Spiritual Era, Pakistan & The Awaited One (Secrets of Creation of Pakistan – Part 4)

روحانی دور، پاکستان کی اہمیت، امام مہدی کی نسبت اور احادیث مبارکہ
Spiritual revolution in Pakistan will effect whole world
Letter of Saint Advocate Ghafoor Malik from Book: Alakh Nagri by Mumtaz Mufti
Advocate Ghafoor From Book Haqeeqat-e-Abdal-o-Rijal-e-Ghaib By Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamdani
From Book: Guftugu By Wasif Ali Wasif (r.a.)
Read Online Book Guftugu 18
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Spiritual Lineage of Imam Mehdi (a.s) from Book Tohfa-e-Zawwariya 
(Maktoobat Shah Ahmad Saeed r.a.)
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Below Extracts from Book Mehr-e-Muneer, Pages 600 & onwards
آنحضرت صلی الله علیہ  وسلم نے قیامت تک کے تمام واقعات کی پیشگی اطلاع دے دی ہے اور ان احادیث میں بڑی بڑی تاکیدات اور نشانیاں ہیں.  
Maulana Rumi (r.a.) says in Masnavi (Pages 617-618 of Book Mehr-e-Muneer)
Hadith about Arrival of Imam Mehdi (a.s)
Hadith about Arrival of Imam Mehdi (a.s) from Mishkat Shareef, Vol 3
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Some More Ahadith-e-Mubarika about Imam Mehdi (a.s)
Only Solution (A Kaleem/A Hakeem)
Last Couplets of Allama Iqbal, Book Armaghan-e-Hijaz (Farsi)

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