Spiritual Era, Pakistan & The Awaited One (Secrets of Creation of Pakistan – Part 4)

روحانی دور، پاکستان کی اہمیت، امام مہدی کی نسبت اور احادیث مبارکہ
Spiritual revolution in Pakistan will effect whole world
Letter of Saint Advocate Ghafoor Malik from Book: Alakh Nagri by Mumtaz Mufti
Advocate Ghafoor From Book Haqeeqat-e-Abdal-o-Rijal-e-Ghaib By Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamdani
From Book: Guftugu By Wasif Ali Wasif (r.a.)
Read Online Book Guftugu 18
Download Book PDF here
Spiritual Lineage of Imam Mehdi (a.s) from Book Tohfa-e-Zawwariya 
(Maktoobat Shah Ahmad Saeed r.a.)
Download Book PDF here
Below Extracts from Book Mehr-e-Muneer, Pages 600 & onwards
آنحضرت صلی الله علیہ  وسلم نے قیامت تک کے تمام واقعات کی پیشگی اطلاع دے دی ہے اور ان احادیث میں بڑی بڑی تاکیدات اور نشانیاں ہیں.  
Maulana Rumi (r.a.) says in Masnavi (Pages 617-618 of Book Mehr-e-Muneer)
Hadith about Arrival of Imam Mehdi (a.s)
Hadith about Arrival of Imam Mehdi (a.s) from Mishkat Shareef, Vol 3
(Download here)
Some More Ahadith-e-Mubarika about Imam Mehdi (a.s)
Only Solution (A Kaleem/A Hakeem)
Last Couplets of Allama Iqbal, Book Armaghan-e-Hijaz (Farsi)

The Last Post

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  1. Dear All, InshaAllah one day people will understand the meanings of the posts and find the 'Awaited One' through signs mentioned in Ahadith-e-Mubarika and revealed by Auliya Allahand, remember,Pakistan is the biggest sign for those whom Allah will choose for this dutyAllah (swt) bless you all for your visits on this blog.Fi Aman AllahThe Last Post

  2. Anonymous says:

    great work but what do u mean by last post. are u closing this blog. and please tell me when the golden era of our country will start. when i tell my cousin abt this blog he laugh on me and say these people are crazy. Pakistan cant survive bcoz kufr ki hakumat chal sakti hai mager zulm ki nahi. and our leaders are most ZALIM persons. please advise some kind of nuskha for my cousin GOD BLESS YOU ME AND ALL MUSLIMS. THANKS

  3. Dear Faqar,My last comment in this last post.I'll appreciate Faqar-e-Ghayoor for running this blog. Jazak'Allah… You gave us hope for glorified future of Pakistan and tolerated criticism from some fellows. You not only allowed all type of comments but also remained neutral in all discussions. Your research and hard work is marvelous. Finding and reading these books was very difficult for us who have less knowledge about spirituality and literature of blessed Aulia Allah.@AllI also thought to leave commenting in this blog during this Ramadan…. If any my comments hurt any one then please forgive me. I also forgive those who abused me and my teacher….I'll repeat faqar's statement… "InshaAllah one day people will understand the meanings of the posts and find the 'Awaited One' through signs mentioned in Ahadith-e-Mubarika and revealed by Auliya Allah"Regards,Muhammad Faisal Farooq

  4. Anonymous says:

    what do you mean by last post. are you discontinuing this blog

  5. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, Darood-e-Pak is the key for all our successes.Faqar Bhai, you have done a great job with this blog. You are a true soldier! May ALLAH bless you..Regards,Saad

  6. Dear Faqar -e- Ghayoor May Allah Bless U As Well, For Your +ve Contributions This Blog Was a Source Of Knowledge For All Of Us, I On Behalf Of All Members & Readers Like Me, Want To Thank-You For Your Devotion Towards The Cause.Regards Sher A zulfiqar

  7. Anonymous says:

    AOAThe Last Post say aap ki murad "Spiritual Era, Pakistan & The Awaited One (Secrets of Creation of Pakistan)" series ki last post hai ya Blog ki???

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jazak Allah (swt) Khair. My brother in Islam, dear Faqar e Ghayoor, please leave your email or any other contact information should like minded ones wish to approach you may do so.Please all recite Darood Shareef countless times and pray for Ummat e Muhammadi S.A.A.W.W for forgiveness, blessings, victory (Maghfirat, Hidayat par amal karnay ki taufeeq, Rehmat o Barkat, Fatah wa Nusrat.Prayers and warm regards from an ordinary Slave – P.S. This slave would like to speak with Faqar-e-Ghayoor upon his contact information furnished. Blessings your way.

  9. Apprentice says:

    Jazak Allah Faqar-e-Ghayoor Sahib! Very nice contributions but don't say it your last post. It may be last post of the day or week. Please continue your valuable contributions. We admire you 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Salaam PakistanMay Allah reward all of you for your hard work… Jazak AllahAllah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) bless Pakistan and all Muslims

  11. muqeet says:

    so that means no more issues after this post ?????

  12. @AnonymousW.A.SThis was the last post of this blog. As per my habit I will not sit idle, now starting some new journeys and endeavors. InshaAllah I will serve my country in some other way, this thing is 'built-in' in me :)I spent a lot of good time on this blog giving hope to others and enjoying the comments. Now this blog will serve as a repository of glad tidings about future. Lastly never give up hope, change may take more time but finally it will be. It is written destiny of Pakistan.ALLAH HAFIZ

  13. Brother,Only Allah (swt) decides the time. You just wait for that time with patience. Things will go more worst before change. Most of the signs have come. I can just repeat the words of Sufi Barkat Ali (r.a.)"Pakistan ki haan aur naa mein aqwam-e-alam ke faislay huwa karain ge aur UNO koi qadam uthane se pehle Pakistan se pucha kare gi aur agar aesa na huwa to meri qabar (in my case my blog) par aa thookna"

  14. JazakAllah Khair Brother Faisal Farooq, Sorry mein aap ka udhaar na chuka saka aur Harun Yahya pe koi post na kar saka :(but aik post mein un ki site ka link zaroor de diya :).I also learned a lot from your comments. My all prayers are with you.These are my last comments too.

  15. Yup…..discontinuing.People will remember me as famous anonymous 🙂

  16. InshAllah, Nasrun Min Allahi Wa Fat'hun Kareeb !!My contact Information was this blog, whenever you need to speak with me, come on this blog and read the posts. that's enough.

  17. Salaam PakistanJazak AllahAllah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) bless Pakistan and all Muslims

  18. Yes dear, No More Issues….!! This blog will serve as nice repository of info about Pak future now.

  19. Please let's all remind ourselves, k ehmiat Pakistan ki nahi, balke Allah k deen ki hey… Hamari khush-bakhti sirf ye hey k us Bandae-Khuda ka qiyaam yehan par hona he, inshAllah!! Or usi Bandae-Khuda ki waja se Allah ne Islam ka bol Baala karna he…Allah hum sub ka Haami-o-Nasir ho!!Islam Zindabad!!Pakistan Zindabad!!Bani-Israel ki tarha ye mat samajh lena kabhi k Allah pe koi Qarz ya koi Haqq he hmara!! Haan, khush-kismat hum zaroor hen, is me koi shak nahi…Thank you Faqar Sb. for hosting us all here so kindly, JazakAllah!!Special thanks to Baktre Noor Sb. too!!Thanks to all other participants too :)@FGPlease disable comments section too, so that our discussions are not polluted by our ill-wishers 🙂

  20. Asslaam Aleykum Dear Broters and Siters, Faqar e Ghayoor bhai , ham sab ap k liye duaain hi kr sktey hain, ap ne waqaee bohat aala kaam kiya hey, islam aur pakistan ki khidmat ki hey, muslmano ko umeed dilai hey, ALLAH APKO AUR APKI FAMILY KO DONO JAHAAN ME AJR E AZEEM ATAA FARMAAYE, AAMEEN SUMMA AAMEEN.dusri bat ye k merey khyal me ap ne bilkul sahih waqt pe ye fesla kiya hey,yani ye waqt wohi hey jis k barey me buzurgo ne btaya ,ab ap logo ko kya btaain gey, log khud hi apni aankho se dekh lain gey INSHA ALLAH . ab post read kya karni hey , AB TO SAB KUCH LIVE HI DEKHNEY KA WAQAT AAN POHANCHA HEY . ab INSHA ALLAH TAALA ham sab live hi dekhey gey, jo kuch ahaadees mubarikah me aya hey aur jo kuch buzurgo ne farmaya hey, INSHA ALLAH WO SUNEHRI DOUR HAMARI ZINDGIO ME SHURU HOGAAUR HAM SAB INSHA ALLAH US DOUR KA HISSA HONGEY, ALLAH TAALA ham sab ko ghazwa hind ka mujahid bnaaye , aur shahaadat naseeb farmaaye , aameen summa aameen,ALLAH TAALA ham dosto ko apni khaas nazar e karam se nawazey , aur hamey jannat ul firdous me daakhil farmaaye, hamey jannat me bhi milaaye , beyshak sab tareefey ALLAH TAALA k liye hi hain , wo duaaon ka qabool farmaney wala hey, ALLAH TAALA Faqar Saheb ka ye amal har trah k khasarey se bachaey aur unka ye amal apni bargaah me qabool farmaa ley, aur un k tamaam chhotey barey gunah muaaf farmaaye , aameen summa aameen. ALLAH HAFIZ

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmm I am feeling compelled to say that You should not stop this endeavor ..i read some great stuff on this blog ,,and there is no hesitancy for me to say that THIS IS THE BEST BLOG i came across during my internet journey and the stuff u posted Invoked great passion in me lots of time…I wish you great of luck …..would u like to tell why are you stopping posting over here ..any reason …..ALLAH BLESS YOU AMEEN….c ya..

  22. Tayyba says:

    I have been reading this blog for a long time but never commented.As this is the last post I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done.There were many in pakistan who believed in Pakistan and its destiny but could not talk about it due to lack of information and knowledge But yo gave us the tools to spread this message and work for the country.You made us love our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him),you taught us the real essence of Islam that is to love Prohet (Peace Be Upon Him) and ALLAH (The Almighty).InshAllah we will strive to be a better Pakistani and Ummati.We will never leave this country whatever happens.We will always fight for our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and Pakistan.We icrease our Iman/spirituality and worldy skill so we may be able to fight for Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).Faqar-e-Ghayoor InshAllah we will meet one day!"Salala hoo ala habeebi he Muhammdin, wa aali hee wa ashabihe wasalam"

  23. Anonymous says:

    AOA Br. FaqarMay Allah reward you for all the hard work for a better cause. O hope time by time you'll keep adding some new information. What are your future plans any other blog?

  24. Ghulam Habib says:

    aur aik aur baat Madina se muraad zurori nahi ke Madina Shareef hi ho . Madina arabic me Shehar ko kehtey hai …

  25. Anonymous says:

    Allah apko jazaiy khair day Faqar bahai may pehlay din say ap kay saath rahi Job say atay hi ap ki post perahay bagair kabhi nahi soi ap ko Allah is ka ajer day aur maray mulk ko her bala say mehfooz rakhay Ameen aur sub behan aur bahaion ko maray samait waisa bana day jaisi uske cahat hay hum sub ko RASOOL E PAAK ki sifat naseeb karay Ameen ap to is biog ko band ker rahay hain lekin hum ko udas ker chalay hain hamari dua ap k saath rahay gi sub behan bahion ko Ramzan aur Eid mubarak Allah Hafiz Komal

  26. Anonymous says:

    Assalamolikum!JazakALLAH o khair habibi. Thanks for educating us. My request to all, as I believe, true Muslims and Pakistanis visit this blog, please be sincere to ALLAH, only then you can be sincere to yourself and your brothers and sisters in faith and to your nation. DO NOT miss your fraiz, wajibaat, zikr azkar, be in wudu all the time, recite QURAN every day and try to dunerstand what ALLAH is saying to you (sorry for overdozing). When you reach there, then there is a short verse in QURAN, "LA TAHZAN, INNALLAHA MA'AANA, DONT BE SAD, ALLAH IS WITH US.There is a big reason why this blog was initiated in these times+ Zaid Hamid (brasstacks, takbeere musalsal etc), + Pakistan Cyber Force, to me these are preparations for the near future and also ALLAH is making HIS HUJJAT itmam, just be patient. Syria and Afghanistan are two burning points for the END OF TIMES.I have no doubt about the dominance and future of Pakistan and Islam which is one and the same thing. That is the reason why many people ask me, why are you Paksitanis so patriotic? We are patriotic because we love our Holy Prophet , MUHAMMAD (SAWW). There are many Ghazi ilm dins, Awais Qadris and Amir cheemas among us alhamdolilALLAH, nisbataiy Muhammadi, (SAWW).YE FAQAH KASH K MAUT SAY DERTA NAHEN ZARAROOHAIY MUHAMMAD IS K BADAN SAY NIKAL DOand a gift for my brothers and sisters on this blessed site in this blessed month, this darud shareef is a GEM, make it your habit, its an infinite darood shareef.ALLAHUMMA SALLI WA SALLIM WA BARIK ALA SAYYIDINA WA MAULANAMUHAMMADENIL NABY IL UMME YE SALLALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM ADADA KULLE ZARATIN, WA ADADA KULLE SHAIEN WA ADADA MAFI ILMILLAHI SALATAN DAIMATAN BEDAWAME MULKILLAH, WA ALFA ALFA ALFA MARRATIN WA BARIK WA SALLI WA SALLIM TASLIMAThis is also my last comment :)see all of you in Jannah inshALLAH if not here ;)Pakistan zindaa baad, Islamistan Painda baadNOORAIY KHUDA HAIY KUFR KII HARKAT PAY KHANDA ZANPHOONKOON SAY YE CHARAGH BHUJAYA NA JAIY GA (INSHALLAH)duas, adaab wassalmaoalikumAbdullah (any one and every one is Abdullah 🙂

  27. Something tells me this isnt the last of you! The Circle is spreading…I await the time when i will meet you face to face…oh yes i will inshaAllah! :)You know, people are given to believe everything you say, it is just that the key to know it is 'sabr'! But then again, one cant have sabr when he doesnt have Emaan!My heart is so heavy to see you leaving this mehfil!"Bas aik moti si chhab dikha kar bas aik meethi si dhun suna karSitara e Shaam ban kay aya barang e khawab e sahar gaya who…"I know you will be venturing out for new projects because "hazar rastay hain ehle dil kay".Shayad yeh ghazal Nasir Kazmi nay aap kay leay hi kahi thi!May Allah give you more strength to your Emaan and action….

  28. Brother Junaid'You are right. Sari ehmiyat Allah ke Deen ki hai. Pakistan husool-e-manzil ka aik zariya hai. Isi liye buzurg logon ne Pakistan ke liye duaen bhi keen aur qurbaniyan bhi deen. InshAllah acha waqt sub dekhain ge.and Don't worry about ill-wishers, I have a solution for this :)ALLAH HAFIZ

  29. Wa Aliekum Assalam!Brother Mujahid, Allah App ko bhi khush rakhe aur sehato tandrusti aur her naimat se nawaze.Bilkul InshaAllah sub log apni ankhon se dekhain ge. Aik na aik din ye sub lazmi hona hai. Time ke bare koi preshan na ho. Jo waqt sub se munasib ho ga ussi waqt ho ga ye sub. Allah ke apne Plans hain. Humain sabr aur koshish ki talqeen hai. thanksALLAH HAFIZ

  30. WASFuture plans, first i will complete Iqbal Urdu blog in next month or so…..a lot of work is pending on that blog. Then may be I just put some old biographies of Saints in another blog as I have a huge collection of such short biographies……Its good time make them online but its very long project. Lets see what happens.

  31. Jazak Allah, Bus ye meri aik adna si koshish thi mayoosi mein ghire huwe logon ko umeed dilane ki. Na sirf ye k mein apne maqsad mein kaamyaab raha bulke mein ne khud bhi bohat kuch learn liya. Shaid mein ne itni books sari zindagi nahin parheen jitni last derh saal mein perheen. Ye sub Allah ka fazal tha warna mein ksi qabil nahin. Believe me, bohat dafa mujhe khud feel huwa k ye kaam mujh se karawaya ja raha. I am satisfied today that I've performed my duty very well.

  32. JazakAllah brother AbdullahI am really grateful to you for your precious thought provoking comment. Allah bless you and other Muslim brothers & sisters. We should recite Durood Shareef as much as possible. This is key to our success. ALLAHUMMA SALLI WA SALLIM WA BARIK ALA SAYYIDINA WA MAULANAMUHAMMADENIL NABY IL UMME YESALLALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM ADADA KULLE ZARATIN, WA ADADA KULLE SHAIEN WA ADADA MAFI ILMILLAHISALATAN DAIMATAN BEDAWAME MULKILLAH, WA ALFA ALFA ALFA MARRATIN WA BARIK WA SALLI WA SALLIM TASLIMA

  33. Dear Baktar-e-NoorJazakAllah Khair for every word you wrote. I got a lot of inspiration from you. Iss blog ke liye App ki Khidmaat naqabal-e-faramosh hain. All the Urdu and English translations which did was just superb and those posts will always remind the people about your excellent work. I myself is really impressed by your knowledge, writing and love. You are true soldier of Islam.Well, My heart is also very heavy but as you guessed rightly, Hazar raste hain ehle-e-dil ke liye. InshaAllah I will keep working but now in some different way. Iss bar hint nahin de sakta :)Allah App par aur app ke tamam ghar walon par apni rehmat nazil farmaye.InshAllah we will meet in Jannah. ALLAH HAFIZ

  34. Dear, No specific reasons just feeling that I have 'posted' my heart out and told everything which should be revealed. Its enough hope otherwise people will make fun of spiritual things. As I know everything posted is true and going to be the future of Pakistan one day so I am satisfied with my effort. Its good time to shift my struggle and present it in some other way which I think, will be more beneficial for our country. JazakAllah…!!

  35. Dear Tayyaba,Its my promise I will not leave this country whatever the situation may be. This is Pak Sarzameen. Islam ki nishat-e-sania ka aghaz yaheen se hona hai. Bad time on country is the sign of that good time. JazakAllah for your anonymous presence on this blog for such a long time. Allah hum sub ko RASOOL ALLAH (S.A.W) ka soldier banne ki taufeeq ata farmaye. Ameen"Salala hoo ala habeebi he Muhammdin, wa aali hee wa ashabihe wasalam"

  36. Anonymous says:

    @Faqar-e-GhayoorPlease provide us with full list of your all blogs.Jazak Allah

  37. Umar ch. says:

    May Allah bless you…i will really miss you..you have changed my life..really thanks for everything …

  38. Anonymous says:

    Assalamoalaikum Faqar Bhai, First of all please don't stop this blog you don't know how much good you spread, sometimes when i'm down i just read your blog,I feel energetic. Even when I lost my job i always try to read any thing especially this blog.I know you've made up your mind but it is still my humble request to please continue you inspirational work. May Allah bless you. F.S

  39. Anonymous says:

    I never wrote any comments but thos blog was a part of my routine. One awesome thing was that besides the posts, there were references and links of books given. The authors were mentioned and introduced. I got the chance to read many books simply because i learnt about them.while reading this blog. 'ziyarat e nabi sm bahalat e badari', 'wafa ka kaba' and a few other books are on my shelf simply because of this blog. Faqr bhai, i have one request to make. Is there any way you can keep on recommending such books to.us. Or atleast list all the books you.had to read inorder to make these posts. We can revisit old posts to remind us of the books too. But if in future, you.come across such books, please share.them on the blog. Dont make a post if you don't want to but share books. Please if u.can do that.Bohat dua aur salam.

  40. Talib-e-Ishq says:

    Asalam-u-Alikum,I was a regular reader of your blog. It is sad that you r closing it. May Allah bless you. mashAllah you did an excellent job with this blog. your posts have given hope to people in these trouble times. Allah will protect Pakistan from all evil and Nishat-e-Sania of Islam will happen in our lives inshAllah. All we have to do is to ignite Ishq-e-Rusool (Sallalaho Alehe Wasalam) in our hearts and then after that… "Ye Jahan Cheez Hai Kya Loh-o-Qalam Terey Hain"i wish you best of luck for your future plans. Sitaron Se Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi HainAbhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain!

  41. Dr.Urooj says:

    AsssalamoalaikumWRB ,Brother Faqr ….. I must tell you that this was an absolutely wonderfull Blog …. It has enriched us …and you cant even imagine the amount of khair that has emmitted from ur endeavours at this blog …. Your works have touched the Hearts and Souls and have Benefitted us all ….. You have worked very hard MashaAllah ….. May Allah (swt) bless you with His Rehmat and Bounty and Countless Blessings (ameen) …… Yes indeed things might get tougher before getting better …. But one thing is sure …. that What ever is on the Blog is True and InshaAllah will Unfold one day ……Its Very sad to see this ending …. But the Barkat from the Blog is Eternal :)……. All the best for Ur Future Endeavours ….. And Yes Will InshaAllah InshaAllah see you in Jannah 🙂 (if i get there IA)……but will surely miss you for now bro 😦 Also FiAmanUllah to all on the Blog … One Question Faqr ….will your Spiritual Pakistan Email be active or you will not be available on that any further ??? Lastly All Praise be to Allah (swt) and May Peace Be Upon the Beloved Rasool Allah( salAllaho Alaihe waAalehe waSallam ) …..May Allah Bless the Ummat and our beloved Pakistan ,and rid us of all the tyrany and oppression …. May Allah help us remain Steadfast in times of Difficuly and ease …… Pakistan Zindabad …Islam Zindabad …..FiamanAllah !Allah o Akbar!SalAllah o Ala Habeebi hi Muhammadin, wa Aalihi wa Ashabihi WaSallam !

  42. Faisal khan says:

    Aslam o alaikum ……and. Allah hafizWhen one thing ends new works starts.Your biographies of saints / also try to add picture and map etc( u meet writer in express Sunday magazine, also Ahmad Ghazali sahib also writer to get more info)Iqbal Urdu blogAnd other projects …….waiting Spread this site to other friends….Also revise visit the pages so u see how good work was done in last 1 and half year is done23 July was my 46 birthday it was sad gift of ending this but ur efforts ……… Dua from me and all…..These days you see Islam understanding, tafseer, Young people in masjids….. Young people are more towards IslamI visit sheikh kamaluddin (lums fame) tafseer and maximum are young 80 percent.These are good signsMeet u I send u my tel no in email when in lahore u can contact meYoursFaisal kn

  43. Anonymous says:

    Assalam-0-Aliakum Dear Brothers & SistersFaqar Bhai Jan aaj meri ankhon mein aanson hain…mein to diyaar-e-ghair main aap kay is blog ko parh bohat purjosh hojata tha…mera yahan par apna to koi nahi hay…rozi kamanay nikla tha…or yahin reh gaya lakin main aik din wapis zaroor jaonga…mera dil yeh kehta hay kay woh saari batain jo mujh jaisay aam banday nay yahan say seekhin hain woh saari zindagi meray kaam ayaingi…main hay namaz main aapkay or un sub logon kay liyay jo is blog pay aatain hain dua karta hon or karta rahonga…pata nahi aik undekha sa rishta hogaya hain in sub logon say…Faqar Bhai Jan aapko Allah Jazai-e-Khair dey…kaash saray humwatan aapki tarah hojayain.DuagoApka Parastaar Aik Humwatan

  44. Muslim says:

    Aslam o Alaikum JazakAllah khair!I am not feeling happy to see that this is the last post of this blog. I heartily appreciate your passion and will power for giving hope and glad tidings to this dead nation.JazakAllahWe believe in these glad tidings and spacialy the hadiths about Ghazwa e Hind and Khurasan. But when we see the miserable conditions of the Ummah in general and of our country in particular, our heart broken out with grief and sorrow, and feel shame what we have done with our religion and our country. Today, our government and our military establishment allies themselves with dajjali forces against our pious muslim brothers of Afghanistan(Khurasan), Afghanistan is a weapon in the arsenal of God and whenever he want to punish some nation he bring them to Afghanistan(Khurasan). This is the graveyard of empires at least history tell us that. Our country is heading towards suicidal course in Helping dajjali forces and giving felicities to our enemy. Sadly to say that our so called leaders(corrupt and zalil) and media paint these mujahid brothers as terrorist, whose only mission is to liberate their own land from kufar forces and establish the system of shariah. we can never see peace and good times until we follow the hadiths of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and formulate our policies and future plans regarding Khurasan and Ghazwa e Hind. We all should strive to awake this dead nation to its true destiny and pray to Allah to bring a pious and just islamic leadership in our country. AminAllah HafizA weak Muslim brother

  45. Anonymous says:

    Shaheen kabhi parwaz sae thak kar nahi girta pur dam hae aghar tu to nahi khatrah e uftad

  46. Umar Ch. says:

    Faqar bhai..how would we know about ur new project? Kindly devise a mechanism so that everyone know about your future projects.

  47. You have recognized him didnt you…! 🙂

  48. TARIQ says:

    Assalam o AlaikumLast post????? Faqar bhai please iss blog ko band na karain. Agar aap masrofyat ke waja se iss ko time na day sakain to filwaqt iss blog par temporarily post karna band kar dain laikin iss blog ko mukamal band na karain. Meray khyal se ye sab readers ke raiy hai. Iss blog par jitni zar o jawahir ke anmol moti bikhray hoiy hain ye aik qeemti khazana hai. Allah iss ka aap ko ajar day aur mazeed mulk o millat ke liay kaam karnay ke tofeeq ata farmay! Amin. Aap ne beshak mayosyon mai ghiray hoiy ahle watan ko ummeed ka paigham diya. Aajkal jiss se bhe mulk ke halat par raiy talab karo to sab he mayoos dikhay datay hain. aisay waqt mai aap ney ahle watan ko mayosyon ke gharay se nikalnay ke liay Aulia Allah aur buzargan ke peshkhabrayan day kar aik azeem kaam kia hai. Ham log apnay dunyawi masrofyat ke waja se shaid kabhe bhe inn khushkhabrayon ko na jaan patay agar aap ne itni mehnat na ke hoti. Iss ke liay mai teh e dil se aap ka shukarguzar houn. Iss blog mai na janay kia khass baat hai ke ham logo ko iss se aur aap se dilli lagao paida howa. ye meray dilli khayalat thay baqi jesay aap munasib samjahin aap ke marzi.Sabath faqt taghayor ko hai zamanay maiFi amani Allah

  49. Wa Aliekum Assalam,First pls don't get worried about Job, just keep putting your efforts and you are at right side. Sometimes mushkil, dukh aur takleef mein faida hota hai jo zahiri ankh se nazar nahin ata.Actually I have made up my mind to do something different…!! For instant inspiration i recommend you to read Allama Iqbal and Masnavi (which are actually interpretation of Quran & Hadith)Allah bless you too.

  50. Jazak Allah Dear Umar, Me too thankful to you for reading this spiritual stuff.

  51. JazakAllah for the comment.Yes two book swhich I forgot to post but I request all readers of to download and read these excellent books, highly recommended1) Islam Roohaniat aur Fikr-e-Iqbal by Abdul Latif Khan Naqshbandi SahibIslam, Roohaniat aur Fikr-e-Iqbal 2) Jawahar-ul-Uloom which is a compilation of all 6 books of Masnavi Rumi in prose formJawahar-ul-Uloom Further I will recommend pls keep visiting the book libraries you find on internet and read every type of book for knowledge but judge everything on Quran o Hadith and also keep reading books of our spiritual forefathers like Ghaus-e-Azam (r.a.), Rumi (r.a), Allama Iqbal (r.a.) and other Auliya's work.

  52. Jazak Allah dear, you rightly saidSitaron Se Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi HainAbhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain!yes one part of my endeavor is done but still a huge responsibility is upon me, duty to serve my country because i love those blessed personalities who laid the foundations of this country. I want to be in company of them in day of judgement.

  53. JazakAllah very hopeful foreseeing comment dear Faisal. you really opened many new ways of learning. I request my readers to pls learn Arabic and Farsi (me too is interested) there are very good free courses on net. I really recommend you these, Pls at least visit these links once1)Free Arabic learning Course in Urdu by a very good teacher Janab Amir Sohail Sahib 2)Arabic Grammar Lecture Please visit remaining parts at youtube, similarly free Farsi learning course is available.Dear Faisal, above links are gifts from me to your birthday. Pls promise you all will learn Arabic (InshaAllah I will)JazakAllah

  54. JazakAllah brother HumwatanApp khush naseeb hain k aap Pakistani hain. Dunya jo merzi kahe magar meri ye akhri baatain humesha yaad rakhain. App ka ye mulk hi aik din kufr ke samne khara ho jaye ga. Ye wo sher (lion) hai jis ke bare mein Allama Iqbal ne kaha tha k suna hai qudsiyon se mein ne wo sher phir hoshayar ho ga. Pakistan ki takhleeq mein Allah ki khas hikmat hai. Aaj kal jo buray halaat hain ye bhi aik din khatam ho jaen ge aur phir wo Allah ka bheja huwa naik banda Pakistan par hukumat kare ga. Aap ne just uss waqt ka intizar karna hai aur mehnat aur imandari se apna kaam karna hai. Time ziada door nahin hai, achanak change ani hai……!! Allah aur Rasool (S.A.W) ke faisalon ke agay paish qadmi nahin karni. bus zamane ki raftar ko pehchanna hai. JazakAllah khair aur bohat dua aur salaam

  55. Dear Muslim, Wa Aliekum AssalamInshaAllah everything will be changed, just prepare yourself mentally for the change. Change will be sudden once its moment comes. All signs are there, its just a matter of that fixed time now. Allah ki apni hikmatain hain. aur Allah par yaqeen rakhain aur tasali rakhain, Pakistan ke halaat theek ho jaen ge jald hi. Allah Hafiz

  56. Shaheen ki parwaz jari hai aik naye asman par. 🙂

  57. InshaAllah whole Pakistan will be part of new projects once that real project director comes on stage 🙂 Just wait for that time.

  58. Dr. Urooj SahibaMashaAllah great comment. Many things here, first my email will be active but I may not be able to reply the emails now. very rarely i will check that and leave it finally.2ndly JazakAllah whatever you said about blog, I know you are one of those who are reading not only the posts but meanings also 🙂 You are blessed one, i guarantee you.Baqi Allah ke raaz Allah hi jane. Jo cheez Allah (swt) ne parde mein rakhi ho bhala hum kon hote hain uss par se parda uthane wale. Jab Allah chahe ga haqiqat samne aa jaye gi Allah ke Hukm se jaise Hazrat Yunus (as) machli ke paet se, Hazrat Ibrahim (as) aag mein se, Hazrat Yusuf (as) koonwen se aur Hazrat Musa (as) jadugaron ke jhoot aur faraib se bahir aa gaye thay. Ye sub Allah ki raza se huwa. Allah ne sirf ye dekhna tha k banda Aaqa ki ma'arfat rakhta hai ya nahin.Humain to bus yehi dars diya gya k mushkil waqt mein sabr karain aur Allah (swt) ki pehchan hasil karain.FiAmanAllah Allah o Akbar!SalAllah o Ala Habeebi hi Muhammadin, wa Aalihi wa Ashabihi WaSallam !

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Dear Tariq,MashAllah app ka comment parh kar mujhe ehsaas huwa k becharna kitna mushkil kaam hai. Ye sach hai k mein ne iss blog par bohat mehnat ki magar ye sub Allah ka Fazal o Karam tha warna mein iss qabil nahin tha. Allah ne bohat madad ki meri, iss blog ka aik faida jo mujhe huwa k mera Allah se aik taluq qaeem ho gya. Allah bohat meherban hai 70 maa'on se bhi ziada meherban hai. mein ne ye baat practically dekhi.App ka bohat shukriya jo app ne apne jazbat ka izhaar kiya. isi liye mein kehta hun k Pakistani bohat ache dil ke log hain bus aik Leader ki kami hai jo in ki qadar kar sake. InshaAllah wo Leader aye ga. Pakistan usi Pak Leader ke liye to bana hai jo Pakistan ko asli Pakistan banaye ga. InshaAllahBohat Dua aur Salaam. JazakAllah

  61. Anonymous says:

    Dear Faqr Bhai and rest. I have been following this post for a while and its part of my daily routine to visit this blog. Feeling really sad to know you are going. It was a great inspirational source for all of us. Lastly you did a great work, keep it up. Look how people love you even they have not met you.May Allah bless you and your family along with all readers of this blog. May Allah choose all of us to serve Pakistan and Islam. May Allah make us the way Allah want us to see. Keep praying for all Muslim Ummah and keep helping each other. As Faraz said "Shikwa e Zulmat e Shab Se Tu Behtar Tha, Apnee Hisee Ki Shama Jala ay Jate"Do remember me and my family in your prayer too. May Allah take some work from us.Love Pakistan,Allah hafizkhurram bashir

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brother,I am Pakistani, living in Italy. I have much love for my country. But I was unhappy about the future of Pakistan. One day I googled about future of Pakistan and I got your blog. I am visiting regularly this blog from 1 year and I am quite happy about future of Pakistan just because of this blog. MashAllah You have done great job I am speechless about your effort.Brother if something special going to happen near future about Pakistan who will share any news or khushkhabri? Because this blog was source of these kinds of news or columns.Mashallah you shared much khushkhabrian!I salute youJazak Allah

  63. Anonymous says:

    TARIQ bhai hamarae dil ki bat karahae haen yaqeen karaen faqar bhai iss blog ka humae intazar raehta tha

  64. Anonymous says:

    Yasir Tanoli@ FaqarFaqar bhai u have done a great job. Good Luck for every thing u ever wana do and JAZAK a ALLAH.

  65. Farooqui says:

    Salaam Faqar-e-Ghayoor its mean Arrival is very near i think u have some info about upcoming events from your spirtual Leader but you Don't wanna Disclose any way i appreciate your work i have a Request To you if you want to Require my services ummah so contact me it will be great for me contact me at shiraz_farooqui@yahoo.com say my salaam to your spiritual Leader

  66. Amr Ghaffar says:

    hmm you have made up your mind ,,,and no plan of reverting ,,,could you consider my one REQUEST (plea ) ,could you make a blog about BOOKS recommendation and review ..where you share your favorite books (just name or with links if possible ) on different Subjects….Your recommended books in various posts opened up new dimensions for me ,,and Thanks to ALLAH that before leaving u recommended couple of Books again (in recent comment ),,,but I humbly request you to make a blog for books recommendation and review though its time taking but its one of the best services for truth seekers or researchers…ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH EASE IN YOUR EVERY ENDEAVOR

  67. Tayyab says:

    I have a few questions for you.1.What made you start this blog in the first place?Any incident,dream or something….2.Will you update about your future project on this blog?and one more thing I want to say that You made me love My RASOOL ALLAH (Sallalaho Alehe Wasalam) and for that I want to thank you with all my heart.May ALLAH reward you!

  68. Anonymous says:

    it is my first post faqar bhai Allah ap ko kush rakhe apnai jo itna behtreen kam kia hai inshallah bht jald ye mulk iqbal ka pakistan bane ga

  69. May Allah shower His countless blessings upon you also, JazakAllah

  70. Yes very near, pls don't worry if it takes some more months. Process has begin, we must wait now as there is no other option.

  71. InshaAllah you will hear khushkhabri from every corner once the time will arrive.

  72. JazakAllah very good suggestion, well dear there are so many book libraries available online. I myself get books from those sites. like sites of marfat.com, mohrasharif.com, maktabah.org, faqeer.org, alamaat.com , and there are so many other good sites on spiritual books. But as many times I recommended please must read Masnavi of Rumi and Allama Iqbal books (specially zaboor-e-ajam) and other auliyas who told the deep meanings of Quran & Hadith. thanks

  73. Bilkul wo waqt zaroor aye ga. InshaAllah

  74. thanks brother 🙂 Meri paas duaen hain ap sub ke liye. Allah sub ko Pakistan ke ache din dikhaye.

  75. Brother I started the blog after seeing the signs of real change which are so clear now. I thought, I should told these things to my Pakistani brothers and sisters. Yes if will start new blog i will give update on these blogs but may be after few months now.Brother I am so glad if due to me you found new meanings to your life. JazakAllah Khair Humain ziada se ziada Durood Sharif parhna chahye. Tamam buzrgon ne iss ki takeed ki hai. Mein khud bhi koshish karta hun k iss baat par lazmi amal karun. May Allah bless you for all your good deeds.

  76. JazakAllah dear brother Faqrooqui,Thanks for sending salaam, My all prayers are also with you. Sada khush rahain. Allah Hafiz

  77. ASA,WR,WB! May Allah bless you a lot. I am a humble man of Allah, a servant, who can just pray. You have done a great JOB for which you have been selected. My spirit was there with you as I wished all it to be there for PUBLIC. I have been looking this from last year. There are some people alive here in this country who are spiritually involved in all process for Spiritual Revolution. May Allah bless and help all of them. Nothing more is needed to explain here after your great work. Jazallah ho Anna Syedana Muhammadan Sallaho Alaihe wa Aalehi wassallam ma hua ahluhu….Barakallah

  78. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Faqar Bhai your long contibution and blog this is realy truth work. Insha Allah we will see this time with our own eyes soon. Allah aap ko hamesha apni afiyat main rakhey…. aur hum sub ko bhi.. AameenFollowing is a bueatiful lecture on the topic of Imam Mehdi Prof Rafique Akhter ne buhat ache tarha tamam halat ho ahadees key mutabiq samagheney ki koshish ki hay…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-0E3LCuz-c&feature=relatedFaisal

  79. Anonymous says:

    Pray for me all, i will part of his team if found him in my life Insha Allah.Faisal

  80. Anonymous says:

    jazakallaha bhai ,it was amazing n so positive blog which always cheered me up.i came to this blog by a chance and it filled my heart with sukoon n hopes.i am really happy for the work you did mashallaha and wish you good luck in ur further plans inshallaha. one thing which i gained from this blog was the knowledge of the fact that our beloved hazoor e pak is so close to every muslim n so concerned too. if only we call him with yaqeen n passion. allahuma sille ala saeedyna wa molana muhammadin!allaha hafiz

  81. Momin says:

    To all Brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaikumI did some effort and made the following series some time ago about Pakistan. The seies is available on youtube. Please follow the linkVOL 1Vision of Pakistan – Part 1/13 (You can find other parts upto 13)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2k7G9XWB8QVOL2Vision of Pakistan – Vol 2 – Part 1/6 You can find other parts upto 6)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP8IrYdtOMEPakistan – A Hope for Muslim Ummah Part 1/6)You can find other parts upto 6)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCf7GQram8o

  82. Anonymous says:

    yasir tanoli @ faisal farooqsalam faisal sb.its a sad news that this blog would be no more functioning. i am visiting this blog for nearly a year now and developed a sense of belonging to some bloggers. can u tell me ur email address so i can keeep in touch in case i have some thing to shair. i am in liverpool for last 6 years and planning to go back home and start persuing my dreams to pave the way for 'change'. i believe we need some 'pagal' people to do this. my email is yasir_javaid5@yahoo.com. according to Hadith e Mubarika those two persons who meet and depart for the sake of ALLAH will be under the Blessings of ALLAH on a day when there is no one to give blessing except HIM.JAZAK a ALLAHYasir Tanoli

  83. Anonymous says:

    FG, Jazak Allah Kher..My heart goes out to all those who are in Pak and abroad, struggling (however they can in their capacities) for their country. Faqr, you are one living example here. Thank you for rekindling hope. We are all struggling on collective and indivdual levels; some more than others; may Allah forgive us all for He is most merciful and bless us with peace and guidance in this world and the next. Ameen.Iqbal ne key dee thi, ooska eaada jitna ho kam hai:ki Muhammad se wafa tu ne to ham teray heinyea jahan cheez hai kia, loh-o-qalam teray heinwasalam–aali

  84. Ghulam Habib says:

    MASHA ALLAH ALLAH TALA aapko kamyaab o kamran kare wakai DUROOD PAAK ki boht fazeelat hai jo is par mazbooi se kaarband rehta hai ALLAH TALA ki rehmat ki hawaaye us par chalti hai..aap jah rahey wah PAKISTAN ka mission aapke saath ho.aameen

  85. Umar Ch. says:

    Faqar bhai me ne aap ki wajah se newzealand ki immigration cancel ker di..Pakistan chor ker nai gya aur aub aap humein hi chor ker ja rahay hain…that is not fair..mujhay bataein kia aub me newzealand chala jaoun? 😦

  86. NOMI says:

    well thanks brother faqar for ur kind efforts for ummah….my dua's are with u…thrs one question..1.are u from lahore?plz remembr us in ur prayers…jazakallah…ALLAH HAFIZ

  87. Anonymous says:

    assalamualikum faqar bahiALLAH ap ko jaza khair dehum ab kahan se mazeed ilm hasil karan plz app batain app ko kahan se mawad milta ha

  88. Brother, study ke liye chale jaen magar permanent migrate na karain. Pakistan se rabta zaroor rakhain. Maqsad to Pakistan ko serve karna hai app jahan bhi chale jaen Pakistan ke liye zaroor kuch na kuch karte rahain.

  89. Wa Alieukm Assalam, shortcut to koi nahin bus sincere effort chahye. InshaAllah app ko bhi sub mil jaye. Asal kaam to sidhe raste par chalte jana hai.

  90. Thanks dear, I love every city of Pakistan my homeland everywhere. I am from whole Pakistan. JazakAllah

  91. Thanks dear, JazakAllahAllah Hafiz

  92. Anonymous says:

    Assalamoalaikum, I do remember when somebody asked me about my nationalityand i told him that i'm Pakistani. he further asked from which place/province and my answer was first i'm a Muslim the a Pakistani that's it. I hate when people ask that from which province you belong to. F.S

  93. Anonymous says:

    Faqar Bhai, I pray for your long healthy life and may ALLAH grant you lots of reward for running this blog – aameen.Best regards,Roman Ahsan.

  94. Anonymous says:

    ******* Syedina Kareemun Salal Laho Alehi Wasalam *******

  95. earn online says:

    spirtual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com is the best Yeh such main aik achi kawish hai main is website ke admin ko mubarik baad kehna chahta hoon jis ne aik achi website banai

  96. Anonymous says:

    Will there not be any more post in this blog?

  97. since long time i had been luring myself with this illusion about future glory of pakistan. but ground realities prevailing since creation of pak totally negate what is being predicted. we have become a nation living in dreams and to forget the harsh realities we compensate our deprivation with hopes while in real world pak stands the most humiliated country with a collapsed system dominated by handful of decoits. its not just the elites, as a nation in general we are diplorable dishonest incapable distrustful and mean. our national character is embarassing. while we are not capable of making our own decisions we are predicting to lead the world. we are dreaming to eradicate kufar, infact we are cutting eachothers throats killing in name of religion sect language and race. for Gods sake stop spreading this illusion, stop waiting for angels to intervene. unless we ammend ourselves no devine illusionary leader will come to make this mess right for us..

  98. Anonymous says:

    Salam Faqar-e-Ghayoor,Why you have stopped writting in this blog. I loved your blog very much and I used to read every article of it. I am living in IL USA and spreading this message to my friends and family. There are lot of indians which do not believe it but it had already started. Mehdi (PBUH) had already came and he has started his work. He is in Islamabad Pakistan.Please tell me which blog you are starting next?

  99. Momin says:

    Bro disappointed, You are right to some extent by explaining the picture of Pakistani nation but you are ignoring some other facts. I just give you one example. Who defeated Russia in Afghan soil when their next target was Pakistan. Dont tell me Americans did. No doubt they supplied arms & $$ but who planned and who fought for this. Why Pakistan got the nuclear power when there are so many better countries according to you. Why Pakistan was given by Allah so much technology that they make their own weapons including tanks, fighter planes & missiles. The nation has ignored teachings of Islam but believe me soon they repent they will be in power In shaa Allah. This is not an illusion. The current situation of Pakistan and future was predicted by Wali-ul-Allah. This is not a joke. You believe it or not, does not matter. Infidels plans and Allah also plans, and best of planner is Allah. And as always Allah knows best.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Baktar e Noor sahib aap ke basharat ka kuch pata nahi chala. 14 august bhe aik aam din ke tarah guzar jai ga, iss mulk mai kuch bhe nahi badlay ga. zardari aur oss ka tola next 5 saal ke liay phir pakistan par qabiz rahingay.Khuda oss kom ke halat kabhe nahi badalta na ho khyal jiss ko apni halat ke badalnay ka.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Baktar e Noor sahib aap ke basharat ka kuch pata nahi chala. 14 august bhe aik aam din ke tarah guzar jai ga, iss mulk mai kuch bhe nahi badlay ga. zardari aur oss ka tola next 5 saal ke liay phir pakistan par qabiz rahingay.Khuda oss kom ke halat kabhe nahi badalta na ho khyal jiss ko apni halat ke badalnay ka.

  102. Anonymous says:

    @ admin, since july 22 u r quit, what happened? is everything ok.

  103. Anonymous says:

    AOA@ Admin, if u plz don,t mind and tell us what is the reason to stop this activity, but so many of you readers like to continue this blog. if somebody whats to stay connected with with u how he can?IN THE END, WE APPRECIATE UR EFFORTS.regards.Khalid

  104. Anonymous says:

    salamBakyar e noor ne 14 august kay baray kia kaha tha?

  105. Anonymous says:

    assslam alaikumsad to see the forum has been closed. I thought we will in touch all the way until the time actually arrived.@Baktar-e-Noorjanab koi aisi sorat hosakti hai ke main aap se intouvh reh sakon? via email ?.mera email farhuss21@hotmail.com hai.mujhe buhut khushi hogi agar aap mujhe email karain take contact baqi rahey. global advancements or discussion ke liye mere par yehi ek source tha jo ab band hogaya hai.WasslamSyed Hussain

  106. mnak.nabeel says:

    @FaqarJazakallah for your efforts. Aapki tareef mai bohat kuch kaha gaya but phir bhi aapki mehnat in tareefon se barh k hai. Bohat khushi hai mjhe k aap se baat karne ka mauqa mjhe mila is blog k through..Just want to say:Waqt-e-Fursat Hai Kahan, Kaam Abhi Baqi HaiNoor-e-Touheed Ka Itmam Abhi Baqi Hai

  107. JazakAllah Brother Nabeel, InshaAllah ye mehnat aik din zaroor rang laye gi aur woh waqt aa hi jaye ga jis ka sub ko intizar hai.May Allah bless you….!! FiAmanAllah

  108. Wa Aliekum Assalam!I hope bro Baktar will contact you.JazakAllah Khair and Allah Hafiz

  109. Anonymous says:

    Asslaam-0-Aliakum Brothers & SistersMeri taraf say aap sub logon ko dili EID Mubarak. WasalaamAik Humwatan

  110. GMT says:

    This is a excellent blog for a brilliant country. Thank you so much. I read your articles. and I think you should be awarded for your research. For last few months I was also trying to find out more about your nation. I found out that Hazrat Ali loved Sind. He sent his envoys there. His son Imam Hussain also wanted to go to Pakistan, which was then known as Hind. But he was stopped and killed by King Yazid in 680 CE. It is clear from ancient texts of many religions that Pakistan is a very holy place. Bible also has clues about this land. There is something sacred about Pakistan. It seems Allah has special plan for whole of subcontinent. Maybe it will become one and completely Islamic in the near future. If you read Hadith carefully. you will notice that Holy Prophet predicted the coming of a powerful man, Mahdi the Messiah. In those reports of the Holy Prophet are clues about Pakistan, the Land of the Believers.

  111. Anonymous says:


  112. kahawat says:

    dear owner when we become addict of this site you close this blog . this is not fair. you have to start the blog again. if you find difficulty in searching material we will search 4 u. this is request plz continue the blog this is our last hope. dont leave us alone.

  113. Abdullah says:

    waiting for your new post Please post something as i am in desperate condition to read ur post 🙂

  114. Anonymous says:

    future of pakistan jaesa koi blog hae na hoga …………………Allah sae dua hae taqayamat pakistan salamat rahae ameen to future of pakistan keyon agae nahi jasakta ????????????????????????

  115. Jan says:

    Salam Faqar-e-Ghayoor Saab,Haath Pakar Kar Chalny ki aadat hogai tho haath chorr kar chaly gay, Believe me yeh Aap ki duti lagai gai thee, aur aap ko iss kaam ky liay muntakhib kia gia tha, No Doubt time will come, Ab manzil chand qadam ky fasly per hy, Miss you Dear, Aap ko daika tak nahi, par na janay yeh ku mehsoos hota hey Aap idar yahi kahi hamary saath he ho, Hamary leay b zaroor Dua kejay, Allah aap ko khush rakky,, AameenShafiullah Peshawar Pakistan

  116. Anonymous says:

    Salaam PakistanWould you like to introduce yourself?Jazak Allah Muhammad Hassan

  117. Anonymous says:

    Aasalam o Alikum,Is main koe shaak nahe kay is web site ke aadat se ho gae the but Faqar-e-Ghayoor Sahab bhe kha karain… Itna kuch web site paar publish honay ke bavajood Ummat e Muslima soe hoe haay. Hum sirf web site paar ke he khush ho jaatay hain kay chalo kuch to hoga. Baas hamara kaam achay waqt ka intizar karna rah gaya hay same as BAANI ISRAEL… jo karna hay MUSA ya MUSA ka Khuda karay hum kuch nahe kar saktay.Agar hum isee tarhan web site paar paar kar tabdile ka intizar kartay rahay to yaqeenan ALLAH apnay kaam kay lya kise aur ko muntakhib karlay ga kyon kay baishak WOH KISE KA MOHTAJ NAHE HUM SAB US KAY MOHTAJ HAINALLAH mugh ko maaf farmay

  118. Anonymous says:

    jab pakistan bana tha ALLAH nae hi quaid ko leader kae leyae muntakhib kar leya tha to ab aesa keyo nahai ho sakta kuch waqt baqi hae suraj kae nikalnae maen

  119. Anonymous says:

    Sub doston ko EID MUBARAK is blog ko band nahi hona cahiay naumeedion k mousam may yehi aik umeed ki kiran thi Faqar bahi apko hum miss ker rahay hain pata nahi ajkal sham hotay hi ajeeb si ghabrhat honay lagti hay

  120. Anonymous says:

    It is extremely disappointing to see this blog close, I wish it was not so. But thank you for sharing with us the hope that has allowed us to breathe in this darkness. To all my fellow Muslims and Pakistanis, just a little more wait, and then we will get the chance of a lifetime, to build and fight for Islam and Pakistan. InshaAllah.

  121. Anonymous says:

    nahi is blog ko band na kre agar aap is ko time nahi de sakte tu apne kisi aur dost ko ye kaam saunp de but plz is ko istara band na kren…

  122. Anonymous says:

    A bloody cleanup is just around the corner and decades of filth is about to washed in seas of blood. Just watch. We will not give any further details but greatest of khair is coming, though the price would be high in sacrifice but it will definitely clean the filth for good,syed zaid hamid InshAllah.

  123. abdullah says:

    all the last comments of annonymous people were soo good .

  124. Anonymous says:

    yae ap nae kaha tha……………..malik woh astrological prediction hai jean dixon ki magar stars se related hai iss liye mwin ne kaha, isi tarah ki kuch aur batain bhi theen, baaz cheezian post karni mushkil hoti hain but i will try to post. Lets see, wait till that time.ab bata daen ya abhi waqt nahi aaya Allah asniya paydah karae aameen

  125. IsnshaALLAH,pakistan will fight Ghazwa-e-Hind against India…And our forces will go to Jerusalem to fight against Dajjal in the leadership of Imam Mehdi.

  126. Tayyab Imran says:

    I dont see active posting on this blog for last month or so

  127. Anonymous says:

    aisa hi aik blog mojood hay apni zuban urdu urdu perhnay walon k liay k naam say PAKISTAN K BARAY MAY

  128. Anonymous says:

    Why the blog has shutdown? Is there some personal issues with the owner or some other reason?

  129. Salaam from a HinduYou may not be keen to publish anything anti-pakistan, which is fair, but not many people including pakistanis see the islamic rule in the subcontinent as entirely free of blemish.Pakistan's pride of your islamic legacy is understandable, but I sincerely ask you to compare this attitude to the average pom with his dreams of imperial britain, it was a nightmare for everyone else including both hindus and muslims.Anyway, i digress… So the Israel Lobby's at it again with this latest low budget flick about the muslim prophet, who would have predicted that Netanyahoo and his filth would stage an anti-muslim provocation to undermine Obama's re-election?Not your average tea party buffoon.By the way, how come the US consulate in Libya (of all places) is not a fortress guarded by green berets, navy seals etc?Or was security here contracted to, say, perhaps, an isreali affiliated contractor?

  130. Anonymous says:

    konsi aesi baat hae jo aap kae likhnae par pabandi lagarahi hae itna bara saniha karachi maen hogaeya ab ISLAM par gustakhana film banali hae ab bhi nahi bologae ae nojwan kab?????????????????bologae

  131. AM says:

    Salam o AlaikumSubhanAllah!MashAllahAllah Hafiz

  132. Danday wali sarkar 2016 sey laikar 2018 tak aa sakti hey INSHA ALLAH

  133. Nadia says:

    Assalmu Alaikum Friends, I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign — it's called: Defamation Law Against Prophets of All ReligionsThis issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it! Read more about it and sign it here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Defamation_Law_Against_Prophets_of_All_Religions/?launchCampaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved — please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.Thanks so much,Read more about it and sign it here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Defamation_Law_Against_Prophets_of_All_Religions/?launchJazakAllah

  134. Anonymous says:

    2013 to 2015 keyon chor deya??????????

  135. nazia shah says:

    qalandar mail taqreeray nadaradbajaz ain nukta asiray nadaradmy favorite poetry thanks to shre http://www.forumpakistan.com/poetry-and-ghazals-f8.html

  136. Anonymous says:

    Peace, this is my first post. I do appreciate the effort placed into making this blog site a repository of a very specific thematic discussion. Also want to thank you for putting the english translation wherever it is available. I hope in the future some of the books can be translated into English so that the subject is accessible to Muslims who cannot read Urdu and can be equipped with the right knowlege about this phase and have hope.

  137. Salaam, Today in Cyprus Mawlana Shaykh Nazim was Visted by ex Pakistani President- General Pervaiz Musharraf, This is there address to them- ' You are Ahlul Bayt from the family of Imam Hasan, we are honoured to meet you and kiss your hands, just after Zohr for one hour we had a dream off you and now you are here with us, I believe that you are going to be one of the main majors in all of Indian subcontinent that will be walking in front of al-Mahdi. that is why he is giving you advice. Use the flags; the Flag of the Prophet, the Flag of Islam and the Flag of Mahdi among your party. I wish and ask that you will be the leader of this army that is not an army of weapons and terror but spiritual army for Allah, it will march to even Delhi, you have 7 Awliya that are protecting you- If you want to go back to Pakistan then make sure that people give you the power but if they want you to share then dont bother, it is better to stay underground until Imam Mehdi Advises you, give to the poor and Pray for me too, Inshallah we see those days. Al Fatihahttp://saltanat.org/videopage.php?id=5649&name=2012-11-03_en_PervezMusharraf.mp4

  138. Anonymous says:

    no updates for a long time?

  139. Ghulam Habib says:

    i request is blog ko dubara open kiya jaaye

  140. Anonymous says:

    I request too..aoo sab mill k faqar sy request karain?

  141. Anonymous says:

    this is not end this is beginingZM

  142. Dear Faqar-e-Ghayoor, at least let us know what your upto and planning next? Dont be irresponsive 1954365 page views demand satisfactory answers from your end. Hope every visitor to this blog agrees with me.

  143. Anonymous says:

    kion band kar diya ye blog kiya aap jaan gaey thay k kuch badalnay nahin wala iss waja se ab to comments pur bhi reply nahin aata.why did u even start it if u had to close it this way?

  144. Anonymous says:

    Faqar Bhai apna project complete kar kay chalay gaay. Project yah nahe tha kay hum ko intizar ke raah deekha kaar betha dain BALKAY hum ko jagana tha. Laikim shahyad woh is main completely successful nahe hoaay kyon kay WE ARE STILL WAITING SOMEONE WHO WILL DO THAT JOB….. guys think about it otherwise we all will be slaughter one by one.

  145. Ghulam Habib says:

    bhai aap pls isye dubara open kare this is our request .. agar aap hi himmat haar jaayenge to aapke followers ka kiya hoga umeed par duniya qaaim hai aur jo likha hai woh to pura hona hai aur woh time to intihaayi qareeb aa chuka hai abhi aapki boht zuroorat hai..ajaaey wapis..

  146. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the translation. I watch this event when it was happening but could not able to translate. JazakAllah.

  147. meAmong313 says:

    yaar i know admin think that they have done their job…but i think their job is not donethey should keep posting thing ta k wo jazba jaari raheand hum sab comments karain and parhain

  148. meAmong313 says:

    and even if u guys post old things doesn't matterkeep posting themas it is hard to find good posts among so many posts

  149. Aslaam Aleykum dear Brothersaik esa shaks jo elm nahi rakhta , aur dusra jo elm rakhta hey, dono ka maamla alag hey, ap me se kitney hi hongey jo nahi jantey k aaney waley dino me kya honey jaraha hey, aur ap me se bohat hi kam esey bhi hain , jin pe ALLAH KAREEM ALEEMUN KHABEER , ka karam hey unko aney waley waqt ka pata chal jata hey, ALLAH TAALA k FAZL KARAM se mujey bhi thora bohat elm hey, lekin ajeeb bat ye hey k mey aaney waley waqt me honey waley waaqiaat ki waja se shayad ap logo se zayda pareshan hu, lekin jab unhi waaiqaat me khush khabriyan bhi dekhta hu, to dil khush hojata hey, ALLAH TAALA SAB MUSLMANO PAR APNA FAZL KARAM FARMAAYE, AMEEN,

  150. Anonymous says:

    Faqar bahai kia hal hay apki kami mehsos ho rahi hay mulk k halat badal rahay hain ap kuch to khain komal

  151. Anonymous says:

    ap aagha karaen taakae loogon ko aghi ho aur who ALLAH kae kareeb hon aur who khush khabriyan bhi bataaen ALLAH ap ko jazae kassir de aameen

  152. Anonymous says:

    asslaam alaikumyaar aap log 10 ya us se bhi pehle se yehi sab keh rahain hain ke halat badlain ge, ye hojaye ga, wo hojaye ga. hona kuch bhi nahi hai, sab kuch aise hi chalta rahe ga. ek chor jaye ga dosra ajaye ga.asal baat yeh hai ke pakistan ki qom hi badbakht hai. yeh qom chahti hi nahi ke koi imaandaar hukamraan aye kion ke qom khud chor hai. is qom se badmashian, zina, raqs-o-surood, ghaibat, corruption, etc sab karwaloo , yeh khushi se karain ge. yehi waja hai ke har baar is qom ko lootnay ke liye chor naam badal kar ajaate hain.

  153. Wajeeh says:

    salamat rahe yeh Pak watan. Ameen

  154. Asslaam Aleykum Dear Brothers@ kion ke qom khud chor hai. mujey ap k is comment pe hansi bhi arahi hey aur afsos bhi horaha hey is qoum ka mayaar kis stage pe aagya hey, k aksiryat logo ki ghata top buraiyo me doob chuki hey, ALLAH KAREEM hamey naik hukmran naseeb farmaaye ameenyaha kisi ne pucha hey k me coming events k barey me aagah karu jitna mujey pata hey , ta k dusrey bhi is se rahnumai hasil karain, ALLAH HAMEY APNI HIFZO AMAAN me rakhey ameenmerey bhai, me aik misal de raha hu ap meri is misal se samaj jain k maamla kitna ghambeer horaha hey, kuch arsa pehley ham log, door se aik tornedo ko dekh rahey they aur har koi andaza laga raha tha k us tufan ki shiddat esi hogi, koi kuch keh raha tha, wagera wagera, lekin,us ki shiddat aur tabahi ka raz sab pe khulney hi wala hey , sab ki aankhey khulli ki khulli reh jani heyku k ham sab usi tufan k lapait me aarahey hain, , pata nahi kon bachey ga kon sambhaley ga,achi khabar sirf sambhalney walo k liye hey iman k dushman zayda khatarnak hotey hain , jan ka kya hey jan ALLAH KI RAH ME CHALI JAYE TO WAREY NIYAREY baqi khush khabriya to apni jaga maqam rakhti hain, lekin aik khush khabri me khasusan batana chahta hu aik muslman ki jan ALLAH ki rah me ALLAH K DUSHMANO SE LARTEY HUWEY CHALI JAYE TO YAQINAN WO MUSLMAN BARA HI KHUSH NASIB HEY, JiS KO ALLAH PAAK NE SHAHAADAT SE SARFRAZ FARMAYA.bs me itna kahu ga, k ham sab ko shouq e shahaadat se labraiz rehna chahye, ALLAH HAM SAB MUSLMANO PAR RAHAM KARAM FARMAYE AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN

  155. Assalamoalikum Dear Patriots,I hope you all are fine by the grace of Allah SWT. Look what i have bumped into. A fantastic blog, one of the most patriotic and proud pieces of resistance on net. Read and enjoy.http://rupeenews.com/

  156. Wow Faqar Bhai!The activation of this approval system suggests that you are still around! aren't you?If this is so, then it is the best thing happened to be today… :)By the way, it is after a looooooong time that i have contributed on the blog.

  157. Wa Aliekum Assalam Brother Baktar & Salam to all blog readers!Yes its me who was approving comments but very rarely. For last 4, 5 months i couldn't do anything on my blogs nor checked email….!! I am very thankful to all of you who still visit this blog. In fact, this blog so rich of spiritual intelligence that i still find new things after reading posts on this blog.Cutting short, coming straight on what i am observing in current situation of Pakistan and predictions on this blog. Please read following points1. Mohtarma Atiya's foretelling are posted on this blog, everyone must have read these predictions. She foreseen:"Sadar-e-Pakistan ki kursi khali pari. Uss par kala jhanda laga hai. jo shakh un ki jagha le ga woh bohat sakhtgeer ho ga aur uss ki ankhain sabz aur darhi ghani hai"2. Prof. Yousaf Irfan's article 'Alami Manzar Nama aur Allah Wale' which is about Danday Wali Sarkar, it is predicted by Haji Ghulam Mustafa Chugtai that "Sadar Zardari mulk se bahir jaen ge aur wapis nahin ayen ge magar ye sub election ke baad ho ga". You got my point? Chair of president will become vacant when Zardari will go outside country and not come back. that will be the time when he will be replaced by Danday Wali Sarkar. So another dot connected. (Allah knows the best)There is another 3rd article of Prof. Yousaf Irfan published in Nawa-e-Waqt in 2010 which is not posted on this blog. (i couldn't remember its exact date but word Rohani comes in article's title, I will try to find it). In this article Prof. Yousaf Irfan said its spiritual news that elections will be held on time.There are two things now. (Brother Baktar you must note this)I have posted a Hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) twice above in this last post 6 months ago. I am seeing this Hadith fulfilling in coming days. This Hadith-e-Mubarika says there will be conflict in Muslims on choosing New Khalifa (Badshah, Ruler etc). We are on edge of this conflict. (Its my opinion, its how i understood this Hadith after seeing the signs). Conflict (Ikhtilaf) can be before elections for choosing Caretaker PM or after elections for choosing new PM. Alhamdulillah that's why I included this Hadith in this post. InshaAllah kuch faisley aik raat mein ho jaen ge waqt ane par jab log pehchan kar lain ge Hadith ke mutabiq. Allah hum sub ko Ahadith samajhne ki taufeeq de.I know many readers will raise questions on what i have said above, Please keep in mind what Hazrat Bari Imam (ra) said 250 years ago that A new city (Islamabad) around his place will established who will become the center of Islamic world in future.I hope you will understand what i am saying. As a humble servant i tried to give you people hope that change is very near. Only Allah SWT knows exactly what will happen in detail whether PM will go or President will go but surely we are at verge of change InshaAllah Pakistan ki takhleeq ka maqsad pura ho ga. JazakAllah KhairFaqar-e-Ghayoor

  158. Dear Baktar,I found that article link which i've mentioned in above comment.Article name is 'Tabdeeli Ka Rohani Manzar' by Prof. Yousuf Irfan Published in Nawa-i-Waqt on 30 December 2010Here are linkshttp://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/lahore/2010-12-30/page-11 andTabdeeli Ka Rohani Manzar

  159. Subhan Allah e wa-be-hamdehi SubhanAllah il-Azeem…Marhaba Dear Faqar, i could feel your presence around but never thought i would be fortunate enough to get your reply so soon…Allahu Akbar!!Yes, i am keenly following the situation, things are going down hill in every sphere of life. As i go thru your post, i strongly feel the weight in your arguments and am thinking on same lines now. The way politics is going on these days, it does point towards a chaotic and bloody election ahead and no one is really sure if anything fruitful will come out of it for the country cause traitors, terrorists, degenerates and opportunists have upped the ante. Only Allah knows best. Patriots must also take a note of how the situation is rapidly changing on our eastern border. With the passing of every day, the brahmin lords perpetrate some act of provocation, reminding us who we really are and who we are up against. But this time it appears to be serious.As crusader armies appear to flee from Afghanistan, they need someone to engage Pakistan nevertheless. Can there be really war? it is hard to fathom for now. But due consideration should be given to mental and spiritual preparation if not material. Tawaso bil Haq and twaso bis'sabr should continue with a vigour. Our respective circles of friends should be retouched/reactivated. May Allah SWT help us keep the spiritual vigil intact and robust, may we not falter in the least. Ameen sum Ameen.I would suggest to the patriots here to share/report anything significant to the like minded circle of their friends so as to keep them 'bedaar' and aware. We should keep track of events in and outside our homeland, especially those which concern Islam and Muslims. Face Book and emails could be utilized for the purpose as much as possible. InshaAllah i will be posting links to the articles/news items which we need to know on our blog for all to access and arm themselves with the knowledge. The onslaught of enemies is thunderous in these particular days, we must have something to defend and counterattack.Faqar Bhai, i am sure that it is not only me who is joyous beyond belief after seeing you return to the blog but all who are reading your words! Please do bless us from time to time with your 'zyarat'!! If you allow us we can text halwa and daig to your 'aastana' as 'nazrana'….to make you throw a 'nigah e shafqat' on your mureeds who are mehv e istaghraq in this dera of yours for a long time…! 😉 Aji suntay ho hazrat jee! Pir seb, agar iss blog e roohani ko dobara chaalu karnay ka koi irada nahi to apni waqtan fawaqtan amad say hi apnay halqa bagoshon ko tassali tashaffi day dia keejeay! :)May Allah SWT bless you and your loved ones and the ones who are with you. Ameen sum Ameen. Keep in touch.

  160. Dear Baktar and others,A good news is that brother Adeel started an excellent blog similar to this spiritual blog, MashaAllahIts link is http://pakistannislam.blogspot.com/Pls visit this. I'll try to send him good links whenever i see such interesting info.****Another thing I found the picture and some book extracts of a very patriotic astrologer Ghazi Munajim. He mostly wrote about Pakistan future. A bother told me he passed away last year.InshaAllah I will add these extracts in the post of 01 December 2011 which is related to Ghazi Munajim. Brother Baktar, pls keep sharing the info and links….!!!

  161. MAJ says:

    Welcome brother faqar.:) Its so nice to see you after a long time.The blog shared by brother Faqar-e-Ghayoor is my blog.http://pakistannislam.blogspot.com/Your contribution is also required in the form of articles and other stuff. May Almighty ALLAH bless us so that we will be able to see that true Islamic Govt. of Pakistan. Regards

  162. Asslaam Aleykum suna hey pakistan me dunya ki sab se tallest building tameer honey jarahi hey, aur iska name Pakistan Burj, rakha gya hey, hoskta hey baad me iska naame kuch aur rakh diya jaye, anyway, me isi mansubey k barey me soch raha tha, aur bohat ghor k baad mujey kuch esi batain malom hui k socha ap se bhi share karu.ye building agar bohat tezi se bhi tameer ho, to isko complete honey me taqreeban kam se kam 5 saal to lagey ge, is hisab se ye building complete taqreeban 2017 ya 2018 me hogi, mujey to esey lag raha hey k ye mansuba shuru karney waley log sirf sar ki aankho se dekh rahey hain, k sab kuch unki khawahish k mutabiq ho jaye ga, lekin, halaat kisi aur taraf jarahey hain, ye 45 , 50 arab dollars ki khateer raqam zaya hoti nazar arahi hey,hazrat naimatullah shah wali r.a. aur hazrat sufi barkat ali r.a. aur bohat se dusrey buzurgo ne india se jang k barey me aagah kar diya hey, sufi barkat ali saheb r.a ne to yaha tak farma diya tha k 1971 ki jang k baad ab india se aur koi bari jang nahi hogi siwaye ghazwa e hind k , yani ghazwa e hind koi aam chhoti jang nahi ye esi jang hey jis k barey me hazrat namatullah shah wali r.a ne bhi farma diya tha k shah gharbi aur hind k darmiyan aik bari jang hogi jang azeem hogi, aik waja to jang azeem hey jis ko ghazwa e hind bhi kehtey hain, dusri waja jis ko aksar log bhool jatey hain, Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali r.a. ne saaf saaf farma diya tha, k Ghazwa e hind k baad hind aur sindh me aik QAYAMAT Khaiz ZALZLAH aye ga, jis se karoro log marey jain ge, me Pakistan me investment k khilaf nahi hu, investment zarur honi chahye, lekin investment k liye koi aur shoba bhi select kiya ja skta hey, talest building bnana zaruri nahi, merey khyal se to tallest building bna kar sirf dunya ko show krana hey charcha krna hey aur zyada tar is trah k project me fazool kharchi hi nazar ati hey, logo k liye koi mustaqil rozgar nazar nahi ata, jis trah Lahore me metro bus system aya hey agar kisi ko jama tafreeq ati hey to wo khud andaza laga sakta hey k is project se rozana kitney laakh rupey kamaye ja saktey hain, aur after months kitney karor , etc. Karachi, Lahore, Pishawar, Queta, Islamabad, aur dusrey barey cities koi apas me agar tez raftar metro bus service se jor diya jaye, ya china tarz ki bullet train chalai jaye to mera khyal hey k ye log taqreeban panch saal me hi apni aadhi raqam puri kar lain ge, inta munafa hoga, Tallest building fazool kharchi k siwa kuch nahi waha hotels hongey jaha sirf ameer logo ki rasai hogi, aur dusrey ayashi k addey fahashi etc,

  163. Anonymous says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Faqar,Good to see your comments on the blog again. Very revealing insights but of course the "exact" time of events is known to ALLAH only. I wish to share a few insights on Pakistan as well. These are just reminders but still give us hope.1- Shah Faisal's dream on Pakistan during 1965 war:http://www.together-we-rise.blogspot.com/2013/02/king-faisals-dream-on-pakistan.html2- Election Politics & true path:http://www.together-we-rise.blogspot.com/2013/02/election-politics-true-path.html3- Ancient Khurasaan and Pakistan Connection:http://www.together-we-rise.blogspot.com/2013/02/ancient-khurasaan.htmlFee Amaan ALLAH,A brother in Islam.

  164. Dr.Urooj says:

    Assalamoalaikum Faqar bhai ,baktar bhai and all ,Wow so so glad to hear from u after a looong time brother Faqar .. May Allah Always bless u where ever you are (ameen)….. baqi oper comment main Baktar bhai ney sab kuch likh diya hai ,jo main sooch rahi hoon ,tou meri taraf sey bhi yahi comment samajhiye 🙂

  165. Anonymous says:

    There is this hadith about the death of a king. Other versions of the hadith give the name Abdullah to that king. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is now nearly 90 years old. I am expecting him to die very soon. March 2013? Following that the Saudi royal family will start fighting internally leading to much chaos. 2014 should see the arrival of Imam Mahdi. Wallaho Alam

  166. MAJ says:

    Signs of change are apparing on horizon. The decision of Almighty ALLAH will be soon announced. jisay dekh kr sb heraan reh jain gy.But election hotay nazar nhi a rhy. As predicted by Syed Sarfraz Shah that elections will be held in 2015.http://pakistannislam.blogspot.com/2012/10/soon-almighty-allah-will-take-so-moto.htmlAccording to my little knowledge jb caretaker govt. sb politicians sy loota hua maal wasool krna start kry gi then president sahab bahir chalay jain gy aur wapis nhi aen gy. ALLAH knows well k kb kya ho ga.

  167. Another good article in which a Majzoob told about Kashmir 10 year ago Majzoob and KashmirIt means Kashmir is going to become Sovereign Kashmir as predicted by Buzurg Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi Sahib in first place, then ultimately Danday Wali Sarkar will make Kashmir part of Pakistan permanently. InshaAllahPls visit below linkhttp://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2012/02/alami-manzar-allah-wale-aur-danday-wali.html

  168. Bohat khoob Roomi….chhupay rustam niklay aap…. :)MashaAllah…. great effort!

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. Anonymous says:


  171. Same from me for Bro Roomi……..Charagh se charagh kya khoob jal rahe hain. Name of the blog is very motivating http://www.together-we-rise.blogspot.com

  172. Indeed bro…no doubt about it!Alhamdullillah your efforts have not been in vain after all Faqar Bhai…Jahan tareeki barh rahhi hai wahan yeh aashufta sar apnay apnay charagh leay ujalay bhi bikhair rahay hain! 🙂

  173. Anonymous says:

    JazaakALLAH brothers Faqar & Baktar…it's just a humble effort and it's no doubt that I have learnt about the spiritual dimension of Pakistan and about writers like Wasif Ali Wasif (ra) etc. only from this blog. Otherwise, I started my activism with an email group with messages on Islam some years ago and in between also worked as Sub-Editor in THE NATION, in the magazine section (2008), which helped me organize matter in the form of articles better. In 2009 when I was working in an IT firm as Senior Content Writer, I purchased a domain "Together We Rise" http://www.togetherwerise.pk to start my own blog. Then there were not any free blogs available. However, due to some personal reasons I could not launch it and the blog expired after one year, as I did not renew payment.We are brought up on a mix of eastern and western values, but efforts like your blog can bring many people back to their own roots. However, we should continue picking positive things from the West side by side while shunning those values which are in contradiction with our religion. Our main source should be Qur'an and Hadith, and I am only saying this here because I see some of the youth confused between reading too much Iqbal before trying to read the translation of Qur'an itself. They think to read Iqbal is sufficient to understand Islam. Such youngsters need to first ponder over the meanings of Qur'anic verses or seek help from gifted scholars. Reading articles/books of Islamic scholars or listening to their lectures is also good, which is what has helped me also.Brother Faqar, these lines are only for youth, not for people like you who are MashaALLAH already on the path to enlightenment not to forget brother Baktar.Just today, in a meeting with someone in an office, an old religious man also came. He said also that conflict with India is close but ALLAH knows best! I only think we need to equip ourselves with Survival Techniques for common citizens in any case, and we should better research on good ideas. I am starting work on it seriously as no country in the world is safe from war, and it is only wise to plan for any unprecedented event beforehand. Any help in this regard is most welcome!Wassalam,Roman.

  174. Ibne Adam says:

    @ Faqar and Baktar e NoorWhat you say about entry of Tahir-ul-Qadri on stage?mera tu khyaal hy k care taker Govt. ko extend krnay ka plan bn chuka hy. Article 62 & 63 k according koi bhi honest politician nhi hy. is waja sy election ko delay kr dia jaey ga. jis ki waja sy country mein halaat aur ziada kharab ho jain gy. phir danday wali sarkar ka dour start ho ga,jo sb ko seedha kr k rkh dy gi…

  175. AOA,Dear All,I want to share something.A very patriotic astrologer Ghazi Munajim died in Nov. 2012. I got his book one year ago from a book shop unexpectedly while i was searching something else. I couldn't post anything from that book because readers of this blog criticized me on posting Ghazi Munajim's predictions on 01 December 2011 post.Personally I have no interest in astrology but after reading Ghazi Munajim's Book I am surprised and think Ghazi Munajim was not just astrologist, he must have knowledge of something else that's why Mumtaz Mufti Sahib mentioned him in Alakh Nagri.After listening the news of his death at the age of 90 and reading that book again, I thought to comment here and posting his picture and some pages from his book 'Ghazi Hazar Paishangoiyan aur Mashware' in the post of 01 December 2011 at least to remember that great patriot who was great defender of Pakistan.Book contains 1000 predictions which Ghazi sahib did from 1968 to 2004. He wrote 85 letters to Indian Leaders (President, PM etc) and warned them that astrologically Dehli will be captured by Pakistan one day and told them the spiritual importance of Pakistan. More than 50 letters he sent to others rulers of world.Book has 250 pages full of surprising things. He also made Zaaeche of 26 poets and intellectuals including Q U Shahab and Ashfaq Ahmed and others. He was great defender of Pakistan army and supported Zia ul Haq. He was also very active against qadianis and book contains many pages in which he challenged qadiani scholars.I pay tribute to this brave soldier of Pakistan who challenged the enemies of Pakistan. His famous declaration was: 'An enemy of Pakistan can not escape from God's punishment'. He advised to implement Islamic System in Pakistan and also predicted one day it will happen.He named the awaited leader as 'Shah Khawar' who will change the destiny of Pakistan. He told many signs of awaited one. There are so many strange things in the book which i can't write and book is huge to scan.Many of his predictions came true and some went wrong. For me what he said about Pakistan is more important. Please read this post again I have added some pages from that book.http://spiritual-pakistan-future.blogspot.com/2011/12/great-leader-will-appear-from-pakistan.html

  176. You know Faqar, it is unintelligible that how a series of coincidences make us startle when we observe the links between them!I have been in contact with one such person who 'knows something', and while reading your comments right now and the predictions of Ghazi Munajjam he called and asked what is going on on internet, pointing towards you and this blog! He is the one who is among a few of those who have insight into spiritual matters, especially concerning end times and Pakistan.Perhaps, these are not coincidences at all but pieces of information, but like a riddle Dan Brown likes to present to his readers… 🙂 and they gradually unfold when nearing the climax!Do you remember i had mentioned on the blog that the 'awaited one' will be from Punjab? and many of our sincere and good readers/followers found it hard to digest. Well it was hard for myself to digest at first, clues in the riddle(s) pointed towards it. It sort of forced me to look into that direction, i couldn't believe it at first, much of the olden scholastic traditions were opposite to it (or were they really?). But there it was, like an undeniable challenge, and with every passing day this conclusion cemented itself in my heart.Then tonight i opened the link you have given above and Voilà!! A coincidence? Now, i dont think so. The 'knowledgeable' knew it generations ago! We are fortunate enough to be taken on board on it.I firmly believe that whosoever is loyal to Pakistan despite facing hardships and injustice is a blessed soul indeed and will be rewarded in the hereafter if not in this lifetime. For patriots the best reward bestowed upon them is none other than seeing their beloved homeland prosper and honoured.

  177. What is happening on the ground? needless to say that it is pretty much confusing. But then again, there is a pattern and much of what you have already observed (as mentioned in your comments) appears to be the case. It really does appear that stake holders/planners want elections to be stalled or cancelled altogether. To what end? maybe to sow more discontent, anarchy, uncertainty and insecurity among the masses, fulled by thunderous waves upon waves of terrorism and urban strife. The local agents/traitors/provocateurs of known foreign powers will be the tool as usual and maybe full or small scale invasion or incursion into our land and marine territories from almost all sides; leaving the one with China. By no means it is a prediction, but merely a thought. I sure hope it turns out to be completely wrong and all things go smoothly., i.e. impartial and fair elections and patriot, honest, Islamic minded Pakistanis come to power..right! Well lets just see.As far as tahir ul qadri is concerned, i am sure many upon many on this forum are his fans with whom i don't want to get into any harangue. It is just that i have never trusted the fellow and never will. I clearly remember that the issue of Articles 62, 63 was forcefully voiced by late mohtaram Qazi Hussain Ahmed sb and his party many years ago before the advent of elections (i even remember the wall chalkings around my city), but i don't recall allama sb to support this call on any such occasion, so this issue is nothing new, but just to delay the elections, i believe. Successive musical chairs went on for decades but allama was content without raising concern over ever present 62, 63 so why now suddenly? Dears, i really am sorry if i have hurt anyone's feelings with these comments, this was never my intention.

  178. Now back to Ghazi Munajjam, he says Pakistan will be the centre of spiritual forces, agreed. It is so, and i have informed you thru my emails about the same. These very days, strife and unrest in the spiritual world is immense (i would explain later).All negative spiritual forces are targeting Pakistan for a long time but especially for the last two years and the frustration of those forces are reaching peak levels in current days, it is told that they are fighting suicidal battles to stop 'something from happening'. Lekin honi ko kon rok saka hai? If it is the will of Allah SWT then it will come to pass on the right moment despite us accepting or rejecting it!By the way, have you noticed something out of the blue happening around the world, something strange or unheard of, some incident?

  179. Aslaam Aleykum Dear BrothersFaqar Ghayur Saheb , Ap se kuch bohat zaruri guzarishat karni hey, me janta hu ap blog ko last post k sath close kar chukey hain, ab sirf ham yaha comments hi kar saktey hain, lekin faqar bhai, agar dekha jaye to ham pakistani qoum ko sab se pehley kis manzil se guzrna hey, aaney waley waqt me kon kon si manzil ani hey , hamey usi hisab se topic pe bat krni chahye, pehli manzil se guzrney k baad ham me se kitney sans ley rahey hongey pata nahi, kyun k kuch batain esi hain jin ko btana zaruri nahi sirf chand aik batain btana chahta hu, pakistan me media aur internet samait aik esa waqt bhi araha hey jab ap ka blog sirf pakistan me nahi dekha jasakta. ye sab kuch green eyes waley shaks k dour me hoga, ap se guzarish hey k ap apney blog pe LAST do teen post sirf ghazwa e hind k topic pe aur is ghazwa me shirkat karney waley k maqaam par aur us k sawab par karain , logo ko is ghazwa me shirkat karney k liye JANNAT ki khush khabri ka btaain, bey hisaab JANNAT me daakley ka btaain, ap se guzarish hey k ap i ghazwa k barey me posts urdu english aur chand dusri languages me translation kr k post karain, jab bhi koi ap k blog pe aye to pehli nazar uski first page pe parey to usey ghazwa e hind k barey me pata chaley, jo hamari pehli manzil hey ,kyun k jab is blog tak pakistaniyo ki rasai nahi hogi , us time, dusri aqwaam yahaan se mesaage lengi, k Pakistan me huwa kya hey aur aagey kya honey wala hey , ye jang konsi hey , ap se guzarish hey k kisi event k honey ka siren bajney ka wait na krain, events itni tezi se arahey hain, k kuch karney ka waqt nahi miley ga,last post kar k is blog k passwords ki strength mushkil si rakhain, jo apko bhi yad ho, koi hacker isko hack na kar sakey, ALLAH AP PR RAHAM FARMAAYE AAMEEN SUMMA AAMEEN

  180. Ibne Adam says:

    @ Baktar-e-NoorIn my opinion, entry of Tahir-ul-Qadri is already planned. In order to delay elections in the country, he has come to Pakistan at this stage. Do you remember rise of Imran Khan at the end of 2011? At that time there were news of Govt. of technocrats. But the plan is not implemented. Now some hidden elements want to delay the elections. They want a care taker Govt. for a long duration. Wo chahtay hein k in politicians ny jitna b mulk ko loota hy in sy ye paisa wapis lya jaey. Is k baad honest people ki Govt. establish ho gi. is waja sy tu PML (N) walay pareshaan nazar atay hein kyn k wo tu apni bari ki umeed lagaey bethay thy.Few days back one of the senior columnists also said in an article that we should listen what Tahir-ul-Qadri is SAYING instead of that WHO is saying this…

  181. Anonymous says:

    Tahir ul Qadri is still believing in the westernized version of democracy. And one thing which I have noticed is that we, as common people, perceive the rise and fall of personalities as portrayed in the media. Imran had the following in urban youth before Oct 2011, and there was nothing on the media, and then all of a sudden media gave so much hype. I believe our media is as corrupt as our current leaders. Leaders might, after so much looting, think of being nice and getting a face saving for the sake of coming to power again, but these media people, specially the anchors are there to stay and stay for a very long time, hopping among different channels. A thinking soul can clearly feel who is on a pay roll of whom. But, unfortunately our masses are buying the idea of Aman ka Tamasha, change in our founding slogan, Pakistan ka matlab kia, etc.As said by Dr. Israr, the Dajjal could in fact be the one eyed camera of the modern world. Or a tool in the hands of Dajjali forces.TuQ sb. criticized the system, and I liked it, however, he fell away too soon, involving and holding talks with the same party leaders whom he didn't accept as being properly elected. There are a lot of contradictions that I see, why he waited for a good amount of 4.5 years of this govt., and came just a couple months before election? Why did he let the agony to prolong. I am sorry, if I have hurt someone, but these are the issues I find in him.Baktar bro, I am looking forward to your comments regarding Pervaiz Musharraf's meeting with Shykh Nizam. Well, the material of the meeting is mind-blowing and a matter of serious thought as no bazurg of his age can put all his reputation at risk! He made the case TO THE POINT. No IFs and BUTs.. Can Mush be Shah Khawar (ruler of the East)?Regards,Saad

  182. Wa Aliekum AssalamShukriya Bhai app ki baatain bohat qabil-e-ghaur hain. Ghazwa-e-Hind par iss blog mein kafi posts hain. Mazeed posts k liye to new blog banana pare ga. Ya main ne ye bhi socha hai k agar koi new post mili to ussay pehle wali kisi post mein add kar diya jaye ta k sub kuch aik jagha mil jaye. Ghazwa-e-Hind to abhi bhi lara ja raha hai, magar iss ki akhri jang k liye jis leader ki zaroorat hai uss ki bohat importance hai. InshaAllah jin logon tak message jana chahiye un tak zaroor pohanch jaye ga. Ziada tar log Google par search kar k aate hain. Ahista ahista ye baat kafi logon tak phail jaye gi. Password ki fikar na karain, main ne blog ka backup rakha huwa hai. ye dekhainhttps://spiritualpakistanfuture.wordpress.com/

  183. A smile came on my face after reading these linesThe 'knowledgeable' knew it generations ago! We are fortunate enough to be taken on board on it.App ki ye baat parh kar mujhe Allama Iqbal ke ye ashaar yaad aa rahe hainJinhain Mein Dhoondta Tha Asmanon Mein Zameenon MeinWoh Nikle Mere Zulmat Khana-e-Dil Ke Makeenon MeinHaqiqat Apni Ankhon Par Namayan Jab Huwi ApniMakan Nikla Humare Khana-e-Dil Ke Makeenon Mein

  184. Your last two lines are very meaningful 🙂

  185. Asalaam Alaikum Faqir Bhai…Thanks for sending mail about Shah Khawar :).. Here are my thoughts after reading your comment about Shah Khawar…- Shah Khawar means King of East…- West will be under Imam Mahdi (as)…- Imam Mahdi (as) will migrate to Hijaz from west…- Imam Mahdi (as) will be king of Jerusalem (west)- East will be under Prophet Isa (as)…- Isa (as) will descend in east of Damascus…- Isa (as)'s native language is still alive in east of Damascus in maaloula…http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Syrian-villagers-keep-Jesus-language-alive-3273429.php- Imam Mahdi (as) will send Isa (as) to east Sindh/Hind…- Qaydiyani said Isa (as) migrated to Kashmir (east) and married there and died. Murree is stand from Merry etc… They got this prophesies from Christians sources and twisted them. I think this prophesies are partially true but for second life of Isa (as) during Ghazwah-e-Sind (Allah knows best)…So MAY BE Shah Khawar (king of east) is Prophet Isa (as) who will come Pakistan (Sindh) to correct us during Ghazwah-e-Sindh, Insha'Allah. Allah Knows Best….Just my thoughts… It can be wrong…Some from my blog…Last pope (Anti-Christ) is near…..http://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2013/02/last-pope.htmlThe verse of the Qur'an with an abjad calculation related to Prophet Jesus (as)http://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-verse-of-quran-with-abjad.htmlAfter Dhu’l-qarnayn and Prophet Solomon (as), Allah promises a 3rd world dominion to His sincere servants in the End Times.http://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2013/02/after-dhul-qarnayn-and-prophet-solomon.htmlThe world will recognize Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the time of Aquariushttp://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-world-will-recognize-hazrat-mahdi.htmlIn line with the verses of the Qur'an and the numerological numbers, Adnan Oktar explains that Islam will reign the world within 10 years timehttp://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2012/11/in-line-with-verses-of-quran-and.htmlThe reign of Islam will come after 2012http://pakistan-harunyahya.blogspot.com/2012/11/2012.htmlAllah Knows BestInsha'AllahSalaam

  186. Anonymous says:

    @ Muhammad Faisal Nadeem,Brother, I have been following insights at http://www.harunyahya.com since 2005 and have also got one of his books. I would just advise you not to follow the work of just one scholar in these times. Only when you study and research the works of different scholars, can you arrive at the truth. Even then, we should know that ahadith were compiled 200 years after the Prophet's (pbuh) demise. And we cannot give the exact time about anything. It's time to do practical things to save this country.Regards,A Well-Wisher.

  187. Assalaam Alaikum well wisher, thanks for advise :)… I also read other scholars… Establishing Islamic Union is the top most practical thing which will not only save Pakistan but also other Muslims countries…Regards,Muhammad Faisal Nadeem

  188. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Haroon Yahya is well exposed in the comments of this blog

  189. Brother you haven't to be worried….

  190. Ibne Adam says:

    Read this article about Ghazwa-e-Hind.Signs of Ghazwa-e-HindAs Ameer Akram Awan said in 2001 that American attack on Afghanistan will initiate Ghazwa-e-Hind. If we see current situation then we can say that this Ghazwa is very near. Tense situation on Line of Control, Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline, China in Gawadar, etc. All these events indicate that sooner or later America will give order to India to launch an attack on AJK. According to Ameer Akram Awan, this will be the starting point of Ghazwa-e-Hind.

  191. an_Abdullah says:

    Brother Faqar-e-Ghayoor /Brother Baktar e Noor!How do you guys analyse "Meeting of Pervez Musharraf with Shaykh Nazim"??http://saltanat.org/videopage.php?id=5649&name=2012-11-03_en_PervezMusharraf.mp4You both have not commented anything on this yet. I am asking because I have noticed many of us still using abusive language abt Musharraf on internet/media and within friends circles.

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