Khorasan Aur Ghazwa-e-Hind (Articles)


Khorasan Aur Ghazwa-e-Hind (خراسان اور غزوہ ہند)

Sources: 1) Humariweb article  2) Urdusky article

Kya Ghazwa-e-Hind Paish Aane Ko Hai (کیا غزوہ ہند پیش آنے کو ہے)

Columnist Muhammad Bilal Ghauri writes in Daily Mashriq


Note: Some readers might show concern over the statement “Pakhtuns of Afghanistan/Pakistan are lost tribes of Bani Israel” by Najeem Shah in first article posted above. Another reference to this statement is added below from the article ‘Ye Dozakh’ Hi To Hai’ By Saad Ullah Jan Barq, Express Newspaper. (Dated: 12 March 2012)

Now it is up to readers to agree or disagree with this claim/research of columnists.


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41 Responses to Khorasan Aur Ghazwa-e-Hind (Articles)

  1. Please click on the 2nd article to enlarge it little bit. By default the font is very small.

  2. EYEDEE says:

    Nice articles. But let all of us know that before desiring anything one must deserve. Muslims must follow the life our beloved prophet Muhammad Mustafa ( Peace be Upon Him ) and his worthy companions whose character dominated their preachings.It would be difficult to agree to this far feteched thesis that Pakhtuns of Afghanistan are lost tribe of Israel. Jews are very evolved people as far as world of Science and Arts are concerned . Think of Jews like Alferd Nobel, Madame Currie, Louis Pasture,Karl Marx, Einstein.Wolfgang Mozart, Rothschild, Van Braun and Freud. We don't find such personalities not only among Pakhtuns but entire Muslim world in current years are devoid of such illustrious personalities

  3. Dear Eyedee,I have added another reference to this statement from Saad Ullah Jan Barq's article above. Please see point no. 3 at the end of post. This article of Saad Ullah Jan Barq was published in express newspaper on 12 March 2012. (Pls read underlined lines)So history of such claims is old. More info is needed before accepting/rejecting it.As far as what you said about following the life of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Peace be Upon Him) and His companions, this must be our foremost and first preference. JazakAllah

  4. Asalaam Alaikum, Nice article about Dr. Israr Ahmed's view about Ghazwa-e-Hind. His lectures about this topic are present in… Three points from my side…- Khurasaani people have separated in different areas in last 1400 years.- Mughals are not only from Chengez Khan or Mongols. They are also from Central Asian Turks i.e Khurasaan. Imam Mahdi will be also from Bani-e-Israel. He will have blood from both Bani Ismael and Bani Israel.Thanks,Faisal

  5. Anonymous says:

    eyedee, i stand corrected but all the famous names you have mentioned are of recent times. is it not the case that these notable people achieved what they achieved when they continued the rsearch that muslims had started? also, they contunied the work when it was downtime (zawaal) for muslims (be they arabs or afghans or persians).–aali

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mohammed:nice artical

  7. Anonymous says:

    so what s the difference it makes to be from Bani israel etc …,,Allah gave us BIRTH where He wanted us to be born,,,,,we need to follow our RASOOL ALLAH SALAHU ALAIH WASALAM s teachings in these matters rather Heightening some ethnic race…I am your blog s FAN ,,but such stuff makes me feel low about our basic concepts…(btw i myself Pathan from Maternal side ,,but this is not the matter of proud its just because of ALLAH,if He wanted i might have been born in Negro family….Anyway there is large majority of South asians who are somehow related to Pathan qabails like yousuf zai )

  8. Dear Anonymous, It makes no difference at all. I just posted first two articles but when Eyedee showed some concern over a statement, I added another reference. Just shared the information which was in my knowledge. That's All.

  9. Khan says:

    Assalam o AlaikumMashAllah good articles "Pakhtuns of Afghanistan/Pakistan are lost tribes of Bani Israel"I found an interesting and extensive research article regarding the origion of the Pukhtun nation i recommend to read the complete page with concentration. The link about the Pakistan's relation with Bani Israel is below totaly agree with brother@",Allah gave us BIRTH where He wanted us to be born,,,,,we need to follow our RASOOL ALLAH SALAHU ALAIH WASALAM s teachings in these matters rather Heightening some ethnic race…"

  10. Khan says:

    Brother regarding the statement "Pakhtuns of Afghanistan are lost tribe of Israel" please read the article in the link below, although i can't verify the authenticity of the information given in this article but i recommend to read it for information."Think of Jews like Alferd Nobel, Madame Currie, Louis Pasture,Karl Marx, Einstein.Wolfgang Mozart, Rothschild, Van Braun and Freud."You know brother the majority of people in the above names were Freemason. I agree that major political and technological changes in the face of earth occur due to jews or freemason like the system of capitalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and democracy but these systems serve the agenda of Jews it does not give any benefit to common man.And regarding the achievements of muslims in current age, you can see in the face of Mullah Muhammad Umar of khurasan and his people who survive and defeated the combine technology, wealth, and power of more than 40 advance countries of the world through their "Eman and belief in Allah SWT"The history of the present age is blind but in the future history of islam and the world the name of Mullah Umar will be written in golden words. InshAllahYa Allah musalmano ko Fatah o kamyabi ata farma!Amin

  11. It does not matter if someone is from the family of Prophets or not, what matters is that if they follow the way of Prophets or support the opponents of Prophets! After all Kun'an was the son of Hazrat Nuh AS, and what fate awaited him.Peace be upon whoever follows the guidance from Allah and his Apostle. Ameen sum Ameen…may that be our Pakhtoons, our Sindhis, our Balochs, our Punjabis, our Kashmiris, our Muhajirs our Arabs our Turks our Africans or whoever of any race, culture or country following: "La Iilaha IllAllah Muhammad ur RasulAllah”….

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pathans possess about 50% Aryan blood,as depicted by their DNA.They are closer to Aryan Rajputs and Iranians than any other people.As posted by Barq sahib Israeli ancestry is a myth.Jews never forsake their religion ,however Pathan tribes were Kafirs when Arabs came into contact with them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nazar Jinna di keemia sona karde watt.ALLAH Zaat kareendaai kiya Syed tey kiya Jutt.

  14. It makes difference only for research and analyse future events of end time predicted in Hadiths. Ethnic races like Khurasani, Yemeni, Qatheani, Sufyani, Sayedi, Romans, Hind, Sindh etc are mentioned in Hadiths to help us to identify right events. Above article is only a try to identify Khurasani people who will help Imam Mahdi, Insha'Allah.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Assalamoalikum!Yar ham log kaii dafa fazool behs main pur k apna aur doosron ka waqt barbaad kertaiy hain. Khuda ka Wasta haiy sab say pehlaiy "Quran" ko parho aur samjhaniy aur us pay amal kernaiy ki koshish karo. Ham sab Adam (AS) ki aulad hain aur Adam (AS) matti say banaiy thay. Ham nay tumaharaiy qabeelaiy aur groh banaiy taa kk tum aik doosraiy ki shankaht ker sako aur tum main meraiy anzdeeq behtar woh haiy jo mujh say ziyada derta haiy (yainee taqwaiy main). Jo bhi ALLAH ka qurb hasil kraiy ga, wohee Mehdi, wohee akhir ul zaman. Iqbal (RA) says….ho jis ki khudi pehlaiy bedaarwohee Mehdi, wohe akhir ul zamanandhuaiy kis darja bay taufeeq faqeehanaiy haramkhud badlataiy nahee, Quran ko badal detaiy hainaao yar apnaiy aap ko badlain………duas wassalamoalikum

  16. Dear aali, Scientists are only instruments for all technological advancement. Believe and faith in God open the mind of a human to think more. Atheism, materialism and bigotry close the mind. Technology is a mercy from Allah: can today Muslims can do inventions if some of us are destroying schools and making fatwa of death against students of co-education institutes??

  17. Ghulam Habib says:

    @Faisal Farooqaapki yeh baat bilkul samajh nahai aayi ke middle east se lashkar hindustaan paksitan fatah karen aayega aapne woh hadees Mubarak nahi parhi ke jisme zikar hai ke "Imam Mehdi a.s ki madad ke liye yah se yaani khorasaan se kaale jhande le kar musalman foje chalengi aur unka rasta koi nahi rok sake ga yah tak ke woh kaale jhande baitul muqaddas me nasab kiye jaayenge."to bhai aihl e nazar aur ahadees ki roshni aur zameeni haqaaiq se saaf zaahir hota hai ke awwal ghuzwa hind hoga jisko lead woh Sippa Salaar karega jisne IMAM MEHDI A.S ke duniya waalo par zahoor hone se pehle ana hai . us Ghuwa Hind ke baad jo ke hindsutaan ke khilaaf lari jaayegi jisme aik taraf hindustaan aur american nato foaje jo ke afghanistan me hai to dusri taraf pakistan iran aur afghanistan ke Mujahideen aur china ki support hogi . jisme afghanistan ke mujahdieen daraye kabul ko kaafiro ke khoon se jaari kardenege aur pakistan hindustaan par charaahi kardega aur tamam ittehaadi american foaj afghanistan me mehsoor hojaayegi unke nikalne ka rasta band ho chuka hoga aur draaye kabul unke khoon se bhar jaayega aur yeh time i think boht qareeb aa chuka hai shayed aik do saal me aajaaye. phir is fatah ke baad yaani ghuzwa hind ke baad yeh chaaro mulk aik hojaayenge . yaani PAKISTAN HINDUSTAAN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAN . jo ke aik super power islamic khilafat ka aghaaz saabit hogi aur phir IMAM MEHDI A.S ka zahoor hoga aur yah se foaje unki madad ke liye rawana hongi aur bilaakhir BAITUL MUQADDAS FATAH HOGA .. yeh sab tajzia me ne Ahadees ki roshni aihl e nazar ki paishan goyi aur zameeni haqaaiq ke mutaabiq kiya gaya hai .

  18. Anonymous says:

    Muhammad Bilal ghouri ka sara column hasbay haal program ki translation hai. kam az kam iss tarha kai chorr column nigaron ko tou jaga na dain

  19. Aur Hasb-e-Haal ne kis ki baaton ko program mein byan kiya tha?Asal mein ye Orya Maqbool Jaan ke article se makhooz hai but we should give credit to him for picking up this topic. He also raised some new points.

  20. Khan says:

    Sory typo mistake in my above comment. correctionPathan's relation with Bani Israel is below

  21. Anonymous says:

    Bhai Racism ka issue to na banayay…Agar kisi qoam k baray may kuch achi baatain hain to os ko b sunain..Pathano k sms jokes to khoob mazay say forward krtay ho..Baqi saray pathan in baaton say jannat k haqdar to nai ho gayay…har 1 insan ko os k amal k mutabiq jaza or saza ka maamla hoga…Lekin kuch logo ko apna dill bara karna chahiyay…or sunnay ka hosla hona chiayyaafia

  22. I agree with Sis. Afia. :)har baat ka issue nahin banana chahye agar koi research work kar raha to karne dain. ye to achi baat hai.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hmm, how could it not matter if one was from the Prophet (PBUH) family when it was made forbidden to pay zakaat to them. yes in general terms, tribes/familes/lineages are our pehchaan etc., but when it comes to the our Prophet's family, the generalisation fails. –aali

  24. Anonymous says:

    As Salamu Alaikyum Sorry to take u all away from topic, but u all should see this horrific tv series trailer (NOTE: Women also present in the video, pls kindly ignore watch them.)This trailer depicts difficult situation that befalls on a powerful Nuclear submarine crew, when order to destroy and annihilate PAKISTAN through Nuclear strike(preemptive one mind u..!!!) ASTGFIRALLAH.. their plans, intentions are becoming too obvious now.. brothers. MAY ALLAH BE THE OUR GUARDIAN AND SOLE PROTECTOR.. FOR ALL MUSLIM AROUND THE WORLD.. AAMEEN.remember in your duwaMuhammad

  25. Anonymous says:

    Salam Pakistan@Anonymous Are you ok? Unbelievable.. We don't believe in british or english drama of DNA,,,,read Quran because it full of hints about Children of Prophet Yaqoub (Israel) or Pathans…. Please don't do that again… Would like to introduce yourself????Jazak Allah

  26. Dear brother Ghulam Habib, Asalaam Alaikum,Khurasaan sey lashker Imam Mahdi ki maded ko aey gey Sufyani key Khilaf aur baad main Ghazwa-e-Hind main bhi Shareek ho ga.Ghazwa-e-Hind ki Hadiths is link main majod hai jin main Khurasaan ka ziker nahi hai laekin Khurasani lashker bhi Imam Mahdi a.s. key buhet sey lashkeron main ayek lashker ho ga keunkey Khurasani (Turkic people) seb sey pahley Imam Mahdi ki madad karey gey. 3 main hind ko fatah kareny waley lasker ka mulk Shaam ki taraf wapsi ka ziker hai jaha ye lashker Hazret Isa a.s. ko paey ga. Hazret Mahdi middle east main Khilafat qayem karey gey aur waha sey mukhtalif lashker bhajey gey jin main Khurasani lasker bhi ho sakta hai. Sab lashker sindh aur hind ko fatah karney key baad wapis apney mulkon main chaley Jaey gey. In lashkeron main her qoom ka fard shamil ho ga, Insha'Allah. Sirf ayek ya do mulk Hindustan ko fatah nahi ker sekey gai. Ghazwa-e-Hind will be fought to resolve Kashmir issue and to stop bloodshed of innocents.

  27. Anonymous says:

    tell me one thing.our young generation is breaking records in foreign universities and collages.still we are nowhere!its because not the co education secular education,but islam and iman are your most important weapons

  28. Anonymous says:

    false!pathans have no relation to rajputs.genetically they are closest to israeli tribes.they even have same can black colored rajputs be related to fair colored pathan race?pathan races features closely resemble the bani israeli people,anyone can testify to that

  29. Anonymous says:

    there is a very old islamic tradition.which has a rawayat which says that khurasaan area is Allahs arsenal.whenever he decides to punish a nation He punishes them via true is that.salam on brave people of khurasan,who are steadfast against kufar while rest of muslims are asleep.

  30. Khan says:

    Let me share my own experience. One of our elder(Malak) used to say to (shararty) children that you are the children of Israel that is why you are so naughty(shararty) boys. Keep in mind that this malak has more than 70 in age and have no formal education. Is it only a tradation? or true i do not know

  31. Khan says:

    Brother Baktar e Noor aap ke basharat ka kia howa. Pakistan NATO ke supply line ko dobara khol raha hai ye aik tara ka Afghan musalmano ko qatal karnay ka kill license hai jo Pakistan kafir NATO ko jari kar raha hai. kia aap nahi samajhtay ke Allah iss baray mai hamaray muqtadir logo se koi poch guch karay ga. Islam ke ahkamat to wazih hai, jiss tarah sharaab penay wala,pilanay wala,iss ko tayar karnay wala aur iss ko transportation karnay wala sab gunahgar hai, issi tarah musalmano ko qatal karnay mai madad karnay walay ya musalmano ko rasad puhanchanay walay ya oss ko dosri suhalyat denay walay ke baray mai aap logo ka kia khyal hai. kia yahi Madina e Sani hai?

  32. lekin bazaair dekha jaaye to middle east me aisi koi islami mumlikat nahi hai jo hindustaan fatah karne ki position me ho . haa albatta pakistan iran china is position me hai . dekhiye Imam Mehdi A.S ka zahoor ho chuka hoga lekin duniya waalo par zaahir nahi honge lekin pas e parda to Ghuzwa hind ke supreme commander wohi honge aur sippa salar zaahir (gharb ka badshah jiska zuikr aksar Auliah karam ne kiya hai) saamne zaahir hoga ho sakta hai woh pak foaj ka hi sippa salaar ho . aur dusri baat jesa ke HAZART NAIMATULLAH WALI RA ki paishan goyi hai us se bhi yehi pata chalta hai ke pak iran china afghanistan ke mujahideen mil kar hidndustaan ko fatah karenge aur arab mumalik ke mujahideen turk mujaahideen isme shareek hone ke liye aayenge yaani IMAM MEHDI A.S hi unhe bhejenge lekin Roohni taqat se.

  33. I am not supporting co-education. I am criticizing destroying schools of girls and schools having co-education. You didn't read my full message. I said faith and belief opens our mind. Bigotry closes it.

  34. Anonymous says: is link of that series nuclear submarine "THE LAST RESORT" production start this year from march 2012. MUHAMMAD

  35. Ji bulkul middle east main koi hakumet nahi jo hind ko fatah ker sekti hai. Imam Mahdi ayek nai Khilafat (union of Islamic countries) banaey gey jis mein serey Islamic mumalik shamil hongey jo hind ko fatah kerey gey aut sari zulemana hakoometey khatem kaery gey….. Imam Mahdi majood hai aur un key 313 vazeir bhi majood hai laken ye seb zahir nahi hoey. Her vazeir key bhuet sey madedgar hongey her mulk main…. Hazret Isa a.s. ka bhi nazool ho chuka hai….. Ayek saal main hum bhuet si tabdeelian dekhey gey… Hazret Naimutallah ki pesehngoyia jo hadith key mutabiq hai wo sahi hai. Hadith ka Muqaam bara hai…. China khud muslmanon (east turkminstan / kashger) per zulm ker raha hai. wo muslmanon ki madad kia karey ga….? Baghair physical khilafat aur autority key Ghazwa-e-Hind nahi hosekta….

  36. Rizwan says:

    I remember reading an article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in the early '90's about the issue of the Pathans being one of the lost tribes of Israel (Israel being another name of Yaqub (AS), and the 12 tribes descended from his 12 sons). In the article it mentioned the names of Jewish organizations which had done the research and approached Pathan leaders (I don't know specifically who was approached)to rejoin the Jews, but they were rejected. If anyone want to research this on their own, by going to the archives of the Wall Street Journal.

  37. Anonymous says:

    you are right.khan.not only our rulers but our awaam also share the sin of aiding the kufar in killing the muslims mujahideen.far from madina e saani the present day pakistan has nothing to with islam even.

  38. Khalid says:

    These are only high doses of optimism. With every passing day we pakistani nation is rolling deep and deep in the pit of zillat and slavery.Nothing would change unless we come out from zillat and through these puppets leaders and lethargic system of democracy in the sea.Remember " Khuda oss kom ke halat kabhi nahi badalta na ho khyal jiss ko apni halat ke badalnay ka"O pakistani nation came out from this zillat and let us bury them in the grave of history.Ya Rab ham ko in beghairat aur zalim hukumrano se nijaat hasil karnay ke tofeeq ata farma!Amin Ya Rabbal Aalimeen

  39. Anonymous says:

    AS SALAMU ALAIKYUM we well said GULANM HABIB, i like to know how much time according to your estimation how much time now left for IMAM MAHDI to arrive after conquest of hind. Because i am sure by ALLAH Subhana Wa TA'ALA WILL inshallah u have correctly outline current event transpiring out. pls kindly do answer.. waiting for ur answer.. patiently. Will We able u see meet him.

  40. Anonymous says:

    To add here one more reference; Qais Abdur Rashid (also known as Imraul Qais Khan)- he was a legendary ancestor of the Pashtuns, who traveled from Zhob,[1] present day Baluchistan, Pakistan to Arabia to meet Muhammad and there embraced Islam, before returning to his people and introducing them to the faith.Reference:, Jamal-ud-din Afghani also mentioned in his book on Afghans same Sahabi (R.A) as Jewish.RegardsMansoor

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