Inqilab Ki Fasal Pakne Ke Din By Oriya Maqbool Jaan

 انقلاب کی فصل پکنے کے دن اور کوے ٹانگنے کا موسم

Oriya Maqbool Jaan is constantly writing about change in Pakistan and a new era of Justice. His below column reminds us two other columns posted earlier in this blog. Lets first read extracts from these columns.

Astrologer Prof. Ghani Javaid’s Predictions by Haroon-ur-Rashid (Read complete article here)

Darvesh Irfan-ul-Haq Sahib used same wording as Oriya Maqbool Jaan in below article
Extract from column Irfan-ul-Haq – Darvesh Danishwar

Below Article published in Express Newspaper (04 August 2011)

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One Response to Inqilab Ki Fasal Pakne Ke Din By Oriya Maqbool Jaan

  1. AUK says:

    HOW TO START A REVOLUTION It is suggested that a Mass Contact Movement be started by the group with following parameters: OPERTION GREEN & WHITEGeneral: The members of Change (Revolutionary / Inqualibi) group become a synergy team to spread the message i.e. aim, mission & objectives of the Revolution to general public through the “Change Agents” already existing in the country. It is a proactive approach for the group to lead & spear-head the Revolution. It would be a force multiplier to achieve the objectives in much shorter time because it would start a sort of Chain Reaction. Aim: To make Pakistanis aware of looming threat to Pakistan existence as a state.Mission: To bring Change in the system of government by getting rid of Corrupt & Hypocrite Leaders through Non-Violent means. To make Pakistan the strongest nation of the world both economically & militarily.Objectives: To strive hard through Non-Violent means i.e. Voice & Hand (pen) to dislodge the present corrupt ruling gang of criminals as well as stop the path of those opposition leaders in waiting to loot. To establish a Balanced, Moderate, Modern, Muslim Welfare State run by Learned, Knowledgeable, Righteous and Leaders with Integrity. To implement the Ideology of Pakistan by making reforms in social, moral, legal, political etc. on the basis of Holy Quran and Vision / Ideals of Allama Iqbal & Father of Nation Quaid e Azam M A Jinnah.Change Agents: To contact. cooperate & coordinate with those existing entities / organizations who are working with same aim, mission, & objectives viz NGOs, Revolutionary / Inqualibi groups (less Jihadi Organizations run by Illiterate Religious Fanatics, who are fatalist), Students, Teachers, Writers, Poets, Lawyers, Newspapers, Journals, Opinion makers etc. Material of Message: Holy Quran Verses on social, moral, political, legal etc. matters; speeches of Allama Iqbal, Father of Nation Quaid e Azam M A Jinnah; Napoleon, Sun Tzu etc., Revolutionary writing, proverbs & maxims relevant to our conditions & Revolutionary poetry e.g. of Allama, Faiz A Faiz, Rumi etc.Tools / Methods: Use word of mouth / personal contacts with friends, relatives, students, teachers etc. use of all means of communication available today e.g. Publication of Revolutionary / Inspirational/ Motivational Articles, Poems, Proverbs, Maxims, etc. in Newspapers, Journals, Slogans, banners, handouts, emails, sms, radio, TV, etc. Walks, Sit-ins, Protests at important places on current problems & challenges facing the country. Cautions: Not to approach serving personnel of armed forces, or fanatic jihadi orgs, & not to contact senior retired personals who are mostly on rolls of Intl Agencies.Note: It will be a voluntary / honorary service for sake of Pakistan.

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