Prediction about Armageddon & Arrival of Imam Mehdi (AS) – Part 1

اکیسویں صدی کا آغاز، آخری جنگِ عظیم اور ظہورِامام مہدی

1. Dunya Jangon Ke Dahane Par

2. Akhri Jang-e-Azeem

3. Jang Aa Rahi Hai


4. ‘Zahoor-e-Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S)’ from Book: Akhiri-e-Jang-e-Azeem (1992)


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  1. Dear All,I know many questions will arise in your minds, Please wait for some more posts, InshAllah you will find the answers of your questions.It is strange I am avoiding "Jean Dixon" until now but to my surprise Abdul Majeed Siddiqui Sahib discussed jean dixon's prediction in above chapter.Now door is open for me to discuss jean :)Last thing, Abdul Majeed Siddiqui's age is above 90 now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Masha'Allah Abdul Majeed Siddiqui sahib ilm ke wo shama hai jo apni meraaj ko pohanchay hain

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes but imam medhi appearance in 1421 hijre? a big question mark.Hafiz

  4. hussain says:

    woh bacha jo inquilab laye ga woh ghaliban yeh hai: january,1962iss ke haqq mein Maulana Sheikh Nazim ki pesh goiyan bhi amujud hain.WAllahu Aa'lam

  5. Masha'Allah, May Allah Abdul Majeed Siddiqui will see Imam Mahdi in his life. Insha'Allah, Ameen.

  6. Please wait, things will become more clear with the passage of time, but one thing is obvious 'He' has born. Wait & See. Things will move fast in coming days and time will reveal many secrets.

  7. Farooqui says:

    janaab 2001 ko tu guzur chuka hey ubb aap kiya date doo gai imam mehdi kay zahoor kee i think no body knows about the appearence of mehdi

  8. Farooqui says:

    janaab yein kaisay hogaya woh bacha naa iska naam muhammad hey na iski maa ka naam amina hey aur na iskay baap kaa naam abdullah hey iskay ilawa hadith mey jo sighns hey imam mehdi kay ismay eik bhee nishaani nahee hey .yein king abdullah hey jordan ka shah hussein ka beta jo kay khud american agent hey

  9. Farooqui says:

    janaab yein kaisay hogaya woh bacha naa iska naam muhammad hey na iski maa ka naam amina hey aur na iskay baap kaa naam abdullah hey iskay ilawa hadith mey jo sighns hey imam mehdi kay ismay eik bhee nishaani nahee hey .yein king abdullah hey jordan ka shah hussein ka beta jo kay khud american agent hey

  10. faisal khan says:

    woh bacha jo inquilab laye ga woh ghaliban yeh hai: january,1962iss ke haqq mein Maulana Sheikh Nazim ki pesh goiyan bhi amujud hain.WAllahu Aa'lam————– II bin Al-Hussein (Arabic: الملك عبد الله الثاني بن الحسين‎, al-Malik ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī bin al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962) is the reigning King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He ascended the throne on 7 February 1999 upon the death of his father King Hussein

  11. TARIQ says:

    Masha'Allah Abdul Majeed Siddiqui sahib is a great scholar with a lot of knowlegeTo all muslim brothersBeaware of the kufar plan of creating false messiah or christ. This plan is known as "Project Blue Beam". The illuminati is planing an evil drama of the second coming of the christ, on the world level which is another step in NWO.some evidence point this drama would be played in the coming London Olympics in 2012 i.e Ramzan of this year. For more detail search on google "Project Blue Beam".

  12. hussain says:

    janab……….pehli baat toh yeh ke Syedna Imam Jafar As Sadiq alaye hi salam se mansub qaul hai ke jo bhi Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam ke anay ki deadline muqarrar keray,woh kazib hai.yeh baat bht se ulema ko bhi nahi pata isi wajah se woh deadlines de jatay hain aur phir baad mein peshgoi ghalat ho jaati hai.aur janab Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam ki umar zaruri nahi ek zahur ke waqt 40 saal he ho.kyun ke iss mauzu pe sirf ek hadith hai woh bhi zaeef aur uss mein bhi umar ka lafz istemal nahi hua ,yeh kaha gya hai ke unn ka zahur 30 aur 40 ke darmyan ho ga.aur definitely yeh king Abdullah II,Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam nahi hai.iss liye janab farooqui sahab aap inn 2 personalities ko confuse na kerain.

  13. Anonymous says:

    MASHALLAH more informative post deen e islam hi woh sacha deen hai in sachae waqeat sae jo oopar deayae gae haen ubb un ki Aankhaen khul jani chhien jo talashae haq mae haen ………….aesa na ho kae phir mot ki wadi maen chalaen jany aur phir sochnae ka muoqa na milae ……..ALLAH na karae aesa waqt ajae

  14. Shiraz Sahib there are multiple appearances/coming of Imam Mahdi… his birth, start of his struggle, his first occultation and coming, his second occultation and coming, his appearance to his closed companions, his appearance to public, migration to Damascus, migration to Makkah, oath of scholars at his home, oath of scholars at Makkah, caliphate in Jerusalem, and more… These all appearances are spanned from his age 30 to his old age of 70. All figures 30, 40,..70 are present in Ahdith pointing different stages of struggle of Mahdi.Year 2001 is may be pointing one of stage of his struggle.

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  16. @FaisalBrother, I agree with you…!! you have exactly highlighted the main points. Adding more to it, Even before the birth of Imam Mehdi (AS), there were glad tidings (Basharatain) so in this whole time span from his birth to final departure, we are witnessing different visions. Similar to this Some may have seen him in different countries as he may travel to many countries so when Somebody claims he will be in Syria, Turkey, Iran or Pakistan etc, That Saint may be right because Imam Mehdi will travel to many countries so Saints of every country think 'He' will be from their country…..!! So its very interesting situation. Time will reveal more details about him but it is sure 'He' has born.

  17. Sheikh Nazim, Imam Rabbani, Baidduzzaman Nursi gave starting years of 1400 hijri for Imam Mahdi. As Imam Mahdi has born so we can assume he will appear soon in public… Insha'Allah

  18. So brother when real Imam Mahdi and Isa (a.s) will come then most of Muslims will assume this is planning of Illuminati…..How can we differentiate between Dijjal (the liar) and Imam Mahdi (a.s)?Dijjal will do bloodshed and Imam Mahdi a.s. will do peaceful struggle.

  19. Yes when so many Saints are saying same thing that He has born. If we analyze their predictions, no one clearly given specific time but just indicating the time span. Abdul Majeed Siddiqui Sahib ne bhi buzurgon ki kitbain perh kar ye khush gumani rakhi thi jo mere khiyal mein durst hai. ho sakta hai hum samajh na pa rahe hon yani koi na koi baat zaroor hai.

  20. @FaqarBrother you are correct. Imam Mahdi will have various stages and periods…There will be various stages to Hazrat Mahdi's (as) term of service:'s_(as)_term_of_serviceHazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle and the difficulties he will face:

  21. Anonymous says:

    NICE manay kafi saal pehlay suna tha kay Urden kay SHAH HUSSAIN ZAIN UL ABDEEN jo kerbla may buch gay thay un ki ulad may say hain kia yeh such hay? agar koi bata sakay pl

  22. Anonymous says:

    DR shahid masood nay kafi saal pehlay aik show THE HIDDIN TRUTH kay nam say kia tha ary channel per us may yeh tamam tafseelat mojood hain aur u tube per bhi hay

  23. TARIQ says:

    What do you mean bloodshed? does it mean jihaad in the path of Allah as bloodshed or you mean that Imam Mehdi will not do Jihaad against the enemy of islam? Why are you using this word bloodshed and for what purpose?

  24. TARIQ says:

    From ahadiths books the signs of Hazrat Isa (a.s) and Imam Mahdi (a.s) is Crystal clear. A true believer will only recognize them.

  25. TARIQ says:

    @Faqar and Faisal FarooqWhat is your opinion about Maitreya.For a little detail please open the following link

  26. TARIQ says:

    A chart of his(Maitreya's) alleged appearance in different locations of the world in different timeslink

  27. Anonymous says:

    again the same stuff, somebody dare to predict that Mehdi will arrive on 2001, and its been 11 years till today , so will this person ever apologize that he was wrong? and why its so easy to talk about war and destruction? lets do some positive work rather wasting time in searching prediction where none of them ever come true!

  28. @AnonymousThis is Allah's reply to spiritually blind people in Quran.(Surah Al-Isra, Verse 72)"اور جو اس دنیا میں اندھا بن کر رہا وہ آخرت میں بھی اندھا ہی رہے گا بلکہ راستہ پانے میں اندھے سے بھی زیادہ ناکام"And whoever is blind in this world (i.e., does not see Allah's Signs), will be blind in the Hereafter, and more astray from the Path.

  29. @TariqIts new thing for me, I never heard of him before.I think, Occultation (being hidden or ghaybat) must have some different meanings, there is nothing like magic in it. As Aulias were not magicians. If we look at the struggling life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions, I believe, extreme struggle will also be part of Imam Medhi's life.

  30. Reading all of these opinions/speculations here makes me wonder what will actually be our reaction when 'He' is finally revealed to the world!I have a strong feeling that most of us present here will be taken aback, thinking 'how can it be possible, how can it be so, is this again a conspiracy or what?But the peace lies in the acceptance of the will of Allah… … so let it be so!

  31. @TariqI have read about him and your link some years ago. According to Buddhism Maitreya is fifth Buddha who will come at end of time. Every prophet a.s predicted about last Prophet Muhammad (saas) and also Imam Mahdi of end time (Akhir Zaman). In Hinduism Kalki Autar will come at end time and in Buddhism Maitreya will come. Some scholars says Prophet Muhammad (saas) is Kalki Autar or some say Imam Mahdi….Appearance of Maitreya in different places is conspiracy and planing created by dajjalic forces against coming of Imam Mahdi and second coming of Isa (a.s). If Maitreya appeared about 200 times in different places and in different religions then who recorded his all appearances with exact dates? It is all fake…Real Imam Mahdi will never do any miracle. Many angels will support him but this support will be invisible to people.Not performing a miracle increases Hazrat Mahdi pbuh's rank further: occultations of Imam Mahdi is indicated in both Shia and Sunni sources but according to Shia Imam Mahdi is hidden in cave for centuries and will appear at end time. Sunnis do not believe on invisible Imam Mahdi.Meaning of occultations is "The hiding of a heavenly body from sight by the intervention of some other of the heavenly bodies" like sun eclipse when moon hide the sun. Allah will hide Imam Mahdi from sight two times for his protection during his struggle. It will not be any supernatural phenomenon.

  32. Umar Ch says:

    its 2012…2001 ko guzray 11 saal ho gaye…hai kisi ke paas iss ka jawab? aub plz ap loog ye na kehnay lag jana ke ji rohani dunia me saaaloun ka hisab kitab kuch aur hota hai…plz yaar…is he alive who wrote this book? i want to ask him ke please aub kia kahein ge coz 2001 tu kab ka guzar gya?

  33. Imam Mahdi will do Jihad from age 30 to his death but this struggle will be peaceful. Armageddon or Melhamul Kubra (Mother of wars) indicated in above article of Abdul Majeed Siddiqui Sahib will be started by Dajjalic forces. Imam Mahdi will not conduct Armageddon but he will stop Armageddon of Dajjal. According to Sheikh Imran Hosein Armageddon is not a single war but multiple wars…. All wars in our age from world wars I to Gulf war, Afghanistan war, Iraq war are part of Armageddon fought for Dajjalic philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism, fascism etc. These all philosophies are horns of Satan. War of 1971 was also fight between capitalists, socialists and marxists i.e dajalic forces…Major Ahdith are present in above article. If you read it again you will find two type of wars against Imam Mahdi. First wars conducted by Sufyani (Syrian Muslim leader) before appearance of Imam Mahdi against Egypt, Iraq, Khurasaan (Iran) and then against Imam Mahdi…. Second wars conducted by Romans (Nato and Russia) against Imam Mahdi after his appearance when treaty between Muslims and Christens will be broken against third force (Russia who captured Istanbul)….. According to Ahdith what will be scene of wars in near future….- Al-Aqba from Sudan (Africa) will capture Egypt (Arab)- Sufyani from Syria will defeat Al-Aqba with help of Nato and capture Egypt- Sufyani will attack on Kufa (Iraq) and then Khurasaan (Iran)- At gate of Istkhr (Iran) Shuib bin Saleh or Mansoor will defeat Sufyani. This defeat will be temporary- Russia will capture Istanbul- Sufyani will attack Hijaz to capture Imam Mahdi but earthquake will kill troop of Sufyani. After seeing this earthquake Shuib bin Saleh and other Muslims will recognize Imam Mahdi and will take bait on his hand at Makkah. This is expected in 2013/14.- Imam MAhdi will create Caliphate- Muslim and Christen will make Alliance- Romans will break treaty and will attack on Imam in year of Dabbiq. They will gather at Ghutah Damascus. King of Jordan who is supporter of Imam Mahdi will not help him in fear of Romans. 1/3 of Muslims will leave Imam and Allah will never forget them. 1/3 will be martyred and 1/3 will defeat Romans. This is expected in 2021.- Imam Mahdi will find original Torah and ark of the covenant- After Imam Mahdi will conquer Istanbul from Russia.I mentioned these wars to prove that Imam Mahdi will never conduct any war but his enemies will make wars on him. So his struggle for creating Caliphate will be purely anti-bloodshed.

  34. Brother please read my above comment about different stages and periods of Imam Mahdi.

  35. Yes brother only 313 people will help him initially and I have also strong feeling that non of us help him initially.

  36. @Umar ChMujhe pata tha ye sawal lazmi ho ga magar mein ne jo kuch books mein tha as it is post kar diya. Purchase his books, I hope you will find his address.Mein sirf itna bata sakta hun k Abdul Majeed Siddiqui galat nahin hain. Ye baat hi kuch aesi hai, Please read brother Faisal's comment again"Shiraz Sahib there are multiple appearances/coming of Imam Mahdi…his birth, start of his struggle, his first occultation and coming, his second occultation and coming, his appearance to his closed companions, his appearance to public, migration to Damascus, migration to Makkah, oath of scholars at his home, oath of scholars at Makkah, caliphate in Jerusalem, and more…These all appearances are spanned from his age 30 to his old age of 70. All figures 30, 40,..70 are present in Ahdith pointing different stages of struggle of Mahdi.Year 2001 is may be pointing one of stage of his struggle."

  37. Again I agree with Faisal because I also have read this Hadith of 313 helpers/companions. InshAllah I will try post Ahadith on Imam Mehdi (AS) from Authentic books.

  38. Dr.Urooj says:

    All I can say is … As per my Humble/little Understanding ….. "HE" will be Anybody/Somebody who has THIS formula (mentioned by Baba Iqbal ra ) and Fully works on it : "Quwat e Ishq Say har past ko bala kar dey Dehr Main Ism e Muhammad(saww) sey Ujala Kar dey" "Ki Muhammad(saww) sey wafa tou ney to HUM teray hain Yeh Jahan cheez hai kya Loh o qalam Teray Hain " There can be No Real and Sustained Change, Revival and Glory Of Ummat e Rasool (saww) unless and untill We Link Up Ourselves with Our Beloved Rasool Allah (saww) and Bond Ourselves in the Love of Allah(swt) and Rasool Allah(saww) ,So as I have Understood 'Inciting This Love And Wafa To Allah And Nabi e Pak(saww)' Would be One of His Tasks…. This Love Is the Only Thing that can Undo the Differences and Make Us One Ummah InshaAllah …Only then Can we Deserve Or Enjoy Glory !

  39. mnak.nabeel says:

    Mamoor ho raha hai aalam mein noor tera.Az maah taab mahi,sab hai zahoor tera.Har aankh tak rahi hai tere hi munh ko pyaare,Har kaan mein hoon paata,shor-e-zahoor tera.

  40. Nabeel Bhai,The second couplet you wrote is 'prophetic'…!You will know soon enough… 🙂

  41. Verse 13 of Surat 3 'Āli `Imrān (Family of Imran) – سورة آل عمرانIf we combine verse number 13 with chapter number 3 then we get number 313 equivalent to number of Ashab al-Badr and companions of Imam Mahdi (a.s)….[3:13]قَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ آيَةٌ فِي فِئَتَيْنِ الْتَقَتَا ۖ فِئَةٌ تُقَاتِلُ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ وَأُخْرَىٰ كَافِرَةٌ يَرَوْنَهُم مِّثْلَيْهِمْ رَأْيَ الْعَيْنِ ۚ وَاللَّهُ يُؤَيِّدُ بِنَصْرِهِ مَن يَشَاءُ ۗ إِنَّ فِي ذَٰلِكَ لَعِبْرَةً لِّأُولِي الْأَبْصَارِSahih InternationalAlready there has been for you a sign in the two armies which met – one fighting in the cause of Allah and another of disbelievers. They saw them [to be] twice their [own] number by [their] eyesight. But Allah supports with His victory whom He wills. Indeed in that is a lesson for those of vision.Urduتمہارے لیے دو گروہوں میں جو (جنگ بدر کے دن) آپس میں بھڑ گئے (قدرت خدا کی عظیم الشان) نشانی تھی ایک گروہ (مسلمانوں کا تھا وہ) خدا کی راہ میں لڑ رہا تھا اور دوسرا گروہ (کافروں کا تھا وہ) ان کو اپنی آنکھوں سے اپنے سے دگنا مشاہدہ کر رہا تھا اور خدا اپنی نصرت سے جس کو چاہتا ہے مدد دیتا ہے جو اہل بصارت ہیں ان کے لیے اس (واقعے) میں بڑی عبرت ہے

  42. Umar Ch says:

    @Faqar-e-Ghayoorlets see yaar…aap ke blog ne meri life change ki hai…lekin aub me tung anay lag gya houn ke yaar ye tu sab wese ka wesa hi hai…iss liea now i think ke predictions ko choro bas ye fikar kero ke khud ko kesay badlna hai…bring change in urself, rest will be changed automatically…kash ke me apni life me dekhoun ke muslamnoun ki wesi hi izzat ho jesi Hazrat Umar ke era me thi..kashhhhh…

  43. @Umar ChBrother app ka sawal mere liye new nahin. Mere pas iss sawal ka jawab hai. InshaAllah after 2 or 3 more posts, I will do a detailed post, that will be exact answer of your question.Filhaal app mujhe dekhain k itni shahdeed mayoosi ke bawajood mein apna kaam kr raha hun. koi to wajah ho gi. Ye sub predictions ya basharatain theek hain aur ye sub kuch hone wala hai. App bus yun samajah lain 'Jab firon zulm kr raha tha to Allah ne ussay gharaq krna tha magar Hazrat Musa (AS) ke ane k baad'. so ye sub bhi wese ka wesa nahin rahe ga 'Kisi' ke ane ke baad.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Faqar Bhai,According to most popular views, Imam Mahdi (as) will appear around the age of 40, will lead the Muslim world for 6-7 years. Then Hadhrat Isa (as) will descend, kill Dajjal and the accompanying Jews. Imam Mahdi (as) will remain alive for 1-2 years after descent of Hadhrat Isa (as) and then will pass away due to a natural death leaving total control of the world in his hands. It means Imam Mahdi (as) will be around 50 years of age when he passes away (God knows best). This is the most popular view, the whole account mentioned here. He won't perhaps live to the age of 70 years. And Harun Yahya or Adnan Oktar is not the Mahdi, this is for sure.

  45. An interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Ary TV (Pakistan) (November 22, 2008),_2008)

  46. TARIQ says:

    Like a typical scholar aap ney maery sawalon ke gol mol jawab day diya. By the way aap ke lambe chori stories bar bar duhranay se boryat mehsoos hoti hai. aap asal mozo se hat jatay hain, regarding my questions about your vies on jihaad and bloodshed…

  47. TARIQ says:

    Totally agreed brother this is the true

  48. Khurasani says:

    2001 Ka sab sey bara waqia 9/11 hai aur iss waqai ke waja se dunya mai bohat se change aaye. jo acha tha wo bura bana ker pesh ker diya giay aur jo bura tha uss ko acha bana ker pesh ker diya giay.Iss waqia ke baad Osama Bin Laden sari dunya ke tawaja ka markaz ban giay. oss ko aur taghoot ke khilaf larnay wolo ko terrotist bana ker pesh kar diya gia. aur baghair kise saboot aur adalti kaarwai ke ussay iss waqiay ka zima dar qirar dia gia.Lekin Allah he behtar janta hai kon sacha hai aur kon jhota. Hum logon tak jo bhe khabrain aati hain wo western media ke taraf se aate hain. jin ka koi itbar nahi. chand mahenay pehlay issi blog par kisi bhai nay Osama bin Laden ke bachban ka Hazrat Mehdi ke baray mai aik khuab post kia tha. jo bara meaningfull hai.Abbotabad operation ke baray mai bhe kuch pata nahi chalta ke haqeeqat kia hai.Osama ko akhri bar oss ke apnay logon nay Tora Bora ke gharon par dekha tha uss ke bad inn logon ke baqol wo screen se ghaib ho gia tha.Hadith ke mutabiq aakhri zamanay mai Quran ke surah Kahaf ke tilawat par zor diay gia hai.Agar hum sutah Kahaf ke waqia per ghor karain aur tora bora ke waqia per ghor karain to ajeeb se sawalat zihan mai janam latay hain. Meri aap logon se arz hai ke kisi ke baray mai western propeganda media ke bunyad par final judjment na dain.kyonke Allah he behtar jaanta hai ke kon sacha hai aur kon jhota.Aap iss baat par ghor karin ke Hazrat Mahdi ke sath ibtidai tor par sirf 313 janbaz sathi hongay. Farz karin ke agar iss waqt Imam Mahdi ke dunya mai zahoor hoo gia to dajjal ke perokar west and israel waghera ossay sab sey pehlay terrorist qirar dengaay. Inn logon ke yahe aadat hai ke jo bhe islam ke nifaz ke liay kam karta hai to ye log os ke khilaf ho jatay hain.

  49. Dear All, InshAllah Tomorrow I will post 2nd part relevant to this post.

  50. @Anonymous Have you made this view after reading the Authentic Ahadith yourself? I think now I should post Ahadith also. Pls wait some more post InshAllah I will add Authentic Ahadith related to Imam Mehdi (A.S.) soon.

  51. and I already said many times, so far no one has achieved anything which are landmarks of popularity of Imam Mehdi. (i.e. achievements which are mentioned in Ahadith) so how can we give title of Imam Mehdi to anyone before that time. Achievements will be major signs of Him otherwise nobody will accept anyone as Mehdi.

  52. Anonymous says:

    O'Muaashar Al Muslemeen! Sabiluna Sabiluna! Al Jihad! Al Jihad!"Nasrun Min Allah e Wa Fathun Qareb." Insha Allah ta'ala ho al azeez.Salam and prayers from:- Mujahid al Islam and a slave of ALLAH Dzul Jalal e Wal Ikram, a slave of RASOOL al ALLAH Rehmat al Aalameen Shah Umme Sultan e Madina S.A.W.W and a slave of Ummat e Muhammadi S.A.W.WP.S. Kindly note No questions on message addressed above.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Assalam o Alikum!bhai khurasani please mjhy batao k osama k bacho ne kiya khuwab dekha tha meri facebook id yeh

  54. Zia says:

    Rather then focusing on the time of his appearance which we are not required to do , we should make our focus in preparing / nourishing our eeman so that we may join him in his struggle. Insallah we will see him in our life time, lets prepare to make our eeman stronger, keep away from the fitna of this world. Just a humble request .

  55. Rizwan says:

    I did a quick search and found that both solar and lunar eclipses will occur in Ramadan in August, 2027. The solar eclipse will be over Arabia (I don't like calling it Saudi for obvious reasons. We should call it Muhammadi Arabia or Arabia). The lunar eclipse will not occur over Arabia. I don't know if both eclipses have to occur over Arabia to fulfill the mentioned condition. As you know, eclipses can occur in one part of the world and not another.

  56. Brother I am not scholar at all. I am software engineer…. In Short Imam will not make wars against any country and will not kill people. He will defend his Caliphate from attack of enemies. All wars will be done in middle east which proves enemies of Imam Mahdi will attack on him. He will stop bloodshed doing by Dajjal.In Ghazwa-e-Hind he will send troops to bring peace in Hind and Sindh. Hind will not obey him so his peace making troops will capture leaders of hind. These troops will not kill civilian.

  57. @AnonymousHarun Yahya or Adnan Oktar never claim that he is Mahdi. I have posted many times his statement. Even he gets anger if one call him Mahdi. Please see the video if you want truth… where someone asked him that I dreamed that you are Mahdi…. if right that Imam Mahdi will be recognized through his success and achievements mentioned in Ahadith. Isa (a.s) will be recognized using faith as He (a.s) is Prophet of Allah.Tell me which statement is true and most popular???"He will appear in age 30/40…" or "He will establish Caliphate in age 30/40"????Both statement are different…. Which is correct???Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "He will be from my progeny and will be forty years of age. His face will shine like a star and he will have a black spot on his left cheek. He will don two "Qutwaani" cloaks and will appear exactly as a person from the Bani Israeel…" (Tabrani) this Hadith say he will also establish Caliphate at age of 40 when he will appear?Is it possible one unknown person emerge suddenly in Makkah at age of 40 and in one day he establish Caliphate??Prophet Muhammad (saas) created Caliphate after doing effort of 12 years when He (saas) was 52 years old. How Imam Mahdi will create Caliphate in just one day without doing any effort?All Hadiths and figures are correct but problem is in our explanation… He will appear in 30-40 years (both years are mentioned) to some people (his closed companion) like Prophet Muhammad (a.s). People will gather around him gradually. Some people will leave him but will join again…People will flee from him [the Mahdi] as sheep flee from the shepherd. Later, people will begin to look for a purifier. But since they can find none to help them but him, they will begin to run to him. [Bihar al-Anwar: 52: 326]He will establish Caliphate and who will rule for seven, nine or nineteen years- (according to various interpretations). understand Mahdi we have to read all Hadiths present in different books not only what we read in our childhood.

  58. There are two signs for the Mahdi… There will be two lunar eclipses in Ramadan…… ….(al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar, p. 49, 53)Solar and lunar eclipses are perfectly normal physical events that have taken place countless times during the history of the Earth. However, an eclipse of the kind described in these accounts is not a phenomenon encountered all that often. This “very rare” phenomenon took place only recently and also two years in succession…So ……in line with these calculations, the Moon was eclipsed on Hijri 15 Ramadan 1401 (which is 1981 in the western calendar) and the Sun on Hijri 29 of the same month of Ramadan and same year 1401 (also 1981).Amazingly, in the following year, the Moon was once again eclipsed on Hijri 14 Ramadan 1402 (which translates to 1982 in the western calendar) and the Sun on Hijri 28 Ramadan 1402 (1982).The fact that these events took place in the same period as the other portents of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) coming and were miraculously repeated twice at the beginning of the Hijri 1400s strengthens the assumption of what the hadiths are pointing towards in these events.What is also noteworthy and quite amazing is that similar eclipses took place in 2002 and 2003.There was an eclipse of the Moon in the middle of Ramadan in 2002, or Hijri 1423. And an eclipse of the Sun just 15 days later.In 2003, or Hijri 1424, the Moon was again eclipsed in the middle of Ramadan and the Sun again 15 days later.The eclipses of the Sun and Moon at 15-day intervals in the month of Ramadan, in agreement with the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), are the heralds of major events, just like the other portents of the End Times. These events, that have taken place within a very short space of time, were described by our Prophet (saas) many centuries ago and took place just as foretold in the hadiths. This tells mankind a very important truth: that the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is here.

  59. kashif says:

    this is sufi aqeeda that imam mehdi will conquer the world with peace and love without any blood shed.the truth is that many ahaadeeth point to the fact that mehdi will follow sunnah of prophet (sallalah u alihe wasallum).prophet particip[ated in 31 jihad campaigns in which kufars blood also was shed.but in a manner allowed by islam.without spilling blood of kufar how can their be peace in world?dont we cut off cancerous tumour to save the rest of body,here it is the same correct your belief.if kufar are killing muslims like carrots nowdays than allah also gives us right to defence.and there is no magic wand in mehdis hands that he will conquer the world with peace and ahaadeeth again!he will use sword.

  60. Rizwan says:

    I was referring to 'Zahoor-e-Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S)' from Book: Akhiri-e-Jang-e-Azeem (1992)", Item 6, above, where it says Imam Mahdi will be recognized by a group of people between Hajr-e-Aswad and Maqam-e-Ibrahim while he is doing tawaf and, "Iss say qabl mah-e-Ramzan main chand aur suraj ko girhan lag chukay hongay"

  61. @Kashif, First of all it is not part of belief that Imam Mahdi will do bloodshed or will do peaceful effort. Read iman mufassal and iman mujmal to now basic principle of Islam. So no need to correct belief.Islam means peace and Prophet Muhammad (saas) is prophet of mercy…. Did Prophet Muhammad (saas) and and His companion kill any one before creating Caliphate and migration??? All Ghazwah are defensive to bring peace… How many people killed in all Ghazwah??? only few??? Killing and bloodshed is not Sunnah of Prophet (saas) and it is not Jihad. Jihad means struggle which is life time effort and Qital (killing) is done only in war fields at particular time against only forces and does obligatory for every Muslim when Caliph gives order to do or when enemies attack you like in Afghanistan….Point me any Hadith which tells Imam Mahdi will shed blood??? I can point you dozens of Hadith pointing that Imam Mahdi will bring justice and peace… Who will be Sufuani??? Kafir or Muslim ruler? who will cut livers… kill children like carrots… kill pregnant women… kill Muslims during Hajj… Imam Mahdi will stop all killing and wars…. See what is happening in Syria and Iraq….Mahdi Never Sheds Blood (Imam Mahdi is man of Peace) some Evangelicals want bloodshed, they will consider Hazrat Mahdi (as) as the anti-Christ (Allah forbid) and the anti-Christ as Hazrat Mahdi (as).Because some Evangelicals want bloodshed, they will consider Hazrat Mahdi (as) as the anti-Christ (Allah forbid) and the anti-Christ as Hazrat Mahdi (as).

  62. When I said Imam Mahdi will defend his Caliphate from attack of enemies then it means he will use Sword (force of Islamic Union) but it will be last stage after broken of treaty between Christens and Muslims. May be at that time Prophet Isa (a.s) will took charge to protect Jerusalem because He (a.s) will be Vizier of Imam Mahdi. I also mentioned Shoib bin Salah who will use sword against Sufyani before appearance of Imam Mahdi. They will use sword only for defensive purpose.

  63. Mr. Adnan Oktar comments to Prof. Hooshang Amirahmadi about the false belief in a bloody MahdiADNAN OKTAR: When Bin Laden came out, he claimed to be the Mahdi and he was known to be the Mahdi and you can see that on all the web sites. The belief in a bloody Mahdi is not unique to Shiism. It exists among the Sunnis also. It exists among more reactionary and fanatic sections that misinterpret the hadiths in a deviant and wrongful way, in total bigotry. They have a belief in a Mahdi that sheds rivers of blood just with their way of thinking. That is not only in the Jafari belief, but I am saying this because it is the Shiites' turn. Osama bin Laden claimed to be the Mahdi and was regarded as the Mahdi by all his followers. America has put an end to that Mahdi. Now they are waiting for the Mahdi to come out of Iran and preparations are being made for an operation against him. Not believing what I say about that changes nothing, because, may Allah forbid, you will have to believe it when this disaster happens. I have been talking about that disaster from the beginning. Osama bin Laden was regarded as the Mahdi by all bigot circles and extremists. They regarded him as the bloody Mahdi, and applauded him and regarded his actions as highly successful. This is just how the Mahdi should be, they said. The Mahdi should definitely shed blood, they said. There are such people among Muslims also. They say the Mahdi will slaughter the Jafari and Sunni. Some fanatic bigots say the Mahdi that will come will wipe out Wahhabis, Jafari and Sunni. These are bigoted people with the same mentality. You can find that in Shiism and Jafarism, also. I never said it existed among them [Shiites] only, but I am saying that now is their turn………

  64. Anonymous says:

    Haron Yahya is a lier , Sheikh osama never claimed that he is mahdi but haron yaha did.

  65. Khurasani says:

    Walaikum SalamBhai sahib mai ney Osama ke bacho ke dream ke bat nahi ke balke Osama jab khud 9 saal ke tay to oss waqt onhon ney ye khawb mutawatir 3 bar dekha. Aap following links mai iss khuwab ke baray mai jaan saktay hain.!

  66. Apprentice says:

    @ Umar Ch this is the real essence "bas ye fikar kero ke khud ko kesay badlna hai…bring change in urself, rest will be changed automatically…".

  67. Momin says:

    King Abdullah is a US puppet and a pawn of Dajjali forces. Dont even think he can do any service to Islam. Enemies are trying to pretend him a caliphate and this is obviously a ridiculous idea for muslims world. All these arab world is like a US state and working against Islam. If you go back and see King Abdullah chain,you will find he is a grandson or great great son of Sharif Hussain of Makkah who was a big traitor of Islam.Go back and check history how Ottomon Empire was destroyed and role of Sharif Hussain of Makkah with the help of Lawrence of Arabia. Sh Nazim has predicted collapse of Pakistan as well (GOD forbids). With due respect Sh Nazim has predicted many times the arrival of Mahdi (A.S) and every year the date moves to next year. Only Allah knows best.

  68. Farooqui says:

    faisal farooq you are wrong osama bin laden never claimed that he was mehdi .he was a true soldier of islam. and how do you say that adnan oktar is a right person he always surround with beautiful girls . osama was not a terrorist now you can see in iraq afganistan,syria ,libya and all over muslim word muslim struggling jihad yu are telling a lie i thin you are against of jihad. imam mehdi must follow jihad cuz jihad is the solution

  69. Farooqui says:

    yes haroon yaha or adnan oktar are liar osama never claimed that he was mehdi actually adnan oktar is against of jihad and Arab.

  70. Shiraz Farooqui sahib read above comment of Adnan Oktar again…"he was KNOWN to be the Mahdi and you can see that on all the web sites." and "Osama bin Laden was REGARDED as the Mahdi by all bigot circles and extremists."Where he said Osama claimed???Yes Osama didn't claim that he is Mahdi but western media and some Muslims extremists portrait him as Mahdi and leader just happened earlier with Sadaam Hussain who used Islam for their self and hate…. In base of a DREAM Osama considered himself a great leader of Islam and destroyed Afghanistan and Taliban, and trapped into plan of 9/11 a great Fitnah of Dajjal.We can see bloodshed not Jihad in iraq afganistan, syria ,libya and Pakistan where innocent children are hanged by both terrorists and rulers. Imam Mahdi will stop this bloodshed, Insha'Allah by doing Jihad against bigots (terrorists) and hypocrites rulers. His Jihad is to stop bloodshed of innocents.Jihad is solution but killing is not solution.

  71. Farooqui sahib before replying comment read carefully comment of others. Harun Yahya said western and terrorist portrait Osama as Mahdi and leader. They first portrait Sadaam as Mahdi and leader of Islam who will defeat west. Did you never see what happened with Sadaam, Gaddafi and Osama? First they make them hero and then kill them to prove that they can defeat Mahdi. Dajjal wants bloodshed everywhere and he is using them as tool….Give me prove that Adnan Oktar is against of jihad and Arab??? He is the one of them who said Wahabi, Shia, Sunni, Jaferri, Alavi etc are Muslim and brothers. Command of war in the Qur'anAccording to the Qur'an, war is a last resort and an "undesired necessity" to be waged within specific humanitarian and moral bounds. One verse describes how it is deniers of Allah who instigate the wars in the world, and that war is not pleasing to Allah:"… Each time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. They rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters." (Surat al-Ma'ida, 64)When we look at the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), we see that war was resorted to only when unavoidable and for defensive purposes alone.The revelation of the Qur'an to the Prophet (saas) took 23 years. During the first 13 years, Muslims lived as a minority in the pagan order in Mecca, and were subjected to severe oppression. Many Muslims suffered physical torture, some were killed, most had their goods and homes plundered, and they were subjected to constant insults and threats. Nonetheless, Muslims continued to live without resorting to violence and always called on the pagans to live in peace.Eventually, when the oppression inflicted by the pagans became unbearable, the Muslims migrated to the city of Yathrib (later Medina), where they encountered a freer and friendlier climate and where they established their own administration. Even after setting up their own political structure, they still did not resort to arms against the aggressive pagans of Mecca. Only after the revelation of the following verse did the Prophet (saas) command his community to ready themselves for war:"Permission to fight is given to those who are fought against because they have been wronged—truly Allah has the power to come to their support—those who were expelled from their homes without any right, merely for saying, 'Our Lord is Allah'… " (Surat al-Hajj, 39-40)In short, Allah gave the Muslims permission to wage war because they had suffered oppression and cruelty. To put it another way, the war permitted to them was for defensive purposes only. In other verses, Muslims were warned to avoid unnecessary provocation or the use of unnecessary violence:"Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight you, but do not go beyond the limits. Allah does not love those who go beyond the limits." (Surat al-Baqara, 190)continue….

  72. Following the revelation of these verses, wars between the Muslims and the pagan Arabs took place. None of these wars were provoked by the Muslims. Moreover, the Prophet (saas) established a climate of peace and security and a social structure in which they could live in peace with the pagans by concluding a peace treaty, namely the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, in which many of the pagans' demands were accepted. It was the pagans who broke this treaty, at which a new war broke out. Due to the rapid rise in the number of Muslims, the Islamic army achieved a strength that the pagan Arabs were unable to withstand, and the Prophet (saas) advanced on Mecca with that powerful force and duly captured it. No blood was shed in the course of that conquest, and not a single nose was caused to bleed. Impressed by this elevated character of his, the pagans later turned to Islam of their own free will.This peaceable and moderate policy of the Prophet Muhammad's (saas) stemmed from the essence of Islam as revealed by Allah in the Qur'an. In the Qur'an, Allah commands believers to treat non-Muslims well:"Allah does not forbid you from being good to those who have not fought you in the religion or driven you from your homes, or from being just towards them. Allah loves those who are just. Allah merely forbids you from taking as friends those who have fought you in the religion and driven you from your homes and who supported your expulsion…" (Surat al-Mumtahana, 8-9)The verses above clarify the approach of Muslims to non-Muslims: A Muslim should treat all non-Muslims kindly and only avoid making friends with those who show enmity towards Islam. In a case where this enmity causes violent attacks against Muslim existence, which becomes a cause of war, then Muslims should wage this war justly by considering the humane dimensions of the situation.The Meaning of the Concept of Jihad in the Qur'an:Another relevant concept essential to be shed light on is that of "jihad."The word actually means "struggling." In other words, according to Islam, waging jihad means "endeavoring or making great efforts." The Prophet (saas) has informed us that the greatest jihad is the one waged against one's own lower self. The lower self implies one's selfish passions and greed. An intellectual struggle against anti-religious and atheistic ideas is also definitely a jihad.Beside such intellectual and moral meanings, war as a physical struggle is also a "jihad". However, this war has to be for defense purposes or a limited one as we have described above. The concept of jihad to be used to define an act of violence against innocent people, meaning terror, is a very big and unjust distortion…….

  73. How do you know King Abdullah is a US puppet and a pawn of Dajjali forces???? If you go back further to his chain then you will find he is son of Prophet Muhammad (saas) i.e. he is Sayed… Sheikh Nazim gave message to him that he is Sayed so he should obey Mahdi. If he will leave Imam then he will be hypocrite.

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. Anonymous says:

    may be, but there is another point, Imam Mahdi (A.S.) father's name will be Abdullah.and his mother will be from Hussein (A.S) & father from Hassan (A.S)Getting some thing ………….

  76. Momin says:

    King Abdullah of Jordan, I gave you a hint to go back and check history but seems you dont want to and love to remain in the dark. Bro, you need a detailed study about the whole region generated by British and all these pawns serving for Dajjal.What Jordan King has done so far for Islam. His image as a Mahdi is rubbish, dont fall in trap of another fake Mahdi. He even does not match with any sign described in Ahadith. Enemies of Islam have brought so many fake Mahdis that I forgot the counting. Wait, many more are lineup so that when real one comes, few people will believe him.

  77. @MominYou did not read my above comment. Who said he is Mahdi???? I said he will become hypocrite if he will not support Mahdi in future… and will get double punishment because he is Sayyed and has power….I know about history of Arabia… and know how Fascism/Nationalism and Communism in Arabs destroyed Caliphate and Islamic world…Both Communism and Fascism are the two horns of the satan:

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. @Razwan, brother "Iss Say Qabl" doesn't mean same year. Hadith says..For our Mahdi, there are two signs. Since the birth of Universe, these events have never taken place. Those two signs are that there will be Lunar Eclipse on the first night of Ramadhan and Solar Eclipse in the middle of Ramadhan.(Dar-e-Qatni, Vol. 1, P.188) will be occurred with gap of 15 days in Ramdan which have done already in 1401 and 1402, and then again in 1423 and 1424.Brother can you check in August, 2027 Eclipses will be occurred in Ramdan with gap of 15 days? i.e first night and middle night? Thanks,Faisal

  80. Farooqui says:

    Mr Faisal Farooq Adnan Oktar Khud Shariat Pr Ammul Kurta Nahee Hey Na-Mehrum Kee Tameez Nahee Inko Jihad Ke Support Nahee Kurta WOh Aur Haq Baat Kee Talqeen Bhee Nahee Kurta Aur Uski Support Kurta Hey. Aur Jo Log Jihad Kurtay Hey Unkay Khilaaf Baat Kurta Hey Tu Aisay Insaan Ko Hum Sahee Kaisay Maan Lay. Agur Tum Mullah Muhammad Omar Ko Sahee Sumjhtay Ho Tu Unho Nay Apnay Mehmaan Osama ko Kufaar Kay Hawalay Nahee Kurkay Allah Aur Uskay Rasol s.a.w.w kee Baat Pur Amul Kiya Hey.Afghan Jihad Jo Russia Kay Against Start Howa Tha Usmay Osama Aur Mujahideen Nay Voluntarily apni Khidmaat Dee Thee Yein Turkish |Tuu aaj Bhee Europe Ka Part Bannay Kay Liye Try Kur Rahey Hey Aaj Bhee Turkish Afghanistaan Mey Kuffar Ka Saat Dai Rahey Inko Kabhee Adnan Oktar Na Condemned Nahee Kiya Janaab Aur Baat Kurtay Hey Imam Mehdi Kee.

  81. Mr Farooqui, If you read Shariat then you may know some Imams allowed that single man can sit with multiple women but single woman cannot sit in multiple men. For education and dawah activities it is totally allowed that multiple women can learn Islam from single teacher man. Prophet Muhammad (saas) also taught Islam to bareheaded multiple women in Makkah….Even we can meet with woman to purpose him….OUR PROPHET (SAAS) TOLD HIS COMPANIONS THAT THEY SHOULD LOOK AT THOSE WOMEN THEY WANT TO MARRYJabir who heard our Prophet (saas) saying, “When one of you want to marry a woman, he can look at those attributes of her that will encourage the marriage if they can.” said, “I wanted to marry a concubine. I followed her, saw some of her attributes that would encourage me for marriage and I married her.”Abu Dawud Niqah: 18, Thirmirpi Niqah: 5OUR PROPHET (SAAS) LIKED WOMEN AND FRAGRANCE MOST IN THIS WORLDNarrated from Ali ibn Ibrahim and Hafs ibn Al-Bahtari: “I do not like anything in your world except for women and fragrance.” Qulaynî, Qâfî, v.5, p.321, hadith no: 6.Love for women in Islam you see woman only with wrong n evil eyes????Harun Yahya is not against to Hijab and Jihad. I have already posted his statements….Turkey will not become part of Europe (it is past). Now Europe will become past of Turkish Islamic Union. Insha'Allah.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Siddiqui Sahb also passed away this year.

  83. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ)

  84. Anonymous says:

    @"Jabir who heard our Prophet (saas) saying, “When one of you want to marry a woman, he can look at those attributes of her that will encourage the marriage if they can.” said, “I wanted to marry a concubine. I followed her, saw some of her attributes that would encourage me for marriage and I married her.”"Haroon yahya has no intention to marry with these women. you are using ahadiths in out of context and misguiding people. In fact several cases were register against him in turkish courts by parents of his students,in which he is accused of sexually abusing his female students. He is a liar and hypocrite. please do not spoil your Eman in following him

  85. Anonymous says:


  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Wa Aliekum Asalam, Brother MALIKYe kitabain online nahin hain filhaal. market se purchase kerni parain gi.

  88. Assalam alaikum w-r-b, Dear Faisal Farooq, he read ur earlier posted comments and would like to clarify that i also read Harun yahya book: Imam Mehdi(as) & Jesus(pbuh) will reutrn this century. In that, they used abjad calculation using quranic verses confirming that Imam mahdi had already boen in 1981 and likely to emerge on 2021. How they can predict such things which ALMIGHT ALLAH only had the knowledge..please reply

  89. One should know that no one knows the timing of Advent of Imam Mahdi (a.s) except Almighty Allah, Mohammad (PBUHH) and Ahl-e-Bait (a.s). As per the Hadith of Ahl-e-Bait, it is strickly forbidden that one must not fix the time of advent, but should always pray for hasten in advent of Imam Mahdi (a.s)….. Ahnd there are certain signs to awear those who are waiting for Imam Mahdi.visit

  90. muqeet says:

    but how do we know if he is born

  91. Anonymous says:

    listen Mr.Blind…its our duty to fight nd kill those jews nd christianans who dare to oppose allah…its or duty to kill nd slay those satanists who kill hundreds of ppl in iraq everyday ….Its our duty to fight against those who carry out the conspiracy in Syria…Its our duty to kill nd fight those who kill hundreds of innocent ppl in afganistan in the names of taliban which is a creation of their own …its our duty to fight against the makers of al qaeda which is america….its our duty to take the lives of kaffr to eshtablished an islamic khilafat….nd who says our prophet didnt fight ?? …who says he didnt wage battle against the kaffrs ?? who says he didnt shed blood ?? he indeed wid his own hands battled the kaffrs…indeed his companions killed alot of the kaffrs nd they were blessed…farooq u said dat the ppl wud mastake the anti-christ wid the mahdi …cuz u said the mahdi wud not shed blood but antichrist wud…well it will be the exact opposite nd so people like u wud be the followers of anti-christ ….it is our duty to kill the unbelievers in allah's name…nd indeed we will kill them nd slaughter them …INSHALLAH

  92. Anonymous says:

    Harun yahya and likewise 99.99 percent of islamic scholors are misguided, please be patient time of imam mahdi arrives now, when students are ready teacher will arrive. Ek baat sunata hu tawajho farmaye jung ka agaz hoga ulema ikraam se jisney momino ko takseem kardiya, us ke baad jung hogi sarhado per jisney ummat ko takseem kardiya, nakoi sarhad hogi na koi firkha sirf momin hoga, teesri jung hogi hukmrano ,baadshaho aur unse jo dunayawi nizam aur insaan ke banaye huwe jhutey aur be buniyaad tarikho ko tasleem karchuke hai, chouti jung hogi islam ke dusmano se jisney 50 crore momino ko halak kardiya 250 saalo ke arsey mei, paanchwi jung hogi dajjal se jisney ye zulm ki kahani ka agaaz kiya…… Bhaiyo waqt ki awaaz suno q k ab kabhi bhi ye jung shuru hosakti hai aur jisska tumhey intezaar hai wo shayad bahot jald tumhey khurasaan ghazni me miley………..

  93. Anonymous says:

    Din pe chalo….aur fitno se bacho…

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