Mohtarma Atiya’s Holy Dream about New Border of Pakistan & Warnings by Saints – Part 2

آنحضرت صلی الله علیہ وسلم کی پاکستان کے بارے میں بشارت اور سنہرا دور 

It is great blessing of Allah (SWT) on Mohtarma Atiya Maujood Sahiba that future of Pakistan has been shown to her by Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) Himself. (Page 17 below) 
Allah (SWT) Declares in Quran,

یہ اللہ تعالیٰ کا فضل ہے جس کو چاہتا ہے، دیتا ہے اور اللہ تعالیٰ بڑے فضل والا ہے
(سورہ الجمعه، آیت 4)
More on Mohtarma Atiya from Second Book of Muhammad Iqbal Diwan, ‘Woh Warq Tha Dil Ki Kitab Ka’, Chapter: Sitaron Ki Shahrah Se Door – Mazeed Aunty M. This chapter was authored by Iqbal Diwan Saheb on the directives of a Buzrg of Lahore Mohatram Dr. Tariq Durrani who has been very close to Mohatram Wasif Ali Wasif Saheb.

Holy Dream about Future of Pakistan

Sub Maya Hai 
(Jang Newspaper, 13 March 2012)
Remaining part of the column is an excerpt from above Chapter related to
 Younas Habib so it is left.
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  1. Allah Declares in Quran (Surah Al-Jumah, Verse 4)ذٰلِكَ فَضْلُ اللّٰهِ يُؤْتِيْهِ مَنْ يَّشَاۗءُ ۭ وَاللّٰهُ ذُو الْفَضْلِ الْعَظِيْمِیہ اللہ تعالیٰ کا فضل ہے جس کو چاہتا ہے، دیتا ہے اور اللہ تعالیٰ بڑے فضل والا ہےThat is Allah's Grace; He grants it to whom He wills, and Allah is the Lord of Mighty Grace.I witness, these was Allah's Fazal on Mohtarma Atiya. She was brave woman. i am grateful to Iqbal Diwan Saheb for providing such a precious information.

  2. ایک بزرگ نے پچھلے آرمی چیف (پرویز مشرف) کو یہ پیغام بھیجا تھا کہ"صدر پاکستان اور چیف آف آرمی سٹاف سے کہیں کہ وہ انسان کا بچہ بن جائیں. پاکستان کا سودا اپنے مفاد میں نہ کریں. ملک اور اسلام کے فروغ کی خاطر کام کریں ورنہ ذلت اور رسوائی ان کا مقدر بن کر ان کا پیچھا کرے گی"I also witnessVerily, there is no general, chief or president in the Court of Allah.

  3. I hope every body will search 'Poswan' station near Hyderabad Deccan in google now. Well I have opened the map of India. So………………What India is doing with Pakistan now, Ultimately India will lose its own country as a result. To Indians, Let me tell you this is not Dream, This is an Order and Final Decision.

  4. TARIQ says:

    Allah aap ko ajar day Faqar bhai(Amin) for enlightening us with such precious work. Jazaakallah khairan

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ye kitaab kab shaya ke gai???

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please brother tell me ye kitab kab shaya howa???

  7. In 2011, because his first book was published in 2010, so logically it would be in 2011. (aik saal to laga ho new book likhte huwe)

  8. *There was Allah's Fazal (bounty) on Mohtarma Atiya. It is also written in last page above.

  9. TARIQ says:

    Pakistan ke mojoda halaat ko samajhnay ke liay page no 18 ko ghor se parhain"Pakistan ke shehr misl gaon ho jain gay aur gaon mai das das kous tak dya nahi jalay ga.(Everybody know the worst situation of load shedding).Iss ke baad Pakistan ka sunehri dour shoro hoga..Lagta hai ke halaat mazeed kharab hongay aur phir Pakistan ka sunehri dour shoro hogaAllah know best

  10. Anonymous says:

    yaar kahanian hi hian bas. falan aisa tha, falan aisi thi. yeh batao ke paistan ko to tukre hoye 40 sal se zayda hogaye, baqi bache hoye pakistan ne kia teer mara hai abhi tak?. dunia ke kameeney mumalik main is ka shumaar hota hai. jahan tak qom ki baat hai , pakistani qom jahalat, kameengi, zalalat, be-imani main kisi se kam nahi hai. is qom ki zalalat ka to ab pori dunia main charcha hai. pakistani qom ke liye behter yehi hai ke India ke sath mil jaye. India ke sath mil jane ki sorat main pakistanion ko indian kaha jaye ga jo is zaleel qom ke liye bari izzat ki baat hogi.raja choudry

  11. yehi baat hai. bus thora hi time reh gya. uper wala dream bohat bari khushkhabri hai.

  12. Mashallah, Faqar Bhai Mubarik ho, your Bolg is hitting where it hurts most!! Aur bohat eman afrooz post hi ye wali. Allah aap ko es ka ajar day!!

  13. raja from ENDia, agar ye kahaniyan hain to tum q itna pareshan ho?? why you even bothered to comment here?? Tum os k sath jiyo jis pe tumhara yaqeen hi aur hum os k sath jiyain gay jis pe hamara yaqeen hi! Waqat sab say barra munsif hi, aur waqt he faisla karay ga keh kon sahi hi!!

  14. Farooqui says:

    Raja chaudhry kitna zaleel hotay hoo tum lig India mey phir bhee sharum nahee aate tum jaisay so called muslim ko bhool gaye babri masjid walley scene mey mumbai mey muslims ko kita maara gaya thaa, gujraat mey kitna qatl-e-aam kiya thaa muslims ka iskay alwa bhee stories bhee phir bhee Indi ka dum bhurtay ho tum jaisay log ufsos.

  15. Anonymous says:

    if u search poswan india in google it will show u links telling it in Bhojpur, Bihar….and I search in google earth all along Mahrashtra and andhapardesh border I was unable to find it. May be Its too small station to be mentioned.

  16. if this is poswan then inshallah almost all of the ENDia will be under Paikstan!! you can zoom out and see it yourself. 🙂

  17. فیصل says:

    جناب ایڈمن صاحب آپ نے صفحہ نمبر ۳۳ کے بعد کے صفحات کیوں نہیں یہاں پوسٹ کیے۔ ابھی تو محترمہ عطیہ کا ذکر چل رہا تھا۔آپ نے بڑی اہم جگہ لا کر یہ پوسٹ اچانک ختم کردی۔میری آپ سے گذارش ہے کہ صرف ایک آدھ صفحات اور جو کہ محترمہ عطیہ صاحبہ کے حوالے سے رہ گئے ہوں وہ بھی یہاں پوسٹ کر دیجئے۔

  18. Village :Poswan Block :Poswan Tehsil :AgiaonDistrict :BhojpurState :Bihar

  19. kashif says:

    we pakistanis will prefer death rather than have anything to do with you indians.evn muslims in india are gandhi mentality hindu slaves.your india,s downfall inshalah will start soon than you people will beg around the world.those of you whosurvive i

  20. kashif says:

    indian muslims are "gandhi muslims".they are more loyal to gandhi and hindus than to islam.they are not our brothers.our muslim brothers are only those muslims who are loyal to islam

  21. kashif says:

    inshalah one day india will be conquered by islamic mujahideen,as after israel india is the biggest nation who worships be part of this victorious lashkar we need to be pious and practical muslims

  22. Anonymous says:

    salam brother faqarit seems the post on muhtarma attiya didnt finish properly. could you please publish the remaining part of what became of black magic that was done on her. looking forward to it.–aali

  23. Anonymous says:

    RAJA SAHB zaida time nahee guzra jub same situation france mein thee , America kee civil war kay baray mein bee tora sa parh laein history mein , our america mein cow boys ka dhor bee study kur lein ya kam say kam movies hee dekh lein cow boys kay time kee , baqee raja ji asal baat barhee khtrnak haay (halkay nam saay app mulman hee lagthay hein) our woh yay kaay yay basharat hazoor pbuh kee hadith saay haay kay hindustan fatah hu ga , naimutula shah wali our atiya sahiba sirf hazoor kee bashrat ko apnay andaz our kashf saay bayan farma rahee hein , ab yay baat poree pakistani qaum kay iman mein haay .yay yaad rakhna kay hazoor pbuh kee iss bashrat ko poora huna haay inshallah .jo shaheed hu ga woh badr kay shudha kay braber hu ga , jo ghazi hu ga woh jhanam kee agg saay azad hu ga , koi baheed nhee haay agar jhang huee tuh 18 crore pakistan aslay smaith india pur charhee kar dein ,ab kon khushnaseeb hu ga , kon uss waqat leader hu ga , yay naseeb kee baat haay kay Allah nay yay kam kis saay leena haay .app hamarhee fikar na karo ,hum inshallah iss azmaish saay kubdhan bun kur nikal aien gaay , akhree fatah Inshallah Pakistan kee hee hugee

  24. Faisal khan says:

    Nice post Please read Dua Qanoot NazlaAlso read Muslim legends e.g Alam Iqbal, Q U Shahab, Wasif sahib, mumtaz mufti , ishfaq ahmad etcI missed and cant meet Barkat Ali of faisalabad, anty Atia, Wasif sahib etc ……… Because of nigligence… Susti.Also read , listen and MEET living legends. Because when u know them there are twilight starsE.g Sarfraz Shah sahib lahore , Irfan ul haq of Jhelum, prof Rafiq akhtar gujarkhan …… …………Any body know any other also inform to allOn sunday Irfan ul haq sahib lecture is in Lahore nr Qaddafi stadiumWe can all meet there and have joint Dua

  25. Faisal khan says:

    Any body know is Dr Tariq durrani In which city?So we can meet him for Dua

  26. Anonymous says:

    You indians son lo ye to tum log islam la kar salamati mai dakhil ho jao aur humaray bhai ban jao ya phir inshallah mustaqbil mai pakistan ke 2nd class citizen ban janay ke tyari karo.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You should face either to thingsEND ya ISLAM

  28. Anonymous says:

    You indians firstly you should consult with your jotshe of janter manter. what are they saying about your demise?

  29. EYEDEE says:

    Faisal Mian…I have to check up from him…. if he would be happy to intake a stream of visitors. We have not met in person. Even the need not have been felt but we regularly talk on phone. Yet our love and respect for each other is a matter to express gratitude before Allah alone .Despite being mostly under the influence Jalal, his concerns and in the words of that inimitable Vaclav Havel the ninth and last president of Czechoslovakia (1989–1992) " His Kindness Kills Me".(this was mentioned by the jailor ,who wrote it in his letter of resignation from the post of the jailor after tormenting Havel for sometime on the orders of his superiors )Tariq Durrani Saheb lives in Lahore….he runs a small Homeopathic Clinic and is other wise a complete recluse who seldom leaves home. That he would ask me to send his book "Jissay Raat Ley Uri Hawa." would personally monitor writing of the first chapter" Jissay Raat Ley Uri Hawa " for the inclusion in the second edition and receiving first edition of the book he would only read the chapter on Auntie Attya Maujood he would talk to me about things unknown to many ,even surprises me most.He sent me a book on Baba Ghulam Rasool Bilyoon walay by the title of "Muqarab Bargahey Rasalat" Published by M/s Ziaul Quran in Lahore ( phone 042-35725085). This was originally authored by him but later on one Mr.Tufail Madni edited and modified with additional material and in second edition name of Tariq Durrani Saheb is mentioned as one of the contributers. I wish Brother Faqar published this too. On page 229 Babaji had predicted in 1984 to a delegation of Indian Muslims on Haj that after the demolition of Babri Masjid ,that India too will be torn apart into five parts in 2017…India is more worried on departure of ISAF forces from Afghanistan and the number of Indian Consulates erected (not established )in Afghanistan is more than entire Europe (107 Consulates to be precise…..( know from the days of Babar who is attributed to have said:a] its easier to enter into Kabul than to leave it alive so I must head else whereb]Afghan is only at peace when he is at war…so their worry reminds me of a couplet of Hakim Momin Khan Mominتو کہاں جائے گی کچھ اپنا ٹھکانہ کرلےہم تو کل خواب ِعدم میں شبِ ہجراں ہوں گے

  30. Asad says:

    @raja choudhry"baqi bache hoye pakistan ne kia teer mara hai abhi tak?."App zihan par zor dain aur gen. Zia ul Haq sahab ka dor e hukumat yaad karain jiss nay aik supper power aur app logo ke baap USSR ko mujahideen ke sath mil kar dunya ke naqshe se mita dya. Ab pakistan ko Gen. Zia jesay leader milnay ke deer hai phir aap dekhain gay ke jo mujahideen ke sath itehaad kar ke app aur app ke sarparast America injaam tak puhancha day ga.Inshallah

  31. Subhan Allah Diwan sahib,May Allah reward you for your intentions and your efforts to 'let the dots connect'.I am sure there is much you learned about Pakistan from Mohtarma AM (RA) which you did not mention in these books.Will you be kind enough to share it; if you deem it the 'call of the hour', given the present circumstances?

  32. Jaan e Alam,The sentence "das das kous tak dya nahi jalay ga” rang a shockingly familiar bell to me for I suddenly remembered something I hared many times before.I personally know a saint which used to live in Shekhupura with a large but very silent following. The family of the best friend of mine is also devotees to this Buzurg. His name was Sufi Abdul Hameed sahib (RA) and used to practice Tibb (Yunani Medicine). Undoubtedly, it was numerous times that my friend recounted me one particular sentence by him about a great destruction as a result of a great war with India. He said the magnitude of destruction will be so much that, “Chaali koh tay hik diwa balsi!” (Chaalees kos per aik dia jala karay ga), W’Allahu Alam, only Allah knows if it will really come to pass or the plans have been changed.The wisaal of that saint occurred some 6-7 years ago, but people still remember him and what he used to say about Self, Allah and Pakistan. He always preferred to keep a low profile and he neither did nominate a Khalifa before his 'departure' nor allowed to suffer any 'majawars' on his tomb! Kind of like Saen Allah Bakhsh (RA) I guess!

  33. Faisal Khan says:

    Interview Of Qudratullah ……..Interview By Ibn-e-Insha this interveiw the writer talks about his Noteable works which includes Shahab Nama, his first book which he wrote ' Ya Khudda ', his famous books like ' Rozgaar-e-Safeer ' & ' Israr-e-Darbar-e-Pakistan '.During the interview Qudratullah Shahab tells us how a film was produced on Tipu Sultan's book named as ' Sultan Nama '.This Interview tells us about the inspiring works done in the feild of writing by Qudratullah Shahab.

  34. Asalaam Alaikum, Masha'Allah.Year 2017/18 is very significant period for Islam. In this period Prophet Isa (a.s) will be present on earth and reward from Allah. People will see Prophet Isa (a.s) around 2022 or 2023, insha’Allah. I posted this earlier is this blog…. calculation of holy verses pointing years 2017/18…There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before he dies; and on the Day of Rising, he will be a witness against them. (Surat an-Nisa', 4:159)"There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before he dies"Hijri: 1439 Gregorian: 2017He [Jesus] is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it. But follow me. This is a straight path. (Surat az-Zukhruf, 43:61)"He [Prophet Jesus (pbuh)] is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it."Hijri: 1440 Gregorian: 2018That is your reward. God always confounds the schemes of the disbelievers. (Surat al-Anfal, 8:18)"That is your reward. God always confounds the schemes of the disbelievers.'"Hijri: 1440 Gregorian: 2018We gave him [Dhu'l-Qarnayn] power and authority on Earth, and granted him a way to everything. (Surat al-Kahf, 18:84)"We gave him power and authority on Earth"Hijri: 1440 Gregorian: 2018 (with shadda) from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 24 March 2011:Adnan Oktar: Allah is loudly putting Turkish-Islamic Union into action, alhamdulillah. It is coming step by step. It will happen whether they want it or not. The whole Islamic world is being shaken. It is astonishing how so many signs have begun so openly. They have begun openly, Bismillah. The earth will move in 2011 and 2012. And in 2013 and 2014. You will say, masha’Allah. We will see the blessed one in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021. We will see the Prophet Jesus (as) around 2022 or 2023, insha’Allah….They must attach no credence to loveless people. Whoever has no love or affection is one of iblis’ (satan) gang. All those who know no love, compassion, friendship and brotherhood are the army of the dajjal (antichrist). They must attach no credence to them. They must join those who espouse love, brotherhood and affection.'s_interview_dated_24_March_2011"That is your reward. God always confounds the schemes of the disbelievers.'"Hijri: 1440 Gregorian: 2018 CHOSE ADAM AND NUH AND THE FAMILY OF IBRAHIM AND THE FAMILY OF ‘IMRAN OVER ALL OTHER BEINGS.Surah Al’Imran, 3366 + 190 + 45 + 6 + 65 + 6 + 31 + 259 + 6 + 31 + 361 + 110 + 232 = 1408 (Without Shadda)96 + 190 + 45 + 6 + 65 + 6 + 31 + 259 + 6 + 31 + 361 + 110 + 232 = 1438 / 2017 (With Shadda) FAMILY OF IBRAHIM; HAZRAT MAHDI (A.S.)FAMILY OF ‘IMRAN; THE PROPHET JESUS (A.S.);_ALLAH_CHOSE_ADAM_AND_NUH_AND_THE_FAMILY_OF_IBRAHIM_AND_THE_FAMILY_OF_IMRAN_OVER_ALL_OTHER_BEINGS_indicates_year_2017Allah Knows BestRegards,Faisal

  35. faisal says:

    Iqbal's secret meeting with saints Hazrat Allama Iqbal's secret meeting with saints (R.A.). The event truly manifests his spiritual dimensions with extra ordinary mystical experiences. This video is a shorter version of the televised show called "Alif" on Pakistani famous "Geo Tv"" channel.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Faqar Bhai, I need this book online, please help me! Anyway good job! F.S

  37. All the links pasted above regarding the location of Railway Station "Poswan" relate to province of Bihar & not Maharashtra or AndhraPardesh.May be following link would help

  38. Asalaam Alaikum Faqar,انہوں نے آںحضرت محمّد (ص) کو کچھ عرصے پہلے خواب میں دیکھا تھا سفید گھوڑے پر سوار پاکستان کا جھنڈا ہاتھ میں لے – پہلے انہوں نے سندھ کراس کیا اور چلتے چلے گے اور پھر جہاں حیدرآباد دکن یعنی آندھراپردیش کی سرحد مہارشٹرا کی سرحد سے ملتی ہے وہاں کوئی اسٹیشن پوسوان ہے- وو جھنڈا آپ نے وہاں زمین پر گاڑ دیا اور کہنے لگے پاکستان کی نئی سرحد یہاں تک ہو گی If we read above statement with this Hadith…میرے جگری دوست رسول (ص) نے مجھ سے بیان کیا کے اس امت میں سندھ و ہند کی طرف لشکروں کی روانگی ہوگی – اگر مجھے کسی ایسی مہم میں شرکت کا موقع ملا اور میں شہید ہو گیا تو ٹھیک، اگر واپس لوٹ آیا تو میں ایک آزاد ابوہریرہ ہوں گا ، جسے اللہ تعلّی نے جہنم سے آزاد کر دیا ہو گا – احمد بن جنبل we can easily configure that Imam Mahdi will send troops towards Sindh (Pakistan – Sindh river flow from Azad Kashmir to Sindh) and Hind (India – Civilization across Sindh river from occupied Kashmir to Bangladesh). After conquer Pakistan this troops will conquer India (till Maharashtra state in east and Poswan Bihar state in north) and then Bangladesh. Pakistan and Bangladesh are Islamic country so these whole country will merge in Caliphate. Some states like Andhra Prasesh (Hyderabad), Chhttisgarh and Odisha will not merged in Caliphate. Muhaterma Ayta Majood said same as these states are across Maharashtra state.If we combine Sindh (whole Pakistan with Kashmir), Maharashtra, Ragasthan and Madhya Pradesh (states between Pakistan and Maharashtra), Uttar Pradesh, Bihar having Poswan, Bengal and Bangladesh then we can easily draw a map of Caliphate of Imam Mahdi…, inside India, border of above map ends at border between Maharashtra and Andhra Prasesh (Hyderabad) in east and Bihar (Poswan) in north. Indian part of this map is according to description of Muhterma Atya Majood….Sorry if heart anyone…Thanks,Faisal

  39. Brother looking visions and scenes during Kashef and translating them into words may chance of missing words and gaps between words,,,جہاں حیدرآباد دکن یعنی آندھراپردیش کی سرحد مہارشٹرا کی سرحد سے ملتی ہے وہاں کوئی اسٹیشن پوسوان ہےIf we add gap like سے ملتی ہے—–وہاں کوئی اسٹیشن پوسوان ہے then we can find these are two different placesAllah Knows Best

  40. Actually Iqbal Diwan Saheb provided me only these pages which I have posted. Iss se agay wale mere pass nahin hain.

  41. I posted all pages which I have. Iqbal Diwan Saheb has not provided me remaining pages.

  42. Thanks Brother Faisal Khan for info.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Bihar Pakistan may samil ho ga yeh to khushi ki baat hat sub say pehlay qurbani bhi un hon nay di thi Pakistan bannay per lekin das kos per aik dia jalay ga aur sher dayhaat jaisay hon gay yeh dia jalnay wali baat to hum saalon say suntay a rahay hain kay qyamat say pehlay bees bees kos per aik dia jalay ga is ka mutlab abadi kum ho jaiy gi to wo kisi bari jang ya tabahi kay nateejay may hi ho gi Allah hamaray gunah muaf farmay lagta hay wo waqt qareeb a gya hay Faqar bahai app bouht acha kam ker rahay Allah apko is ki jaza day Ameen

  44. I think, it is not online yet. These chapters are provided to me by Author of the book himself.(Read comment of Eyedee above. Eyedee is the nick name of Iqbal Diwan Saheb)

  45. Brother Baktar,It means either deliberate load shedding (what we are facing today) or result of destructive War. First one is in place, now lets hope and pray, all remain safe if a war starts between Pak and India.Thanks for adding account of Sufi Abdul Hameed Saheb, see how many Buzurg are still unknown to us. May be survival of Pakistan is due to these unknown 'naik hastiyan'.

  46. KHAN says:

    Hadiths ka mutalia karnay se maloom hota hai ke akhri zamanay ke jangain(Hazrat Imam Mehdi aur Hazrat Isa a.s ke zamanay ke) teer kaman,talwaron,nezon waghera jesay qadeem hatyaro se lari iss se ye natija jikalta hai ke mojuda science ke taraki yafta shakal khatam ho jaige. Iss ke sab se bari possibility ye hai ke (Allah na karay) ww3 atomic weapon se lari jaige.To oss ke baad zameen par abadi ka 1/10 insan reh jaingay.Dunya par hukamran shaitani tolay Illuminati ka bhe yahi plan hai ke dunya ke 7 arab abadi ko kam kar ke 70 ya 80 corore tak laya jai take ye shaitan ke perokar iska behtar intizam chala sakain. kyonke inn shaitan ke chelon ko dar hai ke dunya ke awam mai shaur barh raha hai aur ye kahin aik massive public baghawat ke shakal ikhtyar na kar jai.Aik Hadith ka mafhoom hai ke Iraq ke ilaqay se sonay ka pahar niklay ga. jiss ko hasil karnay ke liay aqwam e alim shadeed jang karingay.aur iss jang ke natijay mai 9 ya 10 mei se 1 banda zinda bachay ga.

  47. Saifullah says:

    I saw in a dream that Pakistan was attacked just after Turkey and Turkey surrendered without a fight; may be their army betrayed (Allah knows). Then I saw Rasoolullah (s.A.a.w) in another dream and He was commanding an army on how to take it back.Anybody has his/her own dreams and wants to know more about my dreams, please contact me

  48. mnak.nabeel says:

    I saw a dream few days ago that I am standing on a hill of sand in India and missiles are falling from everywhere. I am standing and looking at all this and when I turned back I saw few people are doing Green Paint on Taj Mahal. Finally they managed to turn the Taj Mahal in Green Color.

  49. Masha'Allah, these are good signs everyone is getting positive signals. It is said that in last age (zamana-e-akhir), dreams of Muslims be true.

  50. @EyedeeBrother, very thought provoking comment from your side. Its again great glad tiding which you have mentioned in relevance to Baba Ghulam Rasool Bilyon Wale (r.a). This is chalking on the wall. What Indians are doing with Pakistan will become the reason of destruction and division of India one day. Allah is All Seeing , All Listening. He better knows the countries trying to break Pakistan, their names noted and they will be perished as Pakistan is a miracle of Allah & will remain till Qayamat. InshaAllah

  51. Momin says:

    I know where you are coming from. You should goto India and get label as Indian looser. You certainly dont deserve to live in Pakistan. What a shame.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I want to know one thing. Look at your ego. You guys have lost almost all wars with India and still think that India will be broken and your mercenary army will defeat India. India ke tootne ke khuwab dekhte dekhte tumhara mulk to already toot chuka hai , baqi ka mulk bhi toot jaye ga lekin India apni jaga rahe ga. Indians to khud pakistanion se jang ka wait kar rahe hain, buhut saal hogaye pakistanion ko maare hoye. tum log laaton ke bhoot ho payar ki baat samajhte nahi.mera honest mashwara to paki qom ko yehi hai ke india main shamil hojao. hum tumhain bijli, roti, education dain ge. agar tum log aise hi rahe to jo tumhare pas hai wo bhi nahi rahe ga.2017 ko bhi dekh lete hain ke kon toote ga or kon baqi rahe gaa. lagta to yehi hai ke balochistan or karachi alag hoajain ge or khyber wale to wese hi hamare sath dene ke liye betaab hain.raja choudry

  53. EYEDEE says:

    There are always some interesting and lighter moments with Dr. Tariq Durrani Saheb ….i joked with Durrani Saheb about this blog…and with a lady who we request to dream for us some treatment to be recommended if some one is unwell. Asmat Apa is very good medium being very saintly in temperatment. Durrani Saheb was amused at my recitation of line of Urdu Couplet of Akhtar Sheerani "Salma sey dil laga key basti ki larkion mein badnam hogaya hoon." He asked me to forward this blog post and i did. His reaction on hearing all this was : a] India wont be destroyed it will become part of Pakistan. We are ummati of the beloved nabi who when he was entering Mecca as a conqueror was telling all "Today treat the enemies like Prophet Yousuf treated his brothers. b] this disclosure by Baba Ghulam Rasool was available on audio tape… Asmat Apa who had never seen or met me was curious that how do i know all these details on Islamic Sufism and i told her that according to my wife, my knowledge of Roohaniyat and Sufism at best can be compared to Veena Malik's knowledge of "Ahaya ul Uloom " by Imam Ghazali…. by the way if any one is interested in listening to another speaker of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's Saheb stature and amazing knowledge and fluency, they should watch . It impressed me a lot.. Please watch Add commentLoad more…

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Salaam Dewaan Sahib, you gave good advise of Durrani Saheb to us that we should not say like We'll destroy or break India. Islam doesn't come for bloodshed. Islam come for peace. We should say these statements like We'll bring peace in Pakistan and India, we'll free Pakistan and India from hand of evil Dajjal and combine them in great Union of Mahdi which never existed in history, etc… Insha'Allah Pakistan and India will become part of greater Islamic Union as brother.

  56. So our identification of current era proved true as Pakistan is passing through like battle of Trench (Ghazwa-e-Khandaq), and only final conquest is remaining. Great newsIndia wont be destroyed it will become part of PakistanAbout audio tape of Baba Ghulam Rasool, unfortunately it is not on internet, I tried to search but couldn't found any.

  57. Dear All,Page 34 is added which is the last page of this chapter.

  58. Page 34 is added. Now this chapter is complete.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant. Thanks a lot for adding the last page brother Faqr.I am saddened the way the story has ended with a slight implication that the black magic may have been the cause of Muhtarma Attya's death. I hope that that was not the case. :<Thanks again – aali

  60. EYEDEE says:

    Dear Aalia verse in Holy Quran says…kul o min aleha fan…wa wajah yabqa rabe ka zul jalal e ekram…( All that has been created shall come to perish expect the Being of thy Lord who is immensely beneficent) . Very few remember that this is the title of famous poem which all Secular Revolutionaries in Pakistan love to recite from Faiz Ahmed Faiz…which is "wu din key jis ka wada hey hum bhi dekhein… jab takht giraye jaein gey aur taaj uchalay jaien gey"If our beloved prophet with such a fit health and such a noble mission can be called back at the mere age of 63 , then rest is not that important. Its not the time of your life , it is life of your time that should be counted upon . I know for sure that Auntie M could not recover after she fell ill. This coincided while she was recovering from the spell . She was already a heart patient. That she was under this spell was narrated to me by herself and she had requested me to seek the help of Col Rizwani Saheb for her cure. I did that.I was asking from a diplomat friend that there ought to be something in Saudi Muslims which makes Allah so kind to them… and he narrated to observations which i am only sharing to give a global perspective to the thought .He replied that after living for years among Muslims of different regions he considers following two aspects set Saudi Muslims apart from many of us:a] Their hatred and sensitivity towards shirk…( And Allah hates Shirk most)and absolute recourse to Allah Kareem aloneb] Their attitude towards death … our life is Amanah… Allah alone is the one who owns it and has given it to us as Amanah . He therefore has complete right and control over its ownership .

  61. It is all planning of Dajjal of doing bloodshed in Muslim worlds. Dajjal and his atheist followers also wants fight between believers and between religions. Brother copy of the presentation of the course material was posted online by's Danger Room blog. You can read it here… course was taught at a US military college that advocated a "total war" against Muslims. Gen Martin Dempsey said the course was "totally objectionable" and "against our values". The course has now been suspended.'Allah there plan of bloodshed in our holy places will be failed.

  62. @KhanProphet Muhammad (saas) knew about the technologies and weapons of end times but he (saas) cannot describe these technology using today's words to his companions (ra) like bomb, gun, plane, car, TV, mobile. They may get confused. Prophet Muhammad (saas) described these technologies in their own words. like…Dajjal will ride on a donkey and that dajjal will move as fast the clouds do. And the donkey’s ears will be 40 cubits long. The source of this hadith is Musnad ahmed. — Aeroplane.Homes will have mirror like screens that will show moving images of people and places near and far. — LCD ScreenPeople will hold devices on the glass surface of which they will be able to see and talk to people far away. — Smart phonesMusic will emanate from the pockets in peoples clothing. — iPodYajooj and Majooj will shoot arrows towards the sky. Allah will make their arrows red and send them back. — missilesSimilarly sword and arrows may have meaning missiles and guns…

  63. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq Mujh ko Aisa Lagtha Hey Aap Jihad Kay Against Ho Totally Aap AIsay Logo Kee Turha Baat Kurtay HO Jo Jihaad Ko Blood Shed Kehtay Hey. Imam Mehdi AK Jub Bhee Zahoor Hoga Woh jihaad Hee Kuray Gai Cuz Jihaad Ka Bina Peace umkin Hee Nahee Agur Aisa Hot Tu Nabi S.a.w.w Aur Sahaba R.a Bhee Jihaad Nahee Kurtay Hazrat Umar Farooq R.a Ka Quote Hey Kay Jihaad Qayamat Tuk Jare Rahey Ga. Agur Jihaad Afghanistaan Nahee Hota Tuu Aur Arab Mujahdeen Afghan aur Pakistan ANhee Aatay tu Aap Sub Log Russia Kay Ghulaam Hotay. Thanx Kuro Un Arab Mujahideen Aur Doosray Mujahideen Ka Jinki Waja Say Aap Log Sukoon Kee Life Guzaar Rahey Ho. Aur Plz Jihaad Ko Blood Shed Kehna Chor Do

  64. Aura says:

    Sad to know what happened to Aunty M, though I’ve observed such kind of happenings to some of the other spiritual personalities too. As Ghaus Ali Shah Qalandar once said “Jis shakhs ko jis chiz par uboor hasil hota hai, usi main marta hai”. But at least I’m happy to see that she is living in very good place now!

  65. Farooqui says:

    Syria Mey Blood Shed Bashar-ul-asad Nay start kiya Afghanistaan mey blood shed usa aur nato even turkey nay start kiya Iraq mey bhee kuffar nay blood shed start kiya . jinko mujahideen nay jihaad kay zariye Rok rakha hey Arabs Aur baqi mujahideen Struggle kur rahey kuffar kay khilaaf woh Imam Mehdi ka Wait nahee kur rahey Imam Mehdi ko jub bhee Ana Honga woh Ajaye Gai Duniya mey Laikin yein log Apna Kaam kur rahey hey Aur hum Aur Aapm blogs pur aakur airf discussion kurtay hey prediction kurtay hey aur Imam Mehdi ka Wait Kur rahey Aur Woh Log Allah Aur Uskay rasool s.a.a.w kee baat maan rahey hey Imam Mehdi Ka wait Kurnay hum ko nahee kaha gaya hey woh Akhir kay zamanay mey aaye gai .wwaisay bhee jub Imam Mehdi ka zahoor hoga Muslims unki Support nahee kuray gai mostly Log Dajaal Kay saat Mil jaye gai. Apna Faith majbood rukho janaab Kahee Aisa na Ho hum Bhe munafiqeen kee jamaat mey shamil hojaye.

  66. Farooqui sahib Aap ko Ghalat lag raha hai…. Jehad is lifetime effort and Qital (bloodshed) is done only during battles in war fields to defend people from cruelty, to stop bloodshed doing by enemies and to bring peace…. Qital is subset of Jihad. Quran gave different orders for Jihad and Qital…. Jihad is obligatory (Fardh) for every Muslim in his/her all life time but Qital is obligatory in two conditions 1- when Caliphate gives order for Qital and 2- when enemy attacks suddenly (defensive war). In case of Afghanistan and Iraq, USSR and USA attacked these countries so Qital was obligatory to them to defend themselves. When USSR came back then Qital (bloodshed) among Muslims was not logical…. In Pakistan black water hosted terrorist organizations are not doing Jihad. They are doing illegal Qital (bloodshed) in mosques, Imam Bargah, Markets… killing innocent people including women and children…. Who killed 35,000 Pakistani since 9/11???? Is it Jihad????

  67. Syria may bloodshed Bashar-ul-asad sey Pehley start ho gia tha. Bashar-ul-asad key Chacha Jaan (uncle) Rifaat al-Assad (Sufyani) ney 1982 main apney hi city Hama main 17,000 se 40,000 tak masoom loog ko qatal kia tha… Yeh communist Muslim rulers hai.. main bi communist Muslims ney Qatal Gharet shro ki aur USSR ko invite kia. USA nai be bloodshed ki Osama bin laden key naam ko use kertey hoey…. Turkey came here as peace force just like Paksitan Army goes to African countries as peace force… Afghan people welcomes Turkey Army… I have photographs… For their protection there should be army of Muslim country….You said we should not wait Imam Mahdi and doing bloodshed or jihad or Qital without him against Dajallic forces i.e We should fight with Dajjal???? Then tell me please why Prophet Muhammad (saas) who is our greatest Imam and leader asked protection from Dajjal in his (saas) every prayer???? and ordered us to keep away ourselves from Dajjal otherwise his fitnah will catch us???? Why prophet Muhammad (saas) ordered us to break swords and return to homes at time of Fitnah???? because this Fitnah will catch us. Only Imam Mahdi can defeat Dajjal and only Prophet Isa a.s can kill Dajjal… Our Prophet (saas) is so intelligent that he knew that we'll start doing bloodshed in name of Jihad against Dajjal. Do you know Dajjal is spiritual son of Satan. Just like Satan is enemy of whole mankind, Dajjal is also enemy of whole mankind including Muslims, Christines, Jews and even Atheists. They both want bloodshed between mankind. Their followers are doing bloodshed in name of 'War On Terror' and in name of 'Jihad'. We have to stop this bloodshed and we'll do, Insha'Allah.

  68. MUSLIM says:

    America musalmano ke muqadas muqamat per atomic hamlay ke sabaq pentagon mai apni fauji afsaraan ko 8 saal se parah rahay hain. jiss ka inkishaf ab howa. Allah behtar janta hai ke in shaitan ke perokaro ke aur kitnay khufya mansobay musalmano ko mitanay ke liay jari hai. Kamyab hain wo islam ke sipahi jo pehlay se hi dushman ke makroh azaim ko jan gaiy, aur dushman ke khilaf seesa pilaie howi devar ban gaiy. saray muslim dunya ke hukumran aur fauj aaj america ke kirai ke fauj se ziada kuch nahi. Islam ke haqeeqi muhafiz to Mujahideen hain jo sari muslim dunya mai dushman ka muqabla kar rahay hain. wo log musalman kehnay ke bhe haqdaar nahi jo islam ke muqaddas muqamat per dushman ke sazishon ke baray mai jantay hoi bhe deeni gheerat ka muzahira nahi kartay aur dushman ke saath pyar aur muhabbat aur aman se rehnay ke batain kartay hain aur shaitan ko khush kar rahay hain. yahi aajkal ke Mir jafar aur Mir sadiq ka role play ker rahay hain.lekin inshallah Allah inn logon ko zaleel aur ruswa karay ga, jo islam dushman logon ke safon mai kharay hain aur islam aur islam ke liay larnay walon ke khilaf har tarah se dushman ke khidmat kar rahain hain. Beshak musalman emani jazba e shahadat aur bandooq ke zor par hai inn dushmano ko seedha kar saktay hain.

  69. MUSLIM says:

    Mr faisal farooq is a puppet in the propeganda machinery of dajjali america. Never trust him. IN fact he is spiritual follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani calling jihaad is bloodshed in nearly every comment.he is preparing groun for dajjal.

  70. MUSLIM says:

    @Mr.Faisal FarooqWhen the army of a muslim country is become only a mercenary army of dajjali powers and helping them in eliminating mujahideen and attacking even Mosque(jamia hifsa and Lal masjid) and martyr hundreds of huffaz muslim children and burn hundred of Quran is there any difference between them and sufyani army.

  71. MAJ says:

    Brother ap kin mujahideen ki baat kr rhy ho. wo jo masoom bachoon ki brain washing kr k unhay suicide bomber bnatay hein. ya wo jo bazaroon main bomb blast kr k masoom logon ko qatal krtay hein. Ya wo jo mosques main namaz parhtay huay ALLAH k bnadoon ko maar kr fakhar ka izhaar krtay hein jesay unhn ny bohat barra karnama kya ho. ALLAH tu Quran main farmata hy k jis ny aik insaan ko mara, us ny pori insanyat ko qatal kya. Ap zara socho k aj kal jo jihad k naam pr musalmanoon ko gumrah kr rhy hein. wo saheh b hein ya phir kisi foreign agency k kehnay pr Muslim Ummat ko andar sy tabah kr rhy hein.

  72. Momin says:

    Raja Choudry has lost his senses. Your country even cannot give enough washroom to public. InshaAllah soon our sold out leaders will be removed and then you will see. Meanwhile you take care of your DHOATEE. Indian always scream and look for help from Israel, USA, USSR & other western world against Pakistan. You cannot fight face to face. Coward.

  73. @Muslim,you have all the rights to disagree with Faisal, but pls don't use such words for him. Faisal is patriotic Muslim, he has his opinion. Brother, comments of anyone cannot change the Orders & Plans of Allah (swt), read what Wasif Ali Wasif (ra) said about Media

  74. Anonymous says:

    yar pakistani aage mare howe hai pak fouj ke zimme ye juram hai ke nato supply jari hoti hai jis se masoom afghani marte hai hindustan afghani jihadi or qabaili fatah karenge

  75. Rizwan says:

    The conditions of jihad with qital, ie as a defensive war, or by order of a valid ruler, has been discussed above. If Pakistani territory is to expand into parts into India, commonsense and history will tell you that it will not happen by any war or military jihad. Even if Pakistan occupies parts of India by military victory, it will never be able to hold on to these territories if they are majority non-Muslim. In the days of old, Muslims held on to their territories because their rule was just, and non-Muslims converted gradually over centuries. There was never mass conversion by force as in Christian expansion into pagan Europe, Christian-occupied territories of re-conquered Spain, or the New World. The Muslim world or Pakistan are no longer examples of just rule. So if Pakistan is to expand, my guess is that it will be governing a majority Muslim population. This means that the more likely scenario is conversion of masses of Indians to Islam before this will happen. So a more peaceful expansion by conversion is the more likely and desirable scenario. If war is forced upon Muslims, then we have no choice but to fight. What is going on now in the name of jihad is an insult to Islam and jihad, as rightly pointed out by some. Those who kill innocent people and other Muslims (by declaring them non-Muslims first for one reason or another that suits them) in the name of jihad should be ashamed of calling themselves Muslim, even if they are being brainwashed into it. They are responsible for allowing themselves to be brainwashed, and not using their mental faculties that Allah (S) gifted them. Every human being is responsible if they have normal faculties. This is the order of Allah (S). May the peace and blessings of Allah be on all Muslims, and may He guide us on the truly right and straight path which leads to Him. May He bring love and brotherhood among Muslims, so they treat each other with kindness and concern, and are willing to treat each other with justice and fairness. Ameen.

  76. Arshad says:

    Well said brother Rizwan!

  77. @Muslim, brother read Surah Kahf for protection from Dajjal.Abu al-Darda (Allah be pleased with him) related that the Prophet of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, Whoever commits ten verses from the beginning Surat al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal. [Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasai, and others]If we read these verses of Surah Kahf then we can find fitnah of Dajjal is irreligious. As Prophet Isa (as) is mentioned in 4th verse so only He (as) will kill Dajjal and break cross (trinity). Verse 6 tells perhaps Prophet (saas) would kill himself through grief over Christians out of sorrow if they do not believe in Quran. It is giving hint that Christians will become Muslim on second coming of Prophet Isa (as).Irreligious is produced by bigotry and dictatorship of papacy in Christianity who were controlling the affairs of Allah. Today this bigotry and dictatorship have come inside some groups of Muslims who are using religion for taking revenge from west. Many Arab, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iranian nationalists have penetrated inside true Mujahedeen only for taking revenge and to protect their materialistic resources. They become Judge and controlling fate of others and forget that only Allah is Judge.Brother how I am follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani who didn't believe on second coming if Isa (as). I not only believe on second coming of Isa (as) but also believe he (as) has already come. He will appear soon. I call them (Qadiyani) as follower of Dajjal because they believe on Darwinism.

  78. @Faqar, thanks calling me patriotic Muslim 🙂

  79. Important Hadith for break weapons at time of Fitnah…Abu Bakrah said, The Prophet said, There will be a tribulation during which one who is lying down will be better than one who is sitting, one who is sitting will be better than one who is standing, one who is standing will be better than one who is walking, and one who is walking will be better than one who is running. Someone asked, O Messenger of Allah, what do you advise me to do? He said, Whoever has camels, let him stay with them, and whoever has land, let him stay in his land. Someone asked, What about someone who does not have anything like that? He said, Then let him take his sword and strike its edge against a stone, then go as far away as possible. (Abu Dawud; similar Hadith in Muslim.)Abu Musa al-Ashari said, The Prophet said, Before the Hour comes, there will be a tribulation like patches of dark night. A man will get up a believer and go to sleep a kafir, or will go to sleep a believer and get up a kafir. The one who sits will be better than one who stands, and one who walks will be better than one who runs. Break your bows, cut their strings, and strike your swords against stones. If someone comes to kill any of you, then be like the better of the two sons of Adam. (Abu Dawud.) Abu Dharr said, The Prophet was riding a donkey and sat me behind him. He said, O Abu Dharr, if the people were suffering from such severe hunger that you could not even get up from your bed to go to the mosque, what would you do? I said, Allah and His Messenger know best. He said, Be decent and restrain yourself. Then he said, O Abu Dharr, if the people were suffering from severe death (i e if a man were worth no more than a grave), what would you do? If the people were killing one another, until Hajarat al-Zayt (an area of Madinah) were submerged in blood, what would you do? I said, Allah and His Messenger know best. He said, Stay in your house and lock the door. I asked, What if I am not left alone? He said, Then be one of them. I said, Should I take up my sword? He said, If you did that, you would be joining them in their activities. No – if you fear that the brightness of the shining sword will disturb you, then cover your face with part of your clothing, and let him carry his own sin and your sin. (Ahmad.) weapons are allowed in time of Fitnah then genocides happens. Examples are Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Use weapons during conflict is philosophy of Marxism which is High in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.Marxism maintains that progress is only possible through permanent conflict:ADNAN OKTAR: See what Marx, the founder of communism, says. He says that all progress in the universe is thanks to conflict. Conflict. In his view, “Every situation or idea is a thesis.” “An antithesis opposed to that thesis then emerges. The thesis and anti-thesis clash, and the result is known as the synthesis. The synthesis then becomes a thesis, and an antithesis opposed to it again emerges.” In other words, he says there is permanent conflict.

  80. Well said brother MAJ.

  81. Farooqui says:

    amazing Mr. Maj aap its means aap ko mujahideen aur terrorist mey koi difference hee nazur nahee aata Tum TTP kee baat kur rahey hoo may be jo masoom logo ko maar rahey hey pak army ka jawaano ko shahed kur rahey aur masjid pur bomb attack kur rahey hey. TTP ko tu sub jaantay hey kay woh American agents hey unki support tu jewish aur indians bhee kur rahey taakay woh jihaad ko budnaam kur sukay aur yaqeenun woh kamyaab bhee hogaye cuz aap jaisay log Anti |Jihaad jo hogaye hey. Asul Talibaan tu Afghan talibaan hey aur Afghan talibaan Aur Arab mujahiden nay kabhee bhee TTP kee support nahee kuree even unho nay masoom logo pur Ataack kurna Haraam qaraar diya pehlay Difeernce check kuro Mr. Maj kay terrorist kaun hey aur Mujahid kaun hey.

  82. Farooqui says:

    Mr. Faisal Farooq sahaab pehlee baat tuu yein Duniya mey real khilafaat sirf Khulfa-e-Rasdeen kay time pur thee uskay baad duniya ey kabhee khilaafat aaye hee nahee sumjhay Dajaal ka tuu kisi ko nahee pata kay woh kub aye ga laikin Dajaali forces hamesha say kaam kur rahee hey muslims kay khilaaf aur Muslims nay hamesha Jihaad kay zariye defend kiya hey Islam ka.Agur Talibaan Osama Bin Ladin ko USA ko dai bhee daitay tu bhe USa Talibaan pur Ataack zaroor kurta Cuz waha Shariat aur khilafat start hogaye thee Wohn tu Afghan Talibaan Ghairat mand log Thai Kay Apnay mehmaan ko USA kay hawalay nahee kiya agur hum hotay tuu kub ka sale kur daitay jaisay bhot say logo ko kiya. Sadaam hussein kay saat kiya kara USA nay usnay sub conditions maan lee the kufaar kee laikin ataack phir bhee howa uskay oper.Aur aap jis Adnan Oktar ko follow kurtay ho woh Mustafa Kamal Atta turk ka follower tha Jo Kay Eik Kahraab /Insaan the jitnqa Nuqsaan Kamal Atatuek nay paunchaya Turkey Ko Utna kisi kaffir nay bhee kisi muslim Country ko anee paunchaya Hazrat Umar R.z Ka Quote hey kay jihaad qayamat tuk jaree rahey ga .

  83. Farooqui says:

    MUSLIM: So what yaar agur kufaar Holy cities pur bomb attack kurtay hey tuu kurany tuu do aap unsay peace kee baat kuro kay plz aisa nahee kuro aur sirf Imam Mehdi ka wait kuro kay woh jub aye gai tuu kcuh karay gai. Faisal Farooq sahaab aur unkay follwer aisa hee kehtay hey. sirf Imam Mehdi ka wair kuro and according to he admin of this page Imam Mehdi bhee fight nahee kuray gai kufaar say woh bhee peace kee baat kuray gai kufaar say.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. MAJ says:

    @ Farooqimain b TTP ki baat kr rha hn. jahan tk Afghan Mujahideen ki baat hy tu un main b bohat sy aesay log shamil hein jo Islam ki teachings k against kam kr rhy hein. Afghan Talibaan kehtay tu hein k masoom logo pur Ataack kurna Haraam hy. But wo jo AFG main karwai krtay hein tu bohat sy civilians bhi maray jatay hein. is k ilawah Mulla Fazalullah aur TTP k kafi members b un AFG talibaan k pas hi panah letay hein. aur yehi log mujahideen ko badnaam kr rhy hein.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. @Maj, you are right… any suicide attack or road side bomb attck which kills civilians is Haram. Following picture of girls inside rubble of building is widespread in FB with caption Drone Attacks…. shared this picture more than 100 times without knowing original source..When I searched this picture using goggle image search then I found that this school building was collapsed by road side bomb of TTP against US military in Pakistan. I found original picture in guardian. Followers of TTP is using this picture for increasing emotions of youngs against Pak Army.US soldiers and teenage girls killed in bombing near Pakistan school:

  88. Khilafaat 1300 saal Duniya main rahi. Paheli char Khilafat ko Rasdeen is leyey kehtey hai key un key Khalifa rashid they. Rashid means rightly guided. Yeh char khalifa un 10 sahaba mey shamil they jin ko Nabi (saas) ney in ki Zindagi main Jannat ke bisharat di hoi thi. In key baad ki Khilafat bhi real thi laiken un key Khilafa right guided nahi they. Khilafat means successor so all Khilafat are real.. sumjhay.App ko Dajjal nazer nahi araha hai? Itna Khon Kharaba Dajjal key allawa kon ker sekta hai? Jitna khoon Kharaba pichely 100 saloon main hoa hai itna khoon kharab pori history main nahi hoa. Phir bhi aap ko dajjal nazer nahi aata!!! Talibaan America key hamley key baad ghaib ho gey aur pechey chaley gey… yeh un ka acha faisla tha. Spritual forces also present in Talibaan who guide them… Is faisley sey Al-Qaida Be-Inqaab hoi aur America Afghanistan main phanse gia. Ager wo ghaib na hotey to buhat bloodshed hota.Adnan Oker ney Mustafa Kamal Atta turk ke tareef ki hai, follow nahi kia. Jaisey hum Quaid-e-Azam ke tareef kertey hai. Jis Tarah Quaid-e-Azam ney India ko break kya Muselmano ko bachaney key liey isi tarah Mustafa Kamal ney kamzoor aur hari hoi Khilafat ko break kia turk logon ko bechney key liey. Yeh dono spritual decisions they Imam Mahdi ki help key liey… In Surah Kahf Khidr a.s broke ship and built wall. Khidr a.s also met with Iqbal and Mustafa Kamal…. Turkey ko Nuqsaan??? Today turkey is most developing country. What we did with Pakistan???

  89. Saifullah says:

    Partially agree but I believe Russia would not invade but West would invade. Romans are the West and nor Russia and another thing I disagree is the year, I believe Sufyani will come in Rajab of 2012 and not 2013.I saw Dajjal in a dream and he told me he would come after 6 years, I saw this near end of 2006, close to 2007. A friend saw that it is end of 2012 and in Ka'aba Dajjal appears. Now I know that since Dajjal is a liar, he is trying to fool us into believing that Imam Mahdi is Dajjal.My friend has seen in dream Rasoolullah (s.A.a.w) and in that same dream he saw bloodshed in Ka'aba and Hajis were looted and he saw this to happen in coming Hajj 2012.Rajab is just five days away, lets wait and see what happens.

  90. Anonymous says:

    To all Pakistani, First of all our enemies knew that if we attack Pakistan all Pakistani will unite so they start planning on breaking us from inside by creating differences by religious, culture, and what ever they could do.This is the only way they could complete their mission, and sorry to say they have 90% achieved it. Our nation is loosing their tolerance on ever ground. With the help of our beloved politicians and the way they are creating artificial shortage of water, electricity, wheat, sugar etc.We don't have any one to look upon except ALLAH. No one knows exactly when Imam Mahdi will come but we know that he will appear when there will be a war or some kind of turbulence in the world. Our media is also playing a part in all this. As I say may ALLAH have Mercy on us. F.S

  91. Saifullah says:

    Kindly refrain from Adnan Oktar, he thinks he is the Mahdi and uses inauthentic material.

  92. I saw a dream that Pakistan was totally destroyed after a war and there was darkness. Thousands of ships were coming to Pakistan and we thought another wave if attack is near and we were holding sticks but it turned out that the people were Muslims from all over the world mainly the Western converts who had made hijrat to Pakistan. I think the green eyed Mujahid may be a white man with green eyes.When I woke up I had a feeling I saw Rasoolullah (s.A.a.w) but didn't remember exactly what had happened.

  93. @Saifullah, proof???

  94. Sheikh Nazim said in 1999: …‘Red coloured people’ have come to Afghanistan. They must also come to Pakistan, and then to Turkey. That is the first sign: Russians coming to Turkey… Huge Russian powers will be at the West of Aleppo. They will come up to the plain of Yarmuq(?) near Aleppo. At the same time the American powers will be in Turkey, in Adana, near the sea. There will be a great slaughter in that plain. The War will last three months and during that War, Mehdi a.s. will appear. It will be in a year of the Hajj-ul-Akbar. Mehdi a.s. will appear on Hajj, where people will take Beyat from him… From there he goes to Damascus….

  95. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq Sahaab its mean Mustafa Kamal Pasha KO Allah Pur Bharoosa NAhe Tha Apnay Aap Pur JubHee usnay Turkey say Islam Ka naa naam khatam karnay kee koshish kee Azaan Arabic mey dainay pur banned laga diya even Arabic pur total banned laga diya iskay ilawa eik lambi list hey uski Islam kay khilaaf kaam karnay kee. Aur Aap boltay ho Talibaan back hogaye thai afghanistaan mey wow amazing agur woh back hogye thai fight kaun kur raha tha kis nay kaha Aap say Al-qaeda exposed hogaye woh still abhee bhee fight kur rahey hey AurAfghan Talibaan abhee bhee unko support kur rahey Woh Log munafiq nahee hey janaab Aur baqi logo kee turha .Aur Adnan Oktar kaha say Agayae Imam Mehdi Kay Student Jub Allah kay siwa kisi ko nahee pata kay kaun hey Imam Mehdi Woh kaisa mil kur agaye Imam Mehdi say Aur jo 313 companion hey ImamMehdi kay unmay Aam Insaan Nahee Balkay Khaas log hey Jin Abdaal Aur Qutub Shamil Hey For kind Of Ur info And Adnan oktart Nahee he Abdaal Hey Aur na Hee Qutub .Turkey say 1000 times better pakistan hey jo apnay neighbours aur muslim ummah ke help tuu karta hey jaisay afghan jihaad and extras turkey kiya help kur raha hey syrians muslims kee aap bata suktay hey aaj bhee USA aur NATO included turkey pakistan pur pressure daal rahey kay NATO supply active kuro Tueky na hamseha NON muslims kee help kuree hey i mean kamal pasha kay turkey nay jisnay khilafaat ko khutum kiya turkey say aur Allama Iqbal nay kabhee MUsta pasha kee tareef nahee kuree janaab .amazing to heard that Kamal pasha jaia munafiq Hazrat say mulaqaat kuree hey Kama pasha was a Big LIar janaab.

  96. Farooqui Sahib Mustafa Kamal is father of Turk nation so If you want to read about him then please contact Turks. Adnan Oktar praised father of his nation because…- he was a brave Ottoman Pasha- he prepared tafsir of the Quran- he prepared Turkish translation of Sahih Bukhari- he founded Religious Affairs [Diyanet], a most important organization in the state structure- he abolished hypocrisy- he was a lover of the Quran who every night listened to the recitation of the Quran and who researched the meaning of the Quran.- he had special people around him who memorized the Qur’an (hafiz)- he was an anti-communist- he closed down Masonic lodges instantly, nowhere in the world had such a courage been displayed.- he was supporter of Imam Mahdi and his Caliphate. He also wanted Turkish Islamic Union.He wrote testament which is not yet opened. His letter was going to be published in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Republic of Turkey but delayed to 2014.Adnan Oktar: Ataturk died with his secrets. But I heard that this testament contains an address to the Mahdi. I also heard there were pronouncements regarding the Turkish-Islamic Union and the source I heard it from is quite a reputable source. @" Aur Aap boltay ho Talibaan back hogaye thai afghanistaan mey wow amazing agur woh back hogye thai fight kaun kur raha tha kis nay kaha Aap say Al-qaeda exposed hogaye woh still abhee bhee fight kur rahey hey "Talibaan back hogey hai ka matleb ye tha ke Talibaan power aur hakoomet main nahi hai. Wo pesh-e-parda fight ker rahey hai. Ager wo power main rehtey to khatam ho jatey. Spiritual forces told them to not fight directly with enemies. We doubara aeygey aur Imam Mahdi key haath main makkah main bait kerey gai, Insha'Allah. Al-Qaida expose ho choki hai. Bacha Bacha alqaida ko terrorist kehta hai. They are Arab nationalist using name of Islam. Ager Talibaan Al-Qaida ko support kertey to Osama na mara jata.@"Allah kay siwa kisi ko nahee pata kay kaun hey Imam Mehdi Woh kaisa mil kur agaye Imam Mehdi say"Firishto, Imam Mahid key 313 companions aur buhet sey Walioun ko Imam Mahdi ka Pata hain. Mahdi is title which is given after success so we cannot point anyone. Some people know Imam Mahdi spiritually and some know physically like his 313 companions….continue…

  97. @"Aur jo 313 companion hey ImamMehdi kay unmay Aam Insaan Nahee Balkay Khaas log hey Jin Abdaal Aur Qutub Shamil Hey For kind Of Ur info And Adnan oktart Nahee he Abdaal Hey Aur na Hee Qutub ."313 companions aam insaan nazer aay gey. Wo superman nahi hongey. Wo east aur west se Imam key pass Makkah main ayengey. Some interesting information in Hadith about how they will reach to Imam…The Holy Prophet (saas) prophesied, 'When our Qaem (as) will establish himself, Allah will gather the people of the East and West. These people will come together in one place in the same manner as the leaves gather in one place in autumn.'Holy Prophet (saas) said these people will gather in one place with the blinking of an eye. — It means they will use internet to communicate each other… blink of an eye… they never meet each other before as they live in different places..east and west.Holy Prophet (saas) said they will spend the night in their homes and by dawn-break, will reach Makkah Al Mukarramah. — It means they come to Imam Mahdi at Makkah using airplanes in few hours.Holy Prophet (saas) said some of them will travel on the clouds by the day. Imam (as) will recognize them by their names, by the names of their ancestors, by their lineage and by their style and mode. The narrator inquired who will be the most faithful? The prophet replied, 'The one who will travel on the clouds by the day.' — It clearly showing that they will use airplanes.Loog Abdaal aur Qutub kaam sey bentey hai. Adnan Oktar are doing struggle for correcting faith since 1979 who wrote above then 300 books translated in multiple languages and published hundreds of websites, videos and presentations. He has authority and specialty on Imam Mahdi. Did you not heard what Sheikh Nazim said about him in 1986, then 2010 and now in 2012???@"Turkey say 1000 times…."I am not comparing Pakistan with Turkey. Both are Muslim brothers… Dictatorship destroyed both countries.

  98. Anonymous says:

    plz dont give refernces of adnan oktar..he is a big hypocryt….there r many vdeos of him on youtube among women where he praises their beauty etc,,,HE TALKS CHEAP..THESE ARE REAL AUTHENTIC VDEOS OF HIM from turkish tv channels.. he says"my princess suriya..worlds most beautiful,…..sweet,loves me alot..girl replies ofcourse…etc etcif u need more i can show alot more…

  99. Khalid says:


  100. Khalid says:


  101. Anonymous says:

    Iss kitab ke mussanaf se hamdardana arz hai ke janab kitab ke title page ko change kar dain aur koi islami tasweer laga dain.Aik spiritual book ke title pe nachnay wali mirasan ke tasweer, ki kia mani hai

  102. Dear All,Any keen reader who want to contact Iqbal Diwan Saheb (Author of above book) can contact him at his facebook id message is:"I would love to share my knowledge with any one in any way if it is for the betterment of humanity and Islam.If any one wants to add me on FB they should msg me first with reference to these articles on this blog so i know which directions they have come from?"So Dear readers you can forward your queries personally to him and add him on your FB. Thanks

  103. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq Sahaab This is Adnan Oktar And So called Muslim Dictator KAmal Ataturk Ideology……. Ataturk regime began step by step to implement the Kemalist ideology with a radical reformation of the Turkish society with the aim of modernizing Turkey from the remnants of its Ottoman past. In line with their ideological convictions the Ataturk government abolished Islamic religious institutions; replace the Shariah law with adapted European legal codes; replaced the Islamic calendar with the Gregorian calendar; replace the Arabic script which was used to write the Turkish language with the Latin script and closed all religious schools.Mosques were to preach according to the Ataturk’s dictates and were used to pread the Kemalist ideology.Atatürk and his colleagues even wanted to Turkify Islam. They ordered Muslims to use the Turkish word Tanri instead of Allah for God and use the Turkish language in Salaath (the 5 times prayers) and Azaan (the call for prayers). These preposterous changes deeply disturbed the faithful Muslims and caused widespread resentment, which led in 1933 to a return to the Arabic version of the call to prayer.The fez (Turkish hat) was banned for men and the veil and hijab (headscarves) were discouraged and restricted for women.

  104. Anonymous says:

    @Faisal Farooq"Farooqui Sahib Mustafa Kamal is father of Turk nation"Keep in mind that pharaoh(Firaun), Nimrud were also father of their nationsWhat harm Jewish Mustafa keamal have done to islam everyone know it very well except you

  105. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq Sahaab Amazing Bhai Kamal Ko Bare MOhabat The Islam Say, quran Say Allah Say LAikin Usnay Shariat Banned Krdee Turkey Mey, Arbaic Pur Banned Laga Diya Even Azaan AUr Allah kaa Naam Bhee Arabic Mein Lainay Pur Banned Laga Diya Hole Turkey Ko Modern State Mein Convert Kurdiya Aur Aap Baat Kurtay Ho Turkey Islamic Union Kee JO Shoes chaat Rahey Hey Europe Kay Before ^o ?Years Say Kay Inko Europe KA Part Bana Liya Jaye. Kamal Ataturk Ke History AAp Read Kuro Jaakur Kay Usnay Kitna Nuqsaan Turkey AUr Aalam-eIslam Ko Paunchaya . AUr Bhai Qutub Aur Abdaal Supermen He hotay Hey Aam Insaan Jaisay NAzur Aatay Hey Laikin Kaam Shariat Say Hut Kur Nahee Kurtay.

  106. Farooqui says:

    Faisal Farooq Sahaab Jo bhee Cheez Shariat Kay Against Hogee Woh gulut Hogee Humko sif Quran Aur Hadth ko follow Kurna Hey Allah Uskay Rasool s.a.w.w Kee Baat Pur YAqeen kurnay NaaKay Adnan Oktar Ya phir Kamal Ataturk Jaisay Logo Pur Jo Shariat-e-Muhammadi s.a.w.w KA Mazaak URtay Hey.

  107. @Anonymous who shoe hatred for Adnan Okter….Brother I took the Hadiths about 313 companions NOT from Adnan Okter. If you consider these Hadiths are fabricated then can you tell me please could anyone other then Prophet Muhammad (saas) predict future technologies like Internet and Airplanes?Are words like "my princess suriya..worlds most beautiful,….. sweet, loves me alot…" Haram? Any father can say these words to his daughters, brother to his sisters and even Muslim to other Muslimah. Did he say to these girls words like sexy, babe etc???Why you look sex in everything and in every feeling???? That's way Allah order us first Hijab of eyes than private parts in Surah An-Nur, Verses 30…"And Say to the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts)…"Adnan Oktar is removing such hypocrisy from Muslims.Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview dated September 7, 2010When one of them is given the good news of a baby girl, his face darkens and he is furious.
He hides away from people because of the evil of the good news he has been given. Should he keep her ignominiously or bury her in the earth? What an evil judgement they make!
 (Surat An-Nahl, 58-59)Adnan Oktar: Deniers and hypocrites regard women as potentially unchaste and even- may Allah forbid-dangerous. But women are very holy entities. They are lovely manifestations of Allah. They are the world’s most exciting adornment. They are troves of affection. They are the finest teachers that teach warmth, love and friendship to the whole world. These holy beings will achieve complete security in the age of the system of the Mahdi.ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, hypocrite men and hypocrite women; there are verses about them. Oktar, hypocrites have one common characteristic; they are anti-woman. You go the oldest periods of history; they have either burnt women or killed them in horrible ways. They are such inadequate, sick and deviant people. Now, they take revenge on women for that. Right? I mean they are maniacs. Therefore, they either beat women up in a horrible way or kill them. This is the characteristic of the hypocrite. And there is mistrust against women in hypocrites; there is great hatred; open the Qur'an and have a look. This is always like this with hypocrites. For instance, they take girls and bury them alive; they hate them. They hate girls and women. They are astonished about love for women. For instance, they are astonished about Prophets' love for women, the Companions' love for women and their love for children, their compassion for them; their compassion for their own children.

  108. @Khalid…If you said it for me that I am blind by Dajjal then please read following about Hypnosis of Dajjal….Satan Has Master The Art Of Hypnosis:ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, masha'Allah. Now, satan uses the last weapon left in his hand; satan has hypnosis ability. ADNAN OKTAR: Allah gave our Prophet (saas) a very big blessing; the world dominion. Right? The religion brought by our Prophet (saas), Islam is given a happy ending. The end comes with the world dominion insha'Allah, through Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is one of his sons, with Mohammed Mahdi Insha'Allah. We are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) at the moment. The hypocrites are being smoldered, they are smoldered. Look, the 1400 year-old grudge of the hypocrites has risen. That soul, that evil soul of satan.. That is because the hypocrite actually means the satan; a human becoming satan. Understood? This is the reason why hypocrites are like a cat on hot bricks now. Therefore, satan has now gone mad and is trying to wipe the system of the Mahdi off from people's minds. Satan is trying to abolish the Mahdi. But the system of the Mahdi is improving as he struggles hopelessly. Satan has lost its consciousness, I mean it has gone mad. Because this was the thing satan wanted the least. Because satan said to Almighty Allah; "All of these people are like me and I will prove it to you" to Almighty Allah (Allah is beyond that). Allah said "You are given time." Now, satan is being defeated in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Satan's arrogance and pride has gone to zero and it is disgraced. It has lost face. And there is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) coming on top of all these .. satan has ran off the rails. It is in a state of groveling and agony due to madness, it is in agony of death. Actually agony is a medical term, right? Masha'Allah.OKTAR BABUNA:Master, your knowledge of medicine is already very well-known, insha'Allah. You have also been instrumental in me gaining my health back at that time Master insha'Allah. ADNAN OKTAR:Yes, masha'Allah. Now, satan uses the last weapon left in his hand; satan has hypnosis ability. The dajjal (anti-Christ) is directly satan anyway; the anti-Christ is the human version of satan. We call the leader of satans the anti-Christ. The name of satans' leader is anti-Christ; their leader in the End Times. The name of Muslims' leader in the End Times is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who is positive and the negative one is satan and the anti-Christ…….

  109. @Anonymous who said Kamal Mustafa is Jew….Brother I said Kamal Mustafa father of Turk as AttaTurk means father of Turk just like Quaid-a-Azam is baba-e-Pakistan. Turk consider them their father. Just some fanatic scholars said Kafir-e-Azeem to Quaid-e-Azam… similarly some bigots called Kamal Mustafa Jews or Freemason because they don't like him…. If you want to know about attaturk then read his own writings and ask from who know him. Who called him Jews they never met him and see him. Saying Kafir and Hypocrites to any Muslim is a great sin more then adultery. If he is not Kafir or Hypocrites then it will be reverted to you. If you want I can post related Hadith…. Prophet Muhammad (saas) knew about Hypocrites in Medina but never reveal it. He (saas) only show list to only one Sahaba.

  110. Farooqui Sahib why you every time bring Kamal Mustafa. To know him read his own books and ask from those who have met with him. What he did… it removes hypocrisy and bigotry from their society. It is great achievement of Turks. Allah didn't give more time to Quaid-e-Azam otherwise he also removed fanaticism from our society.Don't worry about Turks. Improve yourself and your society.@"Ataturk regime began step by step to implement…."He was not responsible what did by people who came after him. Just like Quaid-e-Azam is not responsible about his successors. He said 'Khotey Sikhey' to them.@"replace the Shariah law with adapted European legal codes"Did Pakistan implement Shariah law? We have still 100 years old British laws….@"replaced the Islamic calendar with the Gregorian calendar"Did we implement Islamic calendar in our country????"replace the Arabic script which was used to write the Turkish language with the Latin script"Did we bring Arabic and Persian languages which were our official language during Mughal??? Even we didn't gave proper place to our language Urdu and its Arabic script. Still today English language with roman script is our official language which created class system in our education and society. We are far behind in education. Turkey uses Turkish from school to Phd. Creativity, research and development come only in national language. Whey they abolish Arabic script??? you don't know what Arab did with them and Khilafat??? They came back to roman script because they were part of Roman. Pakistan cannot came back to Sanskrit because it is very old (4-5000 years old), it was not implemented in this land, and we are using Arabic script from last 1000 years. This was not true in Turkey.@"Mosques were to preach according to the Ataturk’s dictates"Ataturk dictated no sectarianism in mosques…@"They ordered Muslims to use the Turkish word Tanri instead of Allah for God…"Just like we says "Khuda" or "God" to Allah in our daily talk. Turkey is secular state and in secularism no one can force to people. So it is totally wrong they order people to do this.@"The fez (Turkish hat) was banned for men and the veil and hijab (headscarves) were discouraged and restricted for women."Do we wear Jinnah cap? or any other cap? It is totally wrong they banned Hijab. It is banned in 80's by army. Ataturk was not against Hijab and caps… Do you want proof????ürk's wife, Lâtife Uşaklıgil, in 1923 curiously wearing the same Jilbāb that, apparently, only became popular in the 1970s as a method of distinguishing religious adherence to the Muslim Brotherhood. [Wikipedia]

  111. Farooqui sahib read my above comments. Ager Turkey Shoe chhat rahey hai European ki to hum America ke Shoe chhat rahey hai. Correct yourself and don't worry about them. Turkey main kuch Band nahi kiya it propgenda of out fanatic Maoulvies. In scholar state no one can ban anything. Yes Army did ban in Hijab.

  112. @Farooqui, you are continuously defaming and cursing Adnan Oktar which is great sin bigger then Adultery. Want hadith??? Shariat ki baat kerney waley khud Hadiths main amal keo nahi kertey.Cursing and DefamationAl-Adab al-Mufrad Al-Bukhariby Imam Bukhari are only taking revenge. If you are same Sheraz Farooqui who is banned in my FB group for hatred comments then it is for your information I didn't banned you. Other admin banned you for your hatred comments.

  113. Farooqui says:

    Listen Faisal Farooq I never wrote a single comment at your face book group remember single word and i am still at ur page. this is not a revenge my friend this is truth pakistan wad fouded in 1947 but Turkey was a Empire Ruled Over da world Hundreds Of years So Dont Compare PAkistan With Turkey. .

  114. Yes Shiraz you are added by me six month ago and you are still there. Other admin deleted your post only.

  115. Anonymous says:

    FaisalF bro u r right we shouldnt look for sex in everythng…(am talking abt the vdeo link of AO which i shared earlier….but the word expressions hez using its not near to sumthing a father will use here in turkey….they r pure flirting comments tht he passd on..aand i didnt translate all of it though…maybe u right abt him maybe im wrong…but here in turkey he is a very controversial personality with many cases on him….is liey dil nahi manta AO ki bato per believe kerney ko ….in some of his live shows he has music on moving on it,showing dance steps to girls(though while sitting)…..with girls sitting with him…all these things doesnt show him anywhere near to hz mehdi…semi nude women sitting around him..its his show he can object on anything if he wants…Allah knows whts right whats not…just wanted to show u his real face,rest is on u to believe or not…May Allah guide us all…ALLah hafiz.. with tasbeeh in hand again flirting with the woman…looks like a princess has come u need a crown…if the necklace had a diamond or zumrut it would be v nice… ur beauty is making me lost my mind….etc etc…after all these (and more)one cant believe him or his quotes…

  116. Anonymous says:

    Faisal Farooq is fully blind in following in Haroon Yahya. He has lost his senses in blindly following Adnan Oktar(Haroon Yahya). He is always busy in defending Adnan oktar,Mustafa Kemal and his love for israeli nation. It seems like that he is hired by someone for doing this stupidness.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Abu jihal ko log abu jihal kyon kehtay hain kia ye oss ke defaming hai. Nahi bhai wo tha he jahilo ka sardar iss liay oss ko sab Abu jihal kehtay thay. It is not defaming someone to expose his real face before ordinary sawab ka kam hai

  118. @Anonymous, Brother I have already discussed about these videos, Hijab, Music, Attaturk, Harun Yahya never claim he is Mahdi etc etc….. I'll not discuss them again….If you have any problem in my first comment related to this article then please point me where I wrote wrong??? Please don't bring unrelated information.I can only refer Harun Yahya because my knowledge is very limited. I can't refer any other scholar. It is my limitation.I hired by Bentley. Please tell your name. Darney ki baat nahi hai. I have no link with anyone.Thanks,Faisal

  119. @Anonymous who said something about Abu jihal…Abu jihal ko defame is liey kia jata hai key Allah ney Quran main us ko defame kia hai. Only Allah aur nabi Muhammad (saas) kisi ko defame kersektey hai. If you read all hadith in my provided link then you may know we can't even defame to unbelievers, mushriks and even their false gods. 321. Abu Hurayra said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was asked, "Messenger of Allah, invoke a curse for us against the idolaters.' He replied, 'I was not sent as a curser. I was sent as a mercy.'"How you know real face. Are you God? Harun Yahya never hide his appearance. All his videos and articles are present in his website for free.

  120. Zia says:

    Atleast i am happy, that the borders of khilafat will reach home town of my ancestors in bihar. :)Nice share.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum WW!The excerpt of the urdu column.."SUB MAYA HAI" written by Mr. NAZIR LEGHARI published in Jang on March 13, 2012…Another Column written by Mr. Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui on QUAID E AZAM on same date may als be seen…(Topic: QUAID E AZAM AUR MAULANA ASHRAF ALI THANVI)

  122. Anonymous says:

    according to hadith's mahdi will emerge from the east and definitely from a muslim country…….more importantly from sunni sector.which muslim country has a huge sunni population?and which country is on the eastern side of maccwa and madina……three question …….one answer….bangladesh.neyamath ullah shah in his prophecy alsa said whole south asia will be merged to one single muslim country and dhaka-kalkata will be the centre of this new islamic emperor under the rule of mahdi.the question is not whether he comes from pakistan or bangladesh but will you obey him if he emerge from bangladesh.i don't have a problem with his nationality…if he comes from pakistan or any other nation as a muslim i will be on his side. palash

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