.The army of the Sufyani will march from the direction of Iraq to seize the Mahdi, however, when they reach the desert near Dhi Hulayfah the ground will swallow them up."May be army of Iran or combined army of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan defeated Sufyani at Gate of Istakhr (Iran). (Allah Knows Best)Ghazwa-e-hind will be official battle of Imam Mahdi under his command. He will send troops at all places. It is only be possible when Imam Mahdi will came into power.

  50. zahid says:

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