Alami Manzar, Allah Wale Aur Danday Wali Sarkar (Article By Prof. Yousuf Irfan)

پاکستان میں ‘ڈنڈے والی سرکار’ بر سرِ اقتدار آ جائے گی

Prof. M. Yousuf Irfan

2nd Article on ‘Danday Wali Sarkar’ and World Future by Prof. Muhammad Yousuf Irfan, published on 22, August 2010 in Nawa-i-Waqt Magazine. (Read first article here)

Darvesh Haji Ghulam Mustafa Chughtai Al-Maaruf Tailor Master Sahib and Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi Sahib’s glad tidings and spiritual foretelling about arrival of Strict Leader ‘Danday Wali Sarkar’ and Great Future of Pakistan. Here this article is reproduced for better readability, Original scan of article is also added below.

Scan of Article (Alami Manzar Aur Allah Wale, 22 August, 2010 Nawa-i-Waqt, Sunday Magazine)
(Right click image & open in new tab for enlarged view)

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57 Responses to Alami Manzar, Allah Wale Aur Danday Wali Sarkar (Article By Prof. Yousuf Irfan)

  1. Masha'AllahFamine which will hit all Asian countries but less to India is current Economic Crises (2007-2014). (Allah Knows Best).

  2. Anonymous says:

    The article is good and interesting to read until "bhuto ki death ke baad ek acha gernail iqtidaar main aye ga". I lost the respect. General Zia was a liar, killer, monopolist, hypocrite, non-sense leader. He threw the whole country into usa proxy war against russia just because USA ordered it. He didn't even had balls to ask usa to demolish all of pakistan's loans. So in reality pakistan not only become a fail state because of this usa proxy war but in debt as well. Not to mention he hanged atleast 4 of the witnesses against bhuto which he promised not to hanged them if they witness against bhuto. Its all written in the book by the colonel who was the in charge of bhuto in jail.How can one describe Zia a good, namazi, parhaizgar gernail if his hands are full of blood of innonect PPP wrokers and balochs. I saw by my own eyes when 3 of baloch men were hanged just because they are not in favour of zia marshal law. 2nd malik

  3. Anonymous says:

    @FaqarThanx for the hard work. In order to comment fully, i need to go through it once more.All the best for future as now a days due to pers/prof life being so busy, the most i can do is to have the last look at this blog before sleeping as it is so calming and soothing to know that there are ppl who r thinking for the country.In such scenario i can appreciate and understand the hard work you put here.May ALLAH bless you!! (well i envy you all the blessings which you get, duaon mein yaad rakhiye ga)AK

  4. AK, Thanks for such a nice comment and dua, InshAllah you will always find me here doing some work for my countrymen. Mein Zulmat-e-Shab Mein Le Ke Niklun Ga Apne Darmandah Karwan KoSharar Fishan Ho Gi Aah Meri, Nafas Mera Shaola Bar Ho GaIn the darkness of the night I shall take out my tired caravanMy sigh will be shedding sparks my breath will be throwing flames

  5. Anonymous says:

    Salaam PakistanOverall, I like your efforts and also appreciate you for this. My dear Brother just try to control your emotions when you responding to your critics. Allhamdu Lillah rest is ok.Also I would like to talk about the coming 0neand for your information he is in England and all these politicians either Pakistani or non-Pakistani know about him. Especially, he has been persecuted by non-Pakistani hypocrite politicians. Insha Allah he will come out well from this test. Dawn is being ascended so please keep faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Also remember Pakistan and Pakistan armed forces are forces of Allah and Prophet but their top brass has to show bit more courage and faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).I am sure will agree with on the following point that whatever is happening is being planned by english people and Allah is exposing them and just don't pay attention to stupid media channels like BBC, GEO, CNN etc…Allah Bless Pakistan and his residents and also all other Muslims tooRemember me in your duas…Jazak Alalh

  6. Apprentice says:

    Are you talking about Altaf Bhai :)))

  7. Umar Ch says: you have changed my life my thinking…may Allah bless you…i belong to a spiritual people…my Murshad..his Murshad..all are saying that be ready ..something incredible is going to happen…and my brother is GDP in Pakistan air force..and believe you me they are going through the toughest training in the history of PAF..its all because Allah is preparing us for something Special..InshAllah

  8. Apprentice says:

    May Allah bless all of us with eternal faith (Kamil Yaqeen). Aameen. I am in a struggle phase (apprentice), brothers pray for me that my soul may also enlighten with eternal faith. Aameen!

  9. Abdullah says:

    I am not sure what is going to happen in the future. At first I was convinced that Imran will have the duty to pave the way for Danday Waali Sarkaar by building the economic and military base of the country and after about 2 decades we will have our Green Eyed Leader. Now I have heard from 2 different sources that may be Nawaz will be the president one day but I have also heard from multiple sources that Imran's gov is a done deal. Wallaho Alam kya hota hai. But there is probably no one on God's green earth that I hate more than Nawaz Ganja and his entourage. Who knows maybe we'll have a stint by Nawaz Ganja to loot and plunder Pakistan even more before Imran gets a chance. Allah kai kaam Allah hi jaane.BTW at first I thought that Danday Wali Sarkaar is going to be a military government years after PTI's stint in power but after reading this post I'm thinking maybe its a reference to PTI itself?

  10. Abdullah says:

    Bhai jaan kahen aap Hizb-ut-Tahrir ka zkir tou nahi kar rahe?

  11. Anonymous says:

    My dear brother AbdullahPTI you must be kidding aren't you? Please for God sake analyse Mr Imran he is not different than any other Pakistani politician like Zardari. Time will prove it Insha Allah. Please please don't jump to conclusion be patient and analyse the scenario then slowly and gradually make a decision.I don't want to offend you but Pakistan is far important than any pti ppp or pml… For sake Brother and Sisters wake up….

  12. Anonymous says:

    Also I would like to talk about the coming one and for your information he is in England and all these politicians either Pakistani or non-Pakistani know about him. Especially, he has been persecuted by non-Pakistani (english) hypocrite politicians. Insha Allah he will come out well from this test. Dawn is being ascended so please keep faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Also remember Pakistan and Pakistan armed forces are forces of Allah and Prophet but their top brass has to show bit more courage and faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).I am sure you all will agree with me on the following point that whatever is happening is been planned by england and USA is executing it and Allah is exposing them and just don't pay attention to stupid media channels like BBC, GEO, CNN etc… Remember my Brothers and Sisters english and Israelites are the name of same disease. So, always beware from english (englishmen) people they are classical and criminal hypocrites. Insha Allah, Allah will punish them soonAllah Bless Pakistan and his residents and also all other Muslims tooRemember me in your duas…Jazak Alalh

  13. Anonymous says:

    No Brother Abdullah just be patient and keep Faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Insha Allah everyone will be surprised, Insha Allah…Also please read Surah Anfal and Kahaf as much as you can because our Imangoing to be tested soon as Nation. We need to make sure we'll pass that test with great marks……. Insha Allah Insha Allah Insha Allah

  14. Anonymous says:

    salam, you have ur opinions on ZIA which are correct to some extent but u cannot deny all the facts; this is an highly acknowledged fact about thim that he panch waqti namazi, had the Holy boook with him at all times, molana akram awan says that he was the first muslim ruler after AURANGZEB who was 'tahajjud guzar', and finally i believe that he has really done all the preparations for the conquest of india – mainly khalistan and orgination of taliban. one can,t deny his efforts also ti islamize or society after the the injection of liberal style of thinking and linving introduced by Bhutto.

  15. By this article Kashmir will be Apart from Pakistan in other woards PAKISTAN will be broken ! ?

  16. By this article Kashmir will be Apart from Pakistan in other woards PAKISTAN will be broken ! ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    bhai mere, Hasan bin Sabah, Hajaj Bin Yousuf, Abu Tahir Qramti (Qaramta fitnah), recent TTP terrorist, all are panch waqta namazi, you think by offering only panch time namaz and killing innocent people beside it can save you from hell fire?Regarding Taliban, I believe the afghanistan taliban (mulla umar etc) were raised by the help of benazir government. Her governemnt minister of internal affair Late Nasir Ullah Babar took credit to estabilish Taliban by giving them financial, moral, and military support.I truly believe that it was israel and USA who was behind the death of bhutto. You can read a person column, his name is "Fazal-e-Haq". he was some kind of PM secretary at the time of bhutto, and he witnessed the meeting in which Henry Kessenger threaten bhutto to kill if he refuse 1) making a confideration consist of Saudia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and Pakistan2) stop atomic research process, stop enriching uranium3) guarantee for pakistan to help Usa against Russia by giving usa airfields, airports and military support in afghanistan.In colonel rafiiudin (security incharge of bhutto at jail) book "Bhuto Last 323 days". He wrote that bhutto told him that usa want me to give them freeway against russia in future and ask me to disassemble atomic energy commission. 2nd Malik

  18. Anonymous says:

    Salam Alaikum Allone news which was ignored by the western main stream media is russia already deployed their aircraft carrier ships on the Syrian ports. Hussain

  19. Abdullah says:

    No offense taken bro. Just trying to put this strange jigsaw puzzle together. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on Imran Khan here. I have watched him very closely since about 2005-06 and from what I have found out, he is not like any other politician. An honest to the core, ghairat mand, patriotic Pakistani whose heart bleeds for Pakistan. So I have really high hopes for him. I know that Pakistan is bigger than any political party but Allah uses people on earth to implement his will, not aliens, and at the moment, Imran and his group seem like promising candidates to be the instrument of change. But Wallaho Alam. Lets see what Allah has planned for Pakistan.

  20. Abdullah says:

    OK Bro. Thanks for the advice. BTW, those Hizb-ut-Tahrir people are pawns of MI6. Totally brainless people. I pity them because most of them don't even know who they are working for. Only their higher leadership knows their reality.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mr Umer always Insha Allah it will never happen, Insha Allah

  22. Anonymous says:

    Correct but the list MI6 and CIA's owned politician mullah's won't finished here what the following:Fazlur RehmanQazi Husain AhmedTahir ul QadriImran KhanNawaz Sharif & ShabazZardari and partyMusharaf and Altaf Hussain etc Also these majority of middle eastern leaders toooList is long but Faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)and then they will be exposed by Allah, Insha Allah

  23. Abdullah says:

    I agree with this list with the exception of Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. All of these are honest people. Although Qazi Hussain Ahmad might have been an unwitting pawn of CIA and MI6 some time in his hay days because of his low mental ability which is characteristic of most of Jamaat-e-Islami members. Nothing unique. :). No offence. Just sharing my view point bro.And Inshallah one day, in this world or in the next, all traitors of Islam and Pakistan will be exposed and humiliated in front of everyone. Inshallah

  24. MAJ says:

    Agr Nawaz Sharif President bnay ga. tu usy koi faida nhi ho ga. kyn k President ki powers ab prime minister k pas a gai hein. Abi Zardari is liay powerful hy kyn k is ki party ki Govt. hy. lekin ab next govt. mixture of parties ki ho gi. President aur prime minister ki aaps main nhi bnay gi. Aur wo set up jald end ho jaey ga. Kuch Aulia Allah ny b kaha tha k next Govt. sirf 1.5 – 2 years tk chalay gi. Is k baad danday wali sarkar ka duor ay ga.Jahan tk Kashmir ki baat hy tu wo pehlay hi kafi had tk independent state hy. us k khud mukhtar honay sy Pakistan ko farq nhi paray ga. kyn k Kashmir ko trade aur foreign relations establish krnay k liay Pakistan ya India py hi depend krna ho ga. unhay jahan sy ziada profit ho ga wo us country k sath deal kr lain gy. Ye time period boht thora ho ga.Baqi Allah behtar janta hy k kb kya hona hy.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Bhai Faqar e Ghayoor I have no doubt on your efforts and besides that you are really a humble person.But the person who wrote this article has purposly made this article from spiritual to political. He injected lots of bullshit in this article on the name of respectable saints. May be thats why he needed to write the 2nd episode. These days it becoming very common to pridict about Pakistan by all these attention seekers and money hungry saying same things by using different words.BEHARHAAL PARH KER BAUHAT KOOFT HUIPakistan the Madina e Sani Zindabaad

  26. mnak.nabeel says:

    @AnonymousYou know everything. MashaAllahHow can you say Tahir ul Qadri sahab is also in that list. Look Judgment is with Allah only so dont try to be a judge and pass comment on anyone being good or bad. Are you good enough to comment on people like Tahir ul Qadri who has done a lot for promoting islam in its true sense. May be your father's name should also be in that CIA list. May be your father spent his money on your education because CIA told them to do so.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Brother NabeelI respect your opinion but I still stick to my list. Insha Allah you will agree with me soon

  28. Apprentice says:

    We still have hope from Imran Khan however the other list seems ok. This is just my intuition.

  29. Sir Faqr, JAZAKALLAH KHER for this remarkable post!!This one particularly has helped me a lot to form a good perception of the current state of the world vis-a-vis Pakistan.I especially liked what Tailor Master Sb. had to say about things… Though I am anxiously waiting for the Grand Session (19th Feb) with Prof. Ahmed Rafique Sb. Allah meri Umar Prof. Sb. ko laga de!! Whatever little I understand about things, I owe it to him, along with Allama Iqbal and Al-Ghazali (though I am very weak at reading).

  30. Dear All,I have posted whatever I found related to the future of Pakistan. By no means, I claim, it will happen 100% like this…….Allah (swt) is the Creator, Owner, Lord and Planner of Universe. These articles are beacon of hope for disappointed people. True Saints and Aulia are friends of Allah and for spiritual guidance & vision, we have to look towards them, because they tell in the light of Quran and Hadith and Its my believe every thing till Qayamat has been told in Quran and Hadith. One should analyze the situation at its own, shuldn't become spiritually blind/hopeless and must take decisions after getting vision from Quran Pak, Ahadith Books and books written by Saints themselves.

  31. Brother,I have come to know, he is writing these article from 1988 and also published these Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi predictions in a digest in 1988, I mean he is writing same things from 25 years almost in famous newspapers. I don't think he is attention seeker/money grabber because similar things has been told by many other saints also. Please read the complete blog, you will find many common foretelling by different Saints. 2ndly, I am a regular reader of his articles in Nawa-i-Waqt Newspaper, he is very honest, patriotic and Darvesh writer. Always writes excellent articles full of knowledge. I will try to find his other articles related to foretellings of Dr. Nazir Ahmad and Ghulam Mustufa Chughtai Sahib.

  32. @JunaidPlease let me know if you find anything important from Prof. sahib, and share it with us after his lecture. I will wait for your comment after his lecture.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Assalam u Alaikum Faqr Sahb.. I want to ask that in the testament of Sultan-ul-Hind Moinuddin Chishti (RA), it was written that no one can get the opportunity to rule after failing two times to do justice as a ruler.. Now here its written that Nawaz Sharif will be successful after elections… I didn't quite understand that, if you can please help to remove my confusion by sharing your own thoughts.. JazakAllah Khair. YOUSUF..

  34. Brother, Please wait for some more days, I will post them in next week after 12th Rabi-ul-Awal. Insha'Allah

  35. Wa Aliekumu Assalam !Brother Yousuf, first I never read such thing in testament about two times failure etc. Can you tell me exact page number. 2nd, In above article, it is nowhere mentioned about NS himself coming to rule again. Lets suppose it happens then it will be very short rule as the time of Danday Wali Sarkar is also very near which is of more importance to me.3rd, May be Haji Sahib is talking about Senate elections, and we see re-join of NS with Shujaat at senate elections. 4th, I think NS got popularity at CJ restoration, may be Haji sahib told about that event, as Prof. Yousaf Irfan already explained he is very old now. I don't know the exact date of Prof. Yousaf's conversation with Haji Sahib……so for the time being I will say, We must wait and see, only time will tell what is going to happen. I am more concerned about Danday Wali Sarkar as He will be the real man who will do the 'Safaya'

  36. Anonymous says:

    Well there was some talk about two times failure in the comments section so I had it in the back of my mind thats why I asked about it.. but you've removed my confusion to a big extent.. JazakAllah khair for that..YOUSUF

  37. Anonymous says:

    @ NabeelOf course we can judge people on the basis of their deeds but we can't punish them, only Allah or qazi can.we judge people before offering employment.we judge people before making them friend.we judge people before we trust them.We judge people before we vote.We judge people before we get married.Please do not follow western fashion as they are only freedom lover but as muslims we are the lovers of freedom with responsibility.

  38. I sure will Sir… But I don't expect anything 'clear' from Prof. Sb, as he never goes into the details and the specifics… It is his lecture that I am waiting for, as all of us as human beings are faced with a great period of convolutions, which we humans would receive differently depending upon who we are…Prof. Sb as usual would repeat that Pakistan has a great future and it was created as an antidote for the state of Israel. He also supports IK as Pakistan's next leader, though Prof. Sb's support is never Unconditional…

  39. Anonymous says:

    "BREAKING NEWS"FYI, Obama is Osama and Osama is ObamaPay attention and think tactically…. Then you will under stand it

  40. Anonymous says:

    England's government machinery developed him b(Osama = Osama), installed him (Obama = Osama) and now harboring him in USA… Please tell every one…..

  41. Anonymous says:

    Please do explain those three lines … indicating Imran Khan / Altaf Hussain or Someone Else Also I would like to talk about (the coming one and for your information he is in England) and all these politicians either Pakistani or non-Pakistani know about him. Especially, he has been persecuted by non-Pakistani (english) hypocrite politicians. Insha Allah he will come out well from this test

  42. My son is right beside our Prophet (saas) as a martyrAdnan Oktar: Dying is a blessing. I sometimes see people crying at the funerals of martyrs. The martyrs go to heaven directly when they die. So, why do you cry? Rather, you should rejoice and be proud. The family of a martyr receive honor and their son goes right to heaven. In the world, they won’t see the difficulty… Their son in the heaven will welcome his family. If they are the people who hope to go the heaven, they will be together forever in the heaven. What else one desire?Thanks to Allah that a martyr’s going to heaven is guaranteed. Martyrdom is a kind of living. They directly go to hereafter. They live there in separates but they really have no idea that they are in fact martyrs. So, when the people die or martyrize one should not cry. This is something improper. Do we cry when a baby is born? But they cry when a person dies. Allah creates the birth and the death. In both cases, trust in Allah and see it as a blessing Insha’Allah.

  43. Resolution vetoed: Syria saved by Russia, China at the UN of Sufyani is near

  44. Anonymous says:

    Did everyone noticed…is saal humarey watan main Jashn-e-eid Milad-un-Nabi (P.B.U.H) is being celebrated with great fervor…the army gave solute with 21 canons (never happened before)…things are changing my friends…they are..slowly…but they are…keep a close eyes on daily events…be very watchful…ab qom aik hogi haram ki pasbaani kay liyay…

  45. mnak.nabeel says:

    InshaAllah…Time is approaching and we should not be disappointed rather we should keep strong faith in Allah and be ready to play our individual and collective role in the upcoming events that are about to happen.Qul Ya Ibaadi Al lazeena'srafu ala anfusihim la Taqnatu min'rahmatillah.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Dr.Safdar had predicted the arrival of patriotic care-taker gov. in Pakistan by end of 2011 or mid 2012. however this article predicts of elections this year. its seems like things are on the move but a care-taker gov. would've been a better option.may Allah keep our Pak Sarzameen in his hifz-o-aman.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Khair Mubarak to allMay I check my understanding with you people about the following:As I remember present government won the election in early 2008 and took the office afterwards. Also I think next election will commence after the 5 year tenure of the national assembly.If above criteria is correct then why in Pakistan election are going to held earlier than the normal timing. I mean why everyone is saying 2012 is the year of election actually the elections year is 2013, if national assembly’s tenure is 5 year….. So, it means all these MI6 and CIA backed politicians are doing something tricky please check and if we are correct then we need to be careful.Jazak Allah for your effortsAllah Bless all you all

  48. Anonymous says:

    Who is coming from England ??? be specific and please reply !! Thanks

  49. Jan says:

    Column Nawees ka apna ik khaab hey k Chudry Sahiban aur Nawaz Sharif Ittehad kar ley, Jo key nahi hoga,, Aur Na he Dandy wali Sarkar ney Ab aana hey,, Baki Pakistan k Bright Future mey Kisi ko shak nahi hona chaheay,,

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hazraat what nonsense is this???30 years ago 'Doctor' saheb gave this sequence of events:- Bhutto will die- A 'Shareef' general will come to power (year right!)- His grip will not be tight over administrative matters (another lie)- Once he leaves (no mention of how he will go) – DEMOCRACY will come (did happen)- However, the democratic setup will be a failed experiment and as a result of it we'll get the 'Danday wali sarkar'..Am I the only one who is noticing the absence of Musharraf's 9-10 years in power from the above sequence?may be that or Musharraf himself was the 'danday wali sarkar', which would make this another failed prophecy! sorry to burst your bubble but these don't look impressive from any angle!

  51. Arshad says:

    In 1992 pearl tv in hong kong show interview of Imran Khan in programme (50 or 60 minute plus), first they show that Pakistan winThe wold cup because of Imran Khan , then Imran went to Dara ( Peshawar) showedKalanshankof in shop and said all terrorest in Kashmir get waipon from Here , then he showed a plastic sack of powder and told than all overThe world heroin supplied from here . After watchinhg programme I Start hating This Ghadar.

  52. hussain says:

    khair yeh toh na kahain ke shak nahi hona chahye.jab esa qehat ur rijal ho aur soch aur fikr ki kheityan veeran hon,ahl e watan ah e kufa ki maanind sirf zaban se Islam ka nifaz chahtay hon,toh shak kyun na ho?Allah he jaanay ke kab kya hota hai.woh umoor ko taalnay pe ya mansukh kernay pe mutliqan Qadir hai.

  53. hussain says:

    Iqbal said:Saroad Bar Sar-E-Minbar Ke Millat Az Watan AstChe Bekhabar Za-Maqam-E-Muhammad (S.A.W.) Arabi AstNote: Faqr you have written it Sarwar instead Saroad on IqbalUrdu blog .Correct it.Saroad is a musical instrument

  54. kashif says:

    get out of your brain wadhed secularism .bhutto was traitor who broke pakistan while zia was a mujahid who made pakistan strong.if zia had not come to power than pakistan may alreafy have vanished from world thankless secular people dont even thsk zia who saved pakistan from soviet invasion by allahs blessiing by helping afghan mujahideen

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