Aik Sahib-e-Irfan Ki Baatain (Article By Sajjad Mir)

وہ دن دور نہیں جب ہمارے برے دن ختم ہونے والے ہیں

This article is published in ‘Nai Baat’ Newspaper, written by Sajjad Mir Sahib, referring spiritual talks of  Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah Sahib and many other spiritual personalities. (Dated: 18th June 2012)



Note: Islamabad: Eminent poet and Naatkhwan Bashir Hussain Nazim passed away here on Sunday (17 June, 2012) due to cardiac arrest at the age of 75. He was laid to rest at the H-11 Grave. He felt chest pains when he got back home and was taken to Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, where he breathed his last. (Read more here)

A Tribute to Bashir Hussain Nazim Sahib, article on his death, published in Nawa-i-Waqt. (Read here)

Lets listen this great Ashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.) once again.

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34 Responses to Aik Sahib-e-Irfan Ki Baatain (Article By Sajjad Mir)

  1. A Brother provided us this Ph. # of contact person of Syed Sarfraz A Shah Sahib in Islamabad.Mustaqeem Sahib: 0333-5135558On above number you can contact Mustaqeem Sahib who will guide you further about meeting with Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib. Thanks

  2. EYEDEE says:

    Shah Saheb writes so well that it affects both, mind and heart. I admire him. I wish you could write some thing from the chapters i sent about Tariq Durrani Saheb from my books. These books are now available from Welcome Book Port and their phone number is 021-3269581. Durrani Saheb and Wasif Saheb were together. Durrani Saheb says that new era has started in Pakistan from June… there wont be any holy cow now left and all those who are mischief mongers and disruptionist will bite the dust… Eyedee

  3. Thanks you so much dear Eyedee. InshaAllah I will try, and JazakAllah for the glad tiding again InshAllah.Say salam to Durrani Sahib from my side.

  4. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعونAllah Bashir Hussain Nazim Sahib ko Jannat-ul-Firdous mein jagha atta farmaye. Humara sath sirf aik week ka tha. 10 June ko mein ne un par post ki thi aur 17 ko wo wafat pa gaye. Yaqeen nahin aa raha magar mout barhaq hai.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

  7. Inns Lillahe Wa Inna Illahe Rajioon

  8. @ Faqar Sb:That's very true!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Allah Huma Maghfir Lil Momineena Wal Mominaat wal Muslimeena Wal Muslimat Al Ahaye wa Min Hum Al Amwat .

  10. Anonymous says:

    Asslam O Alikum , Nice post . Shah Sb went To Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhihanvi (Quds Sirra Ul Aziz ) and asked him to make dua for Hidayat ,Baba je said u have been given Hidayat By Allah .Mashallah

  11. Anonymous says:

    Listen s sarfraz shah lecture no 93Topic Shabaan ka mahina Ki khair o barkat Urs. Faisal kn

  12. Anonymous says:

    Faqar bhai shah sahib k baray me achi post hai.Aap say guzarish hai ke shah sahib ke kitab ke kuch chapter bhe post kar dain kyonke aksar logon ko shah sahib tak barah e rast rasai nahi, iss say logo ko shah sahib ke shaksyat aur khyalat jannay ka moqa milay ga.

  13. Above article by Muhammad Ibrahim Azmi was already posted on this blog. See link

  14. Anonymous says:

    O people! Be aware false Mehdi in prepration

  15. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymus ,who do u think is preparing to claim mehdi? pls share with us.Ahmed

  16. Anonymous says:

    Aslaam Aleykum,ye jumla bohat bhari hey apni jaga aik haqiqat hey, qaabl e tawajjo hey, waqaee hamey hosh k saath rehna chahye kahi kisi fitney me na parr jaain . @ Anonymous " O people! Be aware false Mehdi in prepration "ku k exact ye waqat hazrat imam mahdi a.s. ka nahi hey, un k zahoor se pehley abhi bohat se waaiqaat honey hain, maslan , – pakistan me islamic rule ka nifaaz hoga,- us k baad ghazwa hind hoga, – us k baad great world war 3 hogi, – ghazwa hind k foran baad world war 3 hogi, – in sab waaiqaat k runuma honey me kaafi arsa lag skta hey- lekin ghazwa hind k waiqa honey me shayad bohat kam arsa hey.aur world war 3 atomic war hogi, atomic asraat k khatam honey me bhi kaafi arsa lag skta hey. atomic asraat khatam hongey to hazrat imam Mahdi a.s. zaaher hongey , un k dour me jang talwaro aur nezo se lari jaaigi, haan ye zaroor hoskta hey k is mojuda dour me hazrat Imam Mahdi a.s. ka naaib zaaher ho aur umeed hey k wo Naaib Pakistan me hi zaaher hoga, jo yaha islamic rule naafiz karey ga aur usi ki command me Ghazwa hind lara jaye , wallaho aalamo bissawaab.

  17. "Sukoot tha parda dar jis ka woh raaz ab aashkaar ho ga!"

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Asalaam Alaikum,Brother time of Imam Mahdi and his helpers like Mansoor will be same. Mansoor (Shueb bin Salah) will have political and military power. They all will appear or came to know in same period.@"Pakistan me islamic rule ka nifaaz hoga"Imam Mahdi se Pahley pori dunea main kahi bhi Islam nifaaz nahi hoga.@"us k baad ghazwa hind hoga" Hadith se sabit hai key Imam Mahdi Ghazwa-e-hind key leya lashker bhaijey gai. Ye jab hi hoga jab un ke paas political aur military power hogi.@"us k baad great world war 3 hogi"Romans aur Muselmano key dermyan Muhayda (treaty) key totney ka baad buhat bari jang ho gi. Ye Imam Mahdi key zahir honey key baad hi ho ga. @"ghazwa hind k foran baad world war 3 hogi"Yes ye ayek hi zamaney main hogi @"in sab waaiqaat k runuma honey me kaafi arsa lag skta hey"Ye sab agley 10-20 salon main ho jaey ga @"lekin ghazwa hind k waiqa honey me shayad bohat kam arsa hey."ghazwa hind bhi isi zamney main hoga@"world war 3 atomic war hog"Imam Mahdi aur Isa (as) atomic war honey sey bacha ley gey Insha'Allah. They will come to stop wars.@"un k dour me jang talwaro aur nezo se lari jaaigi"Talwar aur nezey aaj key missile and guns hai@"Imam Mahdi a.s. ka naaib zaaher ho aur umeed hey k wo Naaib Pakistan me hi zaaher hoga"Imam Mahdi a.s key 313 helpers hongey. Mansoor ka Taluq Khurasaan se hoga. Islamic rule sirf Imam Mahdi (a.s) aur Isa (a.s) nafiz karey gey. Mansoor Sufyani ko finish karey ga aur Imam MAhdi key ley rasta hamwar karey ga, Insha'Allah

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well its interesting!! F.S

  21. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing this phone number. jazakallaha

  22. Anonymous says:

    aameen ya rubbulaalemeen!

  23. Anonymous says:

    mashallaha , lucky chosen ones!

  24. Are we on collision course? Time to get ready!

  25. @"CENTURY KE WAST MAY"Allah raises Mujadid at start of Islamic century. "Allah shall raise for this Ummah at the head of every century a man who shall renew (or revive) for it its religion."—Sunan Abu Dawood, Book 37: Kitab al-Malahim [Battles], Hâdith Number 4278.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Konse raaz aaskhaar ho gain …. Abhi tu bohat lamba safar para hai.Hafiz

  27. TARIQ says:

    earnestly waiting, janab kab razz se parda uthay ga

  28. Anonymous says:

    i phoned MUHTARAM mr Mustaqeem sahib. he would not give janab syed s a shah sahib number , he only recommend website and to send text msg at this number which he would pass on to him. i am looking SYED sahib direct contact number if somebody have it plz?

  29. saqibkhan says:

    World War3 kay bad ghazwa e hind hoga Boht Nazdeek hay Inshallah ,Worldwar 3 mein muslims boht few tadaat mein reh jayenge,Jis kay baad imam mahdi Muslmano kay Madad k liye zahir hngy khuda kay hukm say,

  30. s.khan says:

    WorldWar3 Would Be between Agents Of Muslim-zions, And Agents Of jews-zion,Simply ww3 would Be Between Black magic And White magic, These White And Black magic Will Confront Each Other In Such Away That Muslim world And The State Of Jew Will be completely Destroy each other (this Will Be part-1 Of worldwar3) The war will bring nothing safe in his way&Ww3 would be between athiests And Freemassons This Will be A greatest Cold War , Black Magic will Use muslims, And White Magic Will Use jews , north to south, east to west war will cover All over the worldAnd People will Obeserve That' the war is between Jews And Muslims only, But No That Will Be A greatest Drama Of hollywood, the satanic And Dajjalic power is Behind war and behind Curtains,I swear If The stage Game of zion over(if agents of every muslim country completed This big game for sake of lucifirains) if All complete Then Remember NoT A single muslim Will offer namaz freely,not they will Allow Quran in our mosque and homes, Not would anyone go to hajj, every where muslims would ban, they will slaughter Us Every where freely,just like goats and sheeps…..They Format israel For ww3 They Format Muslim brotherhood(akhwan alal muslimeen redical muslims) And Bring Revolutions in thier countries just only For Worldwar3,This Is RealityAnd this Wil happen Soon And Beleave me this Will happen very soon ww3 will be only for To bring The lucifirian Doctarine And Bring thier meesiahkh (dajjal) to the real worldThe second Part Of ww3 will be lead by Imam mahdi And Essa Ibn e maryam,

  31. Anonymous says:

    couldnt get it , sorry , muslims r already in constant state of war,are nt tney? muslims r killed in every country u name it, pakistan dron attacks, afghanistan , russian new states, burma ,palestine india , kashmir , middle east countries . u know millions muslims killed in iraq , wt s happening in libya ,egypt n syria , muslims are slaughterd n burned in african countries too ,like nigeria ,so what really u want to say mr ,s khan?

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