Pakistan Will Be Ruled By A Densely Bearded Man With Green Eyes

وہ شخص حالات کو درست کرے گا اور کشمیر کے علاوہ دہلی بھی فتح ہو گا 

Extract from Article “Chonka Dene Wali Paishgoiyan”, Sayara Digest (2001) by Mian Muhammad Afzal. Please read English translation below. Complete article can be found here

Pakistan Will Be Ruled By A Densely Bearded Man With Green Eyes
Translated By Warrior

The intellectual and literary stalwart of the Urdu language Mumtaz Mufti describes a meeting with a woman in his memoirs Alakh Nagri (meaning, The Unseen World). Domiciled in Karachi and having a highly educated background, this lady was known by the name of Atiya. The two met via Qudrat Ullah Shahab, another noteworthy intellectual of Pakistan during the early stages of Ayub Khan’s reign. This was the time when Karachi was the capital city of Pakistan. The respected lady Atiya was blessed with ‘sight beyond sight’ and Mumtaz Mufti records some of her revelations in his book, and excerpt from which is as follows: “ I said, Madam, how is it that you see certain events to be unfolded in future? She smiled and answered. Sometimes I sense them, other times I have visions, still other times, I am told of these events of the future by a voice; and at rare occasions as if a feature film is projected in front of my eyes. I’m only a seer, not a doctor and what ever I see I try to express it in words. Nor do I (Madam Atiya) claim of the certainty of my visions. While I do have these visions of events yet to unfold, I am unaware of their time of occurrence. Whether they will unfold tomorrow are after a decade is beyond the scope of these esoteric and arcane information I receive from my visions.” 

Lady Atiya also informed Qudrat ullah Shahab that conspiracy to overthrow Ayub Khan was taking place. She even pointed out some people who have planned to assassinate Ayub Khan by poisoning him. After furtive investigations, these warnings were recognized to hold veracity and people implicated eventually also confessed of this assassination attempt.

Page 26 

Yet another excerpt from the same book Alakh Nagri bearing coherence to this topic is as under: “Lady Atiya says that certain of my visions are repetitive in nature. I have seen the same visions many times and incessantly but am unaware of its period of manifestation.” Mumtaz Mufti inquired for an example and Lady Atiya replied:
For instance, I have seen many times that Suharwardi will be arrested.” (This event finally took place in Pakistan’s politics). She further added,  
“I have seen many times a green eyed bearded man will assume the leadership of Pakistan. He is very firm and strict in his ways and will be a true dictator. He will come and punish all the malicious elements in our society and will sort them out. I have seen innumerous times that as a result of a very gory war, East Pakistan will be severed from us, and Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan. The geographical boundaries of Pakistan will expand till Delhi and beyond.”
Lady Atiya’s predictions which were unfavorable to Pakistan, i.e. East Pakistan seceding has already been fulfilled. These predictions had been made by the lady ten years before the Dhaka debacle. The same prediction had also been made by Allama Mashriqi so much so that he had also highlighted that it would happen around 1970. Allah grants knowledge to some scholars such that they are at least shown of events that are to be implemented by Allah in the near future. Similarly, Lady Atiya was also a blessed seer and was dispatched information of the Stern bearded green eyed dictator who will straighten out the miss-doings in our society. This portent also somewhat matches those of Nemath Ullah Shah Wali but has yet to manifest itself.


صدر پاکستان کی خالی کرسی، کالا جھنڈا اور موجودہ حکومتی بحران؟


Facebook Comment by Writer Muhammad Iqbal Diwan

Iqbal Diwan She personally told me this all… I had the pleasure of knowing and used to meet her many times in her Phase -2 residence on 8th Street near DHA Club.. her account is available in my two books…She even disclosed me who is NINTY in SHAHABNAMA

She expired in 2004 and is buried in PECHS next to her husband Maujood Saheb, her father Ibrahim Saheb and her daughter SHAHDAB who preceded her in her journey to the eternity.

(Read about NINTY on this blog at Link 1, Link 2


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  1. Above first Image courtesy: Brother Roman Ahsanand thanks for brother Warrior for excellent English translation, InshAllah complete article will be posted with English translations of some important parts.

  2. Farooqui says:

    Kub Aye Ga Green Eyes Walla Abhee Tu Chor Hokoomat Kur Rahey Hey Pata Nahe Aur Kitna Time Lagai ga Allah Knows Better….

  3. Dear All,Please read the comment of Brother Iqbal Diwan added at the end of the post which confirms her prediction. Another proof 🙂

  4. Atiya sahiba lives in DHA Karachi. She is Seer by Birth. (As Javed Chaudhry mentioned in Book Gye Dinon Ke Suraj)

  5. Sorry She was expired by 2004, otherwise she can recongnize that "That Man with Green Eyes and thick beard" 😦 😦 :(Ya Allah….Mehroom-e-Tamasha Ko Phir Dida-e-Beena DeDekha Hai Jo Kuch 'Atiya' Ne 'Mujh' Ko Bhi Dikhla De

  6. Anonymous says:

    Faqar Bhai, Any contact number of this kind lady?Atiya?

  7. "Humain daer ho gyi"She was expired in 2004 and buried in DHA Karachi.

  8. Dear All,Brother Iqbal Diwan sent me important chapters about Mohtarma Atiya today after reading this post. InshaAllah I will do new post day after tomorrow.It has some very important information (New)

  9. Jahanzeb says:

    Thanks for sharing such info..Agar Allah or uskay Rasool(S.A.W) chahty hein to duniya ke koi taqat aesa honey say nahe rook saktee…m happy to read this!!ths is similar to some hadis related to Ghazwa-e-hind

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  11. Brother Faisal, Ninety was not Sheikh Nazim, It is confirm, because Sheikh Nazim QSA is now in nineties but that Saint was in Nineties in 1960 :)Iqbal Diwan Saheh said he knows 'Ninety' Saint as Atiya Sahiba told him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Who WAS Nintey….Please kindly ask iqbL DIWan, please please please…………………. ;.(

  13. sorry buried in PECHS according to Iqbal Diwan.

  14. OK I will send him email tomorrow, lets see whether he discloses his name or not.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Salam PakistanJust to share my personal feelings with you guys about current developments between Pakistan and UK I don't know I am not feeling 100% comfortable. Gillani and Zardari party should be careful. Anyway Insha Allah things are going to change soon in Pakistan for very GOOD. Then Insha Allah everything will be sorted properly, Insha Allah…. Its time for all Pakistanis to come together for the good of ISLAM and please forget about personal issues and disputes… its really time to unite…..Allah Bless all Muslims and all Muslims countries….

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just laugh at you guys, how can you defeat these technologies…check these videos out:Link 1: Laser Weapon (A similar weapon had caused Bhoja Air Crash) 2: Laser Weapon 3: A Tank which gets Invisible tell me honestly what are your chances…very grim situation for you guysGood Luck…oh you need that a lot

  17. Anonymous says:

    Another video to wake up you all…Link: Airborne Laser

  18. Rashid says:

    You don't worry about us. We have all the luck we need. :)Thanks for your concern though.

  19. Brother Faqar,Yes you are right. Age of Sheikh Nazim was 38 (1960-1922). In your first link (Link 1) it is written a personality with name Ninty leaded QudertulAllah Sahab sahib for several years. In all these years name of this saint remained Ninty. So I assumed it is not age but nick name or title of this saint. I am wrong in my assumption :).

  20. Technology can only destroy another technology. Can computer virus harm a bicycle? Can deadly weapons of state of Israel help to destroy stones of Palestinian boys? Any radar system cannot detect these stones…. Atomic weapons of USSR couldn't save her…. They can only kill us using technologies but not defeat us…. When Jews become Muslims and good Christens make alliance with us then we also get all these technologies, Insha'Allah. Islamic Union will have all these technologies.

  21. MAJ says:

    @ Anonymousye technologies tu ALLAH k samnay kuch bhi nhi hein. Abhi recently Japan ki example sb k samnay hy. sb kehtay thy k Japanese ny earthquake proof buildings bnai hein, dosri nations ko in sy hi kuch seekhna chahiay. Lekin kya hua k earthquake aur flood sy un k nuclear rectors aur dosri important buildings sb destroy ho gai. Natural calamities k samnay koi kuch nhi kr skta hy.jahan tk baat hy America ki tu us k baray main boht si predictions hein k wo bhi natural calamaties sy hi khatam ho ga.Mayan civilization ny jo prediction ki thi 12-21-2012 k baray main…tu is main b kafi truth nazar ata hy. lets see what will happen in month of december in American continent…..

  22. Anonymous says:

    To all Pakistanis, I've read a lot about these technologies but what if it won't work?Whey we are depending too much on technology? We have no electricity, no water, Lets try to work without it. What if there is a electric fallout in big apple, do you think they can cope with better then we do? Don't you think these hardships are making us strong. What we need is UNITY, FAITH and discipline. After any nuclear explosion there is no electricity no nothing. At that time only duas work.F.S

  23. Anonymous says:

    Alakh nagri sahab nama perahay huway kafi saal huway tab say may us mujahid kay intizar may hon Allah wo waqt jald laiy Ameen agar Atia 2004 tak hayat theen to kisi aur nay un say rabita kion nahi kia Atia ka ziker sirf MM nay kia hay un kay aur bhi waqiat Alakh nagri may mojod hain

  24. Anonymous says:

    What you guy say about zaid hamid?

  25. Anonymous says:

    HUM LOG HOSH MAY KAB AIAN GAY ?????????????

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hazrat Haji Imdadullah Muhajir makki (RA)Hafiz

  27. Anonymous says:

    In afghanistan we are seeing what happened to these technologies?:) . American soldier's uses pampers … lolHafiz

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Je han hum log dunya ke be hiss tareen qom hain. iss mulk mai kia kuch zulm aur beinsafi hai jo na hoi ho. agar kisi dosry mulk mai ye sab kuch hota to wo log aab tak in jesay choro dakou aur munafiqon ko thikanay laga chukay hotay

  30. Intizar says:

    Mai tassawar ke aankh se oss azeem leader ko dekh raha hon. jiss ka rang gandami hai. oss ke ghanni siah dharhi hai jo ziyda lambhe nahi hai.Aankhein oss ke sabz hain. Wo koi lower rank (sobedar major) ka sipahi hai. aur oss ke umer 40 aur 45 ke darmyan hai. wo mojooda secular aur darpok army generals se behad mukhtalif hai. wo som o salat ka intihai paband hai aur tahajjud guzar hai. wo raat ko ro ro kar apnay Rab se Islam aur Pakistan ke sarbulandi ke duain mangta hai.Mizajan wo sakht geer mashoor hai. wo mujrim ko maaf karnay se ziyada saza dena pasand karta hai. oss ke samnay kese ke jhoot aur munafiqat nahi chalti. wo sab mujrimon ko in ke jaraim ke mutabiq saza dega, chahay wo civilian hukumat ke log hon ye fauj ke generals hon. Wo sher jesay dil ka banda hai. Darna aur compromise oss ke loghat mai shamil nahi.Pakistan mai anarchy phelay gi to wo takeover karay ga.oss ke dor e hukumat mai awam sokun mehsoos karain gae lekin masail aur takaleef bhe zyada honge jiss pe wo inshallah qabo pa lay ga. wo saheeh mano mai Pakistan ko Pakistan bana dega. Inshallah

  31. Anonymous says:

    Very important question arises from the statement of atya"I have seen innumerous times that as a result of a very gory war, East Pakistan will be severed from us, and Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan."In this statement she said that as "A result of a very gory war" it means that in a single war(1971) east Pakistan will be separated from us and Kashmir will be part of Pakistan but as we see the ground situation is different from this statement.Dosry baat onhon ne Nishat e Sanya ke baray mi ke hi ke ye ya to aaj hoga ye 40 saal ke baad. meray khyal se iss statement ke bad to 40 saal kab ke poray ho chukay hain.Lagta hai ke uncle mushi nay sara mamla kharab kar dya hi.

  32. 🙂 :)Link 4: Invisible Pampers urgently needed

  33. Anonymous says:

    Zaid Hamid sab app yaqeenan wo green eye mujahid nahi hai please kisi khushfehmi mai na rahain.Ye jann kar bari hairat hoi ke aap bhe issi blog per apni advertisement kar rahain hai.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Aap ne bari jalde apna name remove kar dya lakin mai nai dekh liya. Faqar sab aap bhe to kuch bolain

  35. @Hafiz Nops, Your guess is wrong, although I also included Him as my choice but…@AnonymousI will tell you in next post 🙂

  36. @F.S.I agree this is blessing in disguise. Now we have nothing to lose. In other words, its commando training of whole Nation.

  37. @AnonymousSomeone said He is Zaid Hamid, another said He is IK, another said He is Zulfikar Mirza, yet another told me He is Sher Muhammad Shah, and yet another told me He is Lasani Sarkar, and yet another said He is Hafiz Saeed and yet another said He is in UK, or in America or in Turkey or in Afghanistan………. its a long list which can be extracted from comments of this blog :)That's why as blog admin, I never took name of anyone ever because I am waiting for Amr-e-Elahi which will appear at last. May be anyone of above or may be any one which is still hidden.Who I am to decide let the destiny decide. I know just one thing this time He will be chosen by direct intervention of fate. Lets wait for that time with patience.

  38. Yet another 'Wo koi lower rank (sobedar major) ka sipahi hai', see comment above by intizaar. You see another added in list. Now lets see whom Allah chooses.

  39. No Its correct, that time will come in future, I will post another dream by Atiya after few days that's also interesting.

  40. See my comment below in which I provided the list.

  41. Anonymous says:

    لوح محفوظ است پیش او لیاءازچہ محفوظ است محفوظ ازخطاءIn the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the MercifulI see the power of the CreatorAnd I see the plight of the age.I do not say all this by reading the stars: Nay! I relate what God Almighty has told me. In Khorasan, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq; I see sedition and wars. Every one is in a wretched state, Even the highest and the best. I hear a strange story: I see grief and sorrow everywhere. Pillage, plunder and massacre by numerous armies, I see left and right. I see many men of little importanceMasquerading as teachers and scholars.درخراسان ومصروشام وعراق فتنہ کارزار مے بینممیں خراسان اور مصروشام و عراق میں جنگ کا فتنہ دیکھہ رہا ھوںہمہ راحال مے شود دیگر گر یکے در ہزار مے بینمسب کاحال بر گشتہ ہو جاے گا اگر چہ ایک کو ہزار میں میں دیکھہ رہا ہوںغارت و قتل و لشکر بسیار از یمیں و یسار مے بینمقتل وغارت اور بے شمار فوج دائیں بائیں میں دیکھہ رہا ہوںہمہ راحال مے شود دیگرگر یکے در ہزار مے بینمسب کاحال بر گشتہ ہو جاے گااگر چہ ایک کو ہزار میں میں دیکھہ رہا ہوںhafiz

  42. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar,then pray that keh woh sb khud hi ye blog perh ker apne aap ko zahir ker dain.. lolHafiz

  43. Anonymous says:

    To all Pakistanis, After reading this post and doing little bit of research, it will be a waist of time if we sit around and wait. Allah knows best how that little time as we speak, will come. Preparing our selves for that time will be beneficial. Now the question is how? there are some action that we can take but on individual level. Besides praying and sadaqas what i think is becoming independent by growing vegetables in our lawn/balcony, dig a well, solar panels(only once, its a investment) coops for hen/turkey. Believe me! when first I've heard this idea i was laughing but now a days in these circumstances it will be a blessing. these are only some of my ideas but someone have any other idea, it will be good. F.S

  44. Ho sakta hai keh woh iss blog per honay wali guftagu aur sargarmion say aagah ho! 🙂

  45. @Faqar,People are disappointment from current corrupt system so they are waiting for any Masiha who change this system. Brother you have posted multiple times about leader having green eyes and thick beard. So people are matching these two attributes with their leaders. It is natural… Ahdiths also tell us Imam Mahdi will have green eyes and thick beard…. It is also possible multiple companions of Imam Mahdi may have same two attributes…. If we look our current leaders and scholars then yes some of them have same attributes like Sheikh Nazim, Zaid Hamid, Adnan Oktar and many more present in your list…. I agree with you we cannot point anyone before his success…. Many other attributes are also present in Ahdith. Prophet Muhammad (saas) didn't told these signs that we start pointing these sign to our beloved leaders. These signs are helpful for excluding fake claims like claim of Ghoher Shahi, Mirza Ahmed, Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani who attacked Kaaba in 1979, and many others claims….We can only understand these signs only after their occurrence like Motherma Ayta Begum said she have seen black flags in chair of Presidency. It has fulfilled as Black Water has capture our Presidency. It is also compatible with Hadith which tells us that black flags will shed blood which is not done earlier in our lands where treasures are present i.e. oil in Iraq and minerals in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Allah Know Best

  46. Thanks Brother Hafiz, InshaAllah I will come back to Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (ra)'s foretelling once again after few more posts.

  47. To All,InshaAllah when He will come, I will do this post again with his PHOTO.Until then we should pray and work hard for the betterment of our country.

  48. Dear Faqr Sb:Blogger service may not be there at that time… USA and many of its companies such as Google (which owns this service we are hosted on) would go bankrupt by then… So no Microsoft, no Google by then, at least in their current form…Also that person won't be none of the above, as whatever I have learnt about him is that he would be "Mujaddid-e-Wakt" and "Pir-e-Zamana". In my opinion, recent history (last 4-5 hundred years) should not have seen such a personality at least.

  49. Ashfaq Ahmed also died in 2004… May be Allah took them as He didn't want them to see their country in such a bad shape…

  50. Anonymous says:

    kesa lamha ho ga woh jub uss ki pic ke saath yeh post dekhain gay it would be a day to remember INSHALLAH

  51. فیصل says:

    جناب ایڈمن صاحب آپ اقبال صاحب کی دی ہوئی انفارمیشن یہاں کب شیئر کریں گے؟دوسری بات جہاں تک نائینٹی کی بات ہے تو کافی لوگوں کا خیال ہے کہ وہ حضرت قطب الاقطاب خواجہ بختیار کاکی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ تھے۔

  52. han mera bhi abi tak yehi khayal hi k wo Hazrat Qutab ud Din r.a thay.. Allah knows best

  53. Zaki Khalid says:

    Assalamu Alaikum.I would like to reveal that "90" is none other than Sufi Barkat Ali sahab (rehmatullah alayh). This I was told by a friend at Dar ul Ehsan (Lahore division) and by a close associate of Barkat ali sahab. Also, I am honored to have personally met Q.U. Shahab sahab's niece. She also confirmed that it was Sufi Barkat Ali sahab. A khadim at Dar ul Ehsan Samundri Road was once cleaning the old study room used by Babaji and stumbled across rusty papers which were later found to be copies of the letters which Q.U. Shahab (rehmatullah alayh) used to receive.Regards.

  54. InshaAllah I will share this information today evening provided everything goes perfect (i.e if there will be no whole day loadsheding)

  55. Wa Aliekum AssalamLets see what Mohtarma Atiya said about it. I will add that chapter today.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Bhai me ne aap ke mashwaray pe amal kartay hoi ghar mai aik chota sa baghecha bana liya hai jiss mai me nay sabzyan bhendi, tori, kado, bengan ,mirch tamator weghara oga liya hai.

  57. Please read last paragraph of Orya Maqbool Jaan's article today what Saints have said him

  58. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading all this and waiting for a very long time, the time period mentioned by the saint have long since passed and still no sign of glory of Pakistan , I think we have been wasting our time on this blog and nothing more

  59. I tell you one thing, this is one of the signs mentioned in books that even persons who are waiting His arrival will go in disbelieve also and become hopeless. Now I am observing this situation and my believe becomes more firm that His arrival is near.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Today's times dilemma is that there are so many blogs, so many forums that almost none of them has any credibility anymore. I do understand that but i have understood one thing.1) More back in history one goes more facts were written lesser opinions were written. As education was not so common. So more truth can be found in old literature. And old literature was not like today very few books came out every year and writers were also experts on a large number of subjects not only specialist of maybe one small part like nowadays.2)If one takes out novels and curriculum books. What is left is laws, written manuscripts from different times. What happened when which is more reliable. But try to find the original and read yourself otherwise one will be lost in opinion of someone who wrote it today.3)Certain myths have appeared nowadays and before spreading them further confirm them. My highly educated brothers had doubts about even if allama iqbal ever gave the idea of pakistan. I got hold of his certain letters and yest his letters confirm many things. 4)Certain people were linked in certain eras. Either they were teachers or students of each other or they were at the same place working together. If one does not find complete account in one person's writings one gets some detail in the other person's writings.

  61. Anonymous says:

    One point should be noted that this leader of Pakistan will not be Imam Mehdi.Imam Mehdi will be appear in Mecca during Hajj. This leader of Pakistan will be also a pious and good person.

  62. Allama Iqbal not only gave the idea of Pakistan, in fact he was the founding father of Pakistan. Don't worry about public opinion, it does not effect Orders and Plans of Allah (SWT).

  63. sidra noman says:

    our emman is enough for these flags from khorasan and pakistan Army would take good care of u

  64. kashif says:

    black flags will emerge from khurasan,when they emerge reach them even if you have to crawl on ice as imam mehdi will be among them.(hadeeth)and now we know that these black flags are of taliban mujahideen.same black flags will inshalah be installed on pakistan then it will progress

  65. kashif says:

    get out of your dreams.soobaidars never occupy governmets…generals do.and our geberals you know work for whom

  66. mnak.nabeel says:

    Damn true even I see people who were very hopeful of something about to happen have gone in a feeling of despair.Now the feeling is "Nothing's happeing" but thats one of the major signs of the Arrivals.:)

  67. Anonymous says:

    I also have green eyes 🙂 but I live thousands of miles away from Pakistan 😦

  68. Farooqui says:

    Bhai Green Eyes kee Itni Publicity Hogaye Hey Lagta Hey General Kyani Green COlour Kay Lense Laga Kur Kaee Khudd Market Mey Na Ajaye…

  69. Asad says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    It really funny about green eyes i myself have zoomed into eyes to see who has green eyes but havent found yet:) One day someone will have green eyes by a chance and we will be clinging to that person.

  71. Anonymous says:

    If some one come up with GREEN LENZE? THEN?

  72. Anonymous says:

    All dear readers,Life is not that so easy as you are expecting by reading all above future predictions, it is something more than that and needs to be discussed and understoon in detail. we all must work now at this very present moment to change the future, we need to put our efferts. future is Ghaib and remember that Ghabi is always Ghaib you will never know it before it really happens or otherwise it will take place when you will forget it. Alos we dont understand properly the symbolic language used for short explancation of mega events to happen. just think for Gree Eyes.RegardsHabib Bukahri

  73. 11th Warrior says:

    Kaafir hey tou Shamsheer pey karta hey bharosaa, Momin hey tou betegh bhi larta hey sipahi…An infidel puts his trust in his sword, A momin only in Allah. Let the fight begin! bring a lot of bodybags with you!As for the invisible tanks and lasers, please use them in Afghanistan and be victorious there, then we will talk about your weapons prowess!

  74. 11th Warrior says:

    A few days back I had the following short dream…I am standing in a desert, and a slight heated wind in blowing, I start to walk up towards a person standing on a hill. As i approach him, I recognise that he is Sarkaar e Do Aalam Rasool Allah SAW. He SAW has a grim expression in his blessed face. Ans he is wearing very thick armour covering all his SAW blessed body. From his SAW blessed feet to his blessed face. He is wearing a helmet as well. He SAW is also carrying a thick and big curved sword in his blessed hands. My dream ends and I wake up.Since last 6 years, I have had 6 dreams where I have also had breif conversations with Rasool Allah SAW. Some messeges in the conversations are clear cut while others I cannot understand. LA ILLAHA ILLALAH MOHAMMED DUR RASOOL ALLAH SAW.PLEASE RECITE DAROOD SHARIF.

  75. Khalid says:

    MashAllah! Aap ko RASOOL ALLAH SAW ke ziyarat naseeb hoi mubarik ho.I humbly request you brother to please share with us about your dreams of RASOOL ALLAH SAW and what conversations you have with RASOOL ALLAH SAW in those dreams.

  76. Dear Bhai Khalid,As much as I would like to share all the dreams, some are only relevent for my circumstances and unanswred questions. I have only shared these dreams with less then 10 very close people. Please remember me in your prayers. I pray for Faqar brother and Baktar e Noor brother and all of you that we get to play a positive role in Allah's GRANDEST and FINAL plan…. The last Ghazwa!

  77. Btw, mey aik bohot hi aam sa dunya daar qism ka aadmee hoo. And Im always stupified and dumbfounded and reduced to tears when ever I think that Rasool Allah SAW blessed me with these exalted visits. Allah hum sab ke gunah SAW ke sadqey maaf karey, Ameen.

  78. Anonymous says:

    pata nhi yar yeh sare khwab he hai. kash muje wo JINN mil jaey jise mai 8 saal pehle mila tha us ne mere bare mai do batain batai thi aur wo 7 saal mai puri hui jase us ne batai. ager wo hota to muje yaqeen hai wo lazmi ic bare mai bata deta aur wo bilkul sahi batata.ALLAH khair kare

  79. Anonymous says:

    The Green Eyed Person would never write columns in some newspaper or he would never try to publicise himself. He will emerge at the right time, most likey someone wih very low profile. Someone with very low profile, some ordinary guy living among us, would be the green-eyed man.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum!I have noticed a dense BEARED MAN present in 153rd Corp Commanders Coneference held on September 13, 2012 may be seen at:

  81. Talha says:

    Allah Ta'ala sent Jibraeel (A.S) from the seventh heaven to earth to save Prophet Yousuf(Joseph)(A.S) falling in the well … you people haven't even gone above the first heaven yet … and it takes about 13.7 billion light years to get to the edge of the KNOWN universe (about 3%) … that's included in the first heaven … so how many light years is it from seventh heaven to first? Jibraeel (A.S) was here in a matter of miliseconds or even less … Have that technology?There are two angels with you at this very moment, invisible. And a total of 16 billion with evey human on this planet (considering a population of 8 billion) … Have that big an army?Allah has angels whose heights are such that the distance between their one of their heels and ankles is 500 years … Have the power to create such beings?The angel of death can get to anywhere in the world in miliseconds to pick up souls … Have that speed?

  82. Tariq Iqbal says:

    nabi akam saw predicted ghazwatul hind aulia allah have predicted such events in recent history molana allah yar khan rh the mujadid of the sufi oder naqshbandiyah owaisia predicted the fall of ussr at its height and pedicted pakistan will see no major war except ghazwatul hind molana muhammad akram awan of munara succesor to the above mentioned order has been talking abt the ghazwa since decades and lately zaid hamid has been zealously talking abt it .. it sure is coming lets hope in our life times..AND IT WILL BE A GHAZAWAH.muhammad tariq iqbal

  83. emranulhaq says:

    Faqr Bhai! yar i need to talk you! send me ur number i need to share something

  84. emranulhaq says:

    Yar Faqr Bhai i need to share something with you please do contact me!

  85. Anonymous says:

    These are already defeated in Afghanistan. Here is another good question: what are the chances of america to crush pakistan in near or even far futur?

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